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JAMB Notice To Post-UTME Candidates With Issues of "No Record Found"

Posted: 07-Sep-2017 01:19:16 into Post-UTME by myschool paul for school | 117 Comments

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All candidates who earlier did JAMB change of course and institution and have been unable to register for their school's Post-UTME screening exercise due to responses like "No Record Found" on the school's portal have been asked to be patient as the issue will be resolved soon.

The reason for the issue is the fact that JAMB has not sent your details to the new schools you changed to.

However, JAMB has disclosed that soon enouigh, details of the affected candidates will be sent to their various schools and afterwards such candidates will now be able to register for the Postp-UTRME screening of their various schools.

JAMB will soon send their details to their various schools which will enable them register during online registration on their various school portal.

According to JAMB, all Institutions have been directed to ensure that all candidates are considered for their various PUTME"

Candidates should not panic as they would certainly sit for the PUTME in the Institutions they have made changes to.

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Comments (117)
Youngstarman says;
FTC at last.
this jamb ehn. only God will help us without our education system in Nigeria
07-Sep-2017 01:28:20 ·
readone6 says;
where some of the institution has already completed there p utme registration nd there portal is already closed
07-Sep-2017 05:14:31 ·
Crimeless360 says;
This people are crazy! When my school Post Utme portal will soon close.
Even the name I corrected has no effected..Useless set of people running this country,how many days do they need just to update it.
07-Sep-2017 06:03:12 ·
Sway9; don't mind them.. useless people..
Uniben pume closed on 9th Saturday, just 2days left..
07-Sep-2017 06:06:29 ·
Official Abraku; Pls are u able to register or upto now ?
11-Sep-2017 17:40:55 ·
Sway9 says;
what about this that changed course..
I mean, since 20th of August I changed NY course but it didn't reflect during post utme registration..
07-Sep-2017 06:04:50 ·
myne; I'm really hoping they change our course too, bcos we already registered for putme...
07-Sep-2017 12:19:26 ·
Sway9; now I don't know o...
the tin jux tire me
07-Sep-2017 18:34:40 ·
myne; Mine has been corrected
16-Sep-2017 12:42:21 ·
Crimeless360 says;
I changed name about 3 weeks ago and it haven't reflected...Mad People! God will punish dem
07-Sep-2017 06:09:39 ·
Nastie EmJhay says;
This pipul are confused
07-Sep-2017 06:29:54 ·
Christopher chidi says;
At least, since they have assured us that the changes will reflect later, they should also make provisions for registration when it reflect, vos by that time, virtually all schools must have finished their registration process
07-Sep-2017 06:52:53 ·
Chokolate says;
How do we get to knw dat the details have been sent out to schools? And again i knw sm1 who changed course and institution and has already registered.
07-Sep-2017 07:15:52 ·
Gee_Gee; He registered earlier,because i changed institution as well and it has reflected.
07-Sep-2017 07:58:58 ·
manpero00; Hw did u know it has reflected..because I did my 3day after jamb opened the portal
07-Sep-2017 09:38:52 ·
emmazydon; Gee_Gee where did u do Yours pls?
07-Sep-2017 10:24:44 ·
Gee_Gee; Manpero00 i was able to register for the post-utme.
07-Sep-2017 10:42:00 ·
Gee_Gee; Emmazydon i did the change of institution on my phone but i did the registration of unilorin screening at the cafe and it brought my details.
07-Sep-2017 10:43:59 ·
manpero00; Gee gee tanks I hope my too has reflected
07-Sep-2017 10:47:06 ·
emmazydon; Gee_Gee
I mean when did u do it
Not where
But when
07-Sep-2017 10:47:18 ·
Gee_Gee; Emmazydon Around late july
07-Sep-2017 18:49:25 ·
07-Sep-2017 20:14:30 ·
fortune 17 says;
I changed from physiotherapy to physiology

when I was registering for uniben post utme

my kofa act brought out physiotherapy

it didn't reflect on my kofa act.

