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Replies (39)
ayonimoje says;
Thanks 4 d information, it relieves
06-Apr-2012 11:39:49 ·
Oritsesalayemi says;
pls i will like 2 know wat are d subject combination 4 utme 4 who ever want 2 study accounting in FUNAAB
11-Oct-2012 07:09:53 ·
Sharon Okeke says; confused abt smtn here, wats d difference btw utme nd jamb?
19-Jan-2013 13:58:49 ·
TOBILEK01; Its d same dear.....are U̶̲̥̅̊ a unaabite..??
21-Jan-2013 01:22:31 ·
24-Mar-2013 14:40:00 ·
Saltay Slick; Utme is the examination itself while jamb is the body that conduct the examin(utme)..while will student are the jambbite i.e if you bite jamb itself o...lolz,hope i‘ve tried in my explaination
08-Sep-2013 18:02:51 ·
jaystyle says;
is d same [email protected]
20-Jan-2013 00:20:08 ·
Sharon Okeke says;
Am a jambite.......hopefully gonna b a unaabite! @tobileko
01-Feb-2013 10:30:08 ·
sanni aminat oluwafunmilayo says;
is there business administration in unaab
08-Feb-2013 11:12:30 ·
Nelicol says;
08-Feb-2013 15:44:22 ·
wiseboy5 says;
Utme= university tertiary matriculation examination.Utme is the exam itself;while
Jamb=joint admission and matriculation board. Is the body cordinating and organising the exams into university enrollment!
08-Feb-2013 16:16:23 ·
Ameh; Unifield nt university
11-May-2013 00:08:53 ·
deymorlar1; @Ameh...Unified not Unifield, by d way, there's different between Jamb and Utme, d examination is d ''Utme''...while the board that organises the exam is ''Jamb''
14-May-2013 20:45:37 ·
Saltay Slick; Lolz.....nobody is perfect...see chain sha:university territory matriculation examination-------unifield territory matriculation examination-------unified territory matriculation examination...., good to be in da field of learning!!
08-Sep-2013 18:11:04 ·
Anyabine Ruth says;
entrepreneurship studies .
What is ‎​​it all abt n wat are d requried subjects d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ need.Tanks
20-Feb-2013 10:57:33 ·
wonder; I also applied 4 EPS 2,i fink its all abt innovation, self-establish, and creativity. Thier O' level requirement is eng., math., econs., biology and any oda 1 commercial subject
18-Jun-2014 14:45:40 ·
papteeD says;
Plz [email protected] r d sub combination 4 BAM? In unaab
14-Mar-2013 20:41:49 ·
peters05 says;
Scoring 180 in funaab as a management student does nt favour @al....y nt try ur best nd score abv 200?
21-Mar-2013 12:39:15 ·
tsmile95 says;
pls i need 100lv unaab elect/elect student to discus smtins wit pls send ur no mine is 07034200696 pls
09-Apr-2013 06:02:25 ·
Ball says;
Pls wats d cut off 4 bio chem in unaab
03-May-2013 08:25:54 ·
Bruzkid says;
add bruzkid93 on 2go 4 more .info abt unaab admission
14-May-2013 18:24:19 ·
dollykuit says;
Funnab jamb curoff mark is 180 Α̥̥Ώ̭̥̈̅̄d̝̊ ŦĤƐ postjamb curtoff is 40 тнαт W̶̲̥̅̊α̇̇̇̊S̤̥̈̊ last year º°˚h ℓ̊ can't say ♡F this year
04-Jun-2013 01:08:42 ·

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