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Reopening of JAMB change of course / institution 2017 - Monitoring Thread

Posted: 08-Jun-2017 [15:04:50] into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 767 Comments

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We know many 2017 JAMB candidates who wish to change their course or institution are eager to know when JAMB will enable the portal or make the service available again.

JAMB disclosed earlier that they will notify the public when the service becomes available.

At the moment, there has not been any official announcement or statement on that.

However, we expect JAMB to make the service available soon.

So we are going to use this thread to monitor and know when JAMB change of course portal has been reactivated or when JAMB has started offering that service.

If you have any credible information concerning 2017 JAMB change of course and institution, do well to use the comment section to let Myschoolers know.

All 2017 JAMB Candidates are therefore advised to ensure they keep visiting this thread from time to time to check comments, and see if anyone reports that the process has started.

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Comments (767)
ebukap24 says;
08-Jun-2017 09:24:33 ·
fransium; Futo aspirant..

use this number 08187865003 to message me ur what's app number so that u will be added into futo aspirant what's app group
09-Jun-2017 03:44:27 ·
Odogideon; Okay you can add me up 08142676401
09-Jun-2017 10:00:42 ·
Olabae; Pls any direct entry form out for jamb
09-Jun-2017 11:08:27 ·

Accounting / Accounting 3,282 second choice 2

Adult Education
1st choice 50
2nd choice 3

1st choice 45
2nd choice 4

111 2ND 5

106 2ND 6

AGRIC 99 2ND 7






BANKING & FINANCE 1,078 Second choice 13


BUILDING. 183 second 15

BUS. ADMINISTRATION 3,972 second 16

Bus Education 212 second choice 17

Chemical Eng 1292 second choice 18

Chinese studies 21. Second choice 19

Civil Eng. 1,320 second choice 20

Civil law 5888 second choice 21

Cooperative Econs 411 second choice 23

Crop science 4 second choice 24

Early child hood edu. 105 second choice 25

Economics 3,653 second choice 26

Edu. & computer sci. 64 second choice 27

Education & Econs 232 second choice. 28

Education& maths 29
Secondchoice 29

Edu &Physics 22 second choices 30

Edu& Biology 167. Second choice 31

Education & Chem. 39 second choice 32

Edu Eng 456 second choice 33

Edu French 17 second choice 34

Edu Igbo 203
Second choice 35

Edu inter science 40

Edu political science 181 second choice 37

Edu foundations 130
Second choice 38

Edu management & policy 280 second choice 39

Electrical Eng 1,330 second choice 40

Eng lit 872 second choice 42

Entrepreneur 251 second choice 43

Environmental management 69 second choice 44

Estate management 299 second choice 45

Fine art 192 second choice 46

Food science tech 245 second 48

Forestry & wild life 55

Geography and Methology 90 second. 50

Geology 438 sec 51

Geophysics 28 sec 52

Guidance & counselling 185 sec. 53

History 287 sec 54

Ind pro. Eng 162 sec 55

Library management 301 sec 56

Linguistics 427 sec 57

Marketing. 634 sec 58

Mass comm.. 3,950 sec 59

Maths 94 sec 60

Mech Engineer 1,269 sec 61

Med rehabilitation 444 sec 63

Med lab 3,424 sec 62

Med surgery 7,372
Sec 64

NursingNursing 4,974 sec 68

Parasitology and entromology 125/69

Pharmacy 3,611
Sec 70

Philosophy 320sec71

PHE 66 SEC 72

P.E 9 SEC 73




09-Jun-2017 12:56:10 ·
lharbeeb; Where did u get d stats!!!
09-Jun-2017 15:04:13 ·
omalichananka; Pure and apply chemistry 283 sec 80

Quantity surveying 77 sec 81

Radiography 749. Sec 82

Religious and human relation 104 sec 83

Science Edu 57 sec 84

Sociology 1.020 sec 85

Statistics 100 sec 87

Surveying and geoinformatics 130 sec 88

Technical Education 10 sec. 89

Theatre art 760 sec 90

Soil management and soil resources 10 sec 86
Pure and industrial chemistry 283 sec 80

