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JAMB Results for July 1st 2017 Are Out - Check Yours Now

Posted: 14-Jul-2017 [22:30:59] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 459 Comments

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We're pleased to announce that the JAMB Results for Candidates who participated in the supplementary JAMB exam held on July 1st, 2017 have been released.

Candidates who participated in the exam can proceed to check their results now.

How To Check Your Supplementary JAMB Exam Result


-Enter your JAMB registration Number or email address in the space provided

-Click on "Check My Result" to view your results

Goodluck to you all.

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Comments (459)
ACE hood says;
14-Jul-2017 21:34:37 ·
phonelord; space booked
if you choose Unimed ondo as your first or seconds choice on jamb
comment your whatsapp number to get added to out informative group
14-Jul-2017 23:03:52 ·
Sterling95; Please add 08101817617
15-Jul-2017 07:34:39 ·
promiseisaac; the 1st to comment didn't even make noise by saying ftc, this the kind of people that really need to be commenting 1st here..nice one ACE hood
15-Jul-2017 09:15:45 ·
gift99j; 09032101304
15-Jul-2017 20:33:58 ·
SoliuFilJannah; 08108237674
16-Jul-2017 16:03:54 ·
mekus96; 08032100683
17-Jul-2017 02:14:59 ·
mekus96; Can l have your WhatsApp number so that l can ask u somethings about unimed,please @phonelord
17-Jul-2017 03:08:16 ·
obi pal; 07065220920, addup.. unimed aspirant
18-Jul-2017 15:28:38 ·
LawdCedric says;
14-Jul-2017 21:36:31 ·
ACE hood says;
Let's hear testimonies.
14-Jul-2017 21:36:54 ·
bilaudaud; @Ace hood, will you pls change your profile pic and don't confuse us. this is myschool icon and I guess, it's meant for the team only and not the members.
15-Jul-2017 07:18:18 ·
Senorita308; Thank God oo mine is 224
15-Jul-2017 10:46:41 ·
froshest; so happy 4 [email protected]
15-Jul-2017 15:03:01 ·
2fold; scored 267
17-Jul-2017 10:50:14 ·
froshest; happy 4 u guyz o
17-Jul-2017 19:40:03 ·
Ifedayo001 says;
@ last.. Intelligent People, please check and give us feedback
14-Jul-2017 21:37:37 ·
Ifedayo001; who has successfully done correction of data?
14-Jul-2017 22:55:04 ·
elladik; is it truly out???
15-Jul-2017 08:51:22 ·
15-Jul-2017 15:34:19 ·
abdulprof1 says;
wow! i wish dos wrote on 1st july to see a good result....
14-Jul-2017 21:37:48 ·
froshest; am jst so happy 4 dem [email protected]
15-Jul-2017 15:04:38 ·
abdulprof1; really! they got high marks oo, i believed they'll blast Oloyede wit praises like they blasted him with curses when he didn't release their results
15-Jul-2017 17:18:02 ·
froshest; lol...such is life nw.he jst ave 2 accept it lyk dat
18-Jul-2017 15:18:47 ·
onagachukwuma says;
my score was the same as the last one no change
14-Jul-2017 21:39:13 ·
elladik; wat was d last 1
15-Jul-2017 08:51:54 ·
15-Jul-2017 10:40:45 ·
15-Jul-2017 15:07:43 ·
Samziee says;
Jamb original result is now available. Those of you that paid for the result online and couldn't print it, well it's now available. Check your jamb profile.
14-Jul-2017 21:43:18 ·
Neyoprince; Have you been able to print yours?

I'm planning to pay for mine by Monday.
14-Jul-2017 21:54:39 ·
Samziee; I paid since but I just printed it yesterday.
15-Jul-2017 09:17:32 ·
Umin smart; Hw can u print ur result.nd hw much
15-Jul-2017 14:05:51 ·
Samziee; It's N1000 plus N250 service fee. Just go to your jamb profile pay using remita. It's easy.
17-Jul-2017 12:05:44 ·
Neyoprince; The remita hasn't been going.
When did you do yours?
18-Jul-2017 01:44:21 ·
Samziee; The day I posted this info. 14th July. I did it with ease on my phone using my ATM card.
18-Jul-2017 16:49:02 ·
profchudo says;
lol everybody don silent

if na before we no go hear word here ..them go da shout jamb release our result up and down!!
14-Jul-2017 21:44:26 ·
froshest; lol...b4 nko.if dey didn't do lyk dat,dey wnt release d result
15-Jul-2017 15:10:47 ·
Jay Rae says;
Jejely waitin to read testimonies/comments dah touches

