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UNIBEN New Admission Screening Registration Details 2016/2017 Announced

Posted: 02-Sep-2016 [08:06:19] into Admission by billdavid022 for uniben | 897 Comments

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The University of Benin hereby invites all candidates who applied for admission into the University as first choice in the 2016 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) to visit the University of Benin Website: for details of the procedure for the Pre-Admission Screening Exercise.

Registration for Pre-Admission Screening will commence on Friday 2nd September 2016 and will close at 12.00 midnight on Sunday 11th September 2016.


Candidate must fulfill the following criteria:
-Scored a minimum of 200 marks in the 2016 UTME for all courses except those for which higher benchmarks have been specified in the University Website. Click here to see the required cut-off marks for various courses

-Obtained at least five (5) credit passes at GCE O/L, SSCE, NECO, or their equivalent. The subjects must include English Language, and Mathematics (for courses for which a credit in mathematics is required) as well as three other relevant subjects at not more than two sittings, except for the MB.BS degree for which only one sitting is required. (four if excluding mathematics)

Eligible candidates should click on Register For Application to proceed if you are applying for the first time or else login with your application id and password to continue if this is not your first visit.

UNIBEN is aware that several candidates had earlier registered for the previously scheduled Computer Based Admission Screening Exercise which was subsequently cancelled by the Federal Government.

For such candidates, they would not need to make any further payment in order to register for this Pre-Admission Screening exercise.

They are simply to login with their credentials and provide their WAEC /NECO / Other equivalent examination results.
For those candidates who are registering for the first time, the University will charge a fee of #2,500.00 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira) only for this screening exercise.


The procedure for the 2016/2017 Admission Screening application for first time applicants is as follows:

Candidates are advised to have a valid e-mail account before starting the application process.

-Visit Click on Student Portal


-Click on Register for application at the top left of the displayed page to proceed.

-Enter your Surname Exactly as written on the JAMB Registration slip, and JAMB Registration number. Immediately, your ID and Password will be displayed on the browser

-Back On click on 'Login' (top right of the front page).

-Enter your username and the password to login.

-To start the application process, please click on 'Application record' and provide all required information and upload your passport photograph.

-Upload a Recent and clear 1” x 1” COLOURED passport photograph with red background in JPEG format only.

NOTE that the photograph uploaded will be the only valid ID for all admitted candidates throughout their stay in the University of Benin. FAILURE TO UPLOAD THE SPECIFIED PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH WILL LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION and failure/forfeitures of admission.

-To pay for the Application, click on “Add online payment ticket” at the bottom of the page, then click on “College Pay” on the top left corner of the page, follow the instruction to pay the application fee of N 2,500:00; excluding Interswitch and Portal Services charges with an ATM-Enabled Verve or Master Card from any Commercial Bank

-Print out an acknowledgement slip that contains the screening schedule.

Candidates should go back on-line from 12th September, 2016 to check for the Day, Venue and Time for the face - to - face Screening Exercise

Candidate are to come to their screening centres with the following:

Acknowledgement slip/ Screening Invitation Slip that contains the screening schedule.

Application Deadline
Application deadline is September 11th, 2016.

