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JAMB Cancels Results Of 59,698 UTME Candidates

Posted: 15-Jun-2017 08:57:09 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 152 Comments

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The Joint Admission and matriculation board has cancelled the result of 59,698 candidates who participated in the 2017 UTME.

According to the the JAMB registrar Oloyede 1,386 candidates have their results cancelled over examination malpractice.

57,646 results were cancelled as a result of centres-induced malpractices. These set of candidates are among the 62,140 that will rewrite the exam on July 1st, 2017.

666 candidates results were cancelled due to multiple examinations.

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Comments (152)
Jamb registrar says;
15-Jun-2017 08:58:02 ·
holyboynaija; You can drop ur number to join eksu mindblowing whatsapp group
15-Jun-2017 20:59:28 ·
Bolaji4life; 08063513525
15-Jun-2017 22:05:13 ·
Omoola14; 09034623448
15-Jun-2017 23:56:50 ·
Funnyprince12; Which skul??
19-Jun-2017 05:48:32 ·
Funnyprince12; Any ABU group? Pls add me 09080200770
19-Jun-2017 05:49:55 ·
princeojo3; 08148833715
22-Jun-2017 07:51:44 ·
chizzyflora says;
ftc sha
15-Jun-2017 09:00:00 ·
15-Jun-2017 09:01:26 ·
stratigrapher says;
15-Jun-2017 09:01:46 ·
stratigrapher says;
thank God,my result was not among, I thank God for my life
15-Jun-2017 09:02:20 ·
polycarp chike; Y did you think such.... Do others sinned against God.
15-Jun-2017 13:40:42 ·
stratigrapher; and who said they sinned??
16-Jun-2017 00:52:29 ·
Vincent Boyd; What a selfish thought, you are thanking God you weren't among, so those who are affected are less important? Typical of a nigerian religious zealot.
16-Jun-2017 07:50:33 ·
Tony chux; It was just grace and that doesn't mean he's mocking those who fell victim! So please allow him thank God. It's not easy naa
16-Jun-2017 16:01:47 ·
stratigrapher; some people sha!!!.....
16-Jun-2017 18:03:35 ·
Samrano11; @tonychux and stagrapher......just leave dem.....bcos if u don't they will hold u responsible....."I'm thanking God as well ' that mine was not cancelled....." No by my power buh by his grace.....oya come an beat me....mtcheew
17-Jun-2017 12:20:31 ·
Umoh Oku says;
Myschool pls, is 2017 UTME cut off mark release?
15-Jun-2017 09:07:15 ·
Aanu024; no
15-Jun-2017 09:13:42 ·
Aanu024 says;
that should be better, in order to set things right, and for everyone to get his/her desired results
15-Jun-2017 09:11:50 ·
Ekene Dominic says;
@myschool so does it mean dat those without results yet will have to rewrite jamb again??
15-Jun-2017 09:13:21 ·
Jamb registrar says;
I scored 580 in jamb and waec A-1 through out wat are my chances of getting admission to study madness in uni-buhari
15-Jun-2017 09:14:36 ·
BOLLYZCIOUS; Don't even bother yourself,
Be preparing for matriculation. Best of luck
15-Jun-2017 09:17:29 ·
Babtunz; Nah dat Madness u go study gangan till u Get Phd..Hilarious Fellow
15-Jun-2017 10:19:49 ·
Bajoagbo; matriculation in sambisa forest uni
15-Jun-2017 10:35:15 ·
akinolaabram7; If anyone lack wisdom let him ask, noffcut you lack sense#
15-Jun-2017 12:37:46 ·
Jamb registrar; The type of Tunder when go fire u na virgin
15-Jun-2017 13:29:39 ·
akinolaabram7; The type of Tunder will start from your family. Senseless follow. noffcut#
15-Jun-2017 21:10:58 ·
stratigrapher says;
100%....sure very good to go
15-Jun-2017 09:17:07 ·
Grevotek says;
Ok first this is unfair. Cause not all the students partook in the malpractice. What happens when someone who scored higher now gets lower score because definitely questions would be changed. This is total madness
15-Jun-2017 09:22:36 ·
Anextin; My dear this is best in this situation than outright cancellation. Remember they have investigated and of course there might be some scape goat. But I prefer this to no results at all
15-Jun-2017 15:38:00 ·
alani183 says;
Haha did you expect them to repeat questions for........If i atall you were capable of writing the first one and you performed very well......bro nothing still stops you of doing more even have another opportunity to read all the unread topics...Best of luck Bro.
15-Jun-2017 09:28:07 ·
USMANBHAYHOHUSIMON; jamb wi make d question difficult than stds expect
15-Jun-2017 15:48:55 ·
Samrano11; @usman that your thought is "LAME"
17-Jun-2017 12:26:28 ·
alani183 says;
15-Jun-2017 09:29:39 ·
Prudent222 says;
Pro.oloyede is fighting coruptn cos change begins wit him n his board members
15-Jun-2017 09:35:15 ·
Adeham; Dis stupidty oloyede watin dey worry u self,,, u made a bad record for 2017/2108 jamb for ur first time in ministry failure in jamb sizen of resulst and cancell of result,,, walie u are nt capable to be in dis post sir,,,, am sory to say dis
15-Jun-2017 09:47:45 ·
Babtunz; Is Prudent222 the Oloyede U're referring to,abi nah who????????
15-Jun-2017 10:14:36 ·
Prudent222; Hahhha,no b me! Ask him
15-Jun-2017 11:19:51 ·
Babtunz says;
Chimmmo!!..Thank jehovah if U're nt among them oo'The invigilation will be Tight like Sandwich,oh Lord Thank U For my Life oo
15-Jun-2017 10:11:35 ·

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