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JAMB Original Result Slip Printing for 2017 Begins - See Procedures

Posted: 14-Jul-2017 [23:30:34] into Jamb by allyshod for school | 123 Comments

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All 2017 JAMB candidates are hereby informed that the printing of JAMB original result for 2017 has commenced.

The Original JAMB result slip is an official document you will likely need to during your admission screening exercise and other admission matters.

For detailed information on the uses of the JAMB Original Result Slip click here

The process of printing your JAMB original Result Slip is very easy. This means you can actually do it yourself.

How To Print Your 2017 JAMB Original Result Slip

1.Login to your Jamb Account at

Note:Do not login with another persons account unless you are printing for that person.

2. Under the list of services, Click on the "Print Result Slip"

3. On the next page that appears, click "continue with payment" to make payment via Remita or other options available

4. If the payment is successful, your JAMB Original result slip will be displayed and you can proceed to print it immediately. It will equally be sent to your email address in case you prefer to print it later.

1. The cost for the printing of the JAMB Original Result Slip is One Thousand Naira (N 1000).

2. The JAMB Original Result Slip must bear you passport photograph on it.

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Comments (123)
tos123 says;
14-Jul-2017 23:37:56 ·
BlaQBishop; Any news about UNIBEN screening forms? Is it out?
04-Aug-2017 00:24:19 ·
Nnadoziescarlet says;
14-Jul-2017 23:47:25 ·
Babtunz says;
Thank God oo.....Lemme say dis little Prayer..
Oh Lord we thank and Appreciated ur Mercy Upon our Soul,frm d beginning of d registration to the Printing oF Results,Is dat not Wonderful???And those dat are yet To see their result or Having Low marks....I pray u Put a Smile on Everyone's Face.IJM..
Allahu Akram
15-Jul-2017 00:10:27 ·
bilaudaud; amin
15-Jul-2017 07:15:30 ·
Alexis das; Amen In Jesus Name.
17-Jul-2017 18:42:49 ·
PuertoSans; You know this is the same hypocrisy displayed by the pharisees that christ condemned?

Take one moment and look at it; does God have an account on So how is this your comment here a prayer to God?
When next you want to pray, just talk to God. Don't tell us what you want to tell God, it's no longer a prayer if you do that.
05-Aug-2017 12:21:14 ·
Babtunz; I will also like u to pray to d Devil dat he should take ur life Within d next 48 hours and Lets see whether Ur Prayer will be answered or Not..f**l
05-Aug-2017 12:41:00 ·
AbuUbayy says;
Pls, Are we to print before Admission process begin?
15-Jul-2017 02:28:16 ·
bilaudaud; hello, it can be printed at anytime. no closing date for this one
15-Jul-2017 07:14:39 ·
Batifeori; @AbuUbayy, longest time. Which institution did you choose in jamb? Mine is ABU
15-Jul-2017 09:18:44 ·
emric nice; I'm an abu aspirant too
15-Jul-2017 14:17:20 ·
AbuUbayy; May Allaah reward you with good bro Daud. Aameen
20-Jul-2017 06:43:20 ·
AbuUbayy; @Batifeori, Yes oooo, I had been online here, I just refrained from commenting, even I do Check for updates more than 3times in a day.
Thanks for the Concern.
20-Jul-2017 06:45:08 ·
cloud10 says;
Is d original result accessible to everyone including those with lower score?
15-Jul-2017 06:54:46 ·
bilaudaud; yes bro, as far you partake in the just concluded jamb exam. you can print out the original copy
15-Jul-2017 07:13:01 ·
cloud10; Tanks
17-Jul-2017 08:07:00 ·
bilaudaud says;
nice one frm jamb...... when will fuoye online registration begin sef?
15-Jul-2017 07:11:32 ·
olatunbosunbukola; are Fuoye Aspirant u can whatsapp me via 08166084627
15-Jul-2017 10:55:26 ·
bilaudaud; pls add 08149428490
15-Jul-2017 17:51:39 ·
Jeremiah amuda; plz add me 08166341914
17-Jul-2017 22:42:45 ·
Abhifat; Please add this number 08038412698
29-Jul-2017 19:39:10 ·
readone6 says;
expecting jamb cutoff mark
15-Jul-2017 08:18:53 ·
Aanu024 says;
I need explanation on the paymen. How can we pay, and what is the meaning of remita?
15-Jul-2017 08:40:09 ·
CornelG; Their many means of payment, either through Remita(i.e. ATM), internet banking or even either cash at any bank close to you. But the best and fastest means of payments is cash at the bank. After that you will come back to any cyber cafe nearby and log in to your jamb profile then click on the botton that said MY PAYMENTS then u will now be redirected to put in ur jamb reg no and exam year after ur payment must have been confirmed
26-Jul-2017 20:44:15 ·
Aanu024; okay, thanks+
04-Aug-2017 18:24:03 ·
Okoro-Id says;
I made my payment at d bank but it has not been confirmed.....