14-Jul-2017 21:46:28 ·
Bright sky says;
Old score-191
new score-208
17marks no b com chop! Jah b praisd
14-Jul-2017 21:50:00 ·
Dini Oriye; Awwwwn... May God bless your new score
14-Jul-2017 22:02:07 ·
Bright sky; Amen ooooooh, tanks
14-Jul-2017 22:30:06 ·
Perryclark; Congrat bro!!
14-Jul-2017 22:39:56 ·
Bright sky; Tanks bro
is data correction open?
14-Jul-2017 22:44:51 ·
kelvinze347; Congrats bro! oloyede cn sleep peacefully.
14-Jul-2017 22:54:47 ·
Bright sky; Hahaha...yeah he can
14-Jul-2017 23:03:08 ·
promiseisaac; lol.. he needs to die peacefully not sleep
15-Jul-2017 09:18:06 ·
froshest; lol...congrat bro.nw oloyede can walk freely nw
15-Jul-2017 15:13:06 ·
Adaobimaryrose; Congrats dear
God really did it for ud
15-Jul-2017 23:24:56 ·
Devyeed; What's all this for?
It seems those that retook the Exams are really scoring higher than their initial.
This is actual partiality!!
They should have foolishly made everyone retake the Exams.
God, with these scores, where will 192 take me to?
17-Jul-2017 19:04:37 ·
kelvinze347; To university
17-Jul-2017 19:17:03 ·
D-Gold; Bright sky I don't underatand, how did you now see your former score, I thought it was withheld so y did you guys go for the exam again?
18-Jul-2017 00:13:27 ·
Bright sky; Our 1st results was once released before it was cancelled
18-Jul-2017 06:07:18 ·
froshest; change of course nd institution is out,so correction of data should also be out [email protected]
18-Jul-2017 15:09:11 ·
dpedro1 says;
My former score was 242. But my new score after resitting is 261
14-Jul-2017 21:50:51 ·
Dini Oriye; May God bless your new score
14-Jul-2017 22:03:19 ·
froshest; congrat dear
15-Jul-2017 15:14:14 ·
onyebuchi232; Dear which school are you aspiring for
16-Jul-2017 13:32:57 ·
Devyeed; What's all this for?
It seems those that retook the Exams are really scoring higher than their initial.
This is actual partiality!!
They should have foolishly made everyone retake the Exams.
God, with these scores, where will 192 take me to?
17-Jul-2017 19:05:04 ·
froshest; haaa bt u can apply 4 poly nw...nt until u score 400 b4 u can go 2 skul nw
17-Jul-2017 19:44:48 ·
Neyoprince says;
I simply can't contain the joy in my heart.
God actually gave me an opportunity in disguise.
Previous Score : 217
New Score : 282

Rejoice with me guys.
14-Jul-2017 21:50:57 ·
Dini Oriye; Be totally grateful to Oloyade for cancelling your result
14-Jul-2017 22:05:40 ·
rotimi9; After dey will oloyede
14-Jul-2017 22:11:13 ·
Dini Oriye; If Nah u dey 4 our shoes ehn... You no go swear for m that time
14-Jul-2017 22:15:15 ·
Perryclark; Congrat bro
14-Jul-2017 22:40:58 ·
Mhizkhay; Congrat bro
15-Jul-2017 11:00:12 ·
froshest; congrat bro
15-Jul-2017 15:15:29 ·
KingRay001; Oloyede pls cancel my own na 232, lemme get 400
16-Jul-2017 19:09:10 ·
froshest; lol...campaign after [email protected]
17-Jul-2017 19:41:43 ·
froshest; or maybe u should call his number
17-Jul-2017 19:42:16 ·
KingRay001; Oya send it
17-Jul-2017 20:41:38 ·
froshest; lol...are u actually asking his number 4rm me???am nt related 2 him nw
18-Jul-2017 15:01:17 ·
samuelvenera says;
come on is dis 4real or it's just for sweet mouth or reverse
14-Jul-2017 22:05:58 ·
Flexyblaise; I wonder oo,my score is 202
15-Jul-2017 20:47:12 ·
Adaobimaryrose; I scored 202 too😉😉😉
15-Jul-2017 23:23:06 ·
Dini Oriye says;
May Favour locate ya new score... Ijn
14-Jul-2017 22:07:12 ·
franchy32 says;
old score=245 new score=242
14-Jul-2017 22:08:56 ·
froshest; dnt be sad still okay
15-Jul-2017 15:17:59 ·

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