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Myschool Disclaimer Notice: Do Not Fall Victim To This Scam!!!

Posted: 12-Jun-2017 [15:23:00] into General by Prince Samuel Emenike. for school | 17 Comments

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It has come to our notice that some fraudulent elements are using our brand MYSCHOOL ( to defraud unsuspecting individuals especially JAMB candidates and admission seekers.

We wish to use this medium to state categorically that Myschool Limited does not and will never promote, support or subscribe to "JAMB Result upgrade", "Admission Runs" or any of such.

Hence, we will never send text messages to candidates or inform them through any means to subscribe for such.

We hereby advice JAMB Candidates, Admission Seekers and all Myschoolers to please disregard any text message or social media publication purported to have emanated from asking any one to make payment of any kind for "JAMB Result Upgrade" OR "Admission Runs as such messages are purely the handiwork of fraudsters."

Our Job here is to provide valid information, guide and resources you need to succeed in your academic pursuit as a student and nothing else.

For the avoidance of doubt, we want to also state here that all the services we render on which does not include JAMB Result Upgrading or "Admission Runs" are genuine and authentic and we receive payments for these services via our official bank accounts that bear "MYSCHOOL LIMITED" as the account name.

Any one that claims to be a staff of Myschool Limited and asks you to pay money into any account that bears any name other than "MYSCHOOL LIMITED" is nothing but a fraudster.

If you need any clarification on the services we render, you can reach us via the details on our contact page.

Please do share this piece of information with your friends and other Myschoolers.

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Comments (17)
Latinwogbolahan says;
12-Jun-2017 16:12:45 ·
mickey love says;
Okay... Noted
12-Jun-2017 16:22:11 ·
Tokemi says;
12-Jun-2017 16:47:54 ·
elochuks says;
y do people derive joy in defrauding innocent people? Hmmmmm ok o well noted
12-Jun-2017 17:41:21 ·
Babtunz says;
Wehdone,So dey wanted to do Local Yahoo Yahoo with Us abi....God will catch dem 1 dae...
12-Jun-2017 17:47:23 ·
mickey love; All bc of money...
12-Jun-2017 21:02:34 ·
Prince HC says;
thanks for ur info
12-Jun-2017 18:20:12 ·
Young-scholar says;
12-Jun-2017 18:42:24 ·
Nikki law says;
A word is enough for the wise
12-Jun-2017 22:14:15 ·
Oluwatobig2000 says;
Thanks alot for d information.
12-Jun-2017 23:06:08 ·
delongest says;
13-Jun-2017 04:54:44 ·
dhorize says;
Okies....i got it
13-Jun-2017 06:19:03 ·
Franklyn. E.U says;
Anyone looking to cheat deserves to be defrauded.
13-Jun-2017 10:20:29 ·
Doen lord; Abi
13-Jun-2017 11:27:18 ·
sufyanice says;
thanks a lot ... Gud info most especially 4 d desperate ones
13-Jun-2017 21:48:47 ·
portal says;
nice info
14-Jun-2017 22:12:03 ·
Kaycee1524 says;
Really appreciate that info
16-Jun-2017 09:22:50 ·

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