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How to know you are Re-Writing JAMB Supp Exam on July 1st

Posted: 16-Jun-2017 [00:32:51] into Jamb by Sir_haur for school | 547 Comments

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JAMB has concluded all plans to write the Supplementary Exam for specific students on July 1st, 2017. The JAMB Head of Media and Information, Fabian Benjamin, said this in an interview in Lagos.

All those who will be re-writing their exams will be informed via 3 main channels as follows;

1. They will be sent SMS to their registered Mobile Number.

2. They will be sent a mail to the Email they used in creating their JAMB profile.

3. They can login to their JAMB profile online, where a notification will be displayed if they are qualified to write the exam.

We will advise all candidates to check their JAMB profile online to verify if they will be writing, as Options (1) and (2) are not reliable, due to network issues that can hinder the delivery of messages.

You should then proceed to reprint your Examination slip as from Monday, 19th June to see your Schedule of Time and Venue for your exam.

He pointed out that there are some candidates, whose results were out-rightly cancelled and disqualified, following involvement in Examination Irregularities, will also be notified via SMS, Email and Their JAMB profile.

He further stated that these set of students are not eligible to rewrite the JAMB supplementary Exam holding on July 1st.

"This rescheduled examination became necessary to ensure that no innocent candidate is unjustly punished," Benjamin Concluded.

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Comments (547)
obeyizy says;
FTC I no go write
16-Jun-2017 00:53:17 ·
chimemeria; the guy that scored 291,how do you know his results was cancelled??
16-Jun-2017 06:32:40 ·
phonelord; His saw d result and print it b4 buy now when He checked again and they wrote "No result yet"
16-Jun-2017 07:30:23 ·
chimemeria; phonelord. .he is not going to rewrite any thing,it's just network problem,it will soon be reuploaded
16-Jun-2017 07:48:28 ·
ferdiromz; concerning the case of result removal from site am no expert but i think its as a result of completion of the exam process s in general that it was removed may in time all result will be removed who knows? but am scared to re check mine sha
16-Jun-2017 08:37:51 ·
soniasoniclara; I scored 200 in jamb. After I print it out,i check again it's showing no result yet.what could be the problem?
16-Jun-2017 09:33:20 ·
Emmanuel nice; @soniasoniclara , u have to wait, from Monday start checking ur Jamb profile account or email to know if they will tell u to rewrite, coz even if u print out and its not on jamb Database, d will not gv u admission
16-Jun-2017 11:00:55 ·
stormbad; His result was not cancelled,
it might just be a network problem or something.
16-Jun-2017 11:25:10 ·
MercySweet; He is rewriting.... Mine ws like dt... Now i just recieved a text msg saying am to write on first july...
16-Jun-2017 11:40:05 ·
Vincent Boyd; MercySweet, same here.
16-Jun-2017 11:51:49 ·
Peterside; is your center listed among the 72 delisted/sanctioned centers?
16-Jun-2017 12:29:11 ·
Vincent Boyd; Yup in rivers State
16-Jun-2017 13:39:01 ·
phonelord; Guys if u saw no result yet after u already printed it means yoir result was cancelled.... Am not trying to give anybody heart atack...
Read the previous post in this site that jamb cancell result of over 59300 pls aspirants...
16-Jun-2017 14:51:57 ·
MSparks005; I think those that saw theirs before and couldn't again will rewrite. Cos there are people having same issue and have already got messages of their schedule
16-Jun-2017 15:21:23 ·
Devyeed; I can't even find a link to check mine anymore.

Someone should help me check pls.

Gmail: [email protected]
16-Jun-2017 17:02:26 ·
Femzs; Archibong Victor Godwin
Reg Number: 76141124IF
Date of Birth: 02 November 1993
Origin: IBINO-IBOM in Akwa-Ibom State.
Exam No: C05014180
Centre Name: Akwa ibom State Coll. of Arts and Science, Nung Ukim, Ikono LGA, Akwa Ibom State

Subject Score
Use of English 62
Mathematics 46
Physics 39
Chemistry 45
Total Score:192
16-Jun-2017 17:25:35 ·
holyboynaija; Join the mind blowing eksu group, kindly droo ur number.
16-Jun-2017 21:33:05 ·
chimemeria; Jesus....after reading hard to score 294,now dey just tell me to come and rewrite it...

