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UNILAG Updated Post-UTME Screening Result 2017/2018

Posted: 12-Oct-2017 [13:56:18] into Post-UTME by myschool paul for unilag | 327 Comments

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The management of University of Lagos (UNILAG) has updated the Post-UTME Screening results for the 2017/2018 academic session that was released ealier.

Candidates who sat for the test and whose results did not feature in the preliminary set of results should check the updated set for their results.

The results are contained in the attached pdf document.

You can view the result directly or download on your device to view.


Download [.PDF] File

View larger online version of this [.PDF] file

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Comments (327)
meekun says;
09-Oct-2017 10:00:57 ·
Osasdjambite says;
thnk jah
09-Oct-2017 10:01:05 ·
chinazzy says;
chaii I score 13 oooo
09-Oct-2017 10:10:59 ·
Nnadoziescarlet; Chaii u try oo
09-Oct-2017 10:11:33 ·
chinazzy; which kind prayer i dey oooo....m going for chemistry
09-Oct-2017 11:47:26 ·
Nnadoziescarlet says;
65% law
09-Oct-2017 10:12:12 ·
alabiss says;
Hw did u arrived at 65% @Nnadoziescarlet
09-Oct-2017 10:21:32 ·
korex003; Guy, which kind question be that? Is not possible?
09-Oct-2017 10:41:34 ·
Spackles says;
Highest mark 26... when almost all the questions were maths with no calculator. They said study past questions. None came out. I wonder how the cut off would be like.
09-Oct-2017 10:36:02 ·
AshleyBenj says;
11.. Chem engineering
09-Oct-2017 10:45:06 ·
mhizrayo; why are you posting fake results? you posted this on uniben post utme result
AshleyBenj says;
Agg:57% Course:Physiology. Awaiting further news from Uniben.
09-Oct-2017 11:18:54 ·
AshleyBenj; Sorry to burst your bubble but this is for a brother. Or did you see me specify that it's mine? I'm only trying to get people's response to see where he stands.
09-Oct-2017 11:23:27 ·
GeeCayman; Hey, AshleyBenj. Are you on WhatsApp or Facebook? I'd like us to be friends. Just in case you're apprehensive of giving out personal info on a public site;
09027157910. That's my WhatsApp number, and George Cayman is my Facebook username. Pleasr, feel free to text me.
09-Oct-2017 16:54:12 ·
harr_jet says;
pls how did you guys check it, d site is not loading at all here
09-Oct-2017 10:51:08 ·
sunnax says;
09-Oct-2017 10:54:32 ·
Adewunmi18 says;
16 maths education. God be praised
09-Oct-2017 11:05:52 ·
ceobayo; Please over what?
09-Oct-2017 11:26:27 ·
Owolabiabel; over 30
09-Oct-2017 13:41:56 ·
petrababy says;
This list is too much.
09-Oct-2017 11:16:08 ·
09-Oct-2017 12:40:41 ·
Oluwadamilare F; U can just search by typing ur surname
09-Oct-2017 13:38:56 ·
mctifey says;
I can't find my name
Pls someone should help me out
Omojola boluwatife esther
Pls help me,thanks
09-Oct-2017 11:21:46 ·
09-Oct-2017 11:25:34 ·
mhizrayo; 76476456HG Omojola Boluwatife Esther 14
09-Oct-2017 11:25:41 ·
mctifey; Thanks
Aw did u see it, ve nt still seen my name
Can u pls tell me d number
09-Oct-2017 13:42:27 ·
oyinlohlar says;
This post utme thing is awful. Imagine me having 13 over 30. Well, Allah exist. He would assist me(amin)
09-Oct-2017 11:23:08 ·
Nosferatu; Imagine o 😂😂
Who know your Papa for unilag
09-Oct-2017 11:25:44 ·
KoresArmani; Lmao, Werey Nosferatu. I wonder ooh
13-Oct-2017 00:33:04 ·
AshleyBenj says;
Chemical engineering aspirants..
09-Oct-2017 12:10:24 ·
bello ade says;
Please I cant find my name
Someone should help me out
Bello Adelani Haroun
09-Oct-2017 12:15:12 ·
Pi_hus; your name isn't there
09-Oct-2017 20:08:18 ·
christalz; I'm having this same issue
09-Oct-2017 22:55:34 ·
DONFROSH; and me too @ 76100486HA adekuoye tosin
09-Oct-2017 23:42:04 ·
christalz; Pls, if u having this same issue, message me on WhatsApp let's reason together or go to unilag together to complain.. time is running out 07063138188
10-Oct-2017 06:25:17 ·
Adahbisade; me too oo.. I can't find my name
I'm confused what's happening?
please what could be the problem?
10-Oct-2017 07:27:55 ·
christalz; I think it's those who wrote on the forth
10-Oct-2017 19:30:58 ·
Larrywise27; Bello Ade... ur got 19
13-Oct-2017 20:12:24 ·
Larrywise27; 15188 76100486HA Adekuoye Tosin Jeremiah 13 (copied as seen)
13-Oct-2017 20:13:28 ·
Larrywise27; Tosin Adehuoye... u got 13
13-Oct-2017 20:14:05 ·
Horlacash1; ppl that scored 11 downward not eligibleeeeeee
13-Oct-2017 23:10:19 ·
lanskeed; I warned dat dis roque will come back and he did in full force.BEWARE,SCAM ALERT.Sophisticated ignoramus.ole
16-Oct-2017 08:20:11 ·

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