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Replies (4)
lamdel5050 says;
hi gal..mbbs candidate? I knows U must be brilliant pls add me on 2go with Lamdel5050.m a seriuos guy too applying 4 elect N elect in u.i ....i had 271.whatz urs? I always like ur posts N comments.Thankz N God bless.looking ahead to seeing U in U.i by Gods grace.pls endeavour to add me on 2go ..we cn help each other in many ways.Waiting 4 ur superfantamarvellous REPLY .
19-Aug-2013 01:19:06 ·
Femmany ENER'G; Yeah! Tnx 4 d compliment... Frm u way u chat it seems to me dat u r d geeky type buh it s kul in a way... Though I aint a 2go freak I will honour ur request.. GREATEST UITES
20-Aug-2013 08:47:32 ·
Mabel Akalonu says;
Waec result has been released, but why do they held some
20-Aug-2013 16:16:38 ·
Femmany ENER'G; Some due to errors from either students or schools..
Lets just keep hoping that they release all on time so that it wnt affect admissions..
21-Aug-2013 01:05:41 ·

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