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UNIZIK Post-UTME Screening And Registration Deadline Postponed

Posted: 13-Sep-2017 10:04:25 into Post-UTME by myschool paul for unizik | 65 Comments

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This is to announce that the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka has shifted the date for the 2017/2018 post-UTME screening exercise.

Consequently, Registration is expected to continue beyond the earlier announced closing date.

New date for the screening test will be communicated later.

Dr. Emmanuel Ojukwu
Director of Information and Public Relations
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

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Comments (65)
Dalu Aj says;
Ftc...y now??
13-Sep-2017 10:05:43 ·
osley says;
Good... Thank God oo
13-Sep-2017 10:14:43 ·
freakykent; Ave u register because mine is also telling me jamb data under processing
14-Sep-2017 23:10:09 ·
osley; Not yet
16-Sep-2017 21:40:25 ·
FRANCES E. says;
13-Sep-2017 10:25:12 ·
splendouria says;
For real?
thank god ooo
13-Sep-2017 10:27:30 ·
13-Sep-2017 19:06:49 ·
splendouria; Lol bae how are you?
18-Sep-2017 08:08:31 ·
20-Sep-2017 18:48:23 ·
Amakalylian says;
Its good those havin issue wit change of institution
13-Sep-2017 10:28:54 ·
kingvictor says;
Ooooh, y now, i don't like this.
13-Sep-2017 10:37:39 ·
Jude3570 says;
I know knew they will postpone the screening. I even like it sef bcoz I'll have more time to prepare. #TeamMBBSallTheWay
13-Sep-2017 10:38:45 ·
Amakalylian says;
My younger brother still having issue registering, its saying"jamb data under processing... "
13-Sep-2017 10:42:50 ·
nikking; did he do exchange of institution?
13-Sep-2017 16:23:45 ·
13-Sep-2017 16:43:07 ·
osley; Amaka please have you been able to register your brother?
19-Sep-2017 15:46:27 ·
Amakalylian; Yes he registered yesterday
21-Sep-2017 18:53:45 ·
osley; Please dear, how did you go about the registration.... Because,till now, am still having same issues of Jamb data under processing
22-Sep-2017 06:38:20 ·
Amakalylian; He just typed in is jamb registration number and he saw his name.... Unlike b4 weneva he typed his jamb reg number he won't see his name
22-Sep-2017 07:37:20 ·
Amakalylian; Wat course are u going for..
22-Sep-2017 07:38:20 ·
osley; Education
22-Sep-2017 09:42:51 ·
Amakalylian; Nt all educational course is 180.... Educational management and educational foundation is 200
23-Sep-2017 09:10:15 ·
don-eric says;
what of people who already registered and have seen their date,how are they gonna get their new date?
13-Sep-2017 12:15:36 ·
Amakalylian; You wud b asked to reprint wen the new date has been fixed
13-Sep-2017 12:19:18 ·
Emmanuel nice; Stop smiling in ur profile pic Amakalylian... Its a serious case
13-Sep-2017 17:49:43 ·
Amakalylian; Lolzzz... Am nt smiling
13-Sep-2017 20:08:41 ·
don-eric; will i have to re-register?
13-Sep-2017 20:51:25 ·
Babyokey; no u dnt
14-Sep-2017 13:43:45 ·
Winny001 says;
I can't understand, I've been trying to create a profile and it's still telling me "Jamb data processing Try again later, please I need an urgent reply.
13-Sep-2017 15:38:44 ·
Babyokey; u did change of course
14-Sep-2017 13:51:41 ·
14-Sep-2017 13:52:03 ·
tolumercy says;
Pls guys....a friend of mine printed out his form ND discovered Dat d option noted for d nxt of kin,address bla bla bla!!! Wsnt Included but e filled it. His e on a safe hand?
13-Sep-2017 17:00:55 ·
cuddly_chizzy; tell im to reprint.
13-Sep-2017 17:23:59 ·
Amakalylian; He has to refill d application form... Make sure the browser he his using is updated... Preferably uc browser or chrome..
13-Sep-2017 20:12:44 ·
tolumercy; Fnx guyz
16-Sep-2017 11:21:07 ·
dgentledove says;
what of medsurg d.e aspirants. Where r de?
13-Sep-2017 22:35:32 ·
mbodea says;
finding it difficult to register, after entering my waec and click continue the server will take me back to the login portal,, please is anybody experiencing these or how do i go about it
14-Sep-2017 00:05:02 ·
Noble Nneky says;
Jst ensure u filled up data n click on continue b4 5 minutes elapses.
14-Sep-2017 01:57:43 ·
MhizHappiness says;
Pls is entrepreneurial studies and entrepreneurship desame??? And under wich faculty did it fall in bcus am seeing entrepreneurship as social sciences in my jamb slip...... Tnk u
14-Sep-2017 14:06:11 ·
Amakalylian; Actually,u dont ave anything to worry abt... Entrepreneurial studies and entrepreneurship are d same and fallz under faculty of management science in unizik... Every one who choose ENT in jamb wud see social sciences as the faculty... But once u check ur admission status and u ave been admitted...the changes wud a ve been made and u wud see faculty of management sciences
15-Sep-2017 11:54:16 ·
MhizHappiness; Tnk u love
I appreciate
19-Sep-2017 19:43:08 ·

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