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JAMB CAPS Sensitization Programme For 2017 Candidates - Share Updates Here

Posted: 21-Sep-2017 [12:33:15] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 185 Comments

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The JAMB Sensitization programme for 2017 candidates seeking admission into various tertiary institution will commence in few minutes from now.

The purpose of the sensitization programme is to enlighten candidates on the newly introduced Central Admission Processing System, how it works and what candidates are expected to do on the system.

The programme will hold in Abuja between 10;00am today to 12 noon.

A live broadcast will also be shown on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

The purpose of this thread is for candidates to share updates from the sensitization programme.

Whether you are at the venue of the programme live or watching on NTA, please do share all relevant updates as they come on this thread via the comment box.

Please ensure to keep it real.

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Comments (185)
Ayodele2017 says;
It has started already on Nta
21-Sep-2017 10:04:54 ·
petersamuel8 says;
I couldn't attend because of cash, was invited though
21-Sep-2017 10:07:23 ·
anonymous_plutocrat; You just missed 35k😭
21-Sep-2017 15:41:21 ·
Samziee says;
They should do what they like. I Sha know say I go enter school to study my preferred course.
21-Sep-2017 10:08:02 ·
Teleboiz says;
Abeg u guys should update na...
21-Sep-2017 10:12:02 ·
Syb Godspower says;
Hope this new development turns out for our favour
21-Sep-2017 10:15:03 ·
AbuUbayy says;
I'm currently watching the program; I will be updating us in sha Allaah
21-Sep-2017 10:21:55 ·
AbuUbayy; Prof Oloyede; JAMB is not an.examination body, it is just a ranking body. that's why Examination was not included in our name. Waec,Neco and others have the E" which means Examination.
21-Sep-2017 10:23:23 ·
AbuUbayy; Prof Oloyede; UTME is just a ranking Exam. you don't pass or fail Jamb.
21-Sep-2017 10:24:18 ·
AbuUbayy; Meeting the cut off mark does not means you must be admitted.
21-Sep-2017 10:25:09 ·
AbuUbayy; Prof Oloyede; we want to ensure all Tertiary institutions follow what they advertised in their various Brochures.
21-Sep-2017 10:26:31 ·
AbuUbayy; you can't admit anybody under the table..
if Jega can be patient, why can't I be patient
21-Sep-2017 10:31:18 ·
AbuUbayy; Tell us your problem, any candidates that is not properly admitted will find it difficult to do backdoor registration as from this year.
21-Sep-2017 10:33:25 ·
AbuUbayy; Candidates can now accept or reject Admission under the caps we are introducing this year
21-Sep-2017 10:37:09 ·
AbuUbayy; Once you are not given the course you applied for, you would be consulted via email and text to either accept or reject the course you are given.
21-Sep-2017 10:38:21 ·
AbuUbayy; At about Six countries have the same admission process with Nigeria; China, Spain, Iran, e.t.c.
21-Sep-2017 10:41:19 ·
AbuUbayy; Effective cut off mark in Nigeria comprise of; UTME score
post UTME score/screening
O'Level scores and
other admission criteria
21-Sep-2017 10:44:31 ·
AbuUbayy; Study the admission process in other countries before contributing to the admission process, This is a debate based on Knowledge not on Ignorance.
21-Sep-2017 10:50:32 ·
AbuUbayy; in 1977 JAMB conducted exam for over a thousand students, in 2017 (40 years after ) Jamb conducted Examination for Over a million Students .
21-Sep-2017 11:00:41 ·
AbuUbayy; To the candidates, at every time you will know your admission process
21-Sep-2017 11:03:32 ·
AbuUbayy; *status*
21-Sep-2017 11:04:08 ·
AbuUbayy; CAPS came to replace the manual process of admitting student.
This would also prevents Under the table admission.
21-Sep-2017 11:07:10 ·
AbuUbayy; The O'Level result submitted will be verified before you are given admission.
21-Sep-2017 11:08:18 ·
AbuUbayy; There should be a market place where institutions can demand for candidates who either choosed or didn't choosed them in the UTME examination.
21-Sep-2017 11:09:33 ·
AbuUbayy; Candidates can also announce his /her presence in the market place for interested institutions
21-Sep-2017 11:11:28 ·
AbuUbayy; Institution can decide weight given to jamb score, the Jamb score must be 50% consideration in their admission requirement......
21-Sep-2017 11:15:23 ·
AbuUbayy; Most of the institutions do not fill their admission quota every year because they don't know there are candidates they can still admit.
21-Sep-2017 11:25:33 ·
