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62,140 Candidates will Re-Write JAMB on July 1st

Posted: 15-Jun-2017 [08:59:48] into Jamb by Uyiosapetrus1 for school | 212 Comments

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JAMB has fixed 1st July for 62,140 Candidates to Rewrite the 2017 UTME. The previous results of these candidates have therefore been cancelled. This was confirmed by The registrar of JAMB, Ishaq Oloyede, at a press briefing after the board's management meeting in Abuja.

The 62,140 candidates to rewrite the exam include 57,646 candidates in centres-induced malpractice, 3,811 late registration, and 683 candidates who had biometric challenges.

He also explained that the rescheduled examination was also for candidates of centres with mass malpractice, but the candidates were deemed innocent.

48 centres have therefore been banned from conducting any future JAMB exam, as a result of gross technical deficiencies, extortion from candidates, organised examination malpractice and other damaging infractions, as concluded by JAMB.

24 other centres were suspended from next year's JAMB for not meeting expectations required for the success of the exam in their centres.

We believe the candidates to re-write their exams will be duly notified via email, and may be required to reprint their JAMB Exam Slip in due time.

Congrats to all those who now have their results, as we await the 2017/2018 Admission Screening Process.

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Comments (212)
cuttestblacky01 says;
15-Jun-2017 01:04:38 ·
sadman100 says;
dx yr jamb slf eh
15-Jun-2017 01:13:14 ·
phonelord; Humm jamb palava...anyway wanna book this space for a serious post tho not comply with what i the post is all about
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15-Jun-2017 06:17:33 ·
Neyoprince says;
Has anyone noticed the same thing I'm seeing this evening? my 2017 UTME result suddenly disappeared on jamb database, when i checked online, the notification now says "You do not have any result yet"

Myschool please what could be the reason, I didn't score too high or too low (217), there was absolute tranquility on my centre, security was more than tight same day that I sat for the exam (15th May, 2017 7am), I had no issue with biometric verifications.

I'm totally confused.
What could be the problem?
Has anyone rechecked his or her own result, especially the ones that participated the same day 15th May 2017?
15-Jun-2017 01:22:36 ·
wolextayo; Na only God fit save our people. What are you still looking for on the site, you will check and check and check again. Anyway you got what you're looking for
15-Jun-2017 05:18:15 ·
Lizfabian; I experience the same thing, although I hv printed my result I tried checking it yesterday but it shows "you do not have any result yet".

Jamb please bring back my 253 mbok, I worked and studied for it
15-Jun-2017 05:39:00 ·
chimemeria; me too o,have already printed my score is 294

my friend asked me to recheck,when I did ,lo and behold,

No results yet.I just find it to be funny cos I know it's network problem,report from jamb office says it's from their data base.
15-Jun-2017 06:45:28 ·
Wisdomistic; I Just Check My Own, It's Still Thesame.
15-Jun-2017 07:03:37 ·
midasclub; I think you guys are part of the people that will rewrite the exam
15-Jun-2017 09:11:59 ·
Sunshineidy; thank God mine is still intact
15-Jun-2017 09:36:07 ·
Emmanuel nice; Plz those of you that printed ur results did u print the on with ur passport on it (original JAMB result)??

.. Coz that's the one u will use in screening
15-Jun-2017 09:58:16 ·
Sunshineidy; yes, my passport is on it
15-Jun-2017 11:30:27 ·
Victorinho; How are we to print out the one with passport, please?
15-Jun-2017 12:41:46 ·
kelvinze347; For those of u dah hv printed ur result..why kill urself?..its still wid u..might jst be bad ntwrk
15-Jun-2017 14:40:01 ·
[email protected]; Hmmm hmmmmm, jamb go and bring back my 216 oo. Am not joking with you this time around cos i worked very hard for that score. Go and bring back my 216 ooooo, hieeei
15-Jun-2017 15:56:15 ·
RainaMD; These jamb officials are funny, lol they want people to rewrite the exam. What kind of stupid stress is that.hope they didn't mess with my result. I only checked it last month after my exam.
15-Jun-2017 17:31:11 ·
antojack; pls @ sunshineidy how did u print out d wan with passport on it, cos ma own no passport
15-Jun-2017 22:42:41 ·
Emmanuel nice; To print d one with passport
Login to ur jamb profile
Click on print result
Click on pay
They will give u options. U can use d remita to pay in bank or pay with ur atm card
16-Jun-2017 11:12:33 ·
Neyoprince; JAMB has finally concluded to putting​ all of us (innocent but affected candidates) into another series of undeserved stress again, as a result of their own technical fault which they alleged to be centre-induced exam malpractice or what ever they termed it to be.

