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UNIPORT UTME Merit Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 20-Oct-2016 [16:45:49] into Admission by Somto Tochieazy for uniport | 581 Comments

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The management of University of Port-Harcourt (UNIPORT) has released the UTME Merit Admission List for 2016/2017 academic session.

The names of admitted candidates are contained on the attached pdf document (You can download this or view directly on your device);


Download [.PDF] File

View larger online version of this [.PDF] file

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Comments (581)
glorydoxa says;
20-Oct-2016 16:53:04 ·
bobjack; Were all dese uniport aspirant making noise
20-Oct-2016 17:29:25 ·
Nelly07; we are hereeeeereeeeeeee peeps ###BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM# FINALLY BANKING AND FINACE
20-Oct-2016 17:43:21 ·
Lilspicer; ma name is out finance and banking. I giv God the Glory uniportatsssss let's gooooooo
20-Oct-2016 20:11:35 ·
Jayzy208; jamb score please
20-Oct-2016 22:00:29 ·
22-Oct-2016 15:42:54 ·
MR MBBS; If u need info about uniport chat me on whatsapp 07069730081
24-Oct-2016 14:05:14 ·
Somto Tochieazy says;
Thanks to GOD I have been admitted
20-Oct-2016 16:54:49 ·
Uchay; Congrats dear..pls help me screen grab 4 pure nd industrial chem..D file isn't downloading
20-Oct-2016 17:09:04 ·
ijayma; Your name???....I have been admitted, industrial chemistry
20-Oct-2016 19:26:55 ·
Uchay; Uche Blessing U
20-Oct-2016 20:31:31 ·
cuddly_chizzy; Uche uchechi blessing? Admitted.
20-Oct-2016 21:40:03 ·
Uchay; Thanx hun..I bless God
Pls help me check 4 a friend..Nursing..George Sincere Ucheoma
21-Oct-2016 08:44:12 ·
cuddly_chizzy; not admitted.
22-Oct-2016 14:07:36 ·
Pamilerin26 says;
Eksu wake up
20-Oct-2016 16:55:56 ·
kendrayoung; Eksu ma ti sun lo nti won...abeg,d schl mata don taya me sef don taya me
20-Oct-2016 17:49:33 ·
ADEOMOADEWALE; @kendrayoung se be na you dey encourage us before se make we endure, you self don tire.... eksu admission list no be now... na november
20-Oct-2016 18:51:44 ·
richforeverMM says;
Congrats to the admitted students!!!
20-Oct-2016 16:56:11 ·
Dr Ade says;
Congrats ...
20-Oct-2016 16:57:03 ·
Augustonyi; My dear hav u seen ur screening result
24-Oct-2016 20:11:49 ·
seunpaul008 says;
Congratulations to the admitted ones mine is also coming soon
20-Oct-2016 17:03:09 ·
Teflodon says;
Fuo oya o
20-Oct-2016 17:03:13 ·
Luicence iceman says;
Congrat to d admited onex
20-Oct-2016 17:06:14 ·
pls some one should check for me EJI SAMSON OBINNA medicine and surgery
20-Oct-2016 17:10:32 ·
Gozman Goziet; sorry dear!!! ur name was not seen
only 42 students were admitted into med&surg
20-Oct-2016 17:43:07 ·
aluluwan; hey....pls help me to check mine....i'm OKPORO ETOEMUGH ROSELINE nd my jamb reg is...66342830IH
20-Oct-2016 17:56:25 ·
Gozman Goziet; ur course
20-Oct-2016 18:30:07 ·
aluluwan; medicine and surg
20-Oct-2016 18:59:03 ·
aluluwan; medicine and surg thnk yhu
20-Oct-2016 18:59:10 ·
Gozman Goziet; not admitted
20-Oct-2016 19:26:02 ·
MR MBBS; Uniport whatsapp chat 07069730081
21-Oct-2016 09:10:31 ·
Ekeso says;
20-Oct-2016 17:13:21 ·
Nelly07 says;
thank you Lord JESUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HAHAHAHAHAHAH Thank you God only you can what no man can do only you are able and capable
20-Oct-2016 17:16:45 ·
Nelly07 says;
obinna not admitted in med and sur
20-Oct-2016 17:17:15 ·
bobjack says;
20-Oct-2016 17:21:30 ·
20-Oct-2016 17:27:09 ·
DERIK says;
i cant fit shout...tank u oh heaven...av bin and finally o
20-Oct-2016 17:27:42 ·
ernest40; Congrats @ I also rep MBBS(@am admitted too)
20-Oct-2016 17:33:15 ·
pelemanewmoney; Congrats "Derik" and "Ernest".

