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JAMB 2017 Change Of Course/Institution Can Only Be Done Twice - JAMB

Posted: 20-Jul-2017 [13:27:07] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 560 Comments

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The Joint Admission and matriculation board has warned candidates who wish to effect changes on either their course and institution or make corrections on any of their data that it the process can only be done twice.

JAMB’s Head of Public Relations, Fabian Benjamin made this known in an interview in Bwari, FCT, on while officially announcing the reopening of the 2017 Change of course/institution and data correction exercise on Wednesday.

According to him, “You are allowed to change courses and institutions not more than two times, if you change the first time and experience an issue, you are allowed to change the second time.

He warned candidates against going to unapproved CBT centres for their change of course/ Institution and data correction.

He emphasised that the board will not be held liable in events whereby a person’s change is not reflected.

“We have had situation where candidates will go to Cyber Cafés and do whatever they like and then say the change did not reflect, the board will not entertain such complaints.” he stated.

He equally said that the process of change of courses and institutions could be done with the payment of N100 in JAMB Computer Based Tests (CBT) centres, and N250 at other approved centres.

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Comments (560)
AB ninety says;
Gud news, buh still on still FTC no going back.
20-Jul-2017 13:33:51 ·
Herbephe1; thank God I can still change it despite been changed once
21-Jul-2017 16:38:58 ·
Godfrey chukwuemerie; Do we have 2 pay again?? b4 making d second changes
25-Jul-2017 17:34:14 ·
AB ninety ; Nope
26-Jul-2017 00:45:55 ·
froshest; What of those dat are doing theirs 4 d first tym nko,will dey still do it again???
26-Jul-2017 10:34:57 ·
AB ninety ; Once more
26-Jul-2017 10:48:49 ·
froshest; haaaa...we are paying 3500 twice???
26-Jul-2017 11:10:06 ·
Base123; Please is it out?
26-Jul-2017 14:27:25 ·
wilson3; pls where can i do it in warri, i went to PTI school they said they r not doing it
26-Jul-2017 16:52:10 ·
froshest; must u do it in warri ni???
27-Jul-2017 15:54:24 ·
EGB001; Asap!
can it be done twice.. I made a mistake last week when I did change of course..but now I want to do it again....pls help me....

should I go pay again at the cafe coz am clicking on it on my system(ae I did before) but its not responding..whereas other tabs are responding....pls reply me
31-Jul-2017 05:40:45 ·
froshest; haaaa...u ave 2 do it again nw
31-Jul-2017 10:29:31 ·
Herbephe1; but has it commenced?
31-Jul-2017 18:52:19 ·
02-Aug-2017 22:20:08 ·
Devyeed; Someone should help.

Can 192 help me gain Admission into Akwa Ibom State Uni?

Or should I change course?

And, why is Jamb so silent?
03-Aug-2017 12:14:19 ·
Devyeed; Civil Engr.


Akwa Ibom,State uni.

03-Aug-2017 12:17:32 ·
03-Aug-2017 19:42:21 ·
tolumercy says;
FTC.....dats a NYC move
20-Jul-2017 13:34:01 ·
musa.m.tajudeen says;
20-Jul-2017 13:38:11 ·
Winypeachez says;
Any UI aspirant here?
20-Jul-2017 13:40:54 ·
JoshlamGrafix; Yes. I am...
20-Jul-2017 13:43:45 ·
20-Jul-2017 19:55:34 ·
Winypeachez; Pls lets create a group on whatsaap
20-Jul-2017 22:02:51 ·
folashode; Drop your number please
21-Jul-2017 09:28:09 ·
Winypeachez; 08177717378
22-Jul-2017 00:26:40 ·
Brainy Queen; 08170705516
22-Jul-2017 11:28:20 ·
[email protected]; 08135849232
22-Jul-2017 13:32:59 ·
issytom24; 08144248173
22-Jul-2017 21:34:11 ·
Arsene; Please add me up.08094960532
22-Jul-2017 21:36:15 ·
emrajj; add me pls 09030883078
23-Jul-2017 11:57:38 ·
JoshlamGrafix; Here is my number 08133657409
Thank you!
24-Jul-2017 20:59:21 ·
Eddy007; add me up 07035621842
26-Jul-2017 00:32:47 ·
REXZZ; 07058319620
26-Jul-2017 04:06:41 ·
Base123; Still under probability..but please is change of institution out?
26-Jul-2017 14:28:01 ·
Amanda009; 08165910285
26-Jul-2017 15:18:24 ·
Arsene; Please who is creating the WhatsApp group for UI aspirants? If any, just add our numbers already.
26-Jul-2017 21:09:31 ·
Abegunde99; pls add me up 09039302911
29-Jul-2017 14:25:57 ·
Base123; Am also a UI aspirant..