But one thing is certain, which I strongly believe is that "the God of Justice will surely vindicate us" It is my prayers that we will score higher than we've scored previously.

To the affected, If you've not gotten any text message from JAMB, I would advise, endeavor to login to your profile to verify your status. Meanwhile, I have seen my own text, I'm to be writing on 1 July.

To the ones that were not affected, I heartily congratulate you, and hoping that you will as well congratulate all of us after 1 July, 2017.
We need your prayers.

See you guys at the top!
Success will follow us all.
16-Jun-2017 13:41:59 ·
Lizfabian; I also receive their message, I pray we will score high than before!
16-Jun-2017 20:23:48 ·
chimemeria; I don suffer,after reading hard to score 294,jamb just cancelled my results for no reason,I swear ehn..

If I mistakenly enter Government house,Jamb must be scrapped..

For now,I just want Biafra,Nigeria is a total mess.
17-Jun-2017 06:50:09 ·
Adaobimaryrose; I received message that jamb av rescheduled my exam to 1st july;they also said that they will send note details to me...

If anyone have reprinted please let mi know...
20-Jun-2017 06:51:37 ·
chimemeria; Jamb is just foolish and confuse!!,they should send our centre for us now!,I heard they will centralize it this time around.

After scoring 294,I will still have to face this stress again,nawa o
21-Jun-2017 07:06:17 ·
windy156 says;
hmm nah WA ooo
15-Jun-2017 01:32:30 ·
froshest; passport or no passport...ave printed my result already nd 2 those dat ave seen theirs nd d stuff is saying no result should jst calm will be reverse very soon
17-Jun-2017 21:12:16 ·
Jome91 says;
Enough of all this nonsense from Nigeria nd Jamb i tink its high time we all stood up walk straight to jamb and remind them of something they must have forgotten soo quickly and that is...

When we registered for dis same jamb "Did we choosed the cbt center by ourselves?

so why should we suffer for wat we no nothing about?

if there is anything about the center o fink the owners of d cbt centers should be held responsible nd not innocent candidate plz.

they sent out securities i believe to every centers soo tell me wat happend to them?wil dey go free?

Enough of all this madness.

