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UNIUYO First Batch Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 04-Oct-2016 [08:59:22] into Admission by apanbobo for uniuyo | 319 Comments

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This is to bring to the notice of all UTME candidates who participated in the admission Screening Exercise that the List of admitted candidates for 2016/2017 session has been released.

To check your admission status follow the procedure below:

2.Login with your RRR (The one used for registration)
3.Click on Admission Status
4. You’ll see a response whether you’ve been admitted or not.

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Comments (319)
Nsidibe Essien says;
04-Oct-2016 09:04:17 ·
TheGenie says;
congrats to the admitted ones... let the testimonies start....
04-Oct-2016 09:05:55 ·
abiodunridwan says;
Congratulations to the admitted ones, waiting patiently for FUNAAB
04-Oct-2016 09:07:28 ·
Desmond john says;
04-Oct-2016 09:07:31 ·
05-Oct-2016 02:28:15 ·
solvent10; plz brother how does they admt studeņts on medsurg cos of next year and how many does they admt?
05-Oct-2016 14:42:28 ·
Mr prodigal; How #does yu think yu will get into medsurg with #does kind of English???
10-Oct-2016 08:39:05 ·
dalynton_blaze; Bro lolz u no gud ooo
11-Oct-2016 14:59:13 ·
Gozman Goziet says;
congrat to d admited ones'''' stil waiting fr futo second list '''' God pls see me tru ooooo
04-Oct-2016 09:09:54 ·
Chemoradical; I Pray God will answer our prayer....
We will be admitted to our school of choice IN JESUS NAME
04-Oct-2016 10:05:45 ·
Titobiggs; Amin l'oruko J E S U.
04-Oct-2016 22:28:06 ·
Ekeso says;
04-Oct-2016 09:15:10 ·
geniusy; Uniuyo guideline 08160411018
05-Oct-2016 02:35:00 ·
pelemanewmoney says;
Congratulations Victor Akan, Medicine And Surgery. My real Gee from day 1, I'm so happy for you.

#TeamMBBS all the way!

I Rep
Unique Uniport
04-Oct-2016 09:19:12 ·
Truth92; Congratulations to your real gee. Bros whats your jamb score please for uniport MBBS?
04-Oct-2016 09:28:08 ·
Somto Tochieazy; Uniport pls release your list oh
04-Oct-2016 09:46:11 ·
Biamene; Please God, let uniport release our names ooo
04-Oct-2016 10:12:26 ·
pelemanewmoney; Lolz.
@Truth92 By His grace I had 278.
04-Oct-2016 12:14:19 ·
roman crystal; Uniport is waiting for the next life before dey release lists
04-Oct-2016 17:16:26 ·
solvent10; plz @pele how does they admt students on medsurg cos of next many does they admt there?
05-Oct-2016 14:37:22 ·
pelemanewmoney; Last year Uniport admitted 132 into Medicine and Surgery, for this year 39 had already been admitted through basic.

I'm patiently waiting for the list, not in a rush coz I know our academic session is gonna start by January.

06-Oct-2016 16:42:24 ·
Truth92; In their records they said capacity is 130 for medicine. So we should be expecting up to 90 names from utme. So @pele you are well informed
06-Oct-2016 20:04:01 ·
PROF. C. HENRY; A friend of mine scored 370 going for Computer science. Yet not admitted. What's happening.
10-Oct-2016 19:22:21 ·
Sultan007 says;
04-Oct-2016 09:24:05 ·
Desmond john; did u use pc and check
04-Oct-2016 09:41:12 ·
Sultan007; nope....I used my fone
04-Oct-2016 11:10:43 ·
faith999; pls aw did u chk it
04-Oct-2016 11:35:36 ·
Sultan007; d procedure is somehow long ohh
04-Oct-2016 13:03:55 ·
Sultan007; go to d portal on d left side u see 3 green lines click it wud bring anoda menu
04-Oct-2016 13:06:10 ·
Sultan007; click postume and login form
04-Oct-2016 13:07:04 ·
faith999; av tried it's not going 😢 😢
04-Oct-2016 13:46:39 ·
faith999; av seen it.... thanks 😔
04-Oct-2016 15:10:41 ·
little john says;
congrats to the admitted ones
04-Oct-2016 09:27:01 ·
dan110845fdan says;
congrat to the admited
04-Oct-2016 09:31:09 ·
itz_dhaniel says;
Admited candidates congrats in case in need of accomodation near main camp or perm site call me 09058244459
04-Oct-2016 09:44:57 ·
Ahaoma2Matt says;
Not admitted yet....score 231...civil engi...

Am diyin nw..
04-Oct-2016 09:45:44 ·
samuelizz; Ah... Don't die yet... There's still hope
04-Oct-2016 09:54:06 ·
HephzibahUdeme; This one were uniuyo no release the procedure and the criteria used for admission. Enough mago mago on point.
Just too bad. So damn bad.
UNILAG, UNN both had a transparent admission in that their modality was released
04-Oct-2016 12:15:26 ·
Abasalien; d admission is on merit
05-Oct-2016 00:50:00 ·
onyejiako camelus says;
please how is d procedure to check cos I don't understand
04-Oct-2016 09:48:48 ·
Godschild2000 says;
Congrate to admitted one's
04-Oct-2016 09:49:57 ·
earths says;
Congrat to d admitted ones REP Unilorin waiting for second batch. Oh Allah lead me through d next batch (Amin)
04-Oct-2016 09:55:26 ·

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