Polymer and textile tech 52 sec 77

Physics and industrial physics 95 sec 74

Political science 2,268 sec 76

Zoology 47
09-Jun-2017 15:32:56 ·
ogexchi; That's for 2014
10-Jun-2017 15:29:12 ·
chynel; please does unizik offer nutrition and dietetics??
17-Jun-2017 13:41:17 ·
AGBO BETH; Pls,any info about change of course
09-Jul-2017 20:36:51 ·
eminence206 says;
The process has not started yet.
08-Jun-2017 09:27:33 ·
09-Jun-2017 16:22:49 ·
Zephaniah isaiah says;
We hv 2 see our results first b4 change of course/institution
08-Jun-2017 09:28:25 ·
Official Abraku; Naso bro
08-Jun-2017 11:49:35 ·
Diane suzy; Yes we hv 2 see our result first before they open d portal.
08-Jun-2017 12:51:48 ·
oyekunle janet; What about change of name
08-Jun-2017 13:13:46 ·
omowole18; abi now
08-Jun-2017 20:16:00 ·
froshest; lolssss...change of [email protected]
17-Jun-2017 08:02:41 ·
Funnyprince12; Pls add me oh ABU Zaria 09080200770
19-Jun-2017 05:58:45 ·
A A Alhassan; Me too ABU 07035407098 i tolk to you on watsapp
17-Jul-2017 19:59:14 ·
isaacwilliams500 says;
thank God i did mine since last two weeks and am free
08-Jun-2017 09:31:09 ·
promiseisaac; keep lieing for no reason this why jamb seize people's results
08-Jun-2017 09:48:43 ·
eoledimma; yes it is true I also did mine also
08-Jun-2017 10:55:00 ·
domesifa; So as you're happy that you did yours before others, does that guarantee your admission, or have you started school before others? Silly comment!
08-Jun-2017 12:00:30 ·
Kayla Kristyn; Tell them ooh... I don't know whether they must open and close their mouth on every post they see here
08-Jun-2017 18:13:53 ·
Diane suzy; Lol, nawaoo... Kayla.
08-Jun-2017 19:16:36 ·
El Matino; Please, what if u filled WAEC and now decided to use NECO for screening, any problem with dat? Does it require any change at Cbt center?
08-Jun-2017 23:28:27 ·
El Matino; Trust JAMB, They may wake up Nd say all those dat hv done theirs are fake.
08-Jun-2017 23:30:12 ·
fransium; nop u can fill in neco for screening
09-Jun-2017 03:46:20 ·
kamal101; Thank God i have done the first day they enabled the portal.. UNN AND DELSU here i come
09-Jun-2017 16:21:24 ·
isaacwilliams500; Matino what are u saying that jamb will say the first set that change their course is fake.. my brother dnt say it again
12-Jun-2017 15:57:51 ·
El Matino; Look Isaac, they denied opening the portal at all.
13-Jun-2017 08:26:46 ·
zainab19; Pls where did u do [email protected]
13-Jun-2017 14:37:36 ·
promiseisaac; @el matino that's what I found out the will soon denial the didn't release any results
14-Jun-2017 14:21:20 ·
isaacwilliams500; zainab i did mine at D LINE garrison in port harcourt, rivers state
15-Jun-2017 09:49:40 ·
froshest; Those dat did their own b4 it's been suspended,congratulation.we are going 2 do our own very soon
17-Jun-2017 08:07:20 ·
xakstar; Plss what about correction of data like names.
18-Jun-2017 12:46:52 ·
froshest; lol...d portal ave been [email protected]
19-Jun-2017 10:16:12 ·
Latinwogbolahan says;
Thank God I did mine even before writing jamb.
08-Jun-2017 09:32:35 ·
promiseisaac; thank How I did mine before this year
08-Jun-2017 09:45:31 ·
promiseisaac; thank God I did mine before this year
08-Jun-2017 09:45:53 ·
Oluwabuzor kudz; Lie mohammed. Yhu can lie for africa
08-Jun-2017 20:38:35 ·
Oluwabuzor kudz; Lie mohammed. Yhu can lie for africa.
08-Jun-2017 20:39:12 ·
froshest; lolsssss...u did urz even b4 writing [email protected] nd issac
17-Jun-2017 08:11:22 ·
ahmedtaofeek; pls when's ife form coming out
17-Jun-2017 08:39:45 ·
Stanley uwakwe; pls when is nekede's form coming out
22-Jul-2017 01:02:40 ·
RexsmartC says;
Why expecting the reopening of change of course/uni now?,while some results are yet to be released,thread for the release of the remaining results is Necessary for now,that's my own opinion, although I've seen mine(2 days after my exam)
08-Jun-2017 09:36:16 ·
Nikki law; I support u Jare dey shld open thread for unreleased results too
08-Jun-2017 09:43:36 ·
promiseisaac; opening thread for that won't slove anything
08-Jun-2017 09:47:27 ·