MY NUMBER 08060323360..
31-Jul-2017 17:55:59 ·
Base123; Did anybody create a whatsapp group yet?... If not I can create it and add us all
31-Jul-2017 17:56:34 ·
Base123; And also is the form out?
31-Jul-2017 18:05:04 ·
Winypeachez; Base123 the group was created
01-Aug-2017 10:25:50 ·
Base123; Winifried how come no one added me number

05-Aug-2017 11:46:59 ·
Kadriahmed100; Add me 08126363518
07-Aug-2017 15:18:18 ·
readone6 says;
pls i go to bank i was told to pay through remita how can this be done
20-Jul-2017 14:03:36 ·
Sam_uel; Pls how will i upload my waec result on jamb website
20-Jul-2017 14:16:50 ·
paul paulson; go to jamb office
06-Aug-2017 08:25:34 ·
Sornata says;
Are We not going to pay the 2500 again? i need answer
20-Jul-2017 14:54:34 ·
Bright sky; Its N250 now
20-Jul-2017 14:58:20 ·
froshest; Whr can we get [email protected]?
26-Jul-2017 10:38:04 ·
Bright sky says;
Does data correction require thumb printing?
20-Jul-2017 14:59:42 ·
nkemamaka; did you change anything?
20-Jul-2017 19:21:35 ·
Bright sky; Hey amaka.
No i havnt but i want to
20-Jul-2017 19:24:54 ·
bilaudaud; @bright sky, those that did it at first did thumb print according to a friend of mine that did it the first time it came out and for those that are just doing it now, some didn't thumb print, and it worked fine. so it depends.
20-Jul-2017 19:40:36 ·
nkemamaka; pls let me know if you do.
20-Jul-2017 20:03:21 ·
Bright sky; Alright
20-Jul-2017 20:34:03 ·
omalichananka says;
Hahahahaha. Funny people better log in your jamb profile ,then go to correction of data ,click it to receive your remitta number then take the remitta number to bank as account number ,then your account name will be jamb utme correction of data,
Pay 2500 and obtain d receipt that shows your payment has been approved ,finally head to CBT or jamb office nearby ,and make the changes with 100 or 250
Then take your print out.

Listen !!!!!!!!
Don't go to bank or CBT center with 250 ooooooo
Its 2500 , the hundred naira is for print out only
20-Jul-2017 15:28:22 ·
Charlexy1; Hey Omalicha,can I have your number?
I am on the verge of effecting a correction of data but I don't know how I'm gonna go about it...
20-Jul-2017 16:05:33 ·
Charlexy1; Ah, I am aware one needs to thumbprint.
20-Jul-2017 16:07:41 ·
mickael; can I generate the remitta for change of name and use it for my change of course?
20-Jul-2017 16:48:13 ·
Charlexy1; At my end they charged N3,500 to effect the correction of data tho.
20-Jul-2017 17:11:25 ·
rommy13; @charlexy,,,where did u do ur changes?
20-Jul-2017 21:28:47 ·
rommy13; @omalicha pls can u enlighten me more on dis stuff Cus logged in just as u said but I didn't see anything
20-Jul-2017 21:31:49 ·
omalichananka; Roomy,
Log in your account

Then u will see 4 parallel line upwards click it
Then you see
21-Jul-2017 12:43:23 ·
omalichananka; Please make sure you thumb print ohhhh
So that there won't be any problem

Log in to you profile
You see four parallel line at d right hand top
Open it
The you see were they write registration
Open ,then correction of data
Click on correction of data
Your RRR code will display immediately ,and they will also send it to your email address
Use the code as your Account number for the payment

