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Uniben Cut-Off Marks for 2012/2013 Admission List

Posted: 28-Jun-2012 [09:44:48] into Admission by Myschool for uniben | 826 Comments

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Now that we have all checked our UNIBEN 2012/2013 Post-UTME Results. It is now essential for us to discuss and determine the cut-off marks for admission into the school.

Though it has not been officially released by the school, we're giving you the opportunity to share your results so we can determine the cut-off.

Any information you have concerning the cut-off, share using the comments boxes below. We will update this thread once the official cut-off has been released by Uniben Admission Unit.

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Comments (826)
ahmarkah says;
i had 62 as ma aggregate,nd i wnt 2 study business administration,pls wots d cutoff mark?
28-Jun-2012 09:40:02 ·
beremoye; Will 49% be admitted
28-Jun-2012 12:23:58 ·
[email protected]; Armakar! Go nd start looking 4 deve i mean skul fees bcos ur admission is sure 4 u o! U just av 2 celebrate it wit me....! Good day.
29-Jun-2012 07:36:12 ·
adeseun; dont worry u are in man
29-Jun-2012 12:28:36 ·
patiencechidex; U need not to worry cos ur admission is sure. The cutt-off mark wont b up to ur score
02-Jul-2012 14:07:36 ·
obaofilasa; any1 av an idea of dis account suspended tin uniben are attachin 2 resultz
22-Jul-2012 06:11:53 ·
[email protected]; One can't actually guess d cut-off, bt it won't b more dan 60
23-Jul-2012 13:52:37 ·
Patomalabo; i had 62 agg nd am gowin in 4 law. Watz ma chanz?
26-Jul-2012 21:20:25 ·
pholoroonxho; i checked my data abt sum mins ago & i notice sum changes in my data. I can't see d colume 4 admitted course of study there anymore. Plz! Let sum1 check & let us knw if it's a general stuff or mayb they hav started giving admission 2 sum set of ppl.
28-Jul-2012 16:15:22 ·
hamuzat says;
All candidate that score 50 and above in their aggregate will all be admitted in uniben this year.
28-Jun-2012 09:41:53 ·
Tymix54; Plz hw sure re u? Cuz i scrd 50(aggt) accountin.
28-Jun-2012 11:20:47 ·
kennedy981; Hamuzat,ar u sure of wot u said,bc i had 56% and i want to study dentistry or medical lab science
28-Jun-2012 16:55:28 ·
[email protected]; is nt al wo scord 50 dat wil admited,d cutoff point varies from faculty 2 faculty,deprtmnt 2 departmet, for an instance he wo scord 50 cn nt be admited in faculty of medcine or law,15,000 studnts wo scord 50 & above cn nt be gven admision at d same time nw,so tink of it..tank Mykel.
29-Jun-2012 07:43:36 ·
psnare; amen oooooooooo
04-Jul-2012 14:40:51 ·
kerrygideon1; Hamuzat I pray so
05-Jul-2012 09:19:12 ·
fortlorr; Pls what is d chemical engr cut off mark?
09-Jul-2012 09:29:27 ·
[email protected]; Amen bro.
23-Jul-2012 13:54:07 ·; hey man, i was had d same problem b4... Bt i changed my browser b4 i cn login. E.g my u.c browser is stil 2day un able 2 login me in with my name nd password, it keep sayin wrong password. Try using opera mini.. I dnt knw abt ur version bt mine is 7
26-Jul-2012 15:25:51 ·
Segzey-baba; i think u're right but they wont be given their course.
27-Jul-2012 09:14:14 ·
Top eazy; its alie.......i had 55% nd my fwnd had58% nd we both checked nw we saw not admitted
02-Oct-2012 14:09:10 ·
justine igodor says;
i had 54 as my aggregate score. For political science and public administration. Whats my course cutoff mark?
28-Jun-2012 09:45:29 ·
okoyestephen; your cut off is 50
28-Jun-2012 23:40:07 ·
