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JAMB 2017: What Course / Institution did you change to?

Posted: 30-May-2017 02:10:07 into Jamb by Myschool for school | 503 Comments

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As we all know, the JAMB Change of Course/Institution is currently on going for the 2017 UTME. If you have done your homework and you are sure of the changes you want to make, please see instructions on how to go ahead by clicking here.

Right now, we will like all those who have successfully made changes to let us know what course/institution they changed to. You can also let us know the JAMB Score you obtained and what course/institution you changed from.

Once you post it, Myschoolers can help you ascertain if indeed your selection was appropriate.

If you have not done yours, you can also share with Myschoolers, and those with expertise and experience will help you make an appropriate decision.

You can use the comment section below to make your posting.

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Comments (503)
Drislam says;
I scored 191 in jamb and I av 3 Cs & 3 Bs in my WAEC. I choose Unilag,TASUED & FCET Akoka for BIOLOGY EDUCATION. I Noticed that Unilag cut off mark is 200 so I want to change Unilag to Olabisi Onabanjo University which has their cut off mark as 180. Am I good to go for the change. Thanks
30-May-2017 02:41:37 ·
johndarey; I score 181 in jamb nd I have 1A, 3Bs nd 1C in my waec, I choose Unilag nd OOU. Now am changing OOU from 2nd choice to 1st choice nd FUOYE as 2nd choice.. Hope am also good to go
30-May-2017 08:35:42 ·
Drislam; Which bank account are we to pay the 2500 naira to and bank name.
30-May-2017 12:04:43 ·
Superchijekwu; It doesn't need an account number, just generate the invoice, and proceed to the bank and pay via the REMITA system. And then you go back and complete the change at the centre.
30-May-2017 16:54:15 ·
Different Case; Drislam, yeah. it's nice. but you need to generate an invoice via your jamb profile or account,

John, okay..
31-May-2017 07:21:36 ·
HomeAlloy; 235 for Accounting or
Banking and Finance @
uniabuja with 2B's nd 3C's in 1 sitting...pls m i gud 2 go
31-May-2017 07:24:23 ·
Drislam; Is it Zenith Bank or any bank.
31-May-2017 15:54:47 ·
Evadon_ Johnson; @Drislam..You are indeed good to go,,as regarding the cut off points of oou and Tasued..#Just ensure u obtain the both institution form to have upper hand of admission and don't be sentimental/underrate any institution
31-May-2017 16:25:11 ·
Drislam; Thanks to Different case and evadon Johnson.
31-May-2017 21:18:08 ·
HomeAlloy; U guys soud pls reply my txt...abeg
01-Jun-2017 18:49:38 ·
folawuyi001 says;
I have not done mine I scored 206 and I applied for chemical engineering at futminna.
30-May-2017 03:22:00 ·
d1zikoben54; Cutoff mark for chemical engineering at futons is 210 u can apply for unical or uniuyo
30-May-2017 19:37:44 ·
chibunnaokoye; last year,i scored 221,chemical engineering,uniuyo,i wasnt admitted
30-May-2017 20:34:00 ·
Different Case; Fola, it's okay. just keep praying
31-May-2017 07:22:26 ·
Different Case; But that score ain't so good but since you've already done it, just keep hoping
31-May-2017 07:23:12 ·
HomeAlloy; 235 for Accounting or
Banking and Finance @
uniabuja with 2B's nd 3C's in 1 sitting...pls m i gud 2 go
31-May-2017 07:25:21 ·
David kemkanma says;
I scored 259 in jamb and i had 2Bs and 3cs in my waec, i want to study medlab at uniben am jst afraid base on the fact that uniben is populated so am thinking of changing uniben to my state university ie rivsu. Am jst contemplating. Pls i need ur [email protected]
30-May-2017 03:22:26 ·
princeKeem1; 259 is a good score, Used to have this girl I was tripping for... She got 232 and still got admission for Medilab at Uniben... Not sure about her waec result sha... But it's worth the risk
30-May-2017 05:33:56 ·
vincy87; u're good to go coz uniben screens based on jamb score and ur score is okay
30-May-2017 10:34:33 ·
rosemary42; Pls help... I got 193 n am applying to Lasu to study Physiology.. Am I gud to go?
30-May-2017 14:14:20 ·
kaylexx; See I just don't understand u all saying jamb score but brother and sisters jamb score does not mean this year o. Its ur OLevel that matters. U might have 370 and u are using 2 sittings, they will consider someone with 230 and one sittings first before considering u. This year us just about our Olevel. Don't forget that they are using Grading systems this year.
30-May-2017 19:57:24 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Has anyone printed his/her result,cox I just paid 1k and it just showing 2016- 2004.
30-May-2017 23:08:58 ·
Different Case; David, ride on
31-May-2017 07:24:15 ·
HomeAlloy; 235 for Accounting or
Banking and Finance @
uniabuja with 2B's nd 3C's in 1 sitting...pls m i gud 2 go
31-May-2017 07:27:35 ·
vincy87; kaylexx Pls try and verify your information before you start spitting out toxic.... you're an aspirant and am a Medical student of UNIBEN
03-Jul-2017 11:58:54 ·
stlaw222 says;
Before I change...which course can I study in Polytechnic and later go through Direct Entry for Medicine and Surgery?
30-May-2017 03:25:50 ·
Umarsy29; same question
30-May-2017 05:00:36 ·
horladele1; there's no course u will study in the poly that u will do direct entry to MEDICINE , medicine doesn't accept any direct entry , u av to start from the beginning
30-May-2017 05:58:23 ·
calebify; Horladele1 the first part of ur reply was so right. The second part is false, you can be admitted to medicine via DE.
30-May-2017 07:29:49 ·
horladele1; excluding IJMB or JUPEB , am talking abt polytechnic direct entry
30-May-2017 07:33:49 ·
Superchijekwu; Dear, I have not seen any. Direct entry into medicine is not really well defined. I know for sure that unn does not have provision for DE into medicine.
30-May-2017 08:56:23 ·
DNaijaguy; Few schools accept DE to their MBBS programme...go through Jamb brochure n search for schools that accept DE into course I know u can do is; Physiology...
30-May-2017 09:25:11 ·
Emmadara93; U can actually gain admission to study medicine tru D.E by d use of IJMb... .
30-May-2017 10:31:38 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Has anyone printed his/her result,cox I just paid 1k and it just showing 2016- 2004.
30-May-2017 23:10:07 ·
Different Case; Go through jamb brochure. few institution accepts via DE
31-May-2017 07:26:11 ·
Ninny; Am a DE candidate tho nt MBBS i av mates that wnt to apply for MBBS wit their result...

