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JAMB Releases Some 2017 Results That Were Withheld

Posted: 13-Jun-2017 [09:51:12] into Jamb by Onifade734 for school | 715 Comments

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We can authoritatively say that JAMB has released some of the 2017 UTME results that were withheld.

We cannot say how many of these withheld results that have been released at these time because JAMB is yet to make any official statement to that effect.

Nevertheless, many candidates with issue of "No Result Yet" previously have been able to access their results this morning.

We advise all candidates who were unable to access their Results before now to proceed to check their scores.

Do not forget to come back here and share the good news with us.


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Comments (715)
Travis says;
13-Jun-2017 10:21:44 ·
Baebae says;
13-Jun-2017 10:22:36 ·
Baebae; I am so happy. I have finally seen mine. It's almost a month now.
13-Jun-2017 10:24:14 ·
merryossai; what's your score?
13-Jun-2017 10:39:09 ·
lilanthony5; Thank God, have seen mine. (251 jamb score) Uniport is Waiting
13-Jun-2017 11:45:11 ·
merryossai; congrat, which course?
13-Jun-2017 13:08:54 ·
D-Gold; I my joy is boundless today to express my heartfelt gratitude to the most preferred, the students' best friend, the incorruptible, the pace setter, The Educational watchdog, the timely, undiluted and unique MY SCHOOL for its countless, numerous, incalculable and relentless efforts it is giving to students especially me...although students call and make unnecessary enquiries yet they give prompt and professional response to them with rapt attention and understanding even if it is inconvenient. Thanks my school for guiding,guarding,advising and pacifying me through out the period of this Exam...otherwise people for see me on TV say an angry student break official head. In Sum eh; I just want to say that I finally see my score today oh...i scored 239. Masscom and Imsu aspirant, exam date:16th May, 2017. Centre: kindle e- lerlarning centre, Asero, Abeokuta. Thanks but e b like say Jamb reduce d marks oh but I no get evidence for now. Half loaf is better than non n a bird in hand is better than numerous birds in forest.
13-Jun-2017 15:16:10 ·
ayodejifelix; Congratulations bro
13-Jun-2017 17:54:14 ·
segelulu; Pls help o....I chose elect/elect in Unilorin but I dint pass biology in waec can I use d result,or is biology compulsory in Unilorin for admission
13-Jun-2017 18:49:32 ·
Samrano11; U see now......I already said it....those that aint affected will see theirs ........all hail oloyede joor
13-Jun-2017 21:44:20 ·
longi; some released results are now withheld
13-Jun-2017 23:25:14 ·
olaniyi oluwaseun1; U mean it?
14-Jun-2017 06:12:53 ·
Kellynora; @segelulu... Ue can use further maths in place of biology
14-Jun-2017 10:24:36 ·
holyboynaija; Drop ur number for Eksu mindblowing group
14-Jun-2017 19:24:47 ·
14-Jun-2017 22:34:22 ·
KingRay001; 08109558584
15-Jun-2017 17:25:36 ·
froshest; so happy 4 u guyz ooo
17-Jun-2017 18:13:19 ·
Dickson1211; 08088857190
17-Jun-2017 19:36:35 ·
Oyediran Adedeji; 08175275205
18-Jun-2017 06:15:29 ·
froshest; i was so scared wen u guyz said u cnt see ur results i quickly go nd print my result cus i haven't print mine since d day it was out...thank God mine is still intact
19-Jun-2017 10:22:15 ·
20-Jun-2017 10:40:40 ·
froshest; Abi nw...i went 2 do it b4 is 2 late
20-Jun-2017 13:38:52 ·
sir chibuzor says;

