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JAMB Reopens Portal For 2017 Change Of Course, Institution And Data Correction

Posted: 14-Jul-2017 [22:36:08] into Jamb by statisticdvo for school | 555 Comments

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This is to inform all 2017 JAMB candidates that JAMB has re-enabled the portal for the change of course and institution as well as data correction.

All candidates who wish to effect changes on either their course institution or their bio-data can proceed to do so at the closest JAMB CBT accredited centre.

You can also correct your Bio-data which include your name, date of birth, gender, State and Local Government of origin.

Before you proceed to do that, please make sure you do the following;

-Be sure of the Course/Institution you would like to make changes. Verify if the course is available in the school using the JAMB Brochure.

-Ensure verify that the school you are changing to does not usually have a cut off mark higher than your score.

- Ensure you select a Course/Institution that is in line with your subject combination to avoid being screened out during your school's admission screening exercise.

Also note the following;

- You can change one or all your courses/institutions at the same time.

- Once the form is submitted, you can no longer make any changes again (or else the system has changed).

- There may be a limited number of schools or courses you can change to, so be sure to have 3 or 4 options, just in case the one you want to change to is not available.

- The cost for the change of course and Data correction is N2,500.

- You can use the one time payment of N2, 500 to change your institution, course, name, date of birth, State and Local Government of origin.

If you have successfully done yours, use the comment section to let us know how it went.

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Comments (555)
Nnadoziescarlet says;
14-Jul-2017 23:43:43 ·
Omobolawa; First to comment under ftc
15-Jul-2017 01:17:23 ·
bobjack; Yhu are funny
15-Jul-2017 19:09:45 ·
Senorita308; Btw nursing n med lab wic one am I likely to be given in unn with a jamb score of 223 n 2 sitting in waec
17-Jul-2017 08:20:47 ·
chizzy012; D both ll nid prayer o, if dey won't give u another course
17-Jul-2017 09:41:41 ·
madeleine; pls two sittings is not a good idea for any health science course, I got 253 last year with two sittings for med lab wasn't given admission in unizik so pls change ur cos or school
18-Jul-2017 14:54:25 ·
Nikki law says;
Thank u father
Thank u Lord
Oya lemme come and be going🚵🚵🚵🚵
15-Jul-2017 00:04:00 ·
Nikki law says;
Abeg I need answer ASAP .re CBT centers gonna be out tomorrow?
15-Jul-2017 00:10:59 ·
Montory02 says;
Please i need answer urgently, i used waec result for my subject combination and i want to change and used my neco for subject combination can i do this?
15-Jul-2017 00:16:19 ·
Etboy1; IT does not matter u can leave it like that call 08161501666 for Info on that
16-Jul-2017 16:37:14 ·
ritavera; I think u can
17-Jul-2017 09:57:53 ·
Chukwudalu justice says;
Please where will we pay the 2500

is it in bank??
15-Jul-2017 00:19:43 ·
valium; you'll generate a code first from any cyber cafe that is wat u will take to the bank
16-Jul-2017 07:54:06 ·
jah first son; you can pay through remita platform at any cafe
18-Jul-2017 07:35:30 ·
godblessomujalor; Can we pay using quickteller?
18-Jul-2017 16:52:55 ·
Hadexiss; U can do it on ur phone as far as u have a remita account
19-Jul-2017 14:58:30 ·
Gabriel Dickson says;
At last i hope it is true.
15-Jul-2017 00:51:16 ·
Ajami says;
tnk God whr person go fit do am for
warri na b d problm nw
15-Jul-2017 01:02:32 ·
Culbert16; Go colle or PTI. Be like dem still dy do 4 Benchill.
16-Jul-2017 11:20:39 ·
Ajami; I don do am but e bring out indenmity letter
28-Jul-2017 00:32:45 ·
Montory02 says;
Pls i need ur advice, i used waec subject grades during registration but nw i want to change it to neco subject grade pls can i do this?
15-Jul-2017 01:09:26 ·
deyoungmola; yea, u can
15-Jul-2017 02:38:04 ·
Bosky15; Yea is very possible.. Almost all d changes are there... K
15-Jul-2017 12:21:31 ·
valium; its impossible man just when your school screening starts you will be asked to upload any or two seating either waec neco or nabteb
16-Jul-2017 07:56:37 ·
Montory02; But can i not be able to change to neco subject grades? Pls explain to me
19-Jul-2017 07:39:42 ·
tolumercy; yea @valium u ryt,u jst v to wait fr ur SKU screening form to b out den u will b asked to upload ur result....DAts has UNILAG procedures but CNT say abou oda SKU.