So DE to medicine ix possible
01-Jun-2017 11:19:05 ·
horladele1; ninny are u guys using ur ND result , IJMB or JUPEB
01-Jun-2017 13:38:12 ·
Ninny; IJMB
01-Jun-2017 15:24:15 ·
Emmadara93; IJMb
27-Jun-2017 18:01:59 ·
IamArbdool says;
Federal University, Dutse aspirants let's hook up!
30-May-2017 03:54:50 ·
Hamzat yusuff says;
I score 173 in utme 2017 and i choose lautech 1st, fcahptib 2nd,special oyo 3rd and i want 2 applied 4 d second choice and someone z i will change 2nd choice to1st plz advice me
30-May-2017 04:20:40 ·
DNaijaguy; Bro,I don't think u wanna go to school.Why on earth would you choose Lautech as your first choice,when you know the situation Lautech is now... they've not end 2015/2016 session... moreover,the school has been closed down now.... I'm part of 2016/2017 admitted students...hoping when the indefinite strike will end...Did Jamb this year.....Bro,change it first choice too n don't waste ya time
30-May-2017 09:28:20 ·
Different Case; Poly please
31-May-2017 07:27:01 ·
hakoredebolarjy; bro pls advice me i got 177 in utme this year and i choosed unilorin and kwara poly pls what institution can i change to pls??
09-Jun-2017 21:18:44 ·
DGHOST says;
Going For Mine Today, Hopefully, Am Gonna Get It Done.
30-May-2017 04:33:18 ·
Spectra36; I still don't understand the procedures.cus when i click on change course/institution it's showing only for 2016.pls anyone that has done his,explain 4me.
31-May-2017 06:26:50 ·
Mustyjabs; U can't access d change of course/institution on ur own. U have to visit a cbt centre or Jamb office. I also encountered same bt it did wrk out wen i finally went to a cbt centre.
31-May-2017 12:25:46 ·
sboy soloco; @mustyjabs pls which cbt center u do am, cos all d cbt
I went to yesterday & D-day b4 said d portal is temporarily shut down
01-Jun-2017 08:03:21 ·
Fatimah, says;
I got 189 in my jamb and my schoool of choice is unilorin to study common law,which institution or course can i change into
30-May-2017 04:55:34 ·
princeKeem1; I don't think you can get common law with 189...just my opinion tho.. You should make more enquiries
30-May-2017 05:35:45 ·
DNaijaguy; Try n change to might not be given Law,but it's still better off Unilorin that will not consider you at all....
30-May-2017 09:29:31 ·
attah4great; 200 for all course of study
30-May-2017 11:01:51 ·
habundanz; aaua go give u law with 18+