Nice one myschool
13-Jun-2017 10:27:28 ·
Graceist says;
@baebae wen dd u ryt
13-Jun-2017 10:30:10 ·
Baebae; 17th of last month.
13-Jun-2017 10:33:04 ·
Baebae says;
Please, unizik aspirants, add me up to your group chat. 07039107973
13-Jun-2017 10:33:58 ·
Lastborn8954; @Baebae, which course in unizik
13-Jun-2017 10:35:55 ·
Baebae; Please, I meant you should add me to a group chat, so that I can get information. I don't have any information about unizik. For people asking unending questions
13-Jun-2017 12:21:38 ·
Ekene Dominic; Add me up on the UNIZIK aspirants watsapp group chat too..09076939050
13-Jun-2017 12:26:13 ·
Lawrenzo95; Unizik aspirants add me up 08163176260, can help with any question regarding the school, a student already
13-Jun-2017 14:53:37 ·
Roseychii; Please unizik aspirants add me to your group chat. 09022805770. Thanks
14-Jun-2017 17:13:49 ·
UCBASS; Please also add me oooo 08165043178
14-Jun-2017 18:58:00 ·
cuddly_chizzy; Add this number to be added to the group chat... 09066510148
14-Jun-2017 19:37:26 ·
Dalu Aj; me too...08146243907
15-Jun-2017 13:19:44 ·
Saxchi; please add 08126098776
17-Jun-2017 12:33:28 ·
Lastborn8954 says;
Congrat to the affected pepple
13-Jun-2017 10:34:47 ·
Johnay says;
Am happy for the affected one's that there results have been released
13-Jun-2017 10:41:33 ·
JossyAkins says;
At last congrats to u guys
13-Jun-2017 10:41:35 ·
merryossai says;
I scored 238… kindly share your scored
13-Jun-2017 10:42:05 ·
Atijoro98; Just saw mine i scored the same thing
13-Jun-2017 10:58:00 ·
merryossai; wow!happy for u. which school n course did u apply for?
13-Jun-2017 11:02:57 ·
Atijoro98; Uniben; computer engineering
13-Jun-2017 18:50:28 ·
Jamb registrar says;
Baebae thankgod 4 u
13-Jun-2017 10:45:59 ·
Samrano11; Na only baebae una see.....mtcheew......girls no go kill una
13-Jun-2017 21:45:51 ·
froshest; [email protected] tell me u are jealous o
17-Jun-2017 18:16:18 ·
Samrano11; [email protected] froshest......ah!!!
17-Jun-2017 21:22:36 ·
froshest; lol yes she ur crush???
17-Jun-2017 23:09:54 ·
Samrano11; Hmmm....she's, froshest give ur digits let me add u on whatsapp....
17-Jun-2017 23:24:03 ·
froshest; Alryt den....09038732882,jst make sure u dnt disturb me with ur flashing [email protected]
19-Jun-2017 10:30:10 ·
Charles p says;
na true o,I checked my cousin own he score 190,wrote on 18th May.
13-Jun-2017 10:54:19 ·
olaniyi oluwaseun1; Which center
14-Jun-2017 06:15:24 ·
froshest; y did u wanna knw d [email protected]
17-Jun-2017 18:17:34 ·
olaniyi oluwaseun1; I did mine the same date with dt ur sis.
02-Jul-2017 11:02:14 ·
froshest; hmmm...alryt bt ave u see ur result nw?
04-Jul-2017 10:07:15 ·
Geoffrey506 says;
Ah think marks were deducted sha...the scores are kinda low
13-Jun-2017 10:56:03 ·
Victor700; Nigerians with their thinking faculty.
13-Jun-2017 14:52:07 ·
stormbad; lol, my friend's own was just released and he scored 297
13-Jun-2017 17:33:21 ·
Samrano11; No mind that Geoffery......deduct ko! Deduce ni
13-Jun-2017 21:47:23 ·
Ferd32 says;
hmmmm hw did u [email protected]
13-Jun-2017 10:58:52 ·
olokiki says;
pls help me check
email: [email protected]
13-Jun-2017 10:59:21 ·
Heinrich Himmler; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Oyedele Taiwo Boluwatife
Reg Number: 76404105ED
Date of Birth: 27 November 1997
Origin: IKENNE in Ogun State.
Exam No: C49912013
Centre Name: Kindle E-Learning Centre, Opp Taidob College, Goshen Estate, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Subject Score
Use of English 45
Physics 45
Biology 46
Chemistry 34
Total Score: 170
13-Jun-2017 11:04:56 ·
horladele1; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Oyedele Taiwo Boluwatife
Reg Number: 76404105ED
Date of Birth: 27 November 1997
Origin: IKENNE in Ogun State.
Exam No: C49912013
Centre Name: Kindle E-Learning Centre, Opp Taidob College, Goshen Estate, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Subject Score
Use of English 45
Physics 45
Biology 46
Chemistry 34
Total Score:170
13-Jun-2017 11:04:58 ·
Mark william; Abeg, help me check out this result. Here is d mail. [email protected]
13-Jun-2017 20:50:04 ·
EngrAjibola; Guy, U Scored 199
14-Jun-2017 01:53:33 ·
14-Jun-2017 09:38:43 ·
Ritasylvia; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Ashiru Boluwatife Samuel
Reg Number: 75895482AF
Date of Birth: 08 July 1998
Origin: IJEBU-NORTH in Ogun State.
Exam No: C49913040
Centre Name: Kindle E-Learning Centre, Opp Taidob College, Goshen Estate, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Subject Score
Use of English 49
Physics 53
Biology 48
Chemistry 49
Total Score:199
14-Jun-2017 14:59:40 ·
Ritasylvia; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Okpara Happiness Chidimma
Reg Number: 75795358GF
Date of Birth: 29 October 2000
Origin: ISIALA-MBANO in Imo State.
Exam No: C41805135
Centre Name: HA-SHEM Academy Ltd, 15, Owodunni Street, Off Iwaya Road, Yaba, Lagos State

