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JAMB Results For July 1st - Why The Delay?

Posted: 13-Jul-2017 [08:57:45] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 259 Comments

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It is almost 2 weeks now that JAMB conducted the supplementary examination. Up till now, the results of candidates who participated in the examination are yet to be released

Just like any concerned person, we do not know the reason for this delay and JAMB has kept quiet on that till this moment.

When you think of the fact that the results of the main examination which had more candidates for each day did not take this long to be released (except in cases JAMB had to withhold some results due to irregularities), you can't help but wonder what could possibly be the reason for this delay.

For candidates who participated in the exam, we understand how frustrating this can be especially as some schools have started announcing their admission screening exercise.

However, the best you all can do now is to still be patient and trust that JAMB has a good reason for delaying the results till now.

Nevertheless, we are using this medium to make a strong appeal to JAMB to do the needful. Whatever is the reason for this delay should be resolved as soon as possible so that concerned candidates will know their fate and know what next move to make.

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Comments (259)
princeluvz says;
Dis year jamb slow lik mad
12-Jul-2017 10:59:24 ·
chimemeria; I just hate jamb since the day they cancelled my results for no cause
12-Jul-2017 11:59:03 ·
froshest; This country is jst a mess...we should be in skul by nw
12-Jul-2017 17:54:01 ·
Bright sky; Protest! Protest!! Protest!!!

Its high time we told the oloyede; "we've heard enough"
screenings are going on as i speak and pretty soon it will expire, when that happens, what will become of us?

Nigeria likes the hard way and that they will get cause am sure after the protest, his(oloyede) office will be under probability.

Here is my number: 09027178641 and am in rivers state

drop your states and mobile numbers
from there we can make the next move
13-Jul-2017 10:30:51 ·
chimemeria; Here... Mine too

Enugu state...we must get our results
13-Jul-2017 18:43:16 ·
Neyoprince; RESULTS ARE OUT OOOOOO! as at this time 6pm 14 July,2017, that i checked mine.

From 217 to 282.

Guys check and drop your testimonies.
14-Jul-2017 18:00:20 ·
chimemeria; I have seen mine too,

Old score 294

New score 274

Lost 20 marks.....but all the same,glory to Almighty..
14-Jul-2017 18:06:27 ·
Bright sky; I've seen mine

old score: 191
new score: 208

gain 17marks, glory be to God
14-Jul-2017 18:31:40 ·
chimemeria; People score just dey increase, only my own come reduce.. Chai.......

Congrats all sha
14-Jul-2017 18:36:55 ·
froshest; lol...dnt feel bad [email protected] u still pass d exam nw
15-Jul-2017 15:34:08 ·
chimemeria; yea.....i tank God [email protected]
15-Jul-2017 18:03:31 ·
froshest; naxo my dear...high mark dnt really guarantee an admission 4 someone o
18-Jul-2017 15:16:57 ·
PabloEmmanuel1 says;
#FTC @ Last

Jamb should realease this result, it unfair
12-Jul-2017 11:00:47 ·
Babtunz; FTC in which country??

The Comments wey dey Untop nko??Dem be Wetin.......STC abi??

12-Jul-2017 12:49:10 ·
Niana; what's FTC?
13-Jul-2017 10:21:22 ·
Niana; what's FTC?, abeg
13-Jul-2017 10:21:38 ·
PabloEmmanuel1; chk the tym it only sec difference, when i typed non hv commented so b4 u tok reason well
13-Jul-2017 12:10:48 ·
MSparks005; Whether seconds difference or milliseconds difference, it's not your comment that's on top
13-Jul-2017 13:28:55 ·
chidex0418; pple are here talking about important issues and you are taking about First to comment(FTC). Who the heck FTC epp!!
14-Jul-2017 13:13:39 ·
17-Jul-2017 10:25:38 ·
no result for u guys
12-Jul-2017 11:06:20 ·
Mr prodigal; You be f**l
12-Jul-2017 12:44:38 ·
Babtunz; InFact,A f**l with First Class Honour
12-Jul-2017 12:54:11 ·
Official Abraku; Correct Mumu
12-Jul-2017 14:34:03 ·
promiseisaac; thunder will soon fall on u p***y wagon
12-Jul-2017 14:53:09 ·
12-Jul-2017 15:23:57 ·
froshest; wat u said is unfair [email protected] u didn't rewrite urz ryt?
12-Jul-2017 17:58:44 ·
2fold; Ofcus u are a p***y
13-Jul-2017 09:14:33 ·
arinze ireka; Chai Pussywagon don chop insult tire sha
13-Jul-2017 10:14:59 ·
froshest; lol...he really deserve it nw
15-Jul-2017 15:37:49 ·
Omobolawa says;
12-Jul-2017 11:20:52 ·
Babtunz; FTC kee???