AbuUbayy; The CAPS system is secured, we assure you, if you succeed in breaking it, you either met yourself in EFCC or ICPC box.
21-Sep-2017 11:27:56 ·
AbuUbayy; Candidates can accept or reject an offer of consideration which is different from offer of admission.
21-Sep-2017 11:42:30 ·
AbuUbayy; Once you have accepted an Admission, that's all. it has become a permanent marriage.
21-Sep-2017 11:44:12 ·
AbuUbayy; The ICT consultant has finished speaking.
21-Sep-2017 11:44:53 ·
A-kelly; Nice one 👊
21-Sep-2017 11:47:14 ·
AbuUbayy; NANS representing talked for two meeting, commends Prof Oloyede for the Good job he has been doing since he assumes Office..
21-Sep-2017 11:48:25 ·
AbuUbayy; To those who did change of course; Jamb has told d institution to go & download the new list change.
Jamb said DELSU for example refuse to download those who rechoosed them from The CAPS system.
21-Sep-2017 11:50:43 ·
AbuUbayy; Prof Oloyede said; Duration of accepting Admission from jamb is 3 days, once you accept the admission you can't reject it, Candidates will also have Access to the CAPS with your JAMB registration Number.
21-Sep-2017 11:53:26 ·
aliyoung; Thanks so much for your updates
21-Sep-2017 11:53:27 ·
morata9; fine one bro.
21-Sep-2017 11:54:00 ·
AbuUbayy; Institutions also have criteria they use like States, Gender, e.t.c.
21-Sep-2017 11:55:40 ·
AbuUbayy; All the admission process will be automated, once your schools sets their criteria on the system, anything out of it will be rejected by the System "Caps"
21-Sep-2017 11:57:13 ·
AbuUbayy; website for Candidates to Access cap is;
21-Sep-2017 11:58:56 ·
AbuUbayy; NTA will soon be going down, running down to cafe
21-Sep-2017 12:04:33 ·
AbuUbayy; D cafe attendant said live webinar is not allowed.
21-Sep-2017 12:05:22 ·
Gogot98; God bless u bro
21-Sep-2017 12:11:07 ·
emmazydon; Thanks for the info bro
21-Sep-2017 12:20:34 ·
Michael104; The website for the caps is not working, why?
21-Sep-2017 12:51:54 ·
emmazydon; Pls i didn't watch the program on time
My question is how do we have access
to the cap system..
And how can we accept or reject an admission
on Cap system
Also what is the Cap website and do we have
to register for it or what
Pls i need a reply
21-Sep-2017 13:00:32 ·
AbuUbayy; As prof Oloyede said; The link to d cap is on which means as a jamb candidate you must have Hah an account on that site.
You can accept and reject admission on the cap site, let's wait for when the various institution will start their admission process.
21-Sep-2017 14:33:45 ·
AbuUbayy; @Michael, I think that website contained in d email sent Is for those who sent the mail not jamb itself, I also think Operamini has problem loading that site.
21-Sep-2017 14:36:37 ·
Michael104; I don't understand by what u mean by the email sent and I tried using chrome browser and uc browser by they can enter the caps website which is but can't create account from
21-Sep-2017 20:11:12 ·
anonymous_plutocrat; Jamb would give us caps login details when they're ready. As for now we just wait
21-Sep-2017 21:18:48 ·
21-Sep-2017 22:59:12 ·
dimah; @ AbuUbayy, Jazakumllahu Khairan
22-Sep-2017 16:24:10 ·
Ayodele2017 says;
Oloyede said "The University has no right to deny a candidate admission when he has meet all the O'level requirements advertised on the JAMB brochure. ..
21-Sep-2017 10:24:17 ·
Ayodele2017; He said there are instances where a university will deny a candidate admission because he doesn't have further maths... He said if the further mathematics is not advertised on the JAMB brochure by the University as an admission criteria, then the candidate has been cheated
21-Sep-2017 10:27:14 ·
Ayodele2017; Oloyede talking about countries with similar admission system with that of Nigeria
21-Sep-2017 10:45:46 ·
Ayodele2017; Oloyede said candidates can reject or accept an admission if he/she is not satisfied with the course given... The said candidates will then be offered to the Open market where universities willing to give that candidate the course he/she wants will be able to contact the candidate
21-Sep-2017 10:49:26 ·
Ayodele2017; Oloyede accuse some unnamed universities of pontificating... He said some of the so called universities that have criticized jamb new policy are also engaging in under the table admission
21-Sep-2017 10:51:32 ·
Ayodele2017; Oloyede ends his speech
21-Sep-2017 10:52:48 ·
Ayodele2017; Shuaib afolabi Salisu, The JAMB Ict consultant now addressing the audience
21-Sep-2017 10:55:28 ·
Ayodele2017; Salisu says about 1.7 million candidates sat for jamb. .
21-Sep-2017 10:59:49 ·
Ayodele2017; O'level results uploading is now a requirement, candidates must upload their results before they can be considered.