Our cry needs to be voiced.
15-Jun-2017 03:11:28 ·
Kellynora; This is a good privilege for hard, you will score higher
15-Jun-2017 08:50:46 ·
Kenneth Cole; Lol kellynora are u rewriting?
16-Jun-2017 12:20:14 ·
Kellynora; No ooo
16-Jun-2017 21:40:33 ·
froshest; [email protected] higher mark indeed
17-Jun-2017 21:13:55 ·
Kenneth Cole; Kellynora that's why you are sounding that way
19-Jun-2017 20:31:28 ·
froshest; abi nw,cus she dnt ave 2 talk dat way
20-Jun-2017 14:01:57 ·
Kellynora; Kwantinue gossiping about me 😊😊
23-Jun-2017 10:15:07 ·
Kenneth Cole; Is not called gossiping
23-Jun-2017 10:46:35 ·
24-Jun-2017 17:38:21 ·
Hace90 says;
Some of us are glad our results are been released while some would be sad they are going back to rewrite again !!! This year jamb is a joke
15-Jun-2017 04:07:40 ·
RainaMD; Real joke. The country itself is a joke, including the president.
15-Jun-2017 17:35:19 ·
kelvinze347; Heishh!...take it eazi ma..u all asked 4 change n u gat it so y u de blame d old man ..
15-Jun-2017 19:26:26 ·
RainaMD; I never asked for change.
16-Jun-2017 16:06:25 ·
kelvinze347; Lmfao! stomach o..ok lemi bliv u buh coming 2019 God's grace u wnt vote buhari again bcos of wat?..CHANGE!..mehn lol
16-Jun-2017 17:11:48 ·
froshest; lol 2 hell with change.i told dem 2 vote me in,everything will jst be okay
17-Jun-2017 21:20:36 ·
RainaMD; Buhari didn't help anyone, but seriously some people are going to vote for him in 2019. Of course i'm not 1 of them.
17-Jun-2017 21:34:28 ·
RainaMD; But seriously the guy really changed Nigeria, i mean he's not even done changing it. Lol i pray for nigeria.
17-Jun-2017 21:39:09 ·
froshest; i told u am gonna gve u bt on 1 condition
17-Jun-2017 23:05:28 ·
froshest; [email protected] hw long is he going 2 change d country 4 good.u guyz should jst vote me in nd i will meet up 2 ur [email protected]
17-Jun-2017 23:08:04 ·
kelvinze347; Shut it!...
17-Jun-2017 23:20:51 ·
kelvinze347; I'm jst waiting 4 dah victim dah says he go vote buhari...even if d person is nt in nigeria..m gonna track em.
17-Jun-2017 23:28:11 ·
froshest; lol....y are u always against dis old [email protected]
19-Jun-2017 10:33:05 ·
kelvinze347; See!..lemi say u nah really familiar wid d situatn in dah country buh lemi tell u.,u cnt compare nigeria before buhari n now ,u cnt compare d lifestyle of pple then n now so u see its nt as if i'm against d man himself buh i'm against his status n d country ..well i'm sure it won't be d same afta 2 yrs
19-Jun-2017 11:16:46 ·
froshest; me dnt even want him in again...i seriously prefare goodluck 2 rule us again becus during his regime,everything is okay.All dis are nt happening
19-Jun-2017 16:27:35 ·
kelvinze347; Yes nah nu..dia s nofin like hard economy den
19-Jun-2017 16:40:37 ·
RainaMD; Has any1 even heard from the old man, i havn't heard anything since that rumour in February when they said he was dead or almost dead, i don't even read the news but who knows the guy might have already died since that February.
19-Jun-2017 21:45:04 ·
kelvinze347; Hehehe...abii nah...dnt knw hw true d rumour was den o..
20-Jun-2017 00:50:38 ·
froshest; lol...i think he is still alive bt nt around in d country 4 nw
20-Jun-2017 14:07:03 ·
kelvinze347; He was nt n d country 4rm d onset
20-Jun-2017 14:43:06 ·
RainaMD; I thought that osibanjo guy said he was going to put an end to jamb, whats he doing now. He's been behaving stupidly since he became acting president.
21-Jun-2017 12:54:07 ·
kelvinze347; Ha!...dah one na gambia goat lah
22-Jun-2017 11:41:44 ·
RainaMD; Lol, seriously.
22-Jun-2017 12:41:37 ·
22-Jun-2017 12:44:48 ·
froshest; lol...dnt even go there.d man is trying nw
22-Jun-2017 18:25:41 ·
kelvinze347; Tryin 4 ur hometown? dah wah u mean?
22-Jun-2017 21:50:00 ·
RainaMD; The guy isn't trying o, he's just making supid statements here and there.He even vowed to make all Generator set operators go out of business.
23-Jun-2017 20:56:02 ·
RainaMD; As if he's going to fix the light problem in nigeria.
23-Jun-2017 21:00:27 ·
kelvinze347; Hehehe...fix indeed? next joke plz
23-Jun-2017 21:46:10 ·
froshest; lol...fix indeed.thank God we are still enjoying light in my own area
24-Jun-2017 17:57:52 ·
