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UNILORIN Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 27-Sep-2016 [08:44:19] into Admission by Unilorin Felix for unilorin | 5431 Comments

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Candidates who participated in the admission screening exercise for 2016/2017 academic session can now proceed to confirm their admission status on the University's portal.

To check your admission status, visit

Enter your login details on the spaces provided and proceed to view your admission status.

Note: The portal is still unstable at the moment. You can check back if you are unable to access at the moment.


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Comments (5431)
kennethessor says;
27-Sep-2016 08:34:57 ·
chukwudip6; OMG... Just now,,, Comments=110😳.. .. . Unilorin get population oo.... . Hmmmmmm
27-Sep-2016 12:36:14 ·
ayo66; finally i have something to comment about..ilorin,brace yourself!!
27-Sep-2016 14:05:27 ·
pelemanewmoney; Please how can someone check his/her admission status???

What do they mean by Login ID and password???

Please I néed urgent replies. I want to check for a friend.

Thanks in anticipation.
04-Oct-2016 14:11:18 ·
pelemanewmoney; Please check this for me;

George, Hope Okon
04-Oct-2016 14:19:46 ·
isaacyomi; No admission 4u yet..
U scored 183,microbiology
06-Oct-2016 04:26:42 ·
pelemanewmoney; Thanks man, buh how did you check it?

Please enlighten me about it
06-Oct-2016 14:23:44 ·
ayinseg says;
FTC. Congrats to you all.
27-Sep-2016 08:35:12 ·
kennethessor says;
congrats!!!!! to the admitted ones
27-Sep-2016 08:35:59 ·
B-Naira says;
Any sociology given admission yet
27-Sep-2016 08:37:31 ·
demyt; yeah! my sis
28-Sep-2016 14:57:21 ·
B-Naira; Wat are state nd jamb score pls
28-Sep-2016 15:24:57 ·
plento; yeah, me!
03-Oct-2016 09:57:06 ·
B-Naira; Answer
03-Oct-2016 10:58:39 ·
earths says;
Still waiting for there text message oooo
27-Sep-2016 08:39:57 ·
Alobaloye1 says;
Congrats to the admitted ones
27-Sep-2016 08:40:55 ·
Daniproxy; Congrats to the admitted ones.

I can see an undergraduate admission link on the Futminna website, but when I tried to check my status, the link still shows 2015/2016 session. Can any confirm if they've been able to check their status?

