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Replies (115)
Kasali afeez says;
Amen ooo
14-Aug-2012 02:03:09 ·
Luckyjay; yeah.
14-Aug-2012 07:46:59 ·
d_realone says;
10q nd amen
14-Aug-2012 03:40:54 ·
jezzy; Amen
03-Sep-2012 12:42:40 ·
femiblaze says;
I pray so..may Allah help mee out
14-Aug-2012 03:48:43 ·
don_sunex says;
amen amen amen fire
14-Aug-2012 05:57:22 ·
kaka401 says;
14-Aug-2012 06:23:35 ·
Luckyjay; Im nt lying. wat do i av to gain by lying??
15-Aug-2012 08:26:06 ·
kaka401; aspirant 4 dat matter..hw do u knw? Mtcheew
15-Aug-2012 10:04:07 ·
Luckyjay; Hey,if u av any idea dats beta dan dis..pls let us knw.
17-Aug-2012 07:09:05 ·
Daarhniel says;
I strongly believe my name will appear in d second batch diz weekend, IJN.....AMEN
14-Aug-2012 12:59:24 ·
Dec says;
God guild me 2ru, may God hav his mercy on my adminssion this year, amen ooo... Let 2nd batch be my choice
14-Aug-2012 17:48:01 ·
adedokun aderonke says;
Amen nd amen
15-Aug-2012 08:08:09 ·
Luckyjay says;
Any Sociology candidate here? pls add me 2go username= Steven996.
15-Aug-2012 08:26:06 ·
Wharlex93 says;
Wat giv u d confidence dat its gona b released dis weekend
15-Aug-2012 15:47:55 ·
Luckyjay; It shud be released dis weekend..dey av no reason for delaying it..its just meaningless.
17-Aug-2012 07:03:25 ·
El'phenomenon says;
Jst read d post n stop askin stupid questns....stupid set of human beings... Thanks jare 4d info. Godbless!
16-Aug-2012 11:27:54 ·
Luckyjay; dnt's normal.
17-Aug-2012 07:01:23 ·
Kameel says;
Thanks folk. Ialso think so guys cos it shuld b released once d 1st batch candidtae re true with their acceptance......
16-Aug-2012 13:46:14 ·
Luckyjay says;
pls,if any of u guys have a beta idea of wen it's going pls share it here nd let us know.
17-Aug-2012 07:03:26 ·
Adeniji Grace says;
Amen!Cant wait to b in sch.May God help us all.Dis 2nd batch wilnt pass us widout our name
17-Aug-2012 18:35:26 ·
Kasali afeez says;
May god help us
17-Aug-2012 20:23:35 ·

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