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UNIBEN Post-UTME Screening Experience 2017 - Share Yours Here

Posted: 28-Sep-2017 [13:54:30] into Post-UTME by austinsvoca for uniben | 371 Comments

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The Post-UTME screening exercise of University of Benin (UNIBEN) for the 2017/2018 academic session commenced today September 28th, 2017.

This thread is for the aspirants of the institution who have participated in the screening exercise to share their experiences.

If you are among those scheduled for the screening today, do let us know how it went.

Was the screening exercise in form of a computer based test (CBT)?

Go ahead and share your experiences using the comment box

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Comments (371)
basket2 says;
Fct....rubbish who ftc help
28-Sep-2017 14:02:47 ·
28-Sep-2017 14:35:50 ·
Tonycruz86 says;
Who as written
28-Sep-2017 14:43:29 ·
ferdiromz says;
60 questions 50 mins
maths English compulsory
28-Sep-2017 14:46:48 ·
lovlyn; maths compulsory ke,please what course are you going for?
28-Sep-2017 15:05:52 ·
grabb; maths compulsory.....God forbide bad thing
28-Sep-2017 15:09:36 ·
lovlyn; I just heard now DAT it depends on the course u going for
28-Sep-2017 15:13:54 ·
ferdiromz; be there and be fooling yourself
shey you will write
it will clear in your eye then
28-Sep-2017 16:28:50 ·
vincy87; maths is not compulsory... it depends on the course you are going for
28-Sep-2017 16:42:34 ·
Ak Fejiro; Maths is compulsory for all sciences n social sciences i dont no abt art sha
If u havent been studying maths start nw
28-Sep-2017 19:19:59 ·
grabb; how did you know it's compulsory for all sciences? how will they give medical sciences maths? that makes it 5courses...with only 60 questions? I pray o....and you are not sure because medical sciences have not written
28-Sep-2017 19:29:31 ·
Ak Fejiro; Dy der make pant dy wear you
It has always being so
U can ask any old medical uniben students
Even dier past question is a proof
28-Sep-2017 20:00:39 ·
grabb; there was no maths in 2016
28-Sep-2017 20:41:05 ·
Jimmy1234; There's maths for medical students
28-Sep-2017 20:48:32 ·
grabb; Jimmy how did u know because no medic have written
28-Sep-2017 20:55:57 ·
grabb; make we wait till Wednesday ...first ni
28-Sep-2017 20:56:33 ·
Ak Fejiro; There was no post ume in 2016
Just study incase uniben choose to bring it dis yr, it wont take anytin frm u
Just b an all rounder . Prepare for d worst n hope for d best
28-Sep-2017 21:26:50 ·
grabb; sorry I meant 2015 not 16 not mind u,some people wrote pume in 2016 before it was cancelled
28-Sep-2017 21:32:15 ·
Ak Fejiro; Ok lets wait til 4th oct n be hopeful der arent maths
29-Sep-2017 11:10:10 ·
Son_Of_God; Its a new development... there was no maths in 2015.. just your jamb combo
29-Sep-2017 15:22:29 ·
grabb; there was no maths for medical sciences...
03-Oct-2017 13:24:55 ·
Ak Fejiro; Thank God
03-Oct-2017 17:01:28 ·
grabb; I hate it when people say what they are not sure of.people were saying maths is compulsory ..they were saying it like they were sure!rumor carriers mtweew
03-Oct-2017 19:36:32 ·
grabb; especially ferdiromz and fejiro ...F and F pls u people should stop spending rumors...even that ferdiromz was saying dey there dey f**l ya who f**l himself? fejiro say dey there make pant dey wear who pant dey wear? u quys were saying what you were not sure of in confidence and even insulting people on top...smh
04-Oct-2017 06:56:13 ·
Ak Fejiro; Sori if u felt insulted
Wen re u writing
04-Oct-2017 12:22:47 ·
grabb; hmm she is apologising....rare though! writing on Saturday..tanx for the apology ...
04-Oct-2017 14:11:04 ·
Ak Fejiro; UWC
04-Oct-2017 18:52:12 ·
Pweshiouz says;
Seriously? Maths is compulsory
28-Sep-2017 14:52:16 ·
Young-scholar says;
Success To All.
28-Sep-2017 14:55:07 ·
lovlyn says;
please how many questions in English
28-Sep-2017 15:04:50 ·
28-Sep-2017 16:29:17 ·
kutu12; guy its 15 questions for English and maths is not compulsory as far it is not in your past questions your not doing so stop spreading rumours that it is compulsory cause its not even a lecturer said it 😒😒
28-Sep-2017 20:34:17 ·
ferdiromz; i pity you and i pity the folks here who will be deceived by you senseless comment
shey you will write the it will be clear in your eyes
28-Sep-2017 21:31:11 ·
Abitee says;
please,those that wrote should share there experience oo,were u allowed to use calculator?is there calculator on the system like that of jamb?
28-Sep-2017 15:10:20 ·
grabb; no calculator....u solve on your print out,come with biro
28-Sep-2017 19:30:29 ·
Abitee; God o,thanks
28-Sep-2017 19:56:50 ·
Raymondsamuelbenjamin says;
Pls pop who knows where muyi line is in portharcourt
28-Sep-2017 15:35:30 ·
Jeezyflex; Muyi line is at waterlines
29-Sep-2017 05:54:34 ·
30-Sep-2017 18:30:00 ·
austinsvoca says;
has anyone seen his/her score?
28-Sep-2017 15:48:40 ·
dunkwujonah04 says;
pls those that wrote today
was there any repeated question from the pastquestion sent to us
28-Sep-2017 17:14:42 ·
Chris Heavenbound says;
Don't Mind All The Hearsay. Mathematics, However, Could Appear In General Paper( A Tradition Which Has Not Been Active For Sometime Now)
It Seems They've Exhumed It.
28-Sep-2017 17:15:07 ·
grabb; let's watch till 3rd when medical sciences will start writing... before we know if it's compulsory
28-Sep-2017 19:33:53 ·
Austine500 says;
Was there any repeated questions from past questions
28-Sep-2017 17:38:50 ·
josh francis says;
Pls....wat are the things they collected from you...original jamb result?
28-Sep-2017 17:42:09 ·
Chris Heavenbound says;
What Would Uniben Do With Your Original Jamb Result When You Are Not Coming For Clearance?
28-Sep-2017 18:07:39 ·

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