I swear ehn....Jamb should be scrapped.
17-Jun-2017 06:53:12 ·
toppy.jay; Pls add me to eksu group 08100958455
17-Jun-2017 16:35:55 ·
Noble king; 08134053554 please add me to EKSU group
18-Jun-2017 21:57:52 ·
Sammytwain97; Please add me to eksu group, 07068858731
18-Jun-2017 23:13:30 ·
Harzybest; wen last as anyone visited their jamb profile.. I try to login but saying invalid email or password... but I can still chek my result...
21-Jun-2017 18:24:09 ·
shimbo99 says;
16-Jun-2017 01:18:12 ·
mrstillearth says;
hmm I give thanks to God Almighty I didn't have issues
16-Jun-2017 03:50:43 ·
David Etim; i want to be like you oh
16-Jun-2017 11:45:48 ·
Dee Stuntz; Mine too
No issues
17-Jun-2017 13:33:38 ·
charmming says;
FPC... Thank God we made it...
16-Jun-2017 05:08:07 ·
giddystar13 says;
Hmmm... Nawa o
16-Jun-2017 05:24:50 ·
akinolaabram7 says;
God is in control hmmm...
16-Jun-2017 05:36:03 ·
Wisdomistic says;
God Abeg O, I No Wan Wrt Again O...
16-Jun-2017 05:52:33 ·
Musa Godspower; U wil nt write again bro, pls I wnt ask is English nd literary studies accredited in uniabuja ?
19-Jun-2017 11:35:52 ·
skythelimit; Yes, it is.
19-Jun-2017 20:28:18 ·
Musa Godspower; Ok tanks dear @skythelimit re u an aspirant of uniabuja 2 ?
20-Jun-2017 18:46:00 ·
skythelimit; Yes, I am.
22-Jun-2017 10:46:08 ·
ogeluv27; thank God...... me too am not rewriting
22-Jun-2017 11:05:49 ·
skythelimit; Instead of making funky fun that you are not rewriting, why can't you be praying and wishing those rewriting success?
22-Jun-2017 11:15:02 ·
Musa Godspower; what course re u goin 4 ? @ skylimit pls give me ur number
22-Jun-2017 12:29:54 ·
Oluwashida says;
Please myschool,does this means that they can only reopen the change of institution/course after July 1 or they can still reopen it before then?
16-Jun-2017 05:56:02 ·
Sir_haur; Dey are likely 2 re-open it after July 1
16-Jun-2017 06:22:47 ·
Espero; Yea...most likely
16-Jun-2017 07:44:48 ·
Kalu-surge Awesome says;
What Does It Mean These Set Of Students Are Nt Eligible To Rewrite. Somebody Help Oh
16-Jun-2017 05:57:14 ·
Eedris717; Not all,..
16-Jun-2017 07:47:15 ·
Marvel-Kirsten; They re not qualified to sit for d xam again
16-Jun-2017 12:26:25 ·
omalichananka says;
I can't find my result again and so is my three friend that wrote in d same center with me. I pray I fall in d group of people that are eligible to rewrite and not those who are disqualified. Hope to score better this time around.
16-Jun-2017 06:13:06 ·
chimemeria; Pls o,if u have seen Ur reslts,u are not goin to rewrite anything,the 're writing is 4 people who have not seen their results for the first time.
16-Jun-2017 06:35:25 ·
Bright sky; If you dont know what to comment, just shut up!
16-Jun-2017 07:09:21 ·
blacbizzy; Abule shey dose people dere result wea cancelled while dey av already seen it will re write??
16-Jun-2017 07:13:01 ·
Bright sky; Yeah @blacbizzy
16-Jun-2017 07:42:06 ·
chimemeria; Abule....u no well o,when dey rechecked,did they see Ur result has been cancelled,people will just be sayin rubbish.

