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Could This Be A Photoshop?? Someone Scored 400/400 In JAMB??

Written By: Olachi Njoku on 19-May-2017 11:08:25 2781 views

Someone shared this facebook, do you think this is real or is it a photoshop??
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Olachi Njoku - Myschool Joy
A Graduate of Federal polytechnic, Nekede

About Me: Am Cool And I Stay Out She is currently interested in Being Study Pals.

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Comments (17)
quincy boy says;
I think its possible
19-May-2017 11:18:42 ·
prospez says;
See this Photoshop
19-May-2017 11:33:47 ·
Cyberchum says;
It's a doctored picture. As clear as day.
19-May-2017 11:45:35 ·
Vioncy; Its well o me na 450/400 i go get
19-May-2017 14:36:46 ·
phumeee says;
kai dis one gidigon
19-May-2017 16:20:09 ·
Ayuba616 says;
I don't think is possible
19-May-2017 19:47:10 ·
See you na lie
20-May-2017 07:34:29 ·
Phemorihson says;
Check the pics wella, you will see some light blue drop. The 100s were painted over it. And where is the name or centre of the guy?
20-May-2017 09:55:37 ·
Macnnoli4 says;
The chem and phy scores look real but eng and maths scores look photoshopped.
20-May-2017 11:16:20 ·
CornelG says;
Who post my result here here? Jealous people!
20-May-2017 11:35:19 ·
Oprahl says;
Never possible.
I am a graphic designer, and I can do this too.
20-May-2017 17:44:51 ·
nkemjika charity says;
20-May-2017 20:07:17 ·
hobeytt2 says;
you be witch?
21-May-2017 08:14:02 ·
voice of the nation; m a gud designer in photoshop dis one na correct photoshop editing
21-May-2017 12:26:37 ·
davidikuemenisan says;
why dem noh show the person Name?
23-May-2017 14:51:40 ·
gift-rise says;
dat is impossible !
24-May-2017 12:26:51 ·
Tishow says;
is not a real result check the maths and the points The edited it look at it carefully
24-May-2017 12:51:41 ·
flex c; It's jamb mock result...the use of English is at the bottom....
26-May-2017 05:32:07 ·

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Could This Be A Photoshop?? Someone Scored 400/400 In JAMB??
Someone shared this facebook, do you think this is real or is it a photoshop??

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