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UNN: 2000 scored 200 and above, 9000 score 180-200. Wahala dey?

Posted: 22-Aug-2012 [21:51:37] into Admission by [email protected] for unn 1566 views | 28 Replies

d unn pume 80% faild nd 40% passd. unn wil only admit 6,000 dis yr. 2000 scored 200 nd abov nd 9000 scored 180-200. Wahala dey! Wat do u tink? Is it going 2 b by luck or wat. Commet!!! Dot read nd leave.
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Replies (28)
Julie Smart says;
Wia did u get d info
23-Aug-2012 06:17:03 ·
Linusclark says;
Sorry to ask such a "revolting" question: where did you get that statistics from?
23-Aug-2012 07:19:41 ·
Fortunatefmg says;
na luck naw....wetin u expect
23-Aug-2012 08:06:05 ·
Mystery222 says;
Does that mean dat only 11000 candidates wrote d post utme? I don't think so bcos medicine aspirants ar up to 5000....anyway,we ar already there even if they multiply or reduce d cut off marks...
24-Aug-2012 08:54:56 ·
Danx; tell dem oo!...@kelvin,29th,u sai.we'll be waitin
24-Aug-2012 09:37:48 ·
patonyii; is it possible i find my name in anoda course? cos my jamb score is 247 & my putme score is 200, aggregate= 223.5 and i applied for law. wat are my chances?
24-Aug-2012 12:20:55 ·
camille says;
u av to be sure b4 posting anyfin here pls
24-Aug-2012 11:54:53 ·
igwegeorge says;
plz pple are desperate for ansas dnt give rong info bcuz pple are scared to death me in particular if diz iz true den truly wahala dey
24-Aug-2012 13:30:17 ·
camille says;
@igwe abi o wahala dey full groung GOD will c us tru
24-Aug-2012 15:33:42 ·
samme says;
is unn using agg or d pume score to give admission dis year i need answer
24-Aug-2012 18:26:28 ·
DONBIROSMARTXY; pls som1 should ansa his question cos am also intrested to that question.
31-Aug-2012 12:46:12 ·
Mystery222 says;
patonyii...according 2 what i heard..they said law cut 230 dis hear dis;ur admission only lies in d hands of God..nobody can correctly predict ur chances except him..just be optimistic nd wait 4 d list
25-Aug-2012 17:40:28 ·
Gech95; dats true,i blv God wil c us 2ru
26-Aug-2012 17:56:01 ·
tp9real says;
Admisn in naija is by His grace jxt kip prayin,all is well
26-Aug-2012 18:02:31 ·

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