my broda u dnt v any ish....wait fr ur SKU screening form
19-Jul-2017 14:18:44 ·
deyoungmola; bro also change it in ur jamb profile, the change is available
21-Jul-2017 12:42:17 ·
Montory02; Ok thankz @ all
28-Jul-2017 13:01:37 ·
youngraph says;
go to any accredited centre or jamb office.. u can visit a popular cyber to check if dey are eligible to do it..
15-Jul-2017 01:17:58 ·
wasiushittu12345; af done my own
18-Jul-2017 22:27:38 ·
walexsy10; Pls did u get a mail or msg confirming the changes?
19-Jul-2017 00:09:46 ·
sammyvirus001 says;
Can I still change my course since ave applied for screening
15-Jul-2017 01:37:16 ·
15-Jul-2017 02:38:45 ·
sammyvirus001; But I applied for medicine and I want change to biochemistry
15-Jul-2017 05:15:52 ·
deyoungmola; ur school don do screening
15-Jul-2017 11:58:05 ·
Ifedayo001 says;
will they open today please?
15-Jul-2017 05:04:53 ·
babs1; Ifedayo please were you able to make the changes am at EAC. cbt centre bodija ibadan but no one could perfect the changes up till now
Lets talk on whatsApp 08167564243 please
17-Jul-2017 12:17:43 ·
Ifedayo001; the network is bad jare!
17-Jul-2017 18:38:31 ·
Iammosez007; also from ib...
gonna do mine the one at gate(idi ape) tomorrow if possible
were u able to do it thereafter??
18-Jul-2017 07:39:18 ·
Iammosez007; @babs1???
18-Jul-2017 07:39:50 ·
Ifedayo001; I finally did it today
18-Jul-2017 20:16:17 ·
Iammosez007; congrats ...
still the same EAC or another center??
18-Jul-2017 20:57:49 ·
Matkay57; Where actually did u do it in Ibadan coz on getting to polyibadan cbt centre today I was told network is not available and pls can u drop your contact in other to get more information from u @ ifedayo
18-Jul-2017 22:20:52 ·
Mr Ransome; Please how did u do it?
19-Jul-2017 08:08:06 ·
Ifedayo001; You can do it on your phone if you've paid
19-Jul-2017 17:04:55 ·
Iammosez007; just did mine this morning...

anything like confirmation msg in your email??? , was told the changes gonna showcase after printing my original jamb result @ Dayo
20-Jul-2017 12:18:45 ·
Ifedayo001; no mail was sent
20-Jul-2017 17:00:05 ·
Iammosez007; okay roger that...
20-Jul-2017 19:25:00 ·
chukszx says;
pls guys I want to confirm something... during reg instead of 22 March Dy put in 21 march... bt I want to know if I don't change it will b of any effect since my birth certificate is 22 March I mean during screening??
15-Jul-2017 06:04:21 ·
hardeysolution; I advise you change it.. .it can affect
15-Jul-2017 07:07:22 ·
Ak Fejiro; pls change so dat it wont affect u in d future
15-Jul-2017 07:10:20 ·
chukszx; OK, tanks @ ya all...
15-Jul-2017 13:19:33 ·
Inikio; Please try to make every necessary correction before ur screening so it won't affect you, i wish all best of luck
15-Jul-2017 23:05:09 ·
aliyoung says;
My RRR code has changed and I've paid before it closes the first time, hope money isn't lost?
15-Jul-2017 06:29:05 ·
Solonton; Same with me i already paid before it was suspended now its still asking to make payment
15-Jul-2017 10:20:22 ·
oluwafemi13; Same wit me
15-Jul-2017 13:32:15 ·
Queenamara; Me also
15-Jul-2017 14:49:54 ·
vicman45; Click on 'My Payment' to see the details of your old transaction..
15-Jul-2017 17:57:36 ·
chizzy012; Hello pls i've made payment b4 d portal was closed can i still use it to do d registration nw.
16-Jul-2017 16:49:01 ·
vicman45; @Chizzy, yes you can, goto my payment and see I'd d transaction is still dere and verify
16-Jul-2017 20:10:05 ·
chizzy012; It is dere, and its showing not used under d status column
17-Jul-2017 09:40:44 ·
vicman45; good click on it and print it, then head to the c centre
17-Jul-2017 12:27:44 ·
chizzy012; Bt is dere any1 wu has done his.
18-Jul-2017 15:44:55 ·
justicechimaobi says;
I've changed mine before, plz can I make payment and still change again?
15-Jul-2017 06:45:14 ·
15-Jul-2017 07:11:12 ·
kingsunny; Jamb said twice so u can
24-Jul-2017 17:22:34 ·
chizzy012 says;
Any1 wu has done his 2day?
15-Jul-2017 07:11:38 ·
valium; only working days cause you'll av to go to the bank to make payment
16-Jul-2017 07:48:18 ·
chizzy012; D tym jamb started d change of institution den b4 it was closed I paid for it can i still use it to do d registration nw
16-Jul-2017 16:47:10 ·
Niana; even me oooo
17-Jul-2017 16:30:55 ·
rommy13; Pls how are we gonna do d changes Cus I went to yabatech and dey said d portal has not been open yet
17-Jul-2017 20:35:43 ·
Niana; in Ilorin, they said till next week. we are gonna wait
18-Jul-2017 08:29:19 ·
veektorhia25; you better go to jamb office or parrot cafe to make your changes
24-Jul-2017 20:56:40 ·

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