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UNN Postgraduate Online Registration Process 2016/2017

Posted: 23-Jan-2017 09:27:35 into Post-Graduate by myschool paul for unn | 1 Comments

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This is to inform Candidates who are admitted into postgraduate programmes of University of Nigeria Nsukka for 2016/2017 academic session that they should begin to register online immediately.

Registrations for all students end on 17 February, 2017.

Registering students should observe the following registration process.

-Visit the url:
-By the right hand side, click on “CLICK HERE TO GET LOGIN DETAILS.”
-If new student, click on NEW STUDENTS’ button. If an old student, then click on RETURNING STUDENT’S button.
-In the registration number box, enter your application number in full e.g. UNN/PG/2016p-18/000039
-Click SUBMIT to get login details i.e, username and password which is your application number.
-Click on STUDENT LOGIN to go back to the login page.
-In the username and password boxes enter your application number in full and click on LOGIN, which opens your account.
-Click on PROFILE and then CHANGE PASSWORD to change your default password.
-Click on PROFILE and the BIO-DATA to complete your profile.
-Click on ACCEPTANCE and then GENERATE PG ACCEPTANCE INVOICE to generate acceptance fee payment invoice.
-Proceed to the bank to make the payment and obtain a bank print out and a bank teller. After the payment, click on ACCEPTANCE and then PG-ACCEPTANCE to printout your Provisional Admission Letter.
-Click on SCHOOL FEES and then GENERATE PG SCHOOL FEES INVOICE to generate PG school fees payment invoice.
-Proceed to the bank to make the payment and obtain a bank print out and a bank teller.
-After the payment in the bank, click on SCHOOL FEES and then PG SCHOOL FEES in your account to obtain online school fees receipt.
-Then click on GET SCHOOL REG. NO. To get registration number e.g PG/MSC/16/73789.
-Then printout your PARTICULARS Of Admission and YOUR PROFILE and submit together with your admission letter to room 115.
-Proceed to room 202 at Postgraduate school for school fees and acceptance fee payment verification.
-Then, proceed to Room 107 at PG school for your original school fees and acceptance fee receipts.
-Visit Room 115 at PG school with your original certificates for verification.
-Postgraduate students interested in hostel accommodation should generate hostel payment invoice and pay in the bank

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Comments (1)
Agey says;
My name came under medical biochemistry list.physiology department was completely omitted in the admission list. But the supervisors assigned to us are all in physiology department. During registration my department came as biochemistry. Will it be rectified or should I go ahead n pay acceptance fee knowing fully well my acceptance letter will bear biochemistry as against physiology? Who should I complain to? Thanks
11-Feb-2017 17:59:45 ·

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