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JAMB Directs All 2017 Candidates To Re-upload Their O'level Results - See Why

Posted: 07-Sep-2017 [14:15:03] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 391 Comments

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has directed all candidates to re-upload their results on the JAMB Portal.

According to the information made available by JAMB via its twitter page, all candidates are advised to upload their results onto the portal again.

The reason is due to the fact that the platform has been modified with provisions for input of exact grades and attachments.

All candidates are therefore advised to proceed to an accredited centre to upload their results.

All Institutions have been directed to ensure that candidates awaiting the release of NECO results are considered for their various PUTME

This means that NECO awaiting result candidates will be considered for admission

Such candidates are to indicate where required but ensure to upload the result once it is released.

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Comments (391)
prechyfidel says;
Again haba....jamb wahala sha
07-Sep-2017 01:19:33 ·
BlaQBishop; Please any JAMB CBT location in Benin.
09-Sep-2017 01:51:25 ·
michael16; Nabteb Office at ikpoba hill
09-Sep-2017 20:49:18 ·
BlaQBishop; Is it free? Will I be charged at the JAMB office and aw much?
11-Sep-2017 09:34:25 ·
BlaQBishop; Finally uploaded mine! The crowd at JAMB regional office in Benin was just too much.
14-Sep-2017 17:11:28 ·
Greaterheightdoncom says;
All right
07-Sep-2017 01:21:24 ·
Xhiomaugonwa says;
Warris dis one again na!
07-Sep-2017 01:54:50 ·
olahnreywahdzu says;
what of doz that av upload it b4..
07-Sep-2017 02:19:37 ·
Dalu Aj; upload again..dats what they're saying
07-Sep-2017 09:46:50 ·
CornelG says;
Am not going to upload anything again. What happened to the one we previously uploaded during our registrations or rat and rodents ate them too just as they ate our president office @ Aso rock. Hmmm! JAMB and their usual way of business are just like Romeo and Juliet!! Am very sure this is their latest August deal between them and the CBT centres to scam us of our money again!!! Prof weldone ooo How business now?
07-Sep-2017 02:37:34 ·
oliboy; stop misleading others,,if you wont upload just keep it to yourself,this is social media,,ur post can mislead pple,,n your type is the one that will be the first person to upload the result
07-Sep-2017 06:42:50 ·
Bajoagbo; Don't mind d guy, I went back to jamb office last month to do it again when I read about this uploading stuff then with a copy of my original wassce result even dor I did it during d jamb registration but this time d result was scanned into jpeg and uploaded into jamb portal directly which I saw d process myself on their screen.
07-Sep-2017 07:38:10 ·
saif al haqq; Am direct entry applicant do I need to reupload mine too
07-Sep-2017 08:24:59 ·
Kingsdope18; Lolz abi oo
07-Sep-2017 09:01:03 ·
Joselph_95; I need to go with the print out copy, or just in a written form with pen with subjects and grades? Because you said something about "scanning the o'level results"
07-Sep-2017 09:35:03 ·
Dutches Man; Pls can the upload of result be done in any cyber cafe
07-Sep-2017 10:25:58 ·
Bajoagbo; you have to go jamb office or accredited cbt center with a clear copy of your waec result(s) and samething apply to DE candidates too. you've to monitor it process on their screen yourself pls.
07-Sep-2017 10:27:38 ·
Bajoagbo; IAM JOEVAL, No only at jamb office or jamb accredited CBT center
07-Sep-2017 10:29:09 ·
KUNLE.M; pls how much is the upload of WAEC result
07-Sep-2017 10:59:31 ·
Sagir ibrahim yakubu; I wrote waec and nbais can i upload waec now? And re upload nbais when it was release
07-Sep-2017 11:42:58 ·
Seyiakin; isnt there a way we can do this ourselves instead of going to the centre again...why the stress
07-Sep-2017 11:49:39 ·
hormorlarah393727; u will have to go cos u need to get ur result scanned
07-Sep-2017 16:13:37 ·
Mhiz Atarah ; Please how much does the re upload of results cost?
08-Sep-2017 02:39:44 ·
kaiteelyn; we paid for uploading d waec result

