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Replies (86)
Obio4real says;
Medical Lab: Merit 235, Locality 230, Elds 225
06-Sep-2013 02:58:01 ·
odi4life; Am 4rm Imo state,I scored 235 in jamb post jamb 300,avg 268 am goin 4 law
08-Sep-2013 07:45:48 ·
odi4life; Am 4rm Imo state,I scored 235 in jamb post jamb 300,avg 268 am goin 4 law.wil i b admited?
08-Sep-2013 07:46:40 ·
Johnk110; Wat is the cut off mark for English and literature. In unical for non indigene
08-Sep-2013 09:19:50 ·
Bloomingale; Odi4life u've made de cutoff points so hopefully ur name shuld b inda merit list jux kip praying
08-Sep-2013 13:58:40 ·
Nosky; Bro. what of biochemistry cutoff mark...
09-Sep-2013 12:55:30 ·
sir chibuzor; Unical aspirants a whatsapp platform has been created for 2016/2017 aspirants. Drop ur numbers to become a member, its informative, educative and me on whatsapp 08024129637
24-Apr-2016 10:39:33 ·
Teaxer says;
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06-Sep-2013 15:12:56 ·
Bloomingale says;
Wat of nursin pls
07-Sep-2013 18:24:34 ·
Ju2lek; nursing is same as radiography
08-Sep-2013 00:01:58 ·
Obio4real says;
@ Odi4life, am nt too sure Imo state is among d elds states. Jst b hopeful n prayerful coz u r a point shy of d merit cutoff mark.
08-Sep-2013 13:32:27 ·
Bloomingale; Imo state is not unda elds....elds ar mstly northern state
09-Sep-2013 15:18:11 ·
henshaweezy says;
plz wat is the cut off mark for applied geophysics my jamb score 212 p ume 310 avg 261 im from cross river
10-Sep-2013 09:06:27 ·
Obio4real; I dnt knw d cutoff for dat dept. bt am sure it's nt more dan 240. let me congratulate u in advance. ur der bro! welcome to UNICAL!!
10-Sep-2013 10:25:11 ·
Zero4u; You have been admitted! Come nd see me with your wine when school resumes..
10-Sep-2013 11:30:59 ·
Bloomingale says;
Not all de departmnt dat hv released dir exercise patience folks!
10-Sep-2013 10:08:59 ·
paulwizkid; pls I score 230 in post utme ad ma average 208 I apply for theatre and media studs will I b admited?
24-Sep-2014 16:10:02 ·
henshaweezy says;
ok o we dey wait
10-Sep-2013 12:10:57 ·
lucent says;
this is to inform dis room dat unical admission list is out,goodluck guys as u check ur status. U can hit me up on 2go(suncres)
10-Sep-2013 19:14:05 ·
Benny10ny says;
Plz who knows the cut off mark for history n international studies??...i need an urqent response
10-Sep-2013 20:13:10 ·
lucent says;
guy the admission list is even out on net,use ur jamb reg number and check ur status. Good luck 2go me (suncres)
10-Sep-2013 20:53:13 ·
nicebash; how sure are you? pls
11-Sep-2013 06:08:18 ·
Lion8t says;
Are mine good for applied geogphysics wit dis o level subjects; eng, math, phy, geograp and biology
10-Sep-2013 21:05:16 ·
Virusdetector says;
PLEASE MY POST UTME SCORE WAS 260 and 243 aggregate! I chose medicine, pls what oda course kan my aggregate 243 take aside med.lab? PLEASE ANSWER
10-Sep-2013 21:30:24 ·
Obio4real; Nursing, Radiography, public Health, Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry.
11-Sep-2013 07:37:50 ·
Ifydearr says;
Pls wat's de cutoff mark for human anatomy
11-Sep-2013 06:39:17 ·
lucent says;
to they question been asked how sure am i, OBIO can testify to it dat the admission list is out. So goodluck as u check ur status once again
11-Sep-2013 08:04:00 ·
Obio4real; d admission list is out in skul bt nt yet online
11-Sep-2013 11:02:52 ·
Obio4real; d admission list is in d various dept.
11-Sep-2013 11:05:46 ·
henshaweezy; plz stop lying o de neva paste any list oooooooooo
11-Sep-2013 11:43:17 ·
nicebash; so if i go to the school now i will see the list?
12-Sep-2013 08:35:41 ·
Obio4real says;
Social Works: Merit 230, Locality 225, ELDS 220
11-Sep-2013 14:30:37 ·
precious•gold; Thank God
11-Sep-2013 16:39:17 ·
henshaweezy; plz can u help me check for my department if u say d list is out in school
11-Sep-2013 21:48:17 ·

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