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Replies (9)
Loziebrain says;
In d combined state as coal nd uncombined state as Diamond or graphite
23-Mar-2012 21:57:42 ·
Dehumble says;
As a gas
23-Mar-2012 22:08:03 ·
Lateefabiodun says;
Exist in conbined state only in wood,,,,,
19-Mar-2014 10:18:33 ·
AYINDE706 says;
19-Mar-2014 11:05:23 ·
Chinagorom j says;
in the combined form as coal so that its distructive distillation yield 4 other known chemical compound.but its pure form are diamond and graphite
16-May-2014 03:32:32 ·
jhuedalo says;
carbon exist naturally in the pure state as wood in impure combine state as coal as amorphous such as diamond and graphite
15-Jun-2014 20:01:34 ·
alade6440; There is a mistake graphite and diamond is not amorphous but crystalline cos they have solid shape.
15-Jun-2014 22:56:59 ·
jhuedalo; typographic error,diamond and graphite are allotropic form of carbon giving diamond octahedral shape, graphite as hexahedral and other lacks shape and that is the reason they are referred as amorphous
16-Jun-2014 18:03:50 ·
alade6440 says;
As a various form.. They are two forms of allotrope which are crystal and non crystal.. Diamond and graphite are classified as crystalline carbon.. While coal, charcoal, soot are classified as non crystalline allotrope of carbon.
15-Jun-2014 20:57:00 ·

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