RainaMD; OMG i can't stop laughing i saw one article that came out on the 22nd or 23rd of this month and it says that your country's president Buhari has suffered memory loss so unfortunately he won't be able to return to nigeria any time soon. Seriously its funny. Lmao
25-Jun-2017 15:45:29 ·
kelvinze347; U mean Amnesia?..i heard of dah before was it last mnth.. or is it dah it occurs frequently...well wid d way he handles tinx in d country its no surprise 2 me
25-Jun-2017 18:23:56 ·
RainaMD; Guys i'm telling you that the old man is already dead, i mean we all know what happened with The other guy yar' Adua. Its like history is repeating itself or something.
25-Jun-2017 23:01:52 ·
kelvinze347; Well one cnt say its true dah he's dead or nt till we hv d proof
25-Jun-2017 23:23:31 ·
RainaMD; Hmmm i guess you're right.
26-Jun-2017 10:07:29 ·
HappySamChi says;
15-Jun-2017 04:11:50 ·
charmming says;
Sweet... FPC...
15-Jun-2017 04:35:45 ·
charmming; ABU aspirant, drop your number.
15-Jun-2017 04:55:00 ·
skythelimit says;
It is quite unfortunate that majority of candidates will rewrite jamb due to technical problems traceable to the examination body. Those who are to rewrite the exam due to examination malpractice should count themselves lucky, unlike b4 whereby such results are legally cancelled and the affected students sanctioned. However, as from 2018, Jamb should be coherent in the conduct of its registration and examination. As contained in the above information, 3,811 will participate in the exam on July 1st due to late registration. To this end, Jamb should put its house in order.
15-Jun-2017 06:41:25 ·
damola4reel; 62,140 candidates just represents 3.5% of the total number of candidates that sat for the exam. Its an insignificant amount of the candidates that wrote the exam. Candidates that are to rewrite the exams should be happy to do so, cos some of them got 32, even 28 sef...kudos to this Registrar, he's really trying. If it were to be last year, they would have canceled it and nothing would have happened.
15-Jun-2017 10:35:36 ·
nyx ulric says;
if you checked and it says you do not have a result yet keep checking if its the same thing then get ready to retake the exam
15-Jun-2017 06:42:01 ·
mr saint4605 says;
wuw God is with us, it OK by me
15-Jun-2017 06:47:37 ·
Sunshineidy; was ur score low
15-Jun-2017 09:46:44 ·
mr saint4605; no and never, is just that am rewriting this fucking exam
16-Jun-2017 22:02:45 ·
Sunshineidy; sorry ooooo
18-Jun-2017 23:46:07 ·
merryossai says;
I think we won't have a better jamb board than this year, I think much more 60k student should have sit for for d exam due to malpractice caused by late exam. anyways all thanks to oleyede who cares about nigerians. if u doing wrote with malpractice or u wrote late when d jamb questions and answers has already been revealed? then start preparing for d new date cos u also deserve to be in school. and for those who wrote with malpractice and got high score? start preparing for life in d institution cos it won't be easy as jamb else u want to bribe your way all through.
15-Jun-2017 07:03:46 ·
Treasure R. says;
pls does it mean those of us that aven't seen ours should start preparing??
15-Jun-2017 07:07:36 ·
lovlyn; yes
15-Jun-2017 09:36:28 ·
fadauzo says;
thank God for second chance....
15-Jun-2017 07:12:45 ·
bennyvic; re u serious? u call this second chance?
15-Jun-2017 11:13:16 ·
RainaMD; Second chance my foot, THW jamb
15-Jun-2017 17:38:27 ·
fadauzo; @rainaMD you are stupid... Thank God it's not prof dibu ojerinde.. na next year things.. but here u have d chance for 2017 admission which is very rare... if the result was cancelled totally what will u do? no be to shout? u are u stupid again...
15-Jun-2017 17:48:48 ·
fadauzo; same goes to you @bennyvics
15-Jun-2017 17:49:49 ·
RainaMD; Fadauzo its like you failed. Lol . why are you taking it out on us? You are likely to fail in this second chance as well. & you're also stupid.
16-Jun-2017 16:09:22 ·
Paulino29; chaiii
16-Jun-2017 20:09:27 ·
kelvinze347; Fadauzo..all tnkz 2 d man 4 granting u dis 2nd chance 2 set tinx straight
22-Jun-2017 11:49:45 ·
fadauzo; @RainaMD and kelvinze and other Idiots like u guys, for your information i scored 253 and my result is still intact. I wish this d results of those rewriting was totally cancelled.then u'll know the meaning of what i said. He-goats
25-Jun-2017 06:51:36 ·
kelvinze347; I cn swear dah u didn't score up to dah even if u did..its either u cheated or d score was upgraded so shut d f**k up n continue thankin God 4 dis precious n irresistable chance given 2 u. #lmfao
25-Jun-2017 13:16:25 ·
RainaMD; Shut ur damn mouth, even if jamb cancels the result of those rewriting or even the coming exam there will be nothing anyone can do abt it not even u, Don't just sit here claiming to have got 800, don't prepare for your coming exam unintelligent-person. First stage of Depression, DENIAL Guy just accept the second chance, its like it was meant for you anyway. Lol
25-Jun-2017 15:37:13 ·
kelvinze347; Lol ..jst cut d guy sm slacks ..its really hard to tk such news in(rewriting d jamb exam).he might seem happy bout it here buh u dnt knw hw he feels inside...jst get hold of urself i gat ya
25-Jun-2017 18:08:37 ·
kelvinze347; Lol ..jst cut d guy sm slacks ..its really hard to tk such news in(rewriting d jamb exam).he might seem happy bout it here buh u dnt knw hw he feels inside...jst get hold of urself ok
25-Jun-2017 18:09:47 ·
RainaMD; Jeez.. Now i feel bad 😥😔😞
25-Jun-2017 23:04:15 ·
ukprincebasssey says;
Jamb as a body is stupid...instead of dem saying DAT dia server had fault n d lost data of sum candidate... D r now Cumming up with c**k n bull story...y can't d just accept dia misdeed
15-Jun-2017 07:13:24 ·
Babtunz; Jamb is stupid??if u no Write jamb,make I see Hw u go enter school...Yeye Person
15-Jun-2017 10:26:41 ·
damola4reel; So this rescheduling is wrong sheh? So they should have given candidates random scores abi...I don't know who is wiser in the both of you.
15-Jun-2017 10:39:35 ·
gabsesugh; UK is sounding sense... Let them just accept the fact! Rescheduling isn't the problem but what happened is the problem. Habah!!! How long shall we continue vacillating within their cycle of incompetence?
15-Jun-2017 11:57:21 ·
RainaMD; Damola what're u sayin? And you Babtunz whats ur problem, UK's just stating the fact that jamb is stupid, & i totally agree. U're here insulting someone & supporting jamb, you guys are just as foolish as jamb @damola & Babtunz. Dumb pple
15-Jun-2017 17:45:14 ·
Babtunz; Your brain don travel [email protected] RainaMD
16-Jun-2017 09:47:00 ·
Ekybella; Wat r u guys fighting abt?u all knw d truth here so i c no reason y u shud argue
16-Jun-2017 10:13:17 ·
damola4reel; If I were to judge by the number of students to be rescheduled, its just 3.2% of the total number of students that sat for the exam, meaning that 96.8% was a success, and you call them stupid? Mr gabsesugh you call this incompetence? I wonder what your Jamb scores were sef, and this Raina too was calling me foolish...*smh*
16-Jun-2017 10:47:05 ·
Ekybella; Hmmmm seems u guys r enjoying d argument
16-Jun-2017 11:11:55 ·
RainaMD; It seems like you're a jamb official or something @damola. You were arguing with UK for saying the truth what did you expect me to call you?
17-Jun-2017 21:55:43 ·
damola4reel; Its pointless arguing with you...and someone will call you their babe? With my aforementioned points, you still call them stupid. It was those CBT centers that caused this issues and Jamb are taking it on their selves to fix it,if it were to be last year, na next year poo go don happen, all of them will come back next year. Try and see the good part in people's efforts, 3% was bad, 97% was excellent and you call it stupid? I want to be stupid like this abeg.
18-Jun-2017 04:42:52 ·
Ekybella; Arguing wnt take u anywhere lets face d truth,besides those dt knw d wrote on deir own wnt worry sme pple r happy dt d hv a second chance....Tho its nt d perfect tym for dis i tink jamb as a body z doing us gud
18-Jun-2017 09:33:10 ·
RainaMD; Hmm i don't think jamb's doing any gud, well its not my probz cause i surely i'm not writing next year and i'm not rewriting either, so bye guys. I don't need all these news & i'm done arguing its not worth it.
19-Jun-2017 21:22:27 ·
chimemeria; Rescheduled exam gone...... Give us our results now................. Wat nonsense
09-Jul-2017 22:54:20 ·

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