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JAMB Employs New Method For 2017/2018 Admission Process

Posted: 17-Jul-2017 [12:42:43] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 138 Comments

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB has stated that it has established new method of admission in line with its mandate to ensure fairness irrespective of tribe and religion and it is determined to meet the expectations of Nigerians.

According to the JAMB public relations officer, Dr Fabian Benjamin who made this known, the Board had held consultations with universities across the country to enable candidates meet the requirement and secure admission without the assistance of anybody.

“The Prof. Oloyede led management is working to ensure transparent, acceptable and fair admission process.

“We have designed software known as Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS), where human interference will be completely removed, to promote credibility.

“The admission criteria would be keyed into the software and it will select candidates blindly according to the institutions requirement without any primordial consideration.” He stated.

He equally mentioned that the official cut-off marks have not been arrived at as this can only be done at a policy meeting, which is at the moment yet to be conveyed.

He further stated that the policy meeting would commence the 2017 admission with all mode, process and acceptable conditions for admission.

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Comments (138)
Mysticdon says;
17-Jul-2017 12:44:47 ·
Eedris717; Abeg," Make Jamb Park Well Sef
17-Jul-2017 15:31:27 ·
phonelord; space booked
if you choose Unimed ondo as your first or seconds
choice in this just conducted jamb test,
comment your whatsapp number to get added to out
informative group
17-Jul-2017 18:35:50 ·
Devyeed; What's all this for?

It seems those that retook the Exams are really scoring higher than their initial.

This is actual partiality!!
They should have foolishly made everyone retake the Exams.
God, with these scores, where will 192 take me to?
17-Jul-2017 19:07:33 ·
joeledeh; Bros we are at God's hand but what is said is 98% true, they are really scoring higher. Let's pray we shall be favored
17-Jul-2017 21:39:26 ·
meredith...; Devyeed dont mind anyone dat comes out to say i had 280+ until they give you proof.most of dose dat rote d supp exam came here to lie.dat was how one said he scored 306,his friends 329 and d oda one had 300+...just have faith and you will see dat you will gain admission before odas dat came here to brag
18-Jul-2017 06:34:02 ·
Danzymatics says;
Them don start again
Set of confused people
17-Jul-2017 12:46:12 ·
ike_paul; I dey tell you.
18-Jul-2017 13:04:44 ·
sterol says;
Na today e donbtey
17-Jul-2017 12:49:18 ·
samuelmichael says;
we are not in hurry,we expect the administration admission process to be a fair one too,there should be no tribe advantage.
17-Jul-2017 12:57:57 ·
Tumi rae..; pls o what do u mean by there should b no tribe advantage? does it mean that schools wont make use of catchment area this year?
17-Jul-2017 13:52:12 ·
Mark william; Pls, lemme make use of this available space.
This one that jamb is using us to experiment with their new syestem.
They should not forget that this is 9ja oh, dem go still touch d system.
17-Jul-2017 16:08:49 ·
jking122; my guy u no lie o........ D acount must be hacked
19-Jul-2017 15:08:25 ·
joiceeberechi says;
If only it will be possible for them to keep to this, I think it makes sense
17-Jul-2017 12:59:39 ·
onyekah3 says;
I hope this would work well. Nigeria is full of irregularities.
17-Jul-2017 13:20:36 ·
breed says;
aboki, hope ur software will do the waec screening and verification.
17-Jul-2017 13:29:34 ·
chimemeria; nna,,,,,,,me still dey wonder how possible e go be O,since we dey screen o level this time around,besides,some schools don sell their screenin form sef...

some 1 shud help me explain biko..
17-Jul-2017 20:51:38 ·
Evalsam Ikpete says;
2017 WASSCE Results are out according to WAEC Nigeria twitter page so those that wrote should check o
17-Jul-2017 13:31:26 ·
jochez; I checked now but no 2017
17-Jul-2017 13:47:45 ·
Evalsam Ikpete; Yes it seems they have not uploaded it but according to waec nigeria twitter page they tweeted that is out u can check 4 urself
17-Jul-2017 14:49:53 ·
chineche214; Yes they said I'd out and ready but we be accessible on Wednesday 19 when thru we announce it openly in press
17-Jul-2017 15:01:35 ·
chimemeria; waec results are uploaded online after 24 hours,u guys should chrck bck 2morw pls
17-Jul-2017 20:53:50 ·
danielab01 says;
Nigeria at its corruption state, they don start again
17-Jul-2017 13:34:02 ·
princeluvz says;
Sound good bt na 9ja we dy dem go still touch d system
17-Jul-2017 13:43:47 ·
Peter Desmond says;
I kindly wish to remind you all that we are still in Nigeria.
Similar rules and development has come and gone without yielding any positive result.

No be today nah.
17-Jul-2017 13:44:43 ·
Etboy1; it won't work because schools won't allow jamb give admission
20-Jul-2017 22:33:46 ·
attah4great says;
New method of admission afterter many schools has started screening & admitting, 4ker! no be only new method
17-Jul-2017 14:11:11 ·
dimah; U should understand that policies like this only apply to public (usually federal) institutions.

All universities that has started admission screening are either private or state-owned
17-Jul-2017 14:36:00 ·
michael chinasa innocentia; just a correction,public university is both federal and state.
17-Jul-2017 14:54:23 ·
valdobis; U need to read dat again before ur he wrong at all?
17-Jul-2017 18:04:26 ·
michael chinasa innocentia; valdobis,i understood what was written. He/she basically means that public universities are usually federal and my correction was simply based on that. I hope you understand what i mean.
20-Jul-2017 00:50:58 ·
michaelidowu6 says;
If the procedure could be followed strictly..
17-Jul-2017 14:43:17 ·
Emmyuchu says;
Na Naija we dy....
I just pray this method won't be a Failure
17-Jul-2017 14:45:46 ·
Emmyuchu says;
Lemme hear human won't interfere in this method... Akuko
17-Jul-2017 14:46:41 ·

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