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UNN Primary Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 19-Sep-2016 [18:01:47] into Admission by Saintmaria for unn | 267 Comments

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The management of University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) has released the Primary Admission List for 2016/2017 academic session.

The names of admitted candidates are contained on the attached pdf document (You can view this directly or download it on your device).


Candidates offered provisional admission are required to adopt the following guidelines to regularize their acceptance of the offer:

-Visit the University of Nigeria website ( or portal (, log in your JAMB Registration number to generate and download a Payment Invoice which contains a Remitta number, the invoice will enable you to make payment at any Commercial Bank.

-With the Payment Invoice, the candidate is requested to pay Twenty Five Thousand Naira Only (N25, 000.00) acceptance fee. Ensure that the Invoice number is keyed in appropriately at the Bank and obtain a confirmation slip containing you’re your Confirmation number and Invoice number.

-Visit the University of Nigeria website ( or portal ( again and login your JAMB Registration Number, the Confirmation Number and Invoice Number, then print the Admission slip and complete the Acceptance Form online.

-Proceed with other fee payments and registration as indicated on the University of Nigeria website.


Download [.PDF] File

View larger online version of this [.PDF] file

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Comments (267)
Oluwa mide says;
19-Sep-2016 18:16:06 ·
amicable amaka; super congrats to the admitted Godwin!
20-Sep-2016 08:51:09 ·
my scholar; congrats to the admitted ones..y i no c dental surgery?
21-Sep-2016 11:14:44 ·
Chemoradical says;
God is Great
19-Sep-2016 18:18:07 ·
izuchukwu anagha says;
congrats to admitted candidate
19-Sep-2016 18:21:02 ·
geniusy; 08160411018
02-Oct-2016 15:33:50 ·
Evergreencent says;
congrat to the young lions and lioness ftc
19-Sep-2016 18:24:00 ·
Engr CICA says;
Na Godwin
19-Sep-2016 18:26:20 ·
[email protected] says;
tank God I made it,glory be to God I rep law
19-Sep-2016 18:29:31 ·
Stock; Congrats Bro.
19-Sep-2016 19:50:49 ·
senatepresdo; Congrats man. What was your screening score
19-Sep-2016 21:02:09 ·
amicable amaka; congrats dear
20-Sep-2016 08:51:50 ·
Desmond john says;
Congrats to the freshers
19-Sep-2016 18:30:21 ·
Ultimate king says;
19-Sep-2016 18:30:56 ·
Chemoradical says;
Congrats Stephen
19-Sep-2016 18:38:49 ·
Omawhite2 says;
Finally ooo, its abt to go down... Yes!!! Unn watch out for me #oluwaNi #MamaWeMadeIt
19-Sep-2016 18:40:40 ·
Saintmaria says;
please I don't mean to be a tribalist

but has any non Igbo bin admitted

am asking because I checked all the names and dint see any Hausa ,Yoruba etc only igbos
19-Sep-2016 18:50:04 ·
Engr CICA; i also observed that bt u kwn catchment area counts
19-Sep-2016 19:03:18 ·
Drake6god; Nice observation @saintmaria i noticed same too.
19-Sep-2016 20:00:16 ·
David199; Simply means Nigeria has divided # FG said they should consider ELDS those universities in south west follow the pattern.... Anyway that is what that public analyst called minister of education caused.....
19-Sep-2016 20:15:29 ·
Saintmaria; so wen shud we be xpectin supplementary admission form
19-Sep-2016 20:20:43 ·
Medcine man; Me too i wonder other tribe except from the igbos .no yoruba nor hausa.....Nigeria were we heading to...? We have totally lost complexity in the education sector . Omo kolewerk.
19-Sep-2016 22:00:49 ·
samuelpeters; before you comment make sure you know the admission many southwest applied?did they merit it?mind you southwest are educationally they need to compete favourably with the igbos.i hav so many hausa and north central as friends here.some entered tru merit while others tru some other doors like eld.
20-Sep-2016 09:04:09 ·
Etugo; The cut off for medicine is 311.4~ merrit. So tell me how many people reached that. It isn't trablism, it's JAMB system. Thank God, my name is there.
20-Sep-2016 09:59:39 ·
HephzibahUdeme; Please who knows how their points were calculated
20-Sep-2016 14:56:16 ·
Prince Tee; some people speak from their pessimist point of view.... what is this about??
All I'm saying in essence is that before you judge think bout other factors... you are saying only Igbos were admitted.. how many have being appointed at the federal Level #SMH
20-Sep-2016 15:10:54 ·
OlaMusiq; lOl.. lEl
20-Sep-2016 21:20:07 ·
emyrad; Etugo...... Stfu and stop lieing, where did u get 311 from... Unn did not release cutoff mark, how did they come up with this list wen der z no cutoff mark, they jus picked randomly..... dat shows how baised unn is
22-Sep-2016 07:31:02 ·
Etugo; You're not even ashamed of your foolish words "picked randomly" as in lottery. This name had been pasted in admin offices for some weeks before releasing it. And check the list very well , in medicine alone I saw about 3 or more yorubas alone, yet i didn't study d list. My friend UNN has always been respected in their
23-Sep-2016 01:50:18 ·
Etugo; UNN has always being respected in their merrit list though they use catchment areas too just like UNILAG,OAU,UNIBEN,ABU. So I prefer you rather not speak at all than speak amiss about UNN. last year some people got valid admission in U.I through text messages. Their names weren't released yet admitted.
23-Sep-2016 01:54:20 ·
emyrad; U said d cutoff mark was 311, where did u get dat from?, besides Ders only 1 yoruba name on medicine list (num 61)
Proof me wrong by teling me d numba where d other yoruba names are located on d list
23-Sep-2016 09:35:53 ·
emyrad; Chap.... Lemme burst ur bubble, ui dont send text to admitted candidate.... Dis the 3rd tym u r lieing, i hope God forgive u
23-Sep-2016 10:35:47 ·
thestar paramount says;
is that the merit list?
19-Sep-2016 18:51:46 ·
Prince Tee; No, as you blind to see what is written there
20-Sep-2016 15:13:13 ·
prechioz says;
how do o check the list?
19-Sep-2016 19:07:06 ·
Quoting: Saintmaria;
"please I don't mean to be a tribalist

but has any non Igbo bin admitted

am asking because I checked all the names and dint see any Hausa ,Yoruba etc only igbos
19-Sep-2016 18:50:04
cornel500 says;
wetin concern hausa man with education??
19-Sep-2016 19:05:06 ·
Dr Ade; Forget oo there are hausa guys in schools ooo....and they are very good
19-Sep-2016 19:09:40 ·
flopzy says;
[email protected] Every state admits its own indigene more, so stop seeing DAT as a surprise
19-Sep-2016 19:08:13 ·

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