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UNIBEN Admission List 2017/2018 Released

Posted: 13-Nov-2017 [21:59:11] into Admission by Nairalander for uniben | 490 Comments

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This is to inform candidates who applied for admission in University of Benin (UNIBEN) that they can proceed to check their admission status now on the school's portal.

Candidates are to follow the procedure below to check their admission status on the KOFA Portal.

How To Check Your Admission Status
-Enter your Username and Password in the spaces provided
-Click on Login to access your admission details.

Congratulations to admitted ones!

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Comments (490)
beyusky says;
Congratulations to the admitted ones.. FTC.

Waiting for UI...
13-Nov-2017 23:14:13 ·
14-Nov-2017 01:55:40 ·
beyusky; Yes ooo... success belong to us
14-Nov-2017 10:23:32 ·
jobotor5 says;
Where is ABU zaria, what are they waiting for?congratulations to the newly admitted ones.
13-Nov-2017 23:17:09 ·
Amaradesewa; I don't even know for ABU ooo.
Maybe it's when they give somebody hypertension, they wee release list
14-Nov-2017 08:48:03 ·
simonramsey; am also an abu aspirant..gosh i tire for their matter...can u add me on facebook.....simon samonius ramsey
15-Nov-2017 08:49:48 ·
Ogbodu luke says;
Admitted Eng and lit
Oluwa is involved
13-Nov-2017 23:18:28 ·
Kene541; congratulations
14-Nov-2017 08:43:41 ·
Osa Dami; Pls what was ur O'level subject combination?
18-Nov-2017 21:29:47 ·
Nastie EmJhay says;
I wonder wetin uniport dey wait 4
13-Nov-2017 23:20:03 ·
Dzaddy; What course did you apply for??
14-Nov-2017 06:54:30 ·
kefe7; We just have to keep waiting!!hoping for good news soon!
14-Nov-2017 11:14:45 ·
Ediaken; Uniport own is out na
14-Nov-2017 17:47:45 ·
Ambi212 says;
Finaly D Lng Awaited List Is Out Congrat To D Admited Ones
13-Nov-2017 23:20:08 ·
Ernestprinze; Please how do you know if u've been admitted or not.. I logged in but not seeing anything concerning admission
14-Nov-2017 19:50:34 ·
Ganre Cherub says;
Baba God i thank you... Uniben here i come!!!
13-Nov-2017 23:54:20 ·
Kene541; congratulations
14-Nov-2017 08:43:55 ·
Abu nigga; Bro did caps later give u admission
14-Nov-2017 09:24:02 ·
Ganre Cherub ; Caps gave me Admission... Bfr uniben released their list...
14-Nov-2017 19:22:03 ·
Vivian.ugwu; Did you accept it bfr uniben list came out?
20-Nov-2017 18:28:38 ·
Brainpill says;
In life I have learnt never to give up.Despite the discouragements and the negativity around me. I even find it difficult to comment here cos I have been known to be a regular Jambite. I don't know how to praise my God... After 4 attempts, he has crowned my effort when I have almost lost the zeal to go to school. I'm happy for My academic success. Uniben here i come
14-Nov-2017 00:07:10 ·
yahaya adinoyi; congratulations
and may God see you through.
14-Nov-2017 00:10:41 ·
Brainpill; Amen
14-Nov-2017 00:13:38 ·
sinaj20; Congratulations dear
14-Nov-2017 01:39:44 ·
lekan3121; Congratulations bro,
14-Nov-2017 08:31:09 ·
Kene541; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. congratulations to you
14-Nov-2017 08:45:46 ·
kingbayor99; congratulations man isn't easy at all four good years.....the lord will see u tru
14-Nov-2017 09:02:35 ·
Eazboi; Congratulation
14-Nov-2017 09:18:28 ·
midasclub; Wooooow brainpill congrats oooo
14-Nov-2017 09:47:37 ·
Cutebenny; Owww.. I'm so happy for u dearie... Rem wat u went tru to get the admission.. So stay focus while in school.. Dnt throw the opportunity to the pit.. Congrats once more
14-Nov-2017 10:37:33 ·
majiri; Woww... Congrats