ellamsbliss; Promise don't just conclude.. I did it for my sister last 2 weeks too.. Get your facts right before judging
08-Jun-2017 10:17:53 ·
Nikki law; Opening a thread for them won't won't make jamb release d results or withhold them further yeah right we all no dat but at least it will go a long way in keeping pple informed nd d first step in solving any problem is being informed.d same way opening a thread for monitoring coc/coi isn't solving anything buh keeping us [email protected] promise
08-Jun-2017 11:01:51 ·
Nikki law; Nothing personal my result is safe nd fresh
08-Jun-2017 11:05:29 ·
ifeanyiudeh19; Are you guys sure jamb is going to release that remaing results.....i pray they do
08-Jun-2017 15:18:14 ·
Nikki law; We re hoping nd praying .my friend result sef dey there she don cry tire dis is er 2nd time taking jamb nd she almost read her brain out for d exam but now no result she can't stop crying she is so frustrated
08-Jun-2017 18:44:20 ·
omowole18; ife bcos u have seen ur result now, u don't want others to see their result. that is bad ooo
08-Jun-2017 20:18:03 ·
Samrano11; What will a Thread opening solve.....abeg get sense joor
09-Jun-2017 21:25:24 ·
Nikki law; U fit borrow ud ur own one here is saying it's gonna solve problems jus to bring those guys 2geda nd keeping them constantly updated
09-Jun-2017 21:50:26 ·
Samrano11; Hey Nikki!! Hope you know we are heading the same way....I may be force to handle u brutally.....lols
09-Jun-2017 21:52:53 ·
Nikki law; Really hmm Almighty Sam... am sorry to say u can't do more dan a dead rat
09-Jun-2017 22:29:02 ·
segelulu; Pls oo,is there post utme in unilorin
10-Jun-2017 06:51:36 ·
Nikki law; Nah there shldnt b coz there wasn't last year buh dey DD screening when d form is out jus fill in ur waec result and jamb then wait for d admission list
10-Jun-2017 08:46:07 ·
Samrano11; @Nikki...truly i cant do anything...but am not a dead rat....and besides are u on whatsapp?
10-Jun-2017 12:02:12 ·
Nikki law; Yeah u can add me to any WhatsApp Unilag [email protected] 09090810069
10-Jun-2017 12:32:41 ·
Samrano11; [email protected] i wont , i will only add u personally
10-Jun-2017 13:39:44 ·
Sweetchilexy; Elo every1, pls wen will d screenin form for both UNIZIK & UNIPORT be out?
11-Jun-2017 17:13:26 ·
Sweetchilexy; I scored 192 for pharmacy in UNIZIK i knw dt my score is low for d course bt is der stil hope for me asin for a beta course? pls i need suggestions.
11-Jun-2017 17:19:15 ·
Samrano11; @sweetchilexy......don't u know the only one u can rely on is google!!
11-Jun-2017 21:11:23 ·
Sweetchilexy; Alright...
13-Jun-2017 08:51:47 ·
froshest; but y all dis is happening 2 dis year's very annoying lyk seriously
17-Jun-2017 08:16:51 ·
Samrano11; seriously
17-Jun-2017 12:12:15 ·
froshest; hw i wish am nt even 4rm dis [email protected]
17-Jun-2017 12:32:05 ·
Samrano11; @froshest so what country do u like...? let me guess TOGO!
17-Jun-2017 12:44:19 ·
froshest; lol TOGO ke....i want 2 go 2 spain in other 4 me 2 see ronaldo
17-Jun-2017 17:12:42 ·
Samrano11; Lol........we have something in common.......u like the footballing World!!
17-Jun-2017 22:04:12 ·
froshest; lol...i really love football so so much.i love it even more dan my [email protected]
17-Jun-2017 22:45:06 ·
Amaechiubagu says;
What will be the fate of those who did they own last two weeks? Pls help
08-Jun-2017 09:57:01 ·
Sjibrinjahun says;
As I've Heard From Jamb Office Kano, It may be the portal will be Available on 12th of this #Month
08-Jun-2017 09:59:28 ·
rommy13; Pls is it d portal for changing institutions and courses
09-Jun-2017 10:31:57 ·
Oluwashida; Please myschool,does this means that they can only reopen the change of institution/course portal after July 1 or they can still reopen it before then because it was announced that some candidates are to rewrite on July 1?
16-Jun-2017 07:02:26 ·
froshest; it 4 change of course nd institution?
17-Jun-2017 08:20:28 ·
rommy13; Pls is d portal gonna b reopen dis month and is it after d rewriting of jamb,,pls help out to b very sure,,tanks