Salisu also said jamb has made it possible through caps for various examination bodies like NECO, WAEC and NABTEB to send candidates results directly to jamb for verification.

He said O'level results will be verified before matriculation
21-Sep-2017 11:08:19 ·
Ayodele2017; Salisu says the candidate can also go to the market place himself if he/she was not offered the course he applied for... Universities who feels the candidates has met their requirements will communicate to such candidates
21-Sep-2017 11:13:24 ·
Emmylou ; Pls continue we are following
21-Sep-2017 11:14:49 ·
Ayodele2017; Institutions that have concluded their post utmes most upload their candidates post utmes results to jamb
21-Sep-2017 11:36:42 ·
Ayodele2017; Institutions that have concluded their post utmes must upload their candidates post utmes results to jamb
21-Sep-2017 11:36:59 ·
Ayodele2017; Shuaib afolabi Salisu, currently explaining to various institution admission officers how to operate the new admission system (CAPS)
21-Sep-2017 11:40:50 ·
Ayodele2017; There are two offers for candidates
1: offer of consideration
2: offer of admission

Both are different and you can either accept or reject
21-Sep-2017 11:44:06 ·
Ayodele2017; Shuaib afolabi Salisu ends his speech
21-Sep-2017 11:45:32 ·
A-kelly; Thanks bro
21-Sep-2017 11:48:33 ·
Ayodele2017; Oloyede answering questions

He appeal to institutions to download the names of the candidates that has changed their institutions
21-Sep-2017 11:51:25 ·
Ayodele2017; Once you have accepted an offer of admission then you can no longer reject. .. . All candidates have access to CAPS.. By entering their registration number
21-Sep-2017 11:53:02 ·
Ayodele2017; Unilag admission officer says Unilag is closing their portal tomorrow...
21-Sep-2017 11:56:51 ·
Ayodele2017; Oloyede says institutions can't have different cut off marks for remedial students I. e pre degree students must meet the general admission criteria for that institution... Institutions can't have 200 as cut off then later have 120 for remedial students I.e diplomas, pre degree

The website for accessing Caps is still ng
21-Sep-2017 12:01:39 ·
Ayodele2017; That's all for now.. Nta has cut off the live transmission....