justine igodor; how sure are you?.pls reply me o
29-Jun-2012 07:50:14 ·
Odialala; I had 51 nd am going 4 Ecostat,wat is my faith?
29-Jun-2012 15:13:54 ·
Prelinks; @Justice our cutoff is 50... Can i hv ur fbk id on 2go id.. Lets knw each other more beta, bcos i scored 55 pol. Sci, pub. ADMIN
04-Jul-2012 07:26:02 ·
justine igodor; @prelink. Realy? I just hp its 4 real o. My 2go i.d is Justine308. My fb id is justine igodor. Add me up o..
04-Jul-2012 07:54:07 ·
deniku4; I scored 55 bus admin?
20-Aug-2012 00:38:35 ·
02-Oct-2012 14:23:31 ·
Martincapan says;
Nice wat about political science
28-Jun-2012 09:48:42 ·
obaofilasa; i heard cut of 4 al sciences iz 50! Hope dat of biochem iz included
16-Jul-2012 07:31:41 ·
jaguaze says;
i had 47 as my aggregate for mass comm,what are my chances now.optimistic pls
28-Jun-2012 09:51:44 ·
hamuzat; Only God can do it 4 ur just pray and give him praise.
28-Jun-2012 11:02:06 ·
Adonia50; why re u affared whn der is God, i score 46% 4 acctin nd i knw tht ma God wll do it 4 me nd u, add me on 2go Adonia50
27-Jul-2012 12:16:25 ·
deniku4; Hamuzat I got 55 bus admin..wil I b admitted?
20-Aug-2012 00:36:19 ·
Goodluck1 says;
Pls ineed the cut off mark for industrial chemistry
28-Jun-2012 09:48:18 ·
Denizsmart; Tony, watz ur aggregate? Datz my course 2.
28-Jun-2012 13:26:32 ·
[email protected]; Pls hve u find out ur cut off mark?
29-Jun-2012 08:44:35 ·
datogen; I also applied 4 industrial chemistry. My aggregate is 50. I biliv dia'z gud news.
05-Jul-2012 03:26:14 ·
Eshemomoh; pls u will do us more good if u can also tell d day d list will be out
09-Jul-2012 20:49:03 ·
Yomzy27; Is 50 ooooooooooooo...........
03-Aug-2012 14:27:10 ·
Rick9 says;
i scored 49% i wana study bank/fin or bizadmin wat are my chancex
28-Jun-2012 10:01:14 ·
Princellyn; I also want to study bank/fin and i had 56 as my aggregate. Do u know the cut off point
30-Jun-2012 06:41:36 ·
sky007; i had 46 banking and finance
07-Aug-2012 06:45:53 ·
chides5 says;
Mine is 46, by d grace of God i will walk majestically into faucalty of engineering 2012
28-Jun-2012 10:01:21 ·
Sylvester10; Guy both of us had dsame score bt i stil belive God can do it 4 us no matter d score i stil av hope in him
28-Jun-2012 10:16:37 ·
[email protected]; Bros pls if u hve any link let me know cos i score 45 n i want to go for industrial mathematics
29-Jun-2012 09:04:34 ·
Praiserob386; We r walking majestically 2 faculty of Engineering, plz pray 2geda we dat hv 44 n above, God is able 2 mk impossibility 2 b possible
02-Jul-2012 14:03:30 ·
fortlorr; Pls what is d chemical engr cut off mark?
09-Jul-2012 09:31:37 ·
kingss1390; Guy lool 4 an altanative 2 enter skull cos dat score is nt enough 2 get u admited into any science course
13-Jul-2012 07:02:49 ·
Adonia50; Guy nd me 2 acctin i gt 46% bt i knw by God grace i wll wlk in2 uniben
27-Jul-2012 12:23:43 ·
KALLYSPINKLE; Re u in uniben nw..i.e schooling
29-Jul-2014 18:23:01 ·
Sylvester10 says;
Plz i score 46 want 2 study accountind ad business addm bt i knw d cut of marks of dat course i put is above 46 plz is dere any other course dat d cut of mark is below 46 plz myschoolcomm help me so dat i can buy change of course form b4 it late plz
28-Jun-2012 09:59:44 ·
chides5; Exactly bro lets just kip our faith and trust in him.he dat is faithful in little,shall also be faithful in him our results is never too small.Matriculation celebtn awaits me says d lord to his holy son
28-Jun-2012 10:48:31 ·
[email protected]; Uniben cut-off s 50%. Jus pray for God intervention
28-Jun-2012 11:33:51 ·
