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Can You Predict The Official JAMB 2017 Cut-Off Marks For Various Institutions?

Posted: 18-Aug-2017 [12:53:40] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 108 Comments

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The 2017 JAMB official cut-off marks for Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education are expected to be announced at the end of the policy meeting that will be held between August 21st and 22nd, 2017.

It is true that JAMB cut-off marks for the various institutions have remained the same in the recent past; however, a change can happen this year.

Do not forget that this will be the first time professor Oloyede will be presiding over the decision on cut-off marks and with the changes he had made so far in other areas, it won't be a surprise if he makes another change on this one.

Also, the return of Post-UTME may in one way or the other influence the decision on 2017 cut off marks.

While we await the official announcement of the cut-off marks, this thread is for 2017/2018 UTME candidates to predict what they think would be the possible JAMB cut-off marks for admission this year.

You can register your predictions using the comment box.

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Comments (108)
hardeysolution says;
Let's not predict.. Let's wait
18-Aug-2017 12:35:40 ·
rocksteady; 419 at the highest level why not tell ur entire family to join rather than share this wealth with orders f**l
19-Aug-2017 07:32:29 ·
jacobjohny440; You are too harsh.
19-Aug-2017 14:09:46 ·
promiseisaac; U Naming Ur Self Jamb Registrar and using jamb logo as ur dp what are u? 619? or father of 419?
19-Aug-2017 15:13:09 ·
BENEDICTAA; pls guys do not use harsh comments on jamb registrar. there was actually a post which was uploaded by fraudsters. so, he decided to post dat comment. but looks like the upload has being removed by myschool administrators. do not blame him for that comment.
21-Aug-2017 21:09:45 ·
Bright sky says;
With the high rate performance of candidates, i believe cut-off marks might increase, i predict 160 for federal colledges & polytecthnics while universities will be 190
18-Aug-2017 12:50:38 ·
fortuneehinomen; Your prediction is not high enough. For me, I think 170 for colleges, 180 for polytechnics, and 200 for universities.
18-Aug-2017 13:07:04 ·
jacobjohny440; @t fortune you are saying that because you have score higher than others right, God is watching you.
19-Aug-2017 13:45:02 ·
19-Aug-2017 15:14:18 ·
fortuneehinomen; #jacobjohnny440 Lol...What makes you think so? I know Universities will never take 190 as a cut off mark because everything this year has changed.
19-Aug-2017 15:18:10 ·
promiseisaac; Me Am Saying It Will Be 190 upwards for both poly,college and uni
19-Aug-2017 15:21:51 ·
grabb; What changed? Lolz go and sleep.
19-Aug-2017 17:58:06 ·
joefirst; State university takes 180
20-Aug-2017 00:25:27 ·
fortuneehinomen; #grabb Just hear yourself. It seems you just arrived. Did you not take note that the method for UTME 2017 registration and exam changed this year? I think it will affect educational institutions as well. I am not saying it must happen. I am just thinking....
21-Aug-2017 09:26:50 ·
fortuneehinomen; And also remember that it's a prediction. Not all predictions come true. I might be wrong but I am just giving my opinion and a reason to support it.
21-Aug-2017 09:28:14 ·
jacobjohny440; The prediction will never come to pass, in Jesus name. @fortune.
21-Aug-2017 15:18:01 ·
fortuneehinomen; I nor say e must come to pass before o @jacobjohnny440. You sef, what is your answer to the pop up question?
21-Aug-2017 16:14:59 ·
jacobjohny440; polytechnics, colleges 140 universities 170.
21-Aug-2017 16:41:54 ·
grabb; Lolz
21-Aug-2017 17:17:10 ·
promiseisaac; Lol Bros Start Reading For Next Year Jamb, This Year Has Ended Aready Remaining 4months Take Heart Biko @jacob
21-Aug-2017 20:36:34 ·
promiseisaac; Already*
21-Aug-2017 20:37:30 ·
fortuneehinomen; No wonder you are attacking me...So that is the highest you can get. #jacobjohnny440
22-Aug-2017 09:50:53 ·
fortuneehinomen; Just tell us black and white that your score was low instead of saying it indirectly.
22-Aug-2017 09:51:40 ·
Bright sky; If them lyk let cut-off b 250, bt i pray they reduce it 4 d benefit of dose dat scored low
22-Aug-2017 10:05:31 ·
Alhaji Yusuf says;
i dont tink dre wil be any changes in d cutoff diz year...iam predicting the previous cutoff shaa....of the greatext Nigerian student, no panic ooo....jst be preparing ur foodstuffs cuz d admission iz urz diz year....In Sha Allah
18-Aug-2017 13:03:19 ·
Adekunlenas; Amiin Ya Allah
18-Aug-2017 15:34:26 ·
CornelG says;
My prediction is as usual 150 for Polytechnic/College Of Education and 180 for Universities. From my own point of view i don't know for yours moreover the show is open for everyone so you can make yours too.
18-Aug-2017 13:03:43 ·
Latinwogbolahan says;
150- Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.
180- Universities.
18-Aug-2017 13:08:31 ·
Kingajx says;
150 for polytechnics and and maximum of 200 for UNIVERSITIES.....


18-Aug-2017 13:09:08 ·
williamsgodwin says;
post utme is back.....if they like make dem carry d cutoff Marj reach 200 he concern derm
18-Aug-2017 13:10:17 ·
college 160 poly 180 uni 200 or 220.
18-Aug-2017 13:11:34 ·
jacobjohny440; @t AIIYAH, What was Your Utme's Score??
19-Aug-2017 13:50:16 ·
19-Aug-2017 15:08:05 ·
jacobjohny440; Just wanna know only. @AALIYAH2.
20-Aug-2017 18:59:25 ·
BENEDICTAA; 263. mind u, everyone is predicting according to their jamb scores. so, watch ur next comment.
20-Aug-2017 20:32:12 ·
BENEDICTAA; jacobjohny440; @t fortune you are saying that
because you have score
higher than others right, God is watching you.
20-Aug-2017 20:35:08 ·
jacobjohny440; Lolz..don't be annoyed Am just joking @ AALIYAH2. okay?
21-Aug-2017 15:08:12 ·
Mark william says;
For me oh.
MOSTof the fed uni 220.
State uni 200.
Poly 180.
If you think am wrong, oya argue with ur village elders.
18-Aug-2017 13:11:50 ·
henrilism says;
i don't think the cut off mark will change
18-Aug-2017 13:39:36 ·
davidoluwacod says;
I think it should be 150 for colledge 170 for poly 180 for state uni nd 200 for federal uni
18-Aug-2017 13:39:45 ·
Young-scholar says;
With Post UTME back..I think the cut off mark would remain the same.

All the best to I and this year aspirants.
18-Aug-2017 13:50:22 ·
chimemeria says;
federal uni 200
State uni 180
Poly 160
18-Aug-2017 14:02:13 ·
aliyoung says;
I don't think there's gonna be any change from the past year
18-Aug-2017 14:19:28 ·
Ekefine says;
Jamb general cutoff marks will remain same 180,so many school like OOU and Delsu cut 180 and their have already done their screening
18-Aug-2017 14:38:43 ·

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