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ASUU Strike: FG To Disburse N23bn To ASUU Next Week

Posted: 18-Aug-2017 [15:51:25] into General by myschool paul for school | 48 Comments

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Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, has disclosed that the Federal Government has made arrangement to release the sum of N23 billion to the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

He made this known while speaking on Tuesday before the Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TETFUND, led by Senator Jibrin Barau.

According to him, plans are on ground to honour the agreement between the FG and ASUU.

He stated that the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, had already approved a total N53bn for the union so far, adding that the balance of N23bn would be released on Monday when the striking lecturers would receive the cheque.

He however said, “We didn’t agree with ASUU on their request that TSA should be taken out. I told them that it is not possible because it is a new policy and government is not going to change it for anyone.

“Concerning their salary short fall, we said the reason springs from universities employing people without proper authority.

“For instance, a university can just decide to go and recruit 50 people without notifying IPPIS. So, what they are going to get is the money they got last month, which will not be sufficient for them. We have told them that institutions should, henceforth, stop doing that and they accepted.

The Minister finally Said that he is optimistic that the strike will be called of within then next one week maximum.

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Comments (48)
Dr danny4J says;
FTC. Wow. Finally
18-Aug-2017 15:56:15 ·
BlaQBishop; So ASUU must strike first before Government go give them their money?
19-Aug-2017 13:32:20 ·
attah4great; My bother... Help me ask the useless gorverment ooo
19-Aug-2017 20:19:01 ·
Dr danny4J says;
I pray the strike be calls off soon. God help your children.
18-Aug-2017 15:58:08 ·
Smartin0 says;
UNIZIK Aspirants group chat join 07066672160(Smartino)
18-Aug-2017 17:09:08 ·
Craig Duffy says;
dah calls for a celebration?... nonsense, dahs wah d FG shud hv done long time ago. must Asuu go on strike bfore fins are attended to...!
18-Aug-2017 17:09:54 ·
fortuneehinomen; I wonder o....Help me ask them.
19-Aug-2017 15:58:48 ·
CornelG says;
Please they should just take it and manage it like that. Atleast 23bn naira is a big money out of the 1trn naira they are requesting especially in this recession then should called off the strike abeg. We are begging ooo! please and please!!! ASUU Biko!!!!!
18-Aug-2017 17:13:09 ·
whomiblac; Is this one a student? 23bn inside 1trn issa big money🙌 osheyyy. Mr calculator. So 23naira is a big money inside 1k? Ori yin ti yiii sir
18-Aug-2017 18:58:24 ·
CornelG; Yes agreed am Mr calculator but since is not a big money abeg just send me 200 naira only to 08160409689 Mr Charity. Thank You!!!
18-Aug-2017 19:10:25 ·
CornelG; Sorry i forgot mtn or etisalet network!!!!!
18-Aug-2017 19:12:20 ·
Samrano11; "This boy is just so confusing".....u are a strange boy living in a strange World....just only u
18-Aug-2017 22:03:59 ·
CornelG; Referring to who @Samrano
18-Aug-2017 22:26:13 ·
Samrano11; @cornal ask the birds in the sky!
19-Aug-2017 03:47:00 ·
CornelG; Simple CornelG, your eyes cannot see well. Pls stop spelling my precious name wrongly, yet your claiming to be 'Mr Know All'
19-Aug-2017 05:21:43 ·
TyrionLannister; Lol.motherF u c K e r S!!!!
19-Aug-2017 09:56:08 ·
Samrano11; Is Cornel your Name!! Nicompoop.....its a Title for me not a Name....I guess u are dreaming to become 1
19-Aug-2017 10:56:42 ·
CornelG; Is a pity that you cannot differentiate a simple colonel from CornelG! Chai, I weep for you!!! A renown Nincompoop calling another Nincompoop!!!!! Hmmmm
19-Aug-2017 11:12:23 ·
Samrano11; Lol....colonel?? .......
19-Aug-2017 14:33:34 ·
