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Physics: In a photo-emission, the number of photo-electrons ejected per second depends on the A. frequency of the beam B. work function of the metal C. treshold frequency of the metal D. intensity of the beam?

Posted: 26-Feb-2016 22:32:18 by giftolysis

4 answers to this question.

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Most Recent Answers (4)

Emmyrocket answer;
trehold frequency of the metal
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28-Feb-2016 20:47:46 ·
Bernyled answer;
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29-Feb-2016 05:42:16 ·
oriabure Grace answer;
Please I also need the answer to the above question. Anybody with the correct answer should please help with a solution. Thanks.
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20-Apr-2017 [23:38:11] ·
Daberechukwu Emmanuel answer;
I think dat it's A-frequency of the beam. if I'm correct, pls like.
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21-Apr-2017 06:30:27 ·

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