Before u see FTC,u go hear Wen!!

12-Jul-2017 12:50:38 ·
bokaa; D go pay em ne
13-Jul-2017 16:53:47 ·
EngrAjibola says;
Evrytin Abt Jamb Dis Year Is Just Too Slow!!! Release Their Result 4them, Nah Beg I Dey Beg
12-Jul-2017 11:41:08 ·
chidex0418; my dear... i feel for them oh.. Jamb should stop this nonsense already nii
14-Jul-2017 13:15:20 ·
Bright sky says;
Is'haq oloyede is a mess! And an importent leader
12-Jul-2017 11:54:23 ·
chimemeria; Tell that nigga to release my results o
12-Jul-2017 11:56:42 ·
Bright sky; Na my papa abi?
12-Jul-2017 12:01:47 ·
Babtunz; Hahhaaha,see Kweshan oo
12-Jul-2017 12:56:39 ·
froshest; lol...she's jst asking u 2 help her out [email protected]
12-Jul-2017 18:00:34 ·
chimemeria; shoot me O,i just want my result pls o
12-Jul-2017 19:47:11 ·
chimemeria; if I do mistake enter govt house,the first thin I will do to scrab jamb...its just frustrating nigerian students
12-Jul-2017 19:49:01 ·
Bright sky; Still making same i the one holding your result?
I never fit cary my cross, no bring your own join ooh
12-Jul-2017 20:21:29 ·
12-Jul-2017 21:45:39 ·
ojeikere; @chimemeria its scrap not scrab
13-Jul-2017 09:00:22 ·
Bright sky; Shut-up ojiekere, cant you PM her
13-Jul-2017 09:11:41 ·
Babtunz; Good one there Mr Bright
13-Jul-2017 18:08:18 ·
chimemeria; Correction fluid...... ..naso una go dey form, at last, you go still fail English for waec... @ojeikere
13-Jul-2017 18:45:34 ·
meredith...; What if it was a typo...u will come here and be forming oversabi class captain @ojeikere
13-Jul-2017 22:48:44 ·
chimemeria; finally,long awaited results are out
have seen mine,although lower than former one,but I give God praise...

I win.....sorry

We win joh....
14-Jul-2017 18:16:34 ·
froshest; naxo jst happy 4 dem
15-Jul-2017 15:46:36 ·
ojeikere; i want to know about auchi polytechnic admission form maybe is out abeg.
11-Aug-2017 09:18:55 ·
froshest; Go nd check their website nw
12-Aug-2017 19:23:17 ·
ojeikere; I don check na, but i knw understand dem
21-Aug-2017 14:20:21 ·
froshest; As hw
24-Aug-2017 09:26:55 ·
ojeikere; I no understand their portal jare
24-Aug-2017 09:42:33 ·
ojeikere; i fil get past utme questions of uniben or university of ibadan

pls just hola me
24-Aug-2017 09:45:37 ·
froshest; hmmm...i dnt knw o
24-Aug-2017 18:31:32 ·
ojeikere; I beg!!
25-Aug-2017 08:34:50 ·
froshest; Honestly,i dnt actually knw whr u can get it
28-Aug-2017 16:33:08 ·
ojeikere; ok, na problem be dat guy just tell how to get it or get out?
28-Aug-2017 17:39:13 ·
froshest; i dnt get u
04-Sep-2017 19:11:38 ·
ben4life says;
FCETAKOKA:.please guys I will like to know which of this institutions that will issue me certificate at the end of my degree program.UNIBEN affiliated to federal college of education akoka?will my certificate be the same with those in main campus? Will I also go for service at the end of the program?or will my certificate carry the both school name?please, your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
12-Jul-2017 12:03:22 ·
12-Jul-2017 12:23:54 ·
Bright sky says;
It shall never be well with is'haq oloyede for keeping me in this heart breaking condition

Better release my result before tomorrow or else ...generations will be wipe off from the surface of the earth. Idioot! He has lost the respect i have for him
12-Jul-2017 12:09:09 ·
Mr prodigal; Calm down
12-Jul-2017 12:46:20 ·
Babtunz; Ur own case dey with Oloyede

Oya,goan Explain urself!!