now we going to upload again...
tell me.. do u we plug money from trees??
08-Sep-2017 15:29:11 ·
Olusegun dre; Abeg shey una thumbprint ?
08-Sep-2017 18:25:54 ·
omalichananka; Please I advice every student to go and re upload their result,
First I was against it but just today I went to CBT Center at Awka Road Onitsha To do mine I realize that the former WAEC Grades they upload during registration and even exam year and Center Number was not mine they are all wrong.
It cost me only 500 .
And I am happy and thank God and Jamb for giving me this opportunity ,
I wonder what would have been my fate, with such type of o'level ,maths and English D7 when my exact Grade is C4 please don't hesitate to go and re upload , they will scan your result and attach it to ur datas.
09-Sep-2017 11:37:28 ·
CornelG; @Omalichananka were you smart enough to see how it was done from A-Z?
09-Sep-2017 15:26:55 ·
[email protected]; Yes i saw everything even crossed checked before they submit it.
I advise everybody to go and do it.
09-Sep-2017 20:01:22 ·
CornelG; @[email protected], please explain the process abeg let me see if i can try it out myself
09-Sep-2017 20:29:08 ·
Acada112; @saif am also direct entry aspirant, yeah we need to upload the credentials coz I have done mine.
10-Sep-2017 13:35:08 ·
Coolfamous; What about Direct Entry Candidates, do we also need to re-upload our O'level result and other credentials??.
12-Sep-2017 14:41:00 ·
Bajoagbo; pls go n reupload cos it cost u nothing
13-Sep-2017 08:05:12 ·
Ayodele2017; @bajoagbo, I did the uploading when my o'level results came out.. my result was scanned... do I need to re-upload again?
13-Sep-2017 16:59:18 ·
Joselph_95; I did my re-uploading of o'level results yesterday successfully... You guys should really do that ooh, because while I was re-uploading, I found subjects combo and grades that doesn't even tally with my results present on my profile... If you are not quite sure it was uploaded and scanned appropriately, you'd better go for the re-uploading.
13-Sep-2017 21:21:45 ·
cystyles; pls i wanna know if u can reupload after doing one before...i mean after u have reuploaded but is not really sure the right thing was done,answers needed urgently
13-Sep-2017 23:05:13 ·
Grace D best says;
Is like jamb and biz centre collaborate to make money from students. Abi rat chopped the former one?
07-Sep-2017 02:39:09 ·
Lekan1000 says;
Like seriously... Ok What of those that are still waiting for their neco gce To come up
07-Sep-2017 02:51:58 ·
Olamybabs says;
Can it be done at any cybercafe?
07-Sep-2017 02:55:31 ·
Tijani Aishat; Dnt think so,u do it in a accreditted cbt centre
08-Sep-2017 17:55:29 ·
AbuUbayy says;
I reuploaded mine yesterday while registering for post-utme though my prospective school demands a scanned copy, is this ok?.
or I would log in to my jamb account & re upload the result I uploaded whilst registering for jamb?
07-Sep-2017 03:20:09 ·
Anny96; Sorry pls he dd u do d reupload
07-Sep-2017 07:32:59 ·
Anny96; **how**
07-Sep-2017 07:33:26 ·
AbuUbayy; go to an.accredited Cbt centre
08-Sep-2017 14:38:19 ·
Sainkollinz says;
FG, please sack this good for nothing Jamb boss now. He doesn't know his onion at all. Everyday one story
07-Sep-2017 04:27:42 ·
EngrAjibola says;
They re bunch of foolz, stupid pple doing as if dem no get children fr house
07-Sep-2017 05:01:56 ·
readone6 says;
wahala all the time help us our god
07-Sep-2017 05:08:18 ·
Nastie EmJhay says;
Jamb wahala again!!!!!
una 4 cucuma tell us to rewrit d jamb or register again na wa, na real wa me i tire ooh
07-Sep-2017 06:26:33 ·
qeeboi says;
Does it include DE candidates also?
07-Sep-2017 07:13:30 ·
Kelly Balsam says;
Ndi ala!!
07-Sep-2017 07:16:51 ·
Nugwa; le le
16-Sep-2017 23:08:48 ·
Kelly Balsam; Lekwa ha
17-Sep-2017 11:13:55 ·
Nugwa; a name gi
21-Sep-2017 12:04:22 ·

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