Good bye fellas and Good luck to everyone
21-Sep-2017 12:02:38 ·
chonk; Pls the uploading of olevel result, is it the one done while registering for jamb or is it to be done again. I need answers pls...
21-Sep-2017 15:01:01 ·
Ayodele2017; It's not the one done while registering for jamb... everyone is required to do it again
21-Sep-2017 15:20:43 ·
chonk; How's it done and from where?
21-Sep-2017 15:34:36 ·
Ayodele2017; Go to an accredited cbt centre with your O'level results... your email address will be required too.. . The price varies. .. I did mine for N250 in abeokuta
21-Sep-2017 15:45:48 ·
anonymous_plutocrat; @ayodele2017, the website for caps is and not
Pls don't mistake them. I attended the forum live.
21-Sep-2017 21:21:47 ·
Ayodele2017; @anonymous_plutocrat thanks for the correction
21-Sep-2017 21:40:42 ·
Ayodele2017; @anonymous_plutocrat, please what's the username? Is it my jamb registration number or email address? And will i create a new password or the previous one?
21-Sep-2017 22:03:12 ·
anonymous_plutocrat; Jamb would update us on login details when it's time
24-Sep-2017 11:44:07 ·
Ayodele2017; Okay thanks
24-Sep-2017 12:22:30 ·
petersamuel8 says;
Nice, please continue we re following
21-Sep-2017 10:45:12 ·
LohdMoon Kay says;
all this tinx tire me shaa
21-Sep-2017 10:51:46 ·
sherifnaik says;
weldon bro continue we are following
21-Sep-2017 10:54:12 ·
Alexsantiago says;
21-Sep-2017 10:56:15 ·
LohdMoon Kay; Chai. You should have changed earlier b4 the unizik post utme start.
21-Sep-2017 10:59:46 ·
Alexsantiago; I.Did.It.Jst.On.Monday,,plz,u.Guys,help.Me.Out
21-Sep-2017 11:23:38 ·
morata9; The deadline is on sunday
21-Sep-2017 11:58:52 ·
eduprogresso99; The deadline is tomorrow being Friday...
21-Sep-2017 14:48:42 ·
Ifedison; choiii, ALEX how did u think it would reflect wen unizik post utme registration ends tomorrow,,,,,APPLY another change to another school.
21-Sep-2017 16:38:42 ·
Alexsantiago; Nop,,,,surely,it.Wil.Reflect.,,i.Believ,,,
21-Sep-2017 19:44:06 ·
LohdMoon Kay; lets hope so!...
Goodluck G
21-Sep-2017 20:18:36 ·
viviberry; what u will do is to go straight to unizik ICT and complain to dem so dey will check if jamb had sent ur name to dem and if not u will beg dem to knw if der is any way out and if dey say no then u go straight to jamb office I mean d main jamb office not accredited centers dis tym around so u explain to dem so dey would help u out and ur data will b sent to unizik den u can proceed with ur registration b4 12midnight tomorrow. talking from experience
21-Sep-2017 22:42:17 ·
Alexsantiago; Vivi,i.Called.A.Unizik.Staff,he.Told.Me,i Should.Go.To.Jamb.Office,so,i.Went2.Jamb.Zonal.Office.In.Ph,.Dey.Told.Me,dat.I.Should.Kip.Tryin.Et,,dat.Dey.Ar.Working.On.It,,,,till.Nw,am.Stil.Tryin.Et,bt.2.No.Avail.....My.Only.Fears.Is.D.Deadline.Date,,
22-Sep-2017 00:47:43 ·
sir teeman20 says;
pls give us corgent reasonable update
21-Sep-2017 10:57:05 ·
LohdMoon Kay says;
please how many people can be admitted in a department !?
21-Sep-2017 11:03:48 ·
AbuUbayy says;
The CAPS came to replace the manual process of admitting candidates, this would also prevent under the table admission
21-Sep-2017 11:05:41 ·
Edropher; You Rock my brother. Thanks for updates well served...
21-Sep-2017 12:51:31 ·
GodsLaw says;
21-Sep-2017 11:06:15 ·
xabiguy; You may be wondering, will I be given another course if I don’t score up to the required score for my course? Unfortunately their is no more related course in 2017 school and Jamb admission.
Before now, If you applied for Medicine, Law, Engineering, Accounting or Pharmacy and you passed Jamb/post utme but couldn’t score up to the cut off mark for your first choice course, Your choice school would give you another course related to the one you applied to study. Things have changed…
The Idea of related course has been cancelled in the policy meeting held by Jamb for 2017 admission process. Based on their conclusion, It is either you are admitted to study your desired course or you are not admitted at all.
Is this a good news? Certainly NO.
Personally I feel this policy will reduce the chance of admission for so many candidates in this year’s school and Jamb admission admission list.
You should also put to mind that you can no longer have double admission. You now have the option to choose only one course. Immediately you accept one admission, you door of admission will be closed for that year. See details about that here.
What’s the way forward? Your best bet is preparing very well for post utme so that you don’t have any issue. You can also read how to prepare for 2017 post utme here.
That’s all for now. Feel free to ask your questions using the comment box.
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21-Sep-2017 20:13:40 ·

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