How do u expect a person that scored 294 to come and rewrite,after burning midnight candle to get that is not possible na,besides,most people with such problem did not even engage in malpractice,even the centres were tight.

Besides,were they stupid to release that first results????or what were they thinking???
16-Jun-2017 07:53:43 ·
kelvinze347; See i advise dat we all (dose affected or not)2 keep on checking dia jamb profile 4 verificatn to avoid confusion hia
16-Jun-2017 09:07:30 ·
miss-gatsy; @chimemeria. some persons I know that saw their results before will rewrite. jamb took their scores back and sent a msg to them yesterday and today that their jamb had been rescheduled. so I guess you should make enquiry first
16-Jun-2017 12:40:09 ·
Devyeed; I can't even find a link to check mine anymore.
Someone should help me check pls.
Gmail: [email protected]
16-Jun-2017 17:03:42 ·
Achiever10; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Archibong Victor Godwin
Reg Number:
Date of Birth:
02 November 1993
IBINO-IBOM in Akwa-Ibom State.
Exam No:
Centre Name:
Akwa ibom State Coll. of Arts and
Science, Nung Ukim, Ikono LGA, Akwa
Ibom State
Use of English
Total Score: 192
Print Result 
2017 © Joint Admissions and Matriculation
Board (JAMB)
16-Jun-2017 17:29:57 ·
Devyeed; Hia!

tnx bruh
16-Jun-2017 17:47:21 ·
Devyeed; Which link did you use to check it?
16-Jun-2017 17:48:10 ·
chimemeria; Jamb is just a foolish and useless exam body,after reading hard to score 294,now they want me to come and rewrite

Nigeria is just a mess

O LORD,we want Biafra.
17-Jun-2017 06:57:32 ·
peekay007; Biafra will not solve ur promblem now,just put urself together and come up with a score better than 294 possibly 350 if u put ur anger in reading. I hope ur center was not involved malpractice?
17-Jun-2017 08:07:06 ·
kelvinze347; Lol..confused nigga.. U don't jamb 2 be scrapped again instead u want biafra..
17-Jun-2017 14:41:37 ·
kelvinze347; Lol..confused nigga.. U don't jamb 2 be scrapped again instead u want its gonna change anyfin
17-Jun-2017 14:43:42 ·
kelvinze347; Lol..confused nigga.. U don't want jamb 2 be scrapped again instead u want its gonna change anyfin
17-Jun-2017 14:46:56 ·
RainaMD; But seriously what does Biafra has to do with this? Nigerians, jeez.
17-Jun-2017 21:43:55 ·
kelvinze347; Raina...if u ask me..nah who ah go ask?
17-Jun-2017 23:31:59 ·
chimemeria; Nigeria is too corrupt..they sold my hard earned results....just because I don't have person in government house
18-Jun-2017 06:12:01 ·
RainaMD; Chimemeria since you got 294 i'm sure you'll get something not too less or even higher if you rewrite, so just give up the stress and start preparing for the exam, goodluck.
19-Jun-2017 21:32:46 ·
kelvinze347; As in..why bother urself bout rewriting?.i mean if u r smart enof to score 294..u cn smash it n score above 350 if given a 2nd chance to rewrite(wid God involved o).
20-Jun-2017 01:15:47 ·
peekay007 says;
i wish i can also re-write too,scored 201 hoping to study computer science in kasu and my scores is too low
16-Jun-2017 06:36:47 ·
Goddy1241; You won't manage the one that you see...instead of been thankful, you are been pessimistic..what if you rewrite and later score 179....what will you say?
16-Jun-2017 09:41:57 ·
Archmike; tell him ooo, am also a kasu aspirant. let's hook up @ peekay.. 07030513465
16-Jun-2017 12:24:27 ·
fatolo; Naso o,don't pray to rewrite o,except you score below may now score lesser.
16-Jun-2017 17:27:10 ·
Kristian-kruize; you guys are too pessimistic and always thinking negative. what if he re-writes and scores above 250? abegii!!!
16-Jun-2017 20:29:22 ·
peekay007; thanks Guys for your advice,they say half bread is better than [email protected] Whatsapp Group?
16-Jun-2017 21:56:11 ·
peekay007; @archmike I have created kasu aspirant group on whatsapp,just added u to the group.
17-Jun-2017 09:24:01 ·
peekay007; Other Kasu aspirants should drop their numbers here to our whatsapp group
17-Jun-2017 09:33:05 ·
stephcoco; 09035132355 add me up to the kasu aspirant group please
17-Jun-2017 19:24:06 ·
peekay007; @stephcoco,tried adding you but could not find you on whatsapp. are u sure d number u gave is on whatsapp?
17-Jun-2017 20:51:34 ·
peekay007; welcome to the [email protected]
17-Jun-2017 22:26:08 ·
Archmike; pls add this no 09079636660
18-Jun-2017 17:16:45 ·
Sir_haur says;
Once u"ve checked & u"ve also seen ur result,,u"re free..u gat no need 2 re-write...
Only candidates with witheld and cancelled result;dat will re-write..