Subject Score
Use of English 61
Physics 59
Biology 43
Chemistry 49
Total Score:212
14-Jun-2017 15:00:42 ·
Heinrich Himmler says;
my friend scored 254
13-Jun-2017 11:03:27 ·
chimemeria; people that saw theirs b4,if they recheck,they will see no results yet...
13-Jun-2017 14:14:21 ·
Victor700; That's a big fat lie... Never happened to me. If you don't know what to type, then you can type "hi".
13-Jun-2017 14:53:32 ·
splendidify; guy he is not lying m having same issue bt is nt all candidates
13-Jun-2017 17:23:11 ·
stormbad; lol, Victor, you are sick
13-Jun-2017 17:35:27 ·
chimemeria; some people will just be flabbing,do u think I will just post anything just like that??
13-Jun-2017 17:42:23 ·
chimemeria; I saw mine b4,but a friend of mine told me that he rechecked,but didn't see results again,I den tried to recheck too,results that I hv seen b4 now told me no results yet...

jamb is extremely crazy o
13-Jun-2017 17:49:09 ·
stormbad; true though, @chimemeria,
some of my friends are also complaing about the same issue.
13-Jun-2017 17:58:56 ·
chimemeria; I dey laugh dem o. .....if dem temper with score wey I don already print ..God Don wan punish dem
13-Jun-2017 18:10:00 ·
Samrano11; @chimemeria what do u mean by flabbing?? Chai......I just dey laugh you and ur stupid grammar......
13-Jun-2017 21:50:05 ·
chimemeria; samrano...U dey foolish o,You see me for Ur English class when u dey school?
14-Jun-2017 06:36:51 ·
Fynesticon; Jesu... I haven't seen mine Ooo... but I previously saw it... Mehn.. what's jamb doing sef
14-Jun-2017 08:52:06 ·
chimemeria; jamb Don craze I swear can they upload results and later loss it???

thank God that I printed it out then....

Nigeria is just a mess
14-Jun-2017 09:03:36 ·
Akindele100; Is your passport photograph attached to it
14-Jun-2017 09:26:49 ·
blacbizzy; am suffering dsame issue oo.....ion knw wat d problem result dat av already seen and screnshot is now saying "no result yet" i tire for dis jamb stuff....myschool should please create a thread for people facing such problem.....please..
14-Jun-2017 09:35:40 ·
splendidify; from jamb office they said the fault is from their data base they are working on it
14-Jun-2017 09:39:47 ·
blacbizzy; nne hw do u get to hear d news??
14-Jun-2017 09:43:50 ·
chimemeria; data [email protected]

Nigeria and its stupid educational system

I swear dis jamb boss no dey try..
14-Jun-2017 09:56:23 ·
chimemeria; @blacbiccy,so far u have a their picture with jamb and Ur result is there,don't mind dem,you have an evidence to show..