CornelG; Continue laughing till a befitting psychiatry doctor that can cure your madness is found and am very sure that is what your parents must be busy doing by now which is why your still un-chained. Wishing you quick recovery!!!
19-Aug-2017 14:42:31 ·
promiseisaac; Are U Both Done Fighting Just Bcuz Of 23bn U Both Will Never Smell From The Fg Or Asuu?
19-Aug-2017 15:30:30 ·
Samrano11; @psychiatry"
20-Aug-2017 11:55:16 ·
esty7400; @samrano there is no need of insulting him. He didn't say anything bad in his first statement pls take it easy.
20-Aug-2017 14:13:22 ·
Elujekwutebenjamin1 says;
So, they had the money and gave room for strike?
FG sef!
18-Aug-2017 17:16:54 ·
Amossity says;
23billion inside 880billion , ,,, una strike just start from my view...... hahahahahaha
18-Aug-2017 19:55:24 ·
CornelG; This boy indeed this your KSU of a thing, not going to strike don't dey make you kolo ooo.
18-Aug-2017 21:30:52 ·
Amossity; hahahahahahahahaha..... on your own oooooo.... OYO
19-Aug-2017 11:50:28 ·
Amossity; # ASUU STRIKE
We won’t go back to class until govt
implements past agreements because over 825
billion owed ,the least of the 7 demands must
be met and no further room for renegotiations.
19-Aug-2017 11:51:01 ·
CornelG; You will be disappointed by next week just wait and see!!!
19-Aug-2017 13:34:45 ·
promiseisaac; Maybe He Failed Jamb Thats Why His Happy About The Strike But Some How What His Saying Is True Oh And Its Not Like Fg Dont Have The Money To Pay Them Off, The Have It!
19-Aug-2017 15:36:33 ·
Amossity; next two years or 2 weeks,,, lol
20-Aug-2017 15:09:37 ·
Olowofela1 says;
23billion naira out of 880!! Asuu shouldn't recruit anyone without informing the IPPIS ...that one cannot be possible!. I repeat it's impossible!!!_ strike continues!.
18-Aug-2017 20:30:08 ·
CornelG; Chai! Descendant of Nnamdi Kanu spotted!! Oooh Where is BuBu indeed he must here and see this!!!
18-Aug-2017 21:33:35 ·
Samrano11; He must "here". Who's your english teacher?? Stop disgracing yourself....
18-Aug-2017 22:06:15 ·
mr saint4605; you want to know? ask google
18-Aug-2017 23:58:43 ·
Samrano11; @Mr saint......u are looking for fame lol!! I got u...but its not funny
19-Aug-2017 03:45:26 ·
Vince Spence says;
Its quiet unfortunate that the only language our government understand is industrial action, even more disheartening that the education sector is not exempted from this. What a negligence! Abeg, let's get 🔙 to class j'or
19-Aug-2017 03:49:32 ·
CornelG; Indeed is a great pity ooo my dear that many life have to be jeopardize before the right thing is being done! Shame!! A Zoo Republic indeed with Zoo Leaders indeed!!!
19-Aug-2017 05:31:16 ·
Damdexter says;
Osustech whatsapp group chat 09038331691 chat and join, with full past question to all schools
19-Aug-2017 09:28:19 ·
Halima tuks says;
Good school i paid for the i year package and post utme questions yesterday in your uba account and im yet to receive any notification.pls im awaiting a response
19-Aug-2017 09:50:48 ·
CornelG; Hmmm myschool una don't dey inherit Evans small small ne? Abeg ooo just passing by!!!
19-Aug-2017 14:49:02 ·
19-Aug-2017 15:40:27 ·
promiseisaac says;
That Money Is Too Small For Asuu, The Money Is Not Even Up To The 30bn Davido Said In His Song "If I"
19-Aug-2017 15:42:52 ·
fortuneehinomen says;
Maybe this is the reason why some schools have not started screening for UTME 2017. They better resolve the issue so that aspiring students can be screened and admitted.
19-Aug-2017 15:56:41 ·
Nastie EmJhay says;
Finally even though d mony small sha buy e dey manageable mak dem use dis 1 hold body nd i pray anoda strik no go happen b4 dey complete am oooohhhhhh............
9ja nd dere wahala
19-Aug-2017 16:00:47 ·
fortuneehinomen says;
#whomiblac What you should be concerned about is not whether the money FG will pay to ASUU is big or not. You should pray that they accept the little FG could offer and start academic lectures. Abi you want make them strike till 2019?
19-Aug-2017 16:02:45 ·

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