After d payment go to CBT center and pay hundred Naira for d Changes
Make sure u thumbprint please
21-Jul-2017 12:52:12 ·
princess Sofia; pls av clicks on d correctn of data BT am nt seeing anytin
21-Jul-2017 21:33:59 ·
mickael; please did anyone pay any bank charge for the 2500?
22-Jul-2017 04:43:57 ·
pzlatan; pzlatan says;
Please I want to change my state of origin and also institution...will I only pay 2500 for this please I need answer
24-Jul-2017 08:48:56 · Like
24-Jul-2017 08:50:49 ·
Charlexy1; Omalicha but thumb printing is not necessary now, for just change of institution?
24-Jul-2017 17:38:04 ·
froshest; @charlexy 1...those dat are doing change of institution are paying 2750 at d end ryt?
26-Jul-2017 10:43:46 ·
Base123; Please is it out?
26-Jul-2017 14:29:19 ·
wilson3; pls i was told that the site isnt responding oooo while others re doing it, pls whats d problem with d centers in warri.
26-Jul-2017 17:25:17 ·
Charlexy1; Froshest, I paid N3,500
26-Jul-2017 21:07:57 ·
froshest; 4 both change of institution nd d original jamb slip [email protected]
27-Jul-2017 15:52:51 ·
Charlexy1; For just change of institution. The cost for an origin jamb result slip is N2,000 at this place I am.
27-Jul-2017 16:44:12 ·
froshest; haaaa...2000 4 original jamb result slip???
28-Jul-2017 07:09:17 ·
rommy13; I did mine at CBT centre but I did not thumbprint ooo
29-Jul-2017 08:57:14 ·
rommy13; Hope deer is no problem without thumbprinting sha
29-Jul-2017 08:57:44 ·
froshest; nt really sure o,cos i heard it is a must u thumbprint
29-Jul-2017 14:24:10 ·
rommy13; Really den I ve to go back to d CBT centre for thumbprint oooo
29-Jul-2017 21:59:26 ·
Charlexy1; I did no thumbprint though.
29-Jul-2017 22:00:36 ·
EGB001; Asap!
can it be done twice.. I made a mistake last week when I did change of course..but now I want to do it again....pls help me....

