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UI Change of Course Form 2017/2018 Released

Posted: 10-Nov-2017 [08:48:12] into Admission by Lijsam for ui | 128 Comments

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This is to inform candidates who participated in the Post-UTME Screening of University of Ibadan (UI) but had an aggregate score of 60% and above (Science subjects) and 55% and above (Arts subjects) and are yet to be offered admission in their chosen most preferred course as a result of not meeting the cut-off point for the course, that they can now apply for Change of Course.

They should however ensure that their aggregate score is not below the cut-off point of the course they intend to change to. Log in to see the available courses.

Candidates should note that consideration for admission will be based on merit. Filling of Change of Course form will close on Wednesday 15 November,2017.

Thank you.

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Comments (128)
modulux8 says;
Ftc.they want to use this to chop money again.God bless Nigeria
10-Nov-2017 09:02:33 ·
mhiz_teefah; please try to read over again, cause i didn't see any charges there. so next time please read properly before you comment. thanks
10-Nov-2017 09:24:56 ·
oluwatobih; UI is only trying to help.
That one is just ranting
10-Nov-2017 09:41:15 ·
Vicleroysaneh; Nooo it's free ooo
10-Nov-2017 20:10:34 ·
skythelimit says;
The admission exercise should be free and fair.
10-Nov-2017 09:12:35 ·
oluwatobih; Na election
10-Nov-2017 09:40:03 ·
10-Nov-2017 19:42:42 ·
Vicleroysaneh; By God's Grace it will be
10-Nov-2017 21:23:28 ·
solDOT says; are so judgemental and ignorantly conclusive.U.I does not charge a dime 4 COC
10-Nov-2017 09:29:09 ·
Vicleroysaneh; Calm down na dia is notin 2 wori abt
10-Nov-2017 20:11:48 ·
Historian_Mr says;
The Courses advertised are poorly rated in this present society.

How on earth do you explain a Law aspirant who fell short of his (initial) departmental cut-off mark with a mark or two to have no choice than to apply for courses such as Adult Education and Special Education via COC.

This is sheer injustice and should be resisted.