12-Jul-2017 12:52:31 ·
dimah; Now Bright Sky that was giving us his hope as 'goodnews' on Sunday is angry...

Perhaps if you had been angry earlier
12-Jul-2017 14:41:00 ·
dimah; Now Bright Sky that was giving us his hope as 'goodnews' on Sunday is angry.

Perhaps if you had been angry earlier....
12-Jul-2017 14:41:23 ·
froshest; lol...bright dey para [email protected] release our result o
12-Jul-2017 18:03:09 ·
Bright sky; That man is very stupid!
For 12days now, not even a word from him
he has made me believe; he's impotent
12-Jul-2017 18:36:44 ·
froshest; lol...he is jst a disgrace
12-Jul-2017 18:49:31 ·
Stevo Lahlah says;
Abeg Make Jamb Start C o C quick o, before lasu start screening.
12-Jul-2017 12:51:58 ·
froshest; Nt only u o.datz wat am waiting 4 already
12-Jul-2017 18:07:54 ·
Stevo Lahlah; Let Us Just Keep Our Fingers Cross
12-Jul-2017 22:02:43 ·
froshest; cross nke?...dey are wasting our tym nw
15-Jul-2017 15:39:43 ·
charlesford012 says;
jamb is so confuse. Thunder wey go fire the registrar dey do press up
12-Jul-2017 13:01:39 ·
Ukelly; hahaha
that man dey craze, let him release my friends release o
register jamb na problem
collect pin na problem
do thumbprinting na problem
write mock exams na problem
write main exams na big problem
now to check result na another big problem!
12-Jul-2017 13:27:52 ·
froshest; lol...their life is jst full of problem
12-Jul-2017 18:11:51 ·
Kingshegz says;
Jamb release their results ooo...
12-Jul-2017 13:32:08 ·
Glad687; Jamb pls na beg we dey beg oooh, these is not what we expect,pleas oooh
12-Jul-2017 13:46:32 ·
Ifedayo001 says;
is this how we sit while JAMB toys with our future? Is this how we look and JAMB make us pay for their own incompetence? Correction of data has been delayed since these days, Results of exam written over 10 days ago in few centres are not released yet, and the most annoying thing is that JAMB has even refused to say a thing or two about this!
Do they even care to know the kind of heartbreak plus oppression received from home that JAMB candidates are passing through owing to their own incompetence?
Why can't we hit the street and make what we are passing through known in a PEACEFUL PROTEST? Emphasis on the word 'Peaceful'.
My number is 081-63-16-26-79. Let the bold and courageous ones reach out to me! Not on whatsapp for now, you can manage to please put a call through. Thanks
12-Jul-2017 14:23:13 ·
froshest; Hmmm...i think d discussion is good
12-Jul-2017 18:16:05 ·
Ifedayo001; thanks bro.. I'll post my whatsapp number soon so we work things out
12-Jul-2017 21:10:06 ·
Neyoprince; I concur with you Bro, Peaceful Protest is definitely a good idea.
12-Jul-2017 22:38:15 ·
Ifedayo001; thanks bro.. I'll fix my whatsapp phone soon
13-Jul-2017 21:09:10 ·
meredith...; [email protected] he said not on whatsapp nah
13-Jul-2017 22:51:37 ·
Ifedayo001; yea, not on whatsapp. But we can strategize there. You get?
14-Jul-2017 16:04:24 ·
Neyoprince; RESULTS ARE OUT OOOOOO! as at this time 6pm 14 July,2017, that i checked mine.

From 217 to 282.

Guys check and drop your testimonies.
14-Jul-2017 17:59:26 ·
Ifedayo001; @last.. Intelligent People, Please check and feed us back
14-Jul-2017 21:40:24 ·
froshest; yes ooo...pls share ur testimonies with us o
15-Jul-2017 15:44:05 ·
Horlamidey24 says;
Wetin dy happen gangan,,na wa for jamb oo
12-Jul-2017 14:29:57 ·
vicman45 says;
Wait Guys!!

Jamb Registrar has not finished watching the video footage from all centres..
12-Jul-2017 14:54:58 ·
frankyflex; Almost 2 weeks now and he is not done watching d footage, so pple dat saw dere result after 2days in d main exam, he didn't watch der footage??? Madness fall on dat man!!!
13-Jul-2017 07:53:35 ·
Miss Rashida; Amen,madness gonna sure fall on him big time!
14-Jul-2017 10:46:42 ·
uchechukwukalu says;
jamb plz we beg u fr Christ sake ..release our result plzzzzz
12-Jul-2017 14:56:30 ·

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