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UI Admission Screening 2016: Eligibility And Registration Details

Posted: 02-Sep-2016 [14:25:54] into Admission by peluxj for ui | 236 Comments

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The University of Ibadan, Ibadan, hereby requests all candidates who made the University their most preferred Institution of choice and scored 200 or above in the 2016 UTME to submit their bio-data and WAEC/NECO SSCE Oโ€™L Results ONLINE through from Monday, 05 September to Friday, 23 September, 2016. A scanned copy of the result should also be uploaded.

Candidates should note that any results not released before 23 September, 2016 will not be considered for the 2016/2017 Admissions Exercise.


(i) Candidates should ensure that the on-line forms are carefully filled, following ALL necessary instructions, as "mistake(s)" may lead to disqualification.

(ii) Candidates can return to the portal, up till 23 September 2016 to edit/complete their previous entries or otherwise review and print their submissions. Please ensure that you click "FINAL SUBMISSION" before printing. Candidates should note that no further editing CAN be done after final submissions.

(iii) Candidates are advised to use functional e-mail addresses and telephone numbers to enable the University reach them in the course of the Admission exercise or whenever the need arises.

(iv) Candidates are expected to upload their passport photographs and signatures. The image format for the passport and signature is JPEG and must not exceed the specification. The photographs must be on white background without glasses, cap or headgear.

(v) An online help desk platform on will be available to handle all genuine enquiries.

Candidates should please note that it is only when an 'O' level result is deficient for a course of choice that another result may be presented to complement. Candidates presenting two 'O' level results (6 credits at 2 Sittings) should ensure that the comprehensive details of both results are submitted.

The deadline for submission of bio-data / 'O' level results may not be extended. Any candidate whose data is not submitted within the stipulated time may not be considered for the Pre-Admission Screening exercise and for admission.

Misrepresentation/falsification of documents is a serious offence. Candidates are therefore advised to submit genuine documents only. Anyone found guilty of this offence will be disqtalifiEd automatically and in appropriate cases, be handed over to the Law Enforcement Agencies.

Candidates are requested to note that payment of the Admission Portal Access Fee of N2, 500.00 is for processing of each candidateโ€™s application. This does not guarantee admission.

Candidates are strongly advised to adhere strictly to the guidelines stipulated above for successful completion of the online submissions.

Application Deadline
Application deadline is September 23rd, 2016.

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Comments (236)
cyph_cliq says;
Finally ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
02-Sep-2016 14:38:30 ·
patojagzee; Public Announcement!!!
incase u chose Federal University Gusau as first of Second choice, the school has started selling their form click below for more details:
03-Sep-2016 08:16:40 ·
AyamRiil; Pls assist!
I've completed my registration but it says on my bio data page that 'your registration is not yet completed. you have some pending or invalid o'level results ' whereas I've input all the o'level results but the portal fails to upload the scanned o'level result saying 'possible upload attack' anytime I tried upload the results. Pls what's the way out.
and is there any other printing apart from payment receipt
11-Sep-2016 02:09:30 ·
tobipeter; i think u contact the school management...
13-Sep-2016 18:08:38 ·
neymar98 says;
Ftc na now una to screen una students
02-Sep-2016 14:38:40 ·
nenz1999 says;
02-Sep-2016 14:39:38 ·
kennethessor says;
so nice,I wish you guys success
02-Sep-2016 14:41:16 ·
Engineerolummy says;
02-Sep-2016 14:42:04 ·
ROXIL6 says;
ui aspirants WISHING you all the best UNIBEN ALL THE WAY.... This year is my year
02-Sep-2016 14:42:45 ·
Ibrahim2015 says;
A1=6 B2=5 B3=4 C4=3 C5=2 C6=
1(Five relevant sub)..olevel
multiply by 1.67 + jamb score
divided by 8.
02-Sep-2016 14:44:28 ·
Badiru; who tell u. jst wait jare. abee was it stated??.
02-Sep-2016 14:55:02 ·
Alanhybrid; Lol abi who tell u . U will just come and say nonsense. This is ui better have patience
02-Sep-2016 16:07:28 ·
Badiru; help me tell am oo. sumtin wey neva even start
02-Sep-2016 16:59:42 ·
Dcandle; @badiru. hw va abouh o.o.u naw?
02-Sep-2016 17:20:13 ·
Ibrahim2015; i'm 100% sure
02-Sep-2016 18:20:44 ·
kenny3659; that's how they said it will be calc.i went to ui admission office today
02-Sep-2016 18:22:41 ·
samuel omotoyosi; I dnt understand ooo
02-Sep-2016 18:30:16 ·
kenny3659; all C=3
02-Sep-2016 18:31:39 ·
Wolfgang; Kenny, be explicit please!

All Cs=3? The other guy claimed c4 = 3, c5 = 2 blah blah! Why contradicting each other?
02-Sep-2016 18:40:50 ·
Ibrahim2015; kenny,re u sure
02-Sep-2016 21:05:26 ·
Ibrahim2015; so wats a b nd c
02-Sep-2016 21:05:58 ·
kol119; Lol... You said you were 100% sure. I could see you,yourself, are having conflicting thoughts surging through your mind right now @ibrahim. Guys! Just wait till UI officially put up whatever system to be used jare.
03-Sep-2016 00:06:33 ·
Ibrahim2015; i also went to d admin,nd i cant say kenny is lieing
03-Sep-2016 04:36:12 ·
David199; Dat point system no fit ooo
03-Sep-2016 11:19:40 ·
03-Sep-2016 21:06:22 ·
samuel omotoyosi; Lyk criously
04-Sep-2016 13:25:14 ·
Badiru; dis ur method is killing pples hope bros.
04-Sep-2016 15:38:52 ·
kc Kingsley says;
remaining unizik....nawa oooo
02-Sep-2016 14:44:56 ·
Kelechi2016; Me cef I don wait tire
03-Sep-2016 08:54:25 ·
dammy arowolo says;
Finally ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
02-Sep-2016 14:49:02 ·
Dcandle; baba nla
02-Sep-2016 17:18:48 ·
Dcandle; u don reach here?
02-Sep-2016 17:19:29 ·
dammy arowolo; Abi oo, the site is great for latest school news
05-Sep-2016 22:13:14 ·
Quoting: kc Kingsley;
"remaining unizik....nawa oooo"
02-Sep-2016 14:44:56
demasters10 says;
and Funai ooo
02-Sep-2016 14:51:45 ·
Danzymatics says;
At last
02-Sep-2016 14:53:19 ·
lilnero says;
Wish all ui aspirants success... FUDMA all the way
02-Sep-2016 14:55:42 ·
Etugo; bros, I hope you know we've done our own since (UNN). we're waiting 4 list now.... wishing u guys God's Grace
02-Sep-2016 19:09:29 ·
emuesiri says;
Thank God it's out already.. so believing God 4 my admission
02-Sep-2016 14:58:49 ·
Joe H says;
Hmmmmm at last UI is here
02-Sep-2016 15:00:43 ·
francis95 says;
Success to all UI aspirants , Uniben all the way
02-Sep-2016 15:01:39 ·
Precious Oj; Comfirm..Uniben Still Holds D Purest Admission Procedures..UNIBEN AWAITS ME..
02-Sep-2016 15:17:25 ·
samuelizz; purest indeed!!!
02-Sep-2016 18:57:06 ·
HephzibahUdeme; Kudos Uniben's senate admission's unit, their admission procedures is extremely superb and i am Wowed
02-Sep-2016 22:48:34 ·

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