Nigeria Don taya me joh.
14-Jun-2017 09:58:52 ·
zanycoded; I dey suffer the same thing ooo
14-Jun-2017 10:55:33 ·
chimemeria; zanny,did u write in the east??
14-Jun-2017 11:41:43 ·
Heinrich Himmler; u guys should try checking the results again in ur JAMB profile.
14-Jun-2017 11:44:55 ·
chimemeria; it seems it affected only the people who wrote in the east??
14-Jun-2017 11:45:13 ·
chimemeria; it seems it affected only the people who wrote in the east
14-Jun-2017 11:45:27 ·
Fynesticon; Splendidify are you sure its from their data base
14-Jun-2017 12:58:16 ·
Samrano11; @chimemeria.....ah!! Dat ur grammar no be here oo!!....
14-Jun-2017 16:00:33 ·
splendidify; jamb is not even aware of our problem anyways they just got the news according to the person they called he said they were nt aware its from the man in charge of the computers so check bk 2mrw ( pls make una no ask me yeye questions I no dy work with or for jamb I just dy help pass info wey I hear so DAT tension go less tnk u
14-Jun-2017 19:56:01 ·
Enigma777; jamb cancelled results.. so if u were one of the victims..beta start reading cus u definitely going to rewrite it..not only u ask around this that wrote desame center as u.. they are also experiencing same problem.
check punch news for more details thanks
14-Jun-2017 21:24:54 ·
chimemeria; @enigma
stop posting false can a person that has seen his/her results now reseat again?
carry yr false news dey go abeg
14-Jun-2017 22:58:38 ·
blacbizzy; JAMB has blacklisted 48 CBT centres across Nigeria for malpractice in 2017 UTME

- The JAMB registrar, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede said that 24 other centres were suspended for failing to live up to expectations

- He said that JAMB had fixed July 1, 2017 as the date for supplementary examination for candidates who registered late for this year’s UTME

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has blacklisted 48 Computer-Based Test centres over their alleged involvement in extortion and organised examination malpractices during the 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. gathered that JAMB’s Registrar, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, made the disclosure on Wednesday June 14 in Abuja at a news conference at the end of an enlarged meeting with external examiners and other stakeholders in the conduct of the 2017 UTME

Oloyede, who also announced the cancellation of the results of 59,698 candidates who sat for the examination, said another 24 CBT centres had been suspended for one year for failing to live up to expectations.

JAMB’s Registrar, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede
“The (24 CBT) centres will not participate in the 2018 UTME, but they can be reconsidered for 2019 and above.

“The de-listing of 48 centres from participating in the board’s examination in future is as a result of serious technical deficiencies, extortion, organised examination malpractices and other damaging infractions.”

He said that JAMB had fixed July 1, 2017 as the date for supplementary examination for candidates who registered late for this year’s UTME.

Oloyede added that some of the candidates whose results were cancelled would also take part in the rescheduled exam.

The JAMB boss said the decision to allow the candidates sit for the rescheduled examination was reached after a thorough review of all the reports that emanated from their centres.

According to him, 1,386 candidates have their results cancelled over examination malpractice; 57,646 results were also affected as a result of centres-induced malpractices; while the results of 666 candidates were cancelled due to multiple examinations.

He listed the categories of candidates whose results were cancelled but who would take part in the rescheduled examination to include candidates of centres with mass malpractices but who are deemed innocent, and those with biometric non-verification machine-related issues.

Others include technical and log-out issues, late registration, incomplete results and candidates who lost examination sessions due to malfunctioning of servers at the affected centres.
14-Jun-2017 23:38:14 ·
Fynesticon; Hmmmm mehn... To start reading eh after scoring 258... Hmmm jamb Una no try at all
15-Jun-2017 00:32:27 ·
chimemeria; Guy No fear,the post said candidates who has not seen results will 're write not those that have already printed there scores,just imagine this question

what of those that didn't even bother rechecking??

it's just that you guys rechecked,that was the reason you noticed it,report from jamb office says it's network problem and they will reupload the exact results soon b4 admission screening comnences
15-Jun-2017 06:52:38 ·
Heinrich Himmler; u pple that will check n check n check.
15-Jun-2017 08:01:19 ·
Enigma777; *Pls for as many that hav friends or relatives who wrote the just concluded JAMB exams, pass this on*

JAMB has fixed 1st July for 62,140 Candidates to
Rewrite the 2017 UTME. The previous results of
these candidates have therefore been cancelled.
This was confirmed by The registrar of JAMB, Ishaq
Oloyede, at a press briefing after the board's
management meeting in Abuja.
The 62,140 cancelled results include 57,646
candidates in centres-induced malpractice, 3,811
late registration, and 683 candidates who had
biometric challenges.