I don't fink so
31-May-2017 20:08:45 ·
delongest says;
i have not done any change yet. I scored 236 in utme my waec 3b,5c and i chossed buk to study dentistry,pls wat re my chances??
30-May-2017 05:02:57 ·
estee2; Currently schooling in buk
30-May-2017 13:15:18 ·
estee2; Ur chances of getting the admission is slim o, I also applied for jamb...planning to change...scored 236
30-May-2017 13:17:14 ·
kiebbrezz; Can I have your number
I mean to know more
30-May-2017 14:38:25 ·
kiebbrezz; I scored 223 nd I want to study radiography or dental surgery
5Bs and 3Cs
30-May-2017 14:40:57 ·
delongest; this is my no:09036798820
30-May-2017 15:28:04 ·
estee2; 08066088498
08-Jun-2017 14:33:14 ·
omitolaabideenabiodun says;
I scored 192,in my o level result I had no physics but others are completed,pls which course and school best suite this?
30-May-2017 05:03:34 ·
johnaldo; U can apply for urban and regional planning or geography.....those are d courses one can study witout physics..
30-May-2017 07:21:51 ·
30-May-2017 14:37:05 ·
prestige_cox; ur olevel must b ok o
30-May-2017 19:40:26 ·
Expezra; Etboy1, your score Is a very good one. But I won't want you to waste it either. UNN is not a fair school. I though Unn know the meaning of merit.. Not until last year when they suprised me. 284 in jamb and I was not given waec was 6b's and 2c.datz my state o. Law and medicine has always been leading in their cutoff mark. So please look for a better school. But choose Unn if your connection is as strong as Mtn network in South Africa. D disappointment happened last year sha.but choose wisely
30-May-2017 23:27:44 ·
HomeAlloy; 235 for Accounting or
Banking and Finance @
uniabuja with 2B's nd 3C's in 1 sitting...pls m i gud 2 go
31-May-2017 07:28:51 ·
mallan yaks says;
any nuhu bamalli zaria asprnt here heres my number lets hook up together in whatsapp grup 09072709333
30-May-2017 05:03:37 ·
Bright sky says;
I scored 191, change from petroleum and gas engineering in UNIPORT to petroleum engineering in RSUST
30-May-2017 05:34:28 ·
VictoryAC1; You took a wise decision. As for me I choose UNIPORT and I scored 199 in JAMB and I want to study Electrical/Electronic Engineering but I don't want to change.
31-May-2017 15:35:52 ·
dejih says;
Had 225 in utme choose Chemical engineering in unilorin about to change to computer science in fuoye
30-May-2017 05:49:05 ·
Crown08; Their school fees is too much.
Why not opt for fulokoja they offer computer science n their school fees is much more better
30-May-2017 11:54:19 ·
Geniuso4 says;
I scored 199, want to change to fuoye biochemistry.
30-May-2017 06:20:56 ·
kunlianoo; same here let hook up
31-May-2017 06:20:31 ·
ajemba says;
i scored 190 in my utme and want to study biochemistry in federal university nduka-alike ebonyi state (funai)can i get that course there and is the course competitive in dat skul pls i need answer before i go for change of course
30-May-2017 06:42:35 ·
young042galaxy; Run o.....last year I scored 194 with good O'level result n choosed dsame biochemistry but they didn't give me anything. Don't near that school if you don't want to stay at home again except u have upper hand there.
30-May-2017 20:32:36 ·
Akpan8; Where are you from?
30-May-2017 22:39:01 ·
madeleine; its possible cos I had a friend DAT got in with 193 computer engineering with three bs and two 2 Cs in their merit list but u have to be prayerful too
02-Jun-2017 02:55:51 ·
ajemba; but is biochemistry competitive in funai
02-Jun-2017 13:55:48 ·
madeleine; I don't know but make sure ur waec is good not ok
05-Jun-2017 23:17:48 ·

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