Am confused wat do I do
15-Jul-2017 09:05:45 ·
OlusegunIyodo; Try again
15-Jul-2017 10:28:53 ·
Jamesogie10; The same thing with me.. I made payment at the bank..but jamb did not send me anything
16-Jul-2017 19:57:35 ·
Ifefunke; Try this procedure.
Click on 'My Payments', then click on 'Get Status' in front of that UTME Result Slip Printing. I think the payment will be confirmed that way
17-Jul-2017 09:08:18 ·
Jamesogie10; Pls which one is "Get status".. I didn't see anything like that
17-Jul-2017 15:03:25 ·
Rejoice Simeon says;
When u enter ur print result slip , u will see many means of payment ( remita , MasterCard or ur ATM card etc)I used my ATM card u will just type in our name, pin, password and date ,u will see everything you need to type in their.after that they automatically withdraw d 1000# from our account and u receive the message immediately. U then select year of exam and then they send it to ur e-mail ,then u print.
15-Jul-2017 10:44:19 ·
NathOlly A; wen did u do it?.. can it done anytim/anyday
15-Jul-2017 10:55:44 ·
NathOlly A; wen did u do it?.. can it be done anytim/anyday
15-Jul-2017 10:56:07 ·
Aanu024; Ok , thanks!!!
15-Jul-2017 17:20:56 ·
Rejoice Simeon; Yes anytime any day u can do urs
15-Jul-2017 21:30:12 ·
peach_fudgie; Please, on the original result slip, does the name of institutions and courses chosen appear on it? This is urgent please...
16-Jul-2017 12:27:53 ·
Jamesogie10; I made payment at the bank..but jamb did not send me anything.. Pls what should i do??
16-Jul-2017 19:59:33 ·
Rejoice Simeon; Yes ur institution and course is there peach fudgie
16-Jul-2017 20:08:23 ·
Rejoice Simeon; How did u make the payment? Was it through ur jamb profile ? Or???
16-Jul-2017 20:13:59 ·
Rejoice Simeon; At jamesoge 10 pls
16-Jul-2017 20:16:18 ·
chairman0; Rejoice the atm u mention
I can only see mastercard and visa as payment option.
I make use of verve those that mean i cant use my atm
17-Jul-2017 13:59:15 ·
Rejoice Simeon; Click on MasterCard and fill the information with that of us ATM its same thing
17-Jul-2017 14:06:50 ·
Jamesogie10; No..they if i cannot pay with ATM.. I should copy the remitta code and take it to the bank.. That's all.. I did exactly that, but they didn't send me anything after payment
17-Jul-2017 14:39:32 ·
Jamesogie10; *they said
17-Jul-2017 15:01:03 ·
Rejoice Simeon; I told u what I did. And that notification must be given to confirm transaction, if not then u have not done anything yet.
21-Jul-2017 09:43:00 ·
Babtunz says;
If U're sure of ur Admission,Oya join me nd Hit Like
15-Jul-2017 11:00:27 ·
thestar says;
So what happens to those people that effected change of course/institution before jamb kinda denied opening it at first?
15-Jul-2017 20:03:40 ·
Phemmite15 says;
I Rep U.I Pls Add Me
16-Jul-2017 01:10:36 ·
Curtis Ufuoma says;
How do we know if we've been called up for screening in our schools... Will they send us a mail through JAMB too or what
16-Jul-2017 07:35:33 ·
Samuel.O; That's why you need to stay updated
16-Jul-2017 07:47:55 ·
Curtis Ufuoma says;
Any Whatsapp group for University of Ibadan?
16-Jul-2017 07:43:32 ·

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