I went to jamb office at ikoyi..

dey told me to go back home.
dar dey will update Uniben
07-Sep-2017 08:21:58 ·
Craig Duffy; if et has reflected yet, dnt tink shud go on wif Physiotherapy?
07-Sep-2017 08:28:04 ·
Craig Duffy says;
if et hasn't #
07-Sep-2017 08:31:33 ·
Craig Duffy says;
if et hasn't ,dnt u tink..#
07-Sep-2017 08:32:15 ·
manpero00 says;
Pls oo I printed my original jamb result nd I saw my new school does it mean that it has reflected
07-Sep-2017 09:34:22 ·
Godknows54; YES BUDDY
07-Sep-2017 10:23:54 ·
emmazydon; Manper00
Pls when did u do ur change of institution
07-Sep-2017 10:26:18 ·
manpero00; 3 days after jamb open the portal
07-Sep-2017 10:40:25 ·
07-Sep-2017 10:48:30 ·
manpero00; Emmazydon are u having problem with ur post utme registration
07-Sep-2017 10:50:42 ·
emmazydon; No oo
I just want to be sure
That i will not have any problem
Moreover the school that i put Ansu form is not yet out
07-Sep-2017 10:54:54 ·
manpero00; Me too my school form is not yet out so I not too worried self
07-Sep-2017 10:56:38 ·
emmazydon; Which school did u apply
07-Sep-2017 11:17:32 ·
manpero00; Fubk(federal uni b/kebbi)
07-Sep-2017 11:50:02 ·
Emmanuel Anyanwu; Please someone should help me oh.
I did change of course and institution on the 26th of august to IBB Uni. But now, their "Results uploading and screening" has started and i checked my eligibility status and they told me I'm not eligible. Please what can I do?

Is it that jamb hasn't sent my details to IBB or what
10-Sep-2017 21:07:24 ·
emmazydon; Eligible how??
Or is it writing no result found
11-Sep-2017 08:49:41 ·
Emmanuel Anyanwu; The school i applied for is IBB university, so they are not conducting any post-utme exam this year instead they are doing what is called "RESULTS VERIFICATION" where u will upload ur results (both jamb and waec). But before that, you must check if you are eligible to do that. I checked and I was told that i am not eligible. Pls wat can i do?
11-Sep-2017 10:11:38 ·
emmazydon; Call jamb office or go to there office
11-Sep-2017 12:28:22 ·
Emmanuel Anyanwu; Wow.. Please do u have their number?
11-Sep-2017 12:31:28 ·
Aliu kayode says;
I also print my original jamb and d new school I put in wz der,plz am confuse
07-Sep-2017 10:24:13 ·
emmazydon; When did u do ur change of institution pls
07-Sep-2017 10:26:56 ·
Aliu kayode; July BT I print my original jamb on day b4 yesterday
07-Sep-2017 10:29:41 ·
manpero00; But did u have problem doing ur registration for post utme
07-Sep-2017 10:45:28 ·
Aliu kayode; Have nt done d reg abt to do it
07-Sep-2017 10:49:34 ·
emmazydon; Ok thanks
07-Sep-2017 10:49:59 ·
ochayi; I did change of institution and den register for DE uptil now no application record found in AAU site
I just don't no wat to do Nd d site will close on Sunday
07-Sep-2017 14:31:21 ·
ochayi; I print out my original result Nd d new school reflected Nd my record has not been sent to d school
Really jamb z something else
07-Sep-2017 14:33:32 ·
Mr Ransome says;
If it reflected in ur original result, then u are done.
07-Sep-2017 10:52:00 ·
manpero00; Haaa tank God
07-Sep-2017 10:53:13 ·
Aliu kayode; Are yu sure
07-Sep-2017 10:56:01 ·
kingdelex says;
May God punish u jamb
Unilorin reg we close tomorrow now
07-Sep-2017 11:01:55 ·

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