16-Jun-2017 06:40:34 ·
blacbizzy; Sir_haur shey dose people dere result wea cancelled while dey av already seen it will re write??
16-Jun-2017 07:14:03 ·
uckings; I don't think they will remember write
16-Jun-2017 08:18:31 ·
brandosky1; You will re write it bcox it has been cancelled, so try to re write or u will not have any result @ all
16-Jun-2017 08:47:27 ·
Sir_haur; Yh..Once u"re eligible to re-write,,u ll knw cuz u will be notified¬e,,wen u"re notified,,pls re-print ur slip and re-write the exam coming up July 1

16-Jun-2017 09:08:46 ·
brandosky1; JAMB Cancels Results Of 59,698 UTME Candidates
Posted: 15-Jun-2017 08:57:09 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 117 Comments

The Joint Admission and matriculation board has cancelled the result of 59,698 candidates who participated in the 2017 UTME.

According to the the JAMB registrar Oloyede 1,386 candidates have their results cancelled over examination malpractice.

57,646 results were cancelled as a result of centres-induced malpractices. These set of candidates are among the 62,140 that will rewrite the exam on July 1st, 2017.

666 candidates results were cancelled due to multiple examinations.
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16-Jun-2017 09:55:55 ·
Worldclass; Pls how do I Know if am going to rewrite cos I have not gotten any SMS on phone or email, not even a center
23-Jun-2017 09:52:04 ·
Chidiak says;
Lot of candidate whom their result was held and just release resendly complain of reduction of marks. The result was too poor
16-Jun-2017 07:05:29 ·
Teez10; Mine was withheld for 12days and the result was ok(250+)
16-Jun-2017 15:33:05 ·
Chidiak says;
I which they can let us re-read again. The result was too poor
16-Jun-2017 07:07:53 ·
Chidiak says;
I which they can let us re-write again. The result was so poor
16-Jun-2017 07:10:21 ·
omotar; u shld (wish)...coughing *
16-Jun-2017 07:31:15 ·
chuks_21; mine wasnt poor. 248
16-Jun-2017 08:42:05 ·
obiesie; Pls how can I check my jamb profile ???
16-Jun-2017 09:33:46 ·
lharbeeb; So by now u still dont know how to access ur profile
Na wa for u oooo
16-Jun-2017 11:26:50 ·
engrblinks; please o if my centre was listed among the sanctioned ones...does it mean that i will re-write?
17-Jun-2017 09:12:47 ·
Glad687; Pls how do i know if am writing d exam again
17-Jun-2017 12:21:46 ·

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