I'm yet to be convinced all departments in the faculty of Arts have being filled up.
10-Nov-2017 09:33:26 ·
Vicleroysaneh; At least UI give candidates a second chance..dem try sha...some schools once someone did not meet the the merit cut off mark for their course....evritin concerning their admission in dah skul for the year is over! Many skuls whether you meet the cut off mark or not it is Indigenes and 'who know man' dat gets admission.....
10-Nov-2017 20:37:09 ·
Vicleroysaneh; It happened to me last year..... I applied for computer engineering in uniben..... I met the cut off mark, waec result evritin, yet dey didn't even consider me 4 admission.....even 4 computer education.....Notin dat resemble my name was on dia list....after All the money I wasted....well By God's Grace It all changes dis year
10-Nov-2017 20:43:49 ·
Vicleroysaneh; Injustice is when a school rejects you even when you meet their cut off, or they collect money from your hand for coc to a very much less competitive course and still, send you back home empty handed as in, with absolutely nothing! Nuffin!
10-Nov-2017 21:27:26 ·
75761434IE; I feel you Historian_Mr it is not right. They are tampering with our future right here. Why will they tell us that there is no place in arts anymore. How do they expect arts students to apply for science subjects it is so dumb of them
11-Nov-2017 14:37:23 ·
Edihmomentum says;
ui is just trying to help. unn coc form is 10k yet they won't give some admission when they reach cut off mark of both first course and coc course. so ui is just trying to be honest that what they need is education aspirant than to charge people yet u won't give them any of the course u offer.
10-Nov-2017 10:02:15 ·
Vicleroysaneh; I feel you
10-Nov-2017 21:30:55 ·
Vicleroysaneh; You are very correct
10-Nov-2017 21:31:26 ·
75761434IE; It is better that way,than to expect an art student to apply for science subjects and if your subject combination does not meet up they will disqualify you. So where do they expect us art students to get chemistry,physics to meet up with science subject combinations
11-Nov-2017 14:41:21 ·
hollyhandsome says;
Please does this mean that the social science student can not do change of course???
10-Nov-2017 10:04:48 ·
Lijsam; only geography
10-Nov-2017 12:40:26 ·
chiqz says;
UI and their policy self..... aren't they suppose to release the merit admission list first before the so called coc. God help me Us o!
10-Nov-2017 10:09:39 ·
Olamiwepo; Abi oo d tin tire me ooh,but frm their update i think d admission list has been compiled but nt updated
10-Nov-2017 10:24:43 ·
chiqz; if that's the case, it's good o because I beat my cut off with 5.6 and wouldn't want anyone kick me out of my position all in the name of no admission space as a result coc applicants with higher score than I!
10-Nov-2017 12:28:57 ·
lanskeed; Dat is not possible,nobody can change to a course dat is not advertised no matter how high his/her aggrgate.
10-Nov-2017 12:38:21 ·
Lijsam; @ chiqz...ui to release only a list dis d coc people will b added to dose on ground nd den gbam d list
10-Nov-2017 12:42:01 ·
Olamiwepo; If dis is does dat mean dat d admission list will be out after coc
10-Nov-2017 14:02:26 ·
Vicleroysaneh; That's what we are waiting for ooooo
10-Nov-2017 20:13:20 ·
Vicleroysaneh; @Chiqs.....chill every tin is under control
10-Nov-2017 20:15:04 ·
Lijsam; @ olamiwepo, it will b out after d selection of candidates dey need frm dose dat did d coc nt after d coc deadline gangan bt d names of sme admitted students of some faculties ave been sent to jamb nd dis is seen tru d caps stiff
16-Nov-2017 17:29:38 ·
Edihmomentum says;
i changed my course and saw admission response: your data was updated successfully. but the problem is i didn't see any file to print.
10-Nov-2017 10:14:02 ·
temitopesammy; just calm down and wait for the letter
I also didn't see it
10-Nov-2017 10:15:59 ·
Lijsam; u had better retried must show a file u shud print...d file can be saved on your fone as a pdf file nd den reprinted later at a cyber cafe
10-Nov-2017 12:43:50 ·
Edihmomentum; i had been trying it since yesterday still same thing till now. it will show your data was updated successfully it will show image icon but u won't see what is in the image. and if i click ok and print out it will load. but won't show the file to print. but i want to try it in cyber cafe to know what's the problem. since it phone that i have been using to do it.
10-Nov-2017 16:06:48 ·
Lijsam; go and do it in a cyber cafe den
16-Nov-2017 17:26:35 ·
Lapote says;
Geography is not among the five subject I uploaded during the uploading of bio data but I did a change of course that requires geography what's my faith
10-Nov-2017 10:48:58 ·
lanskeed says;
Historian_mr,d idea of change of course is to gv opportunity to people who are WILLING to take up space available in departments where their are LESS APPLICANTS THAN SPACE AVAILABLE.u dont expect to see medicine or law their,do u? kindly mentn any course dat is not listed in COC dat u knw all d candidates dat applied 4 it met d cut off mark.dat will gv a pointer to wether their is space or not.
10-Nov-2017 10:58:26 ·
Vicleroysaneh; Yeah you're right
10-Nov-2017 20:17:37 ·
Vicleroysaneh; it's tru...sadly it is
10-Nov-2017 21:42:50 ·
dorcas.eniola says;
Pls, wat re the courses under the change of course.
10-Nov-2017 11:33:03 ·
Vicleroysaneh; I don't know 4 oda departments buh 4 Technology.... They are
*Food Technology
* Wood products Engineering
10-Nov-2017 20:19:25 ·
donola4real says;
Please can someone who scored less than 60% apply for a change of course (COC). I scored 52.75 and I want to change my course to chemistry (50).
10-Nov-2017 11:56:08 ·
lanskeed; It is clearly 60% no change of course 4 science.
10-Nov-2017 12:41:17 ·
Vicleroysaneh; UI.....
10-Nov-2017 20:07:33 ·
Kingshegz says;
Wat about social science o! Coz itz only Science and Arts dat were given cutoff 60% nd 55% respectively.....
10-Nov-2017 13:30:00 ·
Lapote; Just login ur username and password, click on change of course u will see all vacancies including social science
10-Nov-2017 20:08:57 ·
Kingshegz says;
Someone should pls help me check UI's JAMB and O'LEVEL Requirements for Health Education......(Answer frm A Reliable Source pls)........Tnx in anticipation!
10-Nov-2017 13:33:49 ·
Kabira says;
Pls can a person wu did vet.medicine or botany switch 2 college of medicine in 200l.CU's dey told me DAT it's only true is DAT pls.wat d cgpa d person must posses b4 crossing over
10-Nov-2017 18:37:42 ·
Vicleroysaneh; It's not going to be easy tho, cos sometimes once someone gets admission for a course they may not want to/be able to change to a higher course but all I can say is all things are possible to him that believes
11-Nov-2017 07:28:53 ·
Charis-Charis; Notin is impossible. Buh speaking of reality, d stake is high. It's not impossible sha, buh most likely improbable.
11-Nov-2017 08:09:06 ·
Temitopesariy; Since you're offering the same subjects as medical students would in 100 level. You can change. But its easier said than done. You'd have to work insanely hard. and that doesnt ena they might consider you. Another method is graduating with your current course, and if you're still interested in med, you can re enter in 200 level..they'll accept that one.
11-Nov-2017 08:59:16 ·
Kabira; Tanks,take Di's ur own,but ui consider male 2 female ration,and last yr wen I checked d list 4 medical stuff.a saw a guy of 20+ given MBBS but didn't c a lady of such.d highest age for girls i saw is cousin told me dey consider boys 2 girl.she said dey sometimes calculate marriage 2 wen u finish in medical skul, pls hw true is DAT.shed more light pls
11-Nov-2017 17:37:12 ·
Kabira; Du u mean dose pple DAT I saw deir names last didn't switch wen in 100l,or dey graduated with deir main course and went back 2 medical aspect.wat if I take anoda jamb next yr and still rechose ui meanwhile am still a veteranoo,will dey accept DAT don't mind if I will repeat d same level again.I have passion 4 Di's.may God help meoo
11-Nov-2017 17:45:43 ·

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