21-Nov-2017 17:30:24 ·
midasclub; Majiri nd brainpill my main gee...u guys drop Ur no let's relate
21-Nov-2017 22:34:19 ·
myne; Has online clearance started???
21-Nov-2017 23:05:02 ·
Moyenroy says;
thanks u jesus 4 ur favour over my academic lif.admitted animal science here i cm ooo uniben.
14-Nov-2017 00:25:37 ·
Ekeiwu; please before u got ur admission did u see congratulations in yr jamb cap profile first
14-Nov-2017 07:49:50 ·
Kene541; congratulations
14-Nov-2017 08:44:14 ·
chiwendu16; Please did u get the admission notification from caps first or this first?
14-Nov-2017 09:31:23 ·
asunnyboy says;
congratulations to the admitted ones. prosper i must celebrate your success with you. uniuyo still waiting for your list
14-Nov-2017 00:51:15 ·
Prospero97; Thanks my brother from different womb,same here, Uyo is coming out very soon. And I see you in first Batch.
14-Nov-2017 07:12:08 ·
Ogechigr8; Jamb have started giving admission to uniuyo aspirants on cap,check yours for acceptance
20-Nov-2017 18:07:47 ·
gloriachloe says;
bus admin admitted
14-Nov-2017 00:53:20 ·
Nairalander; Go and start gathering the necessary documents on time. Congrats!
14-Nov-2017 05:06:21 ·
Kene541; congrats to you
14-Nov-2017 08:44:29 ·
asunnyboy says;
congratulations @gloria
14-Nov-2017 01:18:58 ·
Sunstone says;
I thank God I made it. All the way to UNIBEN. Geography and Regional Planning. God, I'm grateful...
14-Nov-2017 01:49:54 ·
Ekeiwu; did you check or see ur name in caps first bfre u were admitted
14-Nov-2017 07:50:41 ·
Kene541; cograts to you
14-Nov-2017 08:45:02 ·
oluwasegun07062802462; Did knw if dere is anybody admitted into surveying and geoinformatics department) it is geomatic in Uniben)
14-Nov-2017 11:04:52 ·
Sunstone; I logged on to my screen profile at where confirmed my admission status. The top was initially written 'submitted' but now 'admitted'. Then I went to login to my JAMB profile through which I entered the CAPS (Central Admission Processing System). I clicked on 'Admission Status', something like "you have been offered a provisional admission at the University of Benin. Click 'accept' to accept your admission, 'reject' to reject your admission offer". There were 'accept' and 'reject'. I clicked on accept, and the two options suddenly because blank. I next day, I logged into my account at , I was notified by a new profile created for me again of which password was to change in something. The 'Admitted' sign at the top of the page changed to 'Created'. The whole process history was written at the top of my page... I logged on to the new account with at the same . It contains all - both my personal and my admission details, even the ones to be cleared at the school's clearance. I was given the option to "edit" my details, and "print admission letter" and "download application letter".. I am so excited about this prospect!!!

in reply to oluwasegun07062802462, I do not know anyone admitted into surveying and geoinformatics
16-Nov-2017 00:12:36 ·
ase2017_179117; Which website did u go to login to your jamb profile
16-Nov-2017 06:29:14 ·
16-Nov-2017 12:31:30 ·
horlahadeleke says;
Futminna😏😏😏😏...where are you...your mates are releasing their list o
14-Nov-2017 01:57:03 ·
d1zikoben54; No mind dem
14-Nov-2017 02:39:16 ·
[email protected]; dem no wan release cux deh neva tire... mhe i don tire to wait o...
bro which course yu deh go for?
14-Nov-2017 09:16:20 ·
horlahadeleke; Surveying and Geo informatics
15-Nov-2017 20:31:23 ·
Jeezyflex says;
Congrats guys. Get ready
14-Nov-2017 04:02:26 ·
@joel says;
congrats.. Unical, pls b fast oo
14-Nov-2017 04:45:26 ·

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