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JAMB Awaiting Result Candidates Have You Uploaded Your Results?

Posted: 08-Aug-2017 13:37:02 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 134 Comments

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We have received an unofficial report that candidates who applied for 2017 UTME using "Awaiting Result" can now upload their results on JAMB portal.

According to the report, candidates have been directed to visit JAMB accredited centres or JAMB offices to be able to do so.

At the moment we are making efforts to verify this information as JAMB has not said such through any off its official mediums.

However, if you registered for 2017 JAMB UTME with Awaiting Result and have been able to upload or update your o'level result details or you know some one who has done that, please do notify us here as soon as possible.

If you stay close to a JAMB CBT centre or a JAMB office, we will appreciate it if you can equally help confirm if the process is ongoing and give us feed back on this thread.

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Comments (134)
CornelG says;
Finally FTC ever
08-Aug-2017 13:43:48 ·
baset36 says;
08-Aug-2017 13:43:55 ·
CornelG; Hmmm a glo 1G subscriber spotted.
08-Aug-2017 16:48:10 ·
Neishunkhaled says;
08-Aug-2017 13:59:12 ·
Louis Armstrong says;
CornelG you sound like you just won a trophy
08-Aug-2017 14:09:27 ·
CornelG; Yes ooo i just did my dear
08-Aug-2017 16:49:26 ·
Sissy young says;
it's true
am currently at one of the cbt to do mine
08-Aug-2017 14:28:13 ·
Dr danny4J; Please tell the truth na. Is it available
08-Aug-2017 14:30:32 ·
Ayodele2017; Yes, I did mine today at a CBT CENTRE
08-Aug-2017 14:41:35 ·
[email protected]; Did u receive any email or notifications after which?
08-Aug-2017 15:08:47 ·
Ayodele2017; There was no email
08-Aug-2017 16:00:09 ·
08-Aug-2017 18:36:18 ·
MrZiggy; people who are uploading their results are just wasting money
when jamb addressed the issue of awaiting results they said AR can apply but no one would be given admission without an olevel result. Meaning no one can be given admission with AR, u have to have ur olevel during screening and not this upload nonsense these cbt centers are scamming people with.
just Google jamb allows awaiting results to apply and see what Mr Fabian said
09-Aug-2017 15:36:22 ·
jesukorededhavid; Mr God bless u .. Some stupid Guys don abuse me lik crazy cus I jzt warn DEM oo ... Just leave DEM ... NO matter how hard you nagg or shout they'll still fall for it .... Let DEM do whteva dey lik ... If its true am sure jamb will announce officially
10-Aug-2017 07:42:57 ·
Joey1405; It true i did mine a week back at jamb office kaduna, and i didn't pay a anything. Thanks for your concern.
22-Aug-2017 17:26:09 ·
Ayodele2017 says;
I did mine today
08-Aug-2017 14:41:59 ·
meekun; What's the procedure?
08-Aug-2017 15:02:22 ·
Ayodele2017; Just go to the cyber Cafe with your O'level result print out because it will be scanned and uploaded.. . Prices varies depending on the CBT centre... Some are collecting N500, N300 BUT I did mine today for N250
08-Aug-2017 16:02:13 ·
meekun; Thanks
09-Aug-2017 08:50:08 ·
rotimi1277; Some who has done his or her should please drop his line. I need to ask some questions
10-Aug-2017 01:22:46 ·
rotimi1277; I need reply frm som1 who has done it not some1 think he knows it.
I sat for WAEC 2014 and also this year 2017. My 2017 WAEC result was HELD meanwhile I registered for JAMB with Await Result WAEC 2017. My question is that can it be editable to WAEC 2014 when uploading the result.
10-Aug-2017 01:25:45 ·
Ayodele2017; @rotimi, yes it can be edited
10-Aug-2017 11:31:02 ·
[email protected] says;
I have done mine
08-Aug-2017 15:04:53 ·
aliyoung says;
What of we that are awaiting NECO
08-Aug-2017 15:10:35 ·
aviation_pikin; All join, go and do urz now
09-Aug-2017 06:26:03 ·
dejih; how are we gonna do that nigg when result not out
09-Aug-2017 08:04:46 ·
kaylexx; help me ask am o. like they said its unofficial so let still wait. for those of us that wrote neco o

when is neco coming out self
09-Aug-2017 12:02:12 ·
uckings says;
yes, it's real I just updated mine few minutes ago
08-Aug-2017 15:25:14 ·
Philipchinedu; please is it for those that used awaiting result or everybody
08-Aug-2017 15:39:00 ·
aviation_pikin; Its not for everybody...Read well!!
09-Aug-2017 06:26:58 ·
uckings; just go to CBT center close to and verify cos am not sure, think is for every body
09-Aug-2017 17:04:47 ·
uckings says;
for me I think is for every body bcos now it involves scanning and uploading and you still need to upload it normally as you did during the jamb registration
08-Aug-2017 15:43:24 ·
aviation_pikin; Its not for everybody
09-Aug-2017 06:27:21 ·
uckings; I don't knw
09-Aug-2017 17:02:55 ·
David160; I think jamb specified awaiting result
10-Aug-2017 09:15:40 ·
Anthony Adacha says;
pls someone should help with complete there any thumprint
08-Aug-2017 15:48:26 ·
Ayodele2017; No thumbprinting, just a printout of your O'level results that will be scanned
08-Aug-2017 16:04:21 ·
shabzy95 says;
Pls, is it for everybody I don't really get it...
08-Aug-2017 16:04:05 ·
emmazydon says;
Is true i was at the Jamb office last week and one of the women i met there told me that it will start this week... So cos the jamb office is far from where i lived i didn't mine at the CBT center.... With a charge of #500 only
08-Aug-2017 16:22:19 ·
kendoodogwu; Did you do yours at the cbt centre
08-Aug-2017 17:38:12 ·
emmazydon; Yeah
09-Aug-2017 22:03:40 ·
Christo Prex; *∂ι∂ ѕнє тєℓℓ уσυ ιт'ѕ fσя σиℓу ¢αи∂ι∂αтєѕ ωιтн αωαιтιиg яєѕυℓтѕ σя єνєяуσиє???*
16-Aug-2017 17:40:32 ·
emmazydon; Everyone is uploading their result oo
Better go and upload ur own
17-Aug-2017 11:39:44 ·
Pejah says;
What about those using 2 setting. During registration i use one now i want to us two do i need to upload aswel
08-Aug-2017 17:16:56 ·
jesukorededhavid says;
Guys this up loading result stuff na scam .... Already went to jamb office since last month .. They say it ain't Fucking possible .. U can only do that during ur school screening ..
08-Aug-2017 18:20:36 ·
Fiyinsax; brother, it's not a scam, you better hurry to d closest Cbt centre, to do urs before it's too late. they are all doing it
08-Aug-2017 20:49:09 ·
Fiyinsax; brother, it's not a scam, you better hurry to d closest Cbt centre, to do urs before it's too late. they are all doing it God bless
08-Aug-2017 20:49:43 ·
TyrionLannister; This guy na mumu... You went there since last month abi... So this month nkor u don go back to ask them about it? Na just to de for house de talk say na scam u sabi,, Thunder fire you sef
09-Aug-2017 10:42:05 ·
Ayodele2017; Tyrionlannister, the guy na original mumu. I told him i have done mine, the mumu still dey ask me weder i was there when it was done
09-Aug-2017 11:11:35 ·

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