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Comments (897)
calebify says;
02-Sep-2016 08:08:36 ·
francis95 says;
Nice one
02-Sep-2016 08:16:12 ·
fucklilw; Pls I had 215 in jamb ND applied for math$econs according to the stipulated cut off math$econ is 200 yesterday when I checked my kofa account it showed "download screening invitation slip "" which I downloaded but today I am seeing on my kofa page that m not eligible for the screening ...pls I am really confused
03-Sep-2016 18:21:32 ·
azeez4luv; bros I also got 201 nd applying 4 same course nd I tried to register 2 day nd telling me nt eligible
03-Sep-2016 21:36:52 ·
philzzzz; are u sure ur jamb subject combination is correct
04-Sep-2016 12:16:15 ·
fucklilw; English math economics govt
04-Sep-2016 13:25:38 ·
fucklilw; Azeez4luv drop ur number lets talk m going to the skul on Tuesday
04-Sep-2016 13:31:30 ·
lawani; I am a 400level student in maths & Econ,inbox me for my number for more information.
09-Sep-2016 15:47:32 ·
aubree says;
My kofa page is shwn paid, does it mean anythn? Different from those whose own are showing submitted.
I need answer urgently please and please
02-Sep-2016 08:20:31 ·
Phyb.; Mine is showing paid too. I've saved it but not submitted.
03-Sep-2016 19:58:20 ·
Martinsecm; You guys need to submit. Because if you don't till the registration ends, it's something equivalent to not registering and I don't think you will be updated on your date for screening
09-Sep-2016 06:04:49 ·
sinaj20 says;
fill in your bank details
02-Sep-2016 08:22:57 ·
aubree; Av done dat already
Bt its still showin paid
02-Sep-2016 08:29:38 ·
Brainpill; All Uniben Kofa accounts have been changed to paid. Until u submit ur O'level, Paid is what u will see.
02-Sep-2016 09:44:40 ·
Brainpill; Just updated!!! U can now login 2 know if u are eligible for the screening. The link to download the screening invitation has been removed. Hmmm meaning those who didn't reach their benchmarks are now at a disadvantage.
02-Sep-2016 10:25:45 ·
Rizzy Kinky; Yea, but the o'lvl cnt be edited yet.
But mine is showing eligible to apply 4 screening, wht does it mean?
02-Sep-2016 10:39:54 ·
odikayor; it means you got the required jamb score for your course,you can register for the screening and go for the screening exercise.
02-Sep-2016 12:59:47 ·
macmela; I mistakenly submitted without inputting my O level details.. Please what can I do to rectify it
02-Sep-2016 15:07:14 ·
odikayor; try going to a cyber cafe to see if they can help you.
02-Sep-2016 15:26:41 ·
Di Vick; I also made that mistake @macmela....plannong to go to school
02-Sep-2016 20:14:09 ·
miss-gatsy; and that's the best ans.. do that b4 11
03-Sep-2016 08:51:06 ·
majiri; I made that terrible mistake too!!! 😫

Can't they rectify it by complaining to them inline
03-Sep-2016 12:04:35 ·
miss-gatsy; Majiri nop, Go to uniben, u will b attended to
03-Sep-2016 13:09:25 ·
Martinsecm; If you have made such mistake there's no point going to cyber, the best thing is to rush now to school with your ssce or if you have your statement of result.. Go along with it.. Although all those things I suggest will be required on the screening day. Jamb result with your passport, waec result and invitation letter
09-Sep-2016 06:12:44 ·
colliano100; Am only seeing print payment slip instead of the acknowledgement slip and fall asleep invitation
11-Sep-2016 23:38:01 ·
Di Vick says;
Thats what my own too is writing
02-Sep-2016 08:46:52 ·
Isaac Daniella says;
Hmmm....letx wait nd see....
02-Sep-2016 08:53:02 ·
murphylove; hi Daniella, for help about how the screening is going to be and how Uniben will give candidates admit ion. I am a student of linguistics department. 09029132832 flash or call.
04-Sep-2016 06:14:48 ·
Isaac Daniella; Aiit...
04-Sep-2016 15:24:16 ·
Di Vick says;
There is no place to edit and fill in yoir waec result
02-Sep-2016 08:56:57 ·
majiri; Ya... Same Here!!!
Add me up Bro on WhatsApp 08148813384
03-Sep-2016 12:06:45 ·
NEW LIFE; if u are eligible, just relax till on monday. it will be resolved.
03-Sep-2016 18:48:44 ·
Isaac Daniella says;
Buh lemme confam pls....d screenin date has naht bin released ryt???
02-Sep-2016 09:00:19 ·
odikayor; after you are through with the registration you are to go back online on the 12th to check for your screening date.
02-Sep-2016 09:40:55 ·
Isaac Daniella; Owkkk....fanx....
02-Sep-2016 11:35:49 ·
OlaMusiq says;
Making sense..
02-Sep-2016 09:13:50 ·
Steve. says;
sorry please what screening is that?
02-Sep-2016 09:14:08 ·
JuliusPeterpan; Face to face screening to ensure one is not a cultist,militant,Boko haram,agboro jst name dem