What's was your utme scores please
20-Oct-2016 17:50:51 ·
Franky5; Congrats my dear colleagues! #TeamMBBS
20-Oct-2016 18:24:45 ·
Vicky Aj; Congrats so happy for the admitted ones
20-Oct-2016 18:32:11 ·
Mysticdon; Pele howfar na, my name neva show
20-Oct-2016 18:54:27 ·
Franky5; 240 was admitted but 272 and 278 weren't admitted.. Hmm... O level maybe
20-Oct-2016 18:57:31 ·
pelemanewmoney; Mysticdon; I don't really know how it happened, my name as well isn't there.

Waiting for the supp list.
20-Oct-2016 19:14:05 ·
Mysticdon; Let's wait together
20-Oct-2016 19:34:03 ·
ernest40; Guys to be honest @ I didn't see my name o @ waiting for supplemtary list
20-Oct-2016 20:22:27 ·
walcut; just confused...scored 262 but was not admitted
20-Oct-2016 21:44:28 ·
Preboy; Has anyone considered the modalities... maybe it just didn't favor us
20-Oct-2016 22:01:37 ·
Abasalien; 262 which course
20-Oct-2016 22:20:15 ·
pelemanewmoney; Before now, my friend that got admitted with a score of 313 told me the cut off used for Medsurg was "301".

Even with my score 278, I was still scared. Well, lets wait and see how the supp list gonna look like.

20-Oct-2016 22:26:12 ·
ernest40; Did DAT ur friend get the admission this year?
21-Oct-2016 06:32:26 ·
pelemanewmoney; Yes he did. His name is no.12 on the list.

21-Oct-2016 07:01:17 ·
ernest40; Did they use o level to calculated the aggregate??
21-Oct-2016 07:39:34 ·
ernest40; And how re we sure it is purely [email protected]@@$$$$
21-Oct-2016 07:41:20 ·
pelemanewmoney; The cut-off they used Medsurg for the Merit List is 290.
21-Oct-2016 10:25:13 ·
chomy hez; pls what is the cut-off they used for pharmacy?
21-Oct-2016 16:25:48 ·
paradeen; Fvck uniport
21-Oct-2016 18:19:09 ·
DERIK; I SCORED 294....its God grace...pele try to supp okay
22-Oct-2016 12:08:35 ·
daviddoc; If you didn't see your name on the list, you may wish to pick Basic form while it is still on sale. That's my advice.
01-Nov-2016 18:30:44 ·
Olanikky; congratulations finally got your course
06-Dec-2016 00:20:57 ·
pelemanewmoney; It started late February

From - Jamb date of exam

To the main exam itself


From no post utme in July

To screening in September

1st admission list in October,

Nothing in November 😂😜

Supplementary List in December 💃💃💃💃

#TeamMBBS oooh

Mama look at how we made it. It just the grace of God that I was able to scale through. To Him I give all the glory and honour.

Pelema made the list!!! 👖👔👞🔭🔬💊💉
06-Dec-2016 07:32:11 ·
Mysticdon; Peleman did you check in the morning yesterday befor checking in the evening?
06-Dec-2016 09:20:55 ·
pelemanewmoney; I checked yesterday in the morning and evening. Though the list is yet to be made official in uniport site.

Also checked for my friends, they have been admitted as well, buh few of them courses were changed.

I Rep Unique Uniport

06-Dec-2016 10:06:39 ·
Mysticdon; Can you check for me?
06-Dec-2016 11:04:26 ·
Mysticdon; Can you check for me? 66054684GB
06-Dec-2016 11:04:49 ·
pelemanewmoney; "Mysticdon: sorry, no admission given yet".
06-Dec-2016 13:57:06 ·
blazinthunda; pelema pls help me check. reg no is 65141456hh
06-Dec-2016 15:51:28 ·
pelemanewmoney; Congratulations Egwu Uchenna Michael!!!

You Have Been Offered Admission for a 4-Year FIRST DEGREE Programme into
06-Dec-2016 16:45:25 ·

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