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ASUU To Decide On Nation Wide Strike This Weekend

Posted: 11-Aug-2017 14:44:42 into General by myschool paul for school | 48 Comments

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It has been reported that the leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, will hold a crucial meeting this weekend to determine if the union will proceed on a nation wide strike action.

ASUU had earlier asked all its branches in the various universities to conduct referendum of members to decide whether or not a nationwide strike should be held over its demands.

The final decision on the strike is expected to be made after a review of the referendum conducted by the chapters.

An earlier deadline given by ASUU to the federal government to meet its demands ended today (Friday).

The scheduled meeting where ASUU will take its final decision starts today (Friday) and ends on Sunday (August 13) in Abuja.

ASUU major demands include issues concerning the welfare of members as well as funding of universities among others. The Union and the federal government have been negotiating these demands since November 2016.

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Comments (48)
Olowofela1 says;
FTC.... Asuu do not go on strike o
11-Aug-2017 14:53:08 ·
readone6 says;
stc pls o no go o
11-Aug-2017 15:02:40 ·
Vhic Ralph says;
They should admit new intakes, then they may can on strike. To don stay Housetire me 😞😞
11-Aug-2017 15:18:35 ·
Vhic Ralph; Then they may *
11-Aug-2017 15:19:15 ·
Vhic Ralph; Go* on
11-Aug-2017 15:19:51 ·
TyrionLannister says;
This idiots no for like calm down make person enter school? Wch kind mumu strike una wan go now...
11-Aug-2017 15:18:46 ·
Sparklybeauty says;
What kind of nonsense is this now. Well by God grace it will not work.
11-Aug-2017 15:59:30 ·
ogejenny; Amen oo
11-Aug-2017 17:13:19 ·
DNaijaguy; AMEN
11-Aug-2017 18:22:00 ·
CornelG says;
Pls ooo let it not happen ooo. We are begging please and please. Let all the parties involved come to a round-table meeting and make a reasonable agreement i beg to avert such disaster happening please and please #FG/ASUU
11-Aug-2017 16:31:36 ·
MAIBANTE6006 says;
Abeg let person finish his school the ones that we did is enough!
11-Aug-2017 16:53:37 ·
DNaijaguy says;
I swear.... I don't know d useful of ASUU in Nigerian schools... Dem suppose scrap d association off patapata..... They only consider striking for der selfish mind. At least, if they consider students they won't be striking up n down....
11-Aug-2017 18:21:08 ·
Bishop123; What are you saying?
11-Aug-2017 18:49:00 ·
TyrionLannister; Lol... This one na another mumu
11-Aug-2017 19:25:50 ·
mcjosh323; Sometimes u need to make enquiries b4 u alter nonsensical words, D Government has stopped funding schools for the past few years, n how schools are suggesting that they increase their tuition fees which ain't okay for the masses, at least not in this time of recession, The strike/warning serves as a note to the FG. So they can pay d money they promised
Let's just pray schools don't increase their tuition fees next session
12-Aug-2017 02:20:56 ·
skythelimit says;
If you guys don't want ASUU to go on strike, pressurize the FG to do the needful. What ASUU is demanding for is for your own good. Majority of the federal universities are nothing to right home about. The facilities in those school are in sorry state. However, I don't support the strike action but unfortunately, that's the best language the govt of the day understands.
11-Aug-2017 20:12:29 ·
CornelG; So who should we cry to now when our president is their enjoying another people investments and hardwork
13-Aug-2017 18:50:08 ·
awedriskid says;
may Allah lead us through brother sister. Stay Calm
11-Aug-2017 20:46:14 ·
Luicence iceman says;
Hmmmm y striking???
11-Aug-2017 21:03:43 ·
Mhac JC says;
OMG!!! God Pls let them shift d strike jare, after we've being admitted to our various institutions they can strike then cos m fed up of staying at home o. D more they strike the longer our stay at home and delay.
11-Aug-2017 22:01:50 ·
De king 1 says;
God! FG should come to our aid oo strike here and there though I don't blame asuu bt blame d FG for not fulfilling her promise, I understand its because their ward/children are schooling abroad dats why dey don't care bt pretend to care
FG please understand the agony of her citizens and fulfill their own part of the promise
May God save Nigeria from selfish leaders
12-Aug-2017 06:47:04 ·
LiegeP says;
Any Abu aspirant here????
12-Aug-2017 08:04:01 ·
medo206; Yh
15-Aug-2017 21:57:34 ·
LiegeP; re welcome.
16-Aug-2017 00:01:19 ·
LiegeP; Am an Art student,and you????
16-Aug-2017 00:02:06 ·
medo206; Engineering
16-Aug-2017 10:18:20 ·
LiegeP; Alright nah:::Add me up on [email protected] Philip
20-Aug-2017 21:09:13 ·
Godwinbaba81 says;
We should not be selfish.... the comments I'm seeing shows signs of self-centredness. So because of your school you want them to be silent? Habamana... Remember, these ppl are human beings like you, having family to cater for. And by d way, they are looking not only for their interest but yours too. Please lets stop this SELFISHNESS and think straight.
12-Aug-2017 08:22:32 ·
Chinasa01; Gbam
13-Aug-2017 01:31:30 ·

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