02-Sep-2016 09:22:22 ·
odikayor; lol
02-Sep-2016 09:42:41 ·
blueman; Mr ''Agboro''
03-Sep-2016 05:33:04 ·
blueman; Just Kidding o! Don't mind me!!!
03-Sep-2016 05:33:58 ·
Steve. says;
sorry just see that it's face to face screening.
02-Sep-2016 09:17:02 ·
keith says;
02-Sep-2016 09:17:57 ·
JuliusPeterpan says;
If Urs is showing paid it means U registered earlier b4 de scrapping of post Utme and so u need not any further payment.

Screening dates and venue(s) of each candidate Will be released on the 12th of dis month, so go back online on that date and confirm Ur screening date.

I cannot edit my SSCE details sha. But I thought we provided these info. When registering earlier for post utme na?
02-Sep-2016 09:19:13 ·
odikayor; you can start uploading your waec results by 11:05AM
02-Sep-2016 09:49:48 ·
danilegieuno; Any1 done he/her registration to let us knw pls
02-Sep-2016 11:14:11 ·
segznuff; no space to edit ur olevel...jus told me to resubmit ma passport...anybody dat has submitted his olevel?
02-Sep-2016 12:24:02 ·
odikayor; are you using your phone or you went to a cyber cafe.
02-Sep-2016 12:37:39 ·
JuliusPeterpan; Phone sha
02-Sep-2016 15:25:33 ·
odikayor; how did you edit the exam date?
02-Sep-2016 15:34:27 ·
JuliusPeterpan; In this format 3/6/2013
02-Sep-2016 17:07:18 ·
Chiebuka; for someone DAT wrote last year... I mean wassce . how will d date b written???
02-Sep-2016 17:28:51 ·
JuliusPeterpan; De date of de exam, month and year. For example if u started ur exam april 13th last year, It should be 13/4/2015. That was how I did mine and it was accepted by de system.
02-Sep-2016 18:54:06 ·
Chiebuka; aiit. tanks
one more tin.... I filled only five subjects.... hope it has no effect??
02-Sep-2016 19:22:19 ·
JuliusPeterpan; Bro fill All ur SSCE subjects oh, thats what I did, the spaces are more than five.put all,let dem select de ones they want
02-Sep-2016 20:08:18 ·
Chiebuka; mehn.. I already submitted only five.... can it be undone??
02-Sep-2016 22:10:16 ·
JuliusPeterpan; Nah,
sha maybe that wont be a problem. Carry along ur SSCE result 2d screening Venue.
02-Sep-2016 22:19:22 ·
Phyb.; SSCE or WAEC , referring to Exam type?
02-Sep-2016 23:29:43 ·
Chiebuka; OK..tanks
02-Sep-2016 23:31:16 ·
JuliusPeterpan; Exam type is either WAEC,NECO,GCE,SSCE or any equivalent
03-Sep-2016 04:01:11 ·
Phyb.; May/Jun Wassce is it waec or save? That's what I meant.
03-Sep-2016 08:55:43 ·
Phyb.; Ssce *
03-Sep-2016 08:57:45 ·
JuliusPeterpan; Phyb It depends On the result u re holding. If u re an SSCE Holder, select SSCE from de list of options.
04-Sep-2016 18:44:29 ·
55555555 says;
u guys should check the benchmark for your course first o medicine, medlab,physiotherapy,pharmacy, 220, nursing 215, optometry biochem 210. check others yaself. some still remain 200 sha. apart fromcup accounting,law........and mayb few others. check if u got up to d bench mark, b4 applying for screening
02-Sep-2016 09:20:45 ·
JuliusPeterpan; OMG! Medicine 220?
Thank God!
02-Sep-2016 15:29:11 ·
poelamar says;
My kofa page is showing paid.. What does it means...
02-Sep-2016 09:36:17 ·
ibuchim okah; Fill your record
mine I wrote
Exam type:WAEC
Exam date:05/04/2016
dats OK right?
pls reply
04-Sep-2016 14:49:11 ·
odikayor; yes it's alright.
04-Sep-2016 17:45:08 ·

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