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We're pleased to introduce you to the "MYSCHOOL MERCHANTS" programme. Unlike the Myschool Agents or Resellers Programme, where you help to sell OUR OWN products and services and earn from your sales, the Myschool Merchants Programme allows you SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES using the Official Myschool Store so that you can leverage on our free hosting, free marketing, free e-commerce and free logistics facilities.

For a start, you will be able to sell electronic materials (soft copies of study materials) such as;
- e-books
- Past Questions (All Types), Post-UTME, Pre-degree, Post-graduate
- Project or Research Materials
- Seminars
- SIWES (I.T.) Reports
- Term Papers
- Thesis
- Any Interesting e-Materials, which you have copyright and we deem fit for the public
- If you're looking to sell physical stuff, consider posting it in Myschool Classified Adverts

After verification by a Myschool Staff, the e-materials you post will be put up for sale in the Official Myschool Store and for EVERY SALE WE MAKE, you will be able to earn up to 40% of the cost we set (based on how comprehensive your material is, your price suggestion and industry recommendations).

Myschool will handle the following for you, for FREE;
- Hosting of the materials
- Review of materials
- All the marketing and publicity
- e-commerce and payments
- Delivery of the item.

This means that after posting your material, the only thing you have to do is sit back and watch your earnings grow with time. BUT remember, the more materials you post, the greater your earning power.

Once your item is approved for sale, you will be provided a unique item link, which you can copy and promote on other websites or materials you deem fit. By doing this, you can leverage on the credibility of the Myschool Brand and the buyer will be confident that he/she is getting premium product or guaranteed service through our worldwide trusted name/brand (Myschool).

Once we have sold an item for you, MYSCHOOL will send you a CREDIT ALERT as SMS on your phone and also as PM to specify what item we sold for you. We have created a special section and simple to use module from where you can post your materials and monitor your earnings. Once your earnings reach the threshold of ₦5000, you can request for a "PAYOUT" and your bank account will be credited within 24 - 48hours.

All current Myschool Accounts have already been enabled with this Merchant Feature. You will be required to login to your Myschool Account to begin. If you don't have a Myschool account, please use 30 seconds to Create a Free Personal/Business Account on this website.

Once you are now logged in, visit the shop section (, where you can find the "SHOP EARNINGS" panel. From the area labelled MYSCHOOL MERCHANTS, you can "Post your project work for sale" or "Submit Post-UTME Past Questions for Sale". We accept the following past questions; Post-UTME, Pre-Degree or Post-Graduate as long as they are not already available or have not been posted by someone else.

Start Now! To post your first e-material, click here.

Happy Selling!

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Once your earnings gets to ₦5000 or Above, we will request for your bank account details and payment request form from here. Thanks

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