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JAMB To Decide 2017 cut-off Marks Next Week At Its Policy Meeting

Posted: 07-Aug-2017 08:58:08 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 132 Comments

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has disclosed that it will hold its policy committee meeting on August 21 and 22 to determine the cut of points for admission this year into various courses in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

In a press statement made available by the board, it was stated that the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, had given the Board approval to hold the policy committee meeting on 2017 admission.

According to the statement, the meeting will kickstart the 2017 admission exercise.

“All stakeholders including vice-chancellors of universities, rectors of polytechnics and mono-technics and provosts of colleges of education would be in attendance,” the statement said.

JAMB disclosed that it has sent to all institutions a soft copy of printout of candidates who chose them.

"This year, the Board has sent candidates who scored 100 and above in their JAMB to the institutions in its flexible admission policy for institutions to determine the suitability of the candidates in compliance with all laid down rules and regulations as determined by the proprietors of the institutions and approved by Senate of the various schools.

"The Board will ensure that criteria set by Senate are strictly adhered to by the institutions’ admission officers and no shifting of goal posts in the middle of the admission exercise." The statement further disclosed

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Comments (132)
samli2 says;
Lord have mercy
07-Aug-2017 09:03:15 ·
BlaQBishop; They haven't decided the cut off mark and DELSU and other Institutions have scheduled their screening date.
What have they been waiting for?
08-Aug-2017 00:25:12 ·
Phrince1000 says;
07-Aug-2017 09:03:30 ·
Nastie EmJhay; No u mean stc becos samli2 already beat u to it
07-Aug-2017 09:55:34 ·
ogochukwunancy says;
hmmmm,does it mean that the one earlier said is fake? GOE ooo
07-Aug-2017 09:05:00 ·
Nastie EmJhay; My broda, me no understand ooh
07-Aug-2017 09:56:56 ·
Bestc; I wonderooo
08-Aug-2017 17:27:07 ·
Young-scholar says;
May God help us.
07-Aug-2017 09:11:44 ·
Sornata says;
Jamb Should Do Something Befor It's Late
07-Aug-2017 09:22:07 ·
cuddly_chizzy says;
They are still deciding. If I tell you say this year's admission process never tire me, na huge lie.
07-Aug-2017 09:22:32 ·
Nastie EmJhay; No be only u ooh
07-Aug-2017 09:58:24 ·
Bishop123; Lol.
07-Aug-2017 12:03:23 ·
paulstein; tbh diz pple just want to kill me wit hypertension!!.,...Jah help us oo
07-Aug-2017 20:54:30 ·
irekpita says;
God will Faviour each person that wrote Jamb 2017 according to his/her institution of his choice in Jesus Name Amen.
07-Aug-2017 09:22:47 ·
Blessing Ikem; Amen ooo
07-Aug-2017 17:09:21 ·
IFEORAH555 says;
My friend missed his exam date rescheduled on 1 July though he scored 228 in his first exam written 16 may, pls is there anything he can do?? Advice pls
07-Aug-2017 09:25:20 ·
Bajoagbo; nothing bcos he won't be able to printout his original jamb result slip with picture which will be uploaded for his uni's screening
07-Aug-2017 09:36:38 ·
IFEORAH555; OK I heard you
07-Aug-2017 13:09:31 ·
kelvdunski; One thing you should know is that your jamb original slip is not needed during screening... You need it when you are offered admission
09-Aug-2017 06:52:28 ·
Sparklybeauty says;
Hmmmm,,, God will favour us ooo. Cuz am tried of all this
07-Aug-2017 09:37:36 ·
irekpita says;
is only the Grace of God that will help he/, because the exam as pass him already.
07-Aug-2017 09:37:57 ·
samco433 says;
This is taking so much time...what are they deciding?...they should have organise everything even b4 the commencement of the exam!.....well whatever they are deciding, I pray it should favour us all!
07-Aug-2017 09:38:13 ·
Sadokid says;
Jamb should tell the institutions to follow what is in the Jamb brochure
07-Aug-2017 09:40:16 ·
Emmy-leesan 98 says;
When all the schools are done with their screening you are just pondering of cut off if when some schools had chosen its candidates, arrant nonsense... This year is just too frustrating f***ed up boards
07-Aug-2017 09:41:17 ·
oladipupolegacy ; Asin ehn... I tire
07-Aug-2017 13:40:36 ·
Emmylou says;
Jamb do ooooo
07-Aug-2017 09:43:26 ·
Emmanuel nice says;
They should use last year's cut off mark or reduce the cut off mark...
Let them not increase anything abeg...
Son of men needs to enter School.
07-Aug-2017 09:47:49 ·
oladipupolegacy ; Lol... Help oh lord
07-Aug-2017 13:41:03 ·

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