Adonia50; Only God cn help us cos i also score 46 nd i wnt 2 study acctin or bankin nd finance, i put all ma hp in God nd i knw he cn do it.
01-Jul-2012 15:19:46 ·
Zwartdee; ...its just God. Last year, they admitted 49% into International Studies and various others. Don't know if such are going to happen this year.
03-Jul-2012 06:07:41 ·
Ugosky; Just hope and pray .ok.
04-Jul-2012 14:27:30 ·
agbonlahor; bros i had 44 to study agric econs hope i get chance. I pray make God help me oooo
07-Jul-2012 08:09:03 ·
samuelk; Nothing is impossible for God to do,the heart of kings is in His Hands, prayer is the master key my bro. And when you pray dont doubt, have faith, and make sure your ways are pleasing to God, He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we ask of HIM.
07-Jul-2012 18:26:23 ·
ybnl994; I admire ur faith nd my prayers are with u..nothin is truly impossible 4 God if only u have faith nd put it to him in prayers
12-Jul-2012 15:58:29 ·
eazyguru says;
What is the cut off mark for eco stat I had 56 as my aggregate
28-Jun-2012 10:03:40 ·
Mirad; Congratz on Ur result!!!
I too also had 56 and I'm also goin In 4 ecostat. The cut-off mark isn't officially out but those already in school studying the same course said it'z 50.
Did they write anything in the space provided for ''admitted course of study'' when U checked Ur result???
28-Jun-2012 15:37:36 ·
[email protected]; I had 54 in aggregate 4 ecosta wat are my chances
29-Jun-2012 01:55:27 ·
dexpotter; i scored 58 o going 4 ecostat also. Pls we rily ve 2 pray hard o. Cos uniben head fit touch any moment bt hopfuly wit God on our side we wil matriculate dis yr. Hop 2 c u 4 ur clearance.
29-Jun-2012 11:02:48 ·
sirmuel eddie; whao!if its 50 den God is gudt..i scord 57 o..may God hlp us.AMEN
29-Jun-2012 11:06:58 ·
Keyngs; Mine is 54,ecostat 2.
30-Jun-2012 17:19:25 ·
Obukohwo clementina; scored 63 as my agg score,going 4 econs and stat.some said d cutoff mark for d course is 53.
04-Jul-2012 10:57:46 ·
Henorch; My score 58 on aggr let some tell me to calm
04-Jul-2012 13:30:24 ·
Henorch; My score 58 on aggr let some tell me to calm, get me on 2go prohenorch n let d frndshp began
04-Jul-2012 13:31:43 ·
Lou.b; Am louis iscore 62 4 ecostat add me on 2go on ''loub''
04-Jul-2012 19:26:23 ·
akpobor; prayer tinz o. Me na 58 as my aggre8 o
08-Jul-2012 11:09:16 ·
Emaned; I scored 58% as my aggregate... wat r my chances? if u have any idea pls share
10-Jul-2012 18:58:47 ·
venamy; i also score 53 goin 4 ecostat
Pray dat GOD ll see us tru
29-Jul-2012 16:31:37 ·
younghacklord says;
I had 45% nd i put in for geology,wat ar my chances?
28-Jun-2012 10:05:58 ·
Adonia50; Our chance is wth d lord who create heavn nd earth cos i score 46% studin acctin bt i knw wth faith tht ma God wll do it
06-Jul-2012 13:35:30 ·
chides5 says;
Uniben has to consider students especially engineering students cos questions werent easy and time was insufficient. God will help us all
28-Jun-2012 10:06:49 ·
makavelly24; i scored 44 nd am goin for petroluem engin. I only hop in GOD cos with everytin is possible
12-Aug-2012 11:31:59 ·
Davidfega says;
i scored 52,wanna study ecostat.wat are ma chances
28-Jun-2012 10:11:32 ·
Desmond36 says;
I got 52 and went 4 law...wat ar my chances of getting admitted dix tym around.
28-Jun-2012 10:17:13 ·
ellams says;
I score 51% agergate,pharmac/med lab...
28-Jun-2012 10:20:02 ·
kennedy981; I too requested for dentistry and medical lab science nd i had 56%.pls my 2go i.d is KENNEDY981.pls add me lets chart
07-Jul-2012 17:48:19 ·

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