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Share your 2017 JAMB Score, Course & School, so we can guide you here

Posted: 23-May-2017 02:07:52 into Jamb by Myschool for school | 5274 Comments

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Post your