***@betterbyfar aspirants - I Don't mean to derail your thread oh***
27-Sep-2016 08:44:42 ·
MhiztarSeun; Yh itz owt contact me 08133532129 to help u check.
27-Sep-2016 10:04:39 ·
Thobby57 says;
Congrat To D Admitted 1,,,i Rep Futa ,,Futa Here I Come
27-Sep-2016 08:43:14 ·
DammieG; I also represent Futa oo,wot is ur course?
27-Sep-2016 12:51:48 ·
Thobby57; Agric Engr
27-Sep-2016 16:42:07 ·
DammieG; ok
27-Sep-2016 17:20:33 ·
Abiola opeyemi; I also rep futa... Civil engineering .both of u should add me on whatsapp 08147512889
29-Sep-2016 07:54:02 ·
DammieG; ok,I will add u
29-Sep-2016 09:47:14 ·
Bolarinwa raimot; Pls add me 09057665129
10-Oct-2016 11:01:48 ·
Dafe1234 says;
Admitted!!! Praise be to God
27-Sep-2016 08:52:09 ·
amicable amaka; congrats!
27-Sep-2016 09:25:11 ·
MarageiSerah; Which school please
27-Sep-2016 10:27:21 ·
Munchkin; dude,where u sent a text mgs or whr did u see it... becus their portal isnt opening and am damn anxious
27-Sep-2016 10:30:12 ·
Lilygold20; Wat was ur id n password
27-Sep-2016 10:38:51 ·
wisdom obidimma; Is your ID not ur registration number and Password, ur surname?
27-Sep-2016 13:15:47 ·
Dafe1234; Thanks Amaka
@serah Unilorin
@munchkin i was sent a text message
@wisdom you are right
@lilygold20 wisdom just answered you
28-Sep-2016 10:03:09 ·
Munchkin; @Dafe1234 seriously? guy no vex can u screenshot d text mgs pls
28-Sep-2016 14:06:13 ·
qeeboi says;
Any telecommunication science admitted ?
27-Sep-2016 08:52:50 ·
unstoppable68; Yes telecommunication science.....
Are u on WhatsApp
27-Sep-2016 12:42:43 ·
qeeboi; Yes.
27-Sep-2016 15:07:15 ·
unstoppable68; Add me on WhatsApp - 08163180063
27-Sep-2016 15:43:40 ·
i_am_ikeuche says;
Unilag oh we still dey wait
27-Sep-2016 08:55:22 ·
cheeryboy; I'm even tired for unilag! We don't know why they haven't released the list yet?
27-Sep-2016 09:11:36 ·
i_am_ikeuche; I no sabi Wetn dey do dem since na
27-Sep-2016 09:37:52 ·
eletu suliyat; Unilag ,what are you waiting for first unilorin to registered candidates and brought out your screening result,now umilorin has brought out his own admisssion list
27-Sep-2016 12:54:22 ·
QueenLyn says;
Congratulations to d admitted ones
27-Sep-2016 08:55:53 ·
abiodunridwan says;
any economics student admitted
27-Sep-2016 08:55:58 ·
Oluwa mide; Ar u admitted?
27-Sep-2016 09:22:47 ·
abiodunridwan; nope
not an aspirant but my friend is
27-Sep-2016 14:24:17 ·
Oluwa mide; As he been admitted?
27-Sep-2016 14:56:22 ·
abiodunridwan; nope
he didn't get the msg either
27-Sep-2016 20:24:34 ·
28-Sep-2016 01:39:11 ·
Bolarinwa raimot; Pls add me on whatsapp Unilorin
10-Oct-2016 11:03:13 ·
Oluwa mide; @bola,Ar u an economics aspirant?
10-Oct-2016 11:07:54 ·
18-Oct-2016 12:29:04 ·
Ekeso says;
congrats to d successful ones.. I Rep UNIZIK
27-Sep-2016 08:56:48 ·
arinze333; Wat course
27-Sep-2016 14:02:26 ·
Emmass says; admission list out for the jambites while the DE applicants are to check their results and also wait patiently for the DE admission list.
27-Sep-2016 09:01:55 ·
whomiblac; Pls xplain, ow wil i check it?
27-Sep-2016 15:13:27 ·
kaaybest says;
27-Sep-2016 09:02:12 ·
sakakehinde3091; unilorin newly admitted students kindly drop ur watapp number to join unilorin fresher group chat
28-Sep-2016 09:36:25 ·
augustine4; 08101083104 unilorin add me to the group watsapp
28-Sep-2016 12:40:53 ·
shadexjoy; 08146670477
28-Sep-2016 19:17:16 ·
Ab_Show; 08149067913
29-Sep-2016 00:40:26 ·
29-Sep-2016 10:54:14 ·
Ab_Show; sorry me watsap z 09038364726
30-Sep-2016 08:15:32 ·
Ab_Show; deluxy strongest gee, hwva prep
30-Sep-2016 08:17:06 ·
Joe_seph; Please add me
01-Oct-2016 15:28:28 ·
shopsy; 09037842884
02-Oct-2016 07:45:35 ·
Olowookere92; I rep telecommunications science 07062358998
04-Oct-2016 11:05:16 ·
OLATEEJAY; 08104191684 accounting for sure
06-Oct-2016 10:48:46 ·
Bolarinwa raimot; Pls add me to uinlorin group chat 09057665129
10-Oct-2016 11:04:44 ·
sakakehinde3091; anybody given educational technology here pls?
02-Nov-2016 13:17:16 ·

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