should I go pay again at the cafe coz am clicking on it on my system(ae I did before) but its not responding..whereas other tabs are responding....pls reply me's urgent
31-Jul-2017 05:31:46 ·
froshest; am confused o
31-Jul-2017 10:32:57 ·
rommy13; @EGB001,,yes u can re change ur institution and course once again but after dis second chance,, u can't rechange again,, and u will ve to repay anoda 2500 in d bank 4 changing of institution and courses,,and pls we are warned not to do it at cyber cafe but CBT centre,, obedience is better Dan sacrifice,, yes u can rechange but after dis,,u can't again oo,so b carefull wen doing d changes,,God help u
01-Aug-2017 01:12:54 ·
froshest; bt dey are d 1 dat say dat we can do it at d cafe nw...oga o
03-Aug-2017 11:31:41 ·
Charlexy1 says;
Im not actually cleared about the payment, friends. To effect a change now is N100/250 or N1000/2500?
20-Jul-2017 15:31:25 ·
froshest; am very confused ryt nw
26-Jul-2017 10:44:50 ·
ugochukwu123; Having troubles editing ur pics? Here is a solution follow me on instagram on @mistamike_trump and send me any pic u want to edit and I will edit it for u.
28-Jul-2017 13:35:59 ·
Charlexy1; Ode boi
28-Jul-2017 13:44:07 ·
28-Jul-2017 13:47:49 ·
ugochukwu123; I want to help pple
28-Jul-2017 13:48:16 ·
froshest; lolssss...are we talking abt editing of pic here
28-Jul-2017 16:39:56 ·
Charlexy1; chai...what manner of help, Ugochukwu
28-Jul-2017 23:13:57 ·
froshest; lol...i tire o
29-Jul-2017 14:25:54 ·
adebukkie; Plz I beg you reply this uploading of waec result on jamb website has it started the awaiting result
31-Jul-2017 22:16:07 ·
Asgidi; After generating the RRR, can we pay via interswitch? Must we go to the bank to pay?
02-Aug-2017 01:28:06 ·
froshest; i heard u will pay in d bank o
03-Aug-2017 11:34:29 ·
Am-blessed says;
Abeg some should help me look, is dat #100 and #250 or #1000 and #2500?.........for this Nigeria.... Am confused oo
20-Jul-2017 15:31:33 ·
froshest; lol...nt only u o.dey are jst stressing us lyk seriously
26-Jul-2017 10:46:22 ·
Adedapo Seun Bewaji says;
what about those that have done the change of course before?
20-Jul-2017 15:55:06 ·
horlanif; U wont do anoda once u dont hv anytn to correct agn
28-Jul-2017 12:44:24 ·
Nwannexy says;
how can we reprint the new jamb change of course slip to ensure the changes made has been reflected?
20-Jul-2017 16:18:39 ·
Evalsam Ikpete says;
JAMB 2017 Change of Course is #2,500 and the #100 or #250 is for the print out service while printing of Original Result slip is #1000 theys no thumbprinting o bcos cyber cafe use to do it here in Calabar
20-Jul-2017 16:46:53 ·
Charlexy1; Is cyber cafe legit? Its crazy how a CBT center here charged N3,500! (N2,500 for bank charges, then the N1,000 for them)
20-Jul-2017 17:29:29 ·
froshest; dis is jst rubbish...must we print d original wat abt d ones we print out b4,dat 1 is gone ryt
26-Jul-2017 10:49:03 ·
chiozy; Pls any idea if unique accept second choice... Asap
27-Jul-2017 15:00:16 ·
Charlexy1; Chiozy; what do you mean by unique..
27-Jul-2017 16:48:49 ·
froshest; abi o...wat did u mean by [email protected]
28-Jul-2017 07:01:15 ·
EGB001; Asap!
can it be done twice.. I made a mistake last week when I did change of course..but now I want to do it again....pls help me....

should I go pay again at the cafe coz am clicking on it on my system(ae I did before) but its not responding..whereas other tabs are responding....pls reply me's urgent
31-Jul-2017 05:35:33 ·
01-Aug-2017 16:23:31 ·
froshest; u jst corrected urself,cos u said unique b4
02-Aug-2017 15:27:53 ·
chiozy; My question hasnt been answrd
03-Aug-2017 15:12:28 ·
froshest; den go 2 their website 2 comfirm nw
05-Aug-2017 09:47:01 ·
Abada joel says;
Please guys.... I applied for international studies and diplomacy in uniben and I got D7 in literature in waec is it acceptable? Please you guys should reply me am kinda scared
20-Jul-2017 17:19:53 ·
kenamen419; no you can't.literature is a must in all courses in the faculty of art in uniben
20-Jul-2017 17:26:04 ·
thestar; Abada, if you have an alternate subject, e.g crs, you've got no problem even in uniben
20-Jul-2017 17:53:59 ·
Abada joel; Thestar you mean if I have crs in my waec? I do
23-Jul-2017 20:28:13 ·
wilson3; pls do any one have an idea of where i would do it in warri. Ive gone to many cbt centers and they re saying the site isnt their own site different???
26-Jul-2017 17:00:07 ·
thestar; yeah @abada
02-Aug-2017 11:01:30 ·
pharmdg; drop your phone number to be added to uniben aspirants group chat
04-Aug-2017 05:31:42 ·
Abada joel; 07067156107
08-Aug-2017 21:04:39 ·
Posii says;
Abeg when will waec students with awaiting result upload there result on jamb data. Need reply asap plz.....
20-Jul-2017 17:23:53 ·
Sam_uel; Abi ooo
20-Jul-2017 22:03:35 ·
adebukkie; Please reply I beg you, have the uploading of waec result on jamb portal started..please reply
31-Jul-2017 22:18:09 ·
Winypeachez; Any unilag aspirant here?
01-Aug-2017 10:30:58 ·
oyegunle eniola; Yes oooooo
02-Aug-2017 13:52:15 ·
Winypeachez; Eniola drop your number
18-Aug-2017 11:13:58 ·

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