19-Jun-2017 16:15:13 ·
froshest; we also dnt knw [email protected]
19-Jun-2017 16:19:15 ·
rommy13; Tanks @froshest
23-Jun-2017 03:01:58 ·
rommy13; And pls kindly keep me updated, I beg in Jesus name,tanks
23-Jun-2017 03:03:52 ·
Bholuwatiphe says;
Cut off mark for schools shuld also cum out o b4 d change of institution.
08-Jun-2017 10:10:42 ·
Toby100; True it will come out first
08-Jun-2017 13:13:48 ·
froshest; i think it should be available wen u go 2 ur skul website nw
17-Jun-2017 08:22:43 ·
Bholuwatiphe says;
08-Jun-2017 10:13:41 ·
Peter Desmond; OAU too.
Drop your whatsapp number.
08-Jun-2017 13:32:52 ·
moshoodsabi; 08137001341
09-Jun-2017 11:39:18 ·
matildaa; 08138275664
09-Jun-2017 13:04:21 ·
Segun1samuel; 08109429628
10-Jun-2017 07:08:28 ·
tunmight; 08180234755
10-Jun-2017 19:36:41 ·
Bholuwatiphe; 07065866432
13-Jun-2017 12:45:45 ·
ahmedtaofeek; 09033141237
17-Jun-2017 08:29:33 ·
darexdamilare; 08173080041...oau also
17-Jun-2017 23:36:41 ·
ibukunhorluwa; 08185023959 oau
Pls add up
20-Jun-2017 19:47:11 ·
hibeelity; 08066007680
11-Jul-2017 11:39:58 ·
13-Jul-2017 12:15:08 ·
Senator tee Jay; My whatsapp... 09055866810
13-Jul-2017 12:16:58 ·
SamGift10 says;
08-Jun-2017 10:16:27 ·
Gentlechizylove; Add me on WhatsApp with this number 09024459782.....funai aspirant
08-Jun-2017 12:43:45 ·
SamGift10; Not on wasap,whc course are u goin for.....???
08-Jun-2017 14:19:17 ·
ngozi vivian; Add me up pls 09032148564
09-Jun-2017 14:52:09 ·
ibukunhorluwa; 08185023959
10-Jun-2017 20:26:54 ·
Gentlechizylove; Add my number let me add u guys in our group chat.....09024459782
11-Jun-2017 17:58:15 ·
ugamason2016; 08080903977 add me up.
12-Jun-2017 12:00:24 ·
kenach; 09076976890 add me pls
14-Jun-2017 09:02:21 ·
chiozy; Aspiring at [email protected] gift...accntin 08172768433
08-Aug-2017 15:56:00 ·
elochuks says;
honestly speaking i did mine days after seeing my result i changed from ansu to unn and bus admin
08-Jun-2017 10:32:44 ·
osez104; Also unn aspirant add me on 09074599222
08-Jun-2017 11:01:54 ·
chibunnaokoye; why u run from ansu
08-Jun-2017 12:06:29 ·
Diane suzy; Are u ansu aspirant? if yes which course.
08-Jun-2017 13:01:38 ·
casspersteve; debby i am an ansu aspirant,political science,whatsup?
08-Jun-2017 14:21:40 ·
Diane suzy; Me too ansu aspirant med nd surg.
08-Jun-2017 15:44:17 ·
Diane suzy; Me too ansu aspirant med nd surg
08-Jun-2017 15:55:55 ·
casspersteve; okay,how u doing?
We could hook up na
08-Jun-2017 16:16:13 ·
Diane suzy; Of course.
08-Jun-2017 16:38:37 ·
casspersteve; i sent u a message check ya inbox
08-Jun-2017 22:28:08 ·
odin2; Guys pls any news abt nekede poly
15-Jun-2017 08:47:50 ·
elochuks says;
the only payment pending on jamb dashboard is 1k 4 original jamb result
08-Jun-2017 10:34:52 ·
ayodejifelix; Same here bro, 2017 original jamb results have not been uploaded because have paid 1k as well
08-Jun-2017 12:02:27 ·
Dekumzy Sam; Which one is original jamb results again
15-Jun-2017 12:23:02 ·
ayodejifelix; The one that bears your photo at the top right corner
15-Jun-2017 14:49:02 ·
froshest; or at d front page or at d center am confused already o
17-Jun-2017 11:23:20 ·
Manax says;
NDU whatsapp group meet here
08-Jun-2017 10:44:10 ·
Abjid says;
Please the moment it's out, don't forget to update us
08-Jun-2017 10:50:39 ·
froshest; u guyz should pls,update us on tym
19-Jun-2017 16:39:24 ·
moshoodsabi; any Udus aspirant here
12-Jul-2017 08:48:04 ·
froshest; Non bt which 1 is udus again...wat university is dat?
12-Jul-2017 18:26:00 ·
moshoodsabi; usman danfodio university sokoto
17-Jul-2017 14:58:16 ·
froshest; hmmm...alryt
17-Jul-2017 19:39:01 ·
moshoodsabi; can I use waec nd neco?
19-Jul-2017 08:49:16 ·
moshoodsabi; what ar requirements for d screening
19-Jul-2017 08:51:27 ·
froshest; u can use anyone out of d 2...d 1 u knw u did very good
21-Jul-2017 10:00:54 ·
Stanley uwakwe; Pls have screening for nekede started and is has change of course started???
22-Jul-2017 01:09:40 ·
froshest; change of course is out already
22-Jul-2017 16:36:04 ·

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