He also explained that the rescheduled examination
was for candidates of centres with mass
malpractice, but the candidates were deemed
48 centres have therefore been banned from
conducting any future JAMB exam, as a result of
gross technical deficiencies, extortion from
candidates, organised examination malpractice and
other damaging infractions, as concluded by JAMB.
24 other centres were suspended from next year's
JAMB for not meeting expectations required for the
success of the exam in their centres.
We believe the candidates to re-write their exams
will be duly notified via email, and may be required
to reprint their JAMB Exam Slip in due time.
Congrats to all those who now have their results, as
we await the 2017/2018 Admission Screening
15-Jun-2017 18:54:08 ·
stormbad; enigma is right oo, if you've seen your result before but can't see it again, your result have been cancelled and you'll have to rewrite so u guys should better go and start reading.
16-Jun-2017 15:59:06 ·
chimemeria; I don suffer.....after reading hard to score 294,jamb just cancelled my results for no reason,how will I start again to read independence...

After burning midnight candle....

This country is just a mess....

O LORD...I want Biafra
17-Jun-2017 06:45:46 ·
Samrano11; @chimemeria......will u shut up....what do u mean by "Biafra" they are the best or what.......!??
17-Jun-2017 12:15:40 ·
froshest; [email protected],u are jst so it Biafra war dat will solve d problem or wat....or are jst letting us 2 knw dat u are a govt student???
17-Jun-2017 18:28:55 ·
froshest; lol chimemeria...d war wnt jst solve anything my dear.All i knw is dat,those dat will seat 4 d exam will surely seat 4 it bt am very sure am nt part of dem
17-Jun-2017 18:31:55 ·
chimemeria; This can never happen in Biafra republic,just don't know why am still here,they sold my results to the rich
18-Jun-2017 06:14:27 ·
Samrano11; @john Tyler ur fADA.......unintelligent-person scammer
18-Jun-2017 10:49:09 ·
froshest; [email protected] did u knw it been sold 2 d rich?And besides,if ur result is been sold 2 d rich,datz automatically means u are also going 2 be rich...lolsssss
19-Jun-2017 10:27:14 ·
chimemeria; froshet...I still cry for my country
19-Jun-2017 11:47:35 ·
froshest; lol...Nigeria ryt?
19-Jun-2017 16:22:00 ·
chimemeria; Which Nigeria. ??. Am a true son of Biafra
20-Jun-2017 06:42:08 ·
froshest; whr is it [email protected]
20-Jun-2017 13:40:56 ·
chimemeria; Jamb should tell us when to reprint now,since they said we are 're writing,

O God!!after scoring 294 I will still face this stress again???

wat nonsense???
21-Jun-2017 07:03:23 ·
froshest; i tire ooo...july 1 is near already
22-Jun-2017 10:44:06 ·
kelvdunski; And July 1st is over.. It's four days now and still no result
05-Jul-2017 07:38:59 ·
chimemeria; I wonder o....... me am tayad of this country
05-Jul-2017 07:55:05 ·
kelvdunski; Naso
06-Jul-2017 08:16:13 ·
froshest; lol...dis country is jst a mess.dey should jst pls realease their result cus some skul ave start selling their post-utme form aleady
07-Jul-2017 13:46:34 ·
chimemeria; u see why I cry for my home country
07-Jul-2017 15:32:09 ·
chimemeria; u see why I cry for my home country [email protected]
07-Jul-2017 15:33:45 ·
kelvdunski; Biafra?
07-Jul-2017 19:25:31 ·
07-Jul-2017 20:42:09 ·
kelvdunski; Hmmm
08-Jul-2017 09:27:47 ·
froshest; biafra is nt d issue [email protected] is only God dat can help us in dis country
10-Jul-2017 12:29:28 ·
chimemeria; My results o...... Biko make una help me beg jamb o
10-Jul-2017 18:30:01 ·
kelvdunski; Will do...
11-Jul-2017 08:07:09 ·

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