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Replies (7)
dany-bixy says;
My guy..D two gud........but if u finish with ND nah level six,and for any colledge graduate nah level 7,but if u go do HND nah level d two gud ooooo....and nobody fit do teacher with ND or HND..even if den take u...promosion no sure......but u fit teach beter and get ur promosion with NCE....
27-Apr-2012 09:01:57 ·
Promise1617 says;
Why nah a HND graduate should teach nah.what level is university graduate? And among poly and college of edu.which cn u advice to go
27-Apr-2012 18:13:24 ·
Paskocute says;
I tink poly is preferrable
02-May-2012 16:39:33 ·
Arike says;
Poly is betta
03-May-2012 18:48:50 ·
Promise1617 says;
U said ,A persn dat go 2go poly cannot get promotion.why do u said is beta than college of edu,who cn be promoted easily
04-May-2012 06:56:16 ·
Dinal says;
men, to me i think nce is better because looking in to our cuntry today u will agree that nce holders has better chances of getting a job in the education sector
02-Jul-2014 11:57:31 ·
Obia paul Ifeanyi says;
Both are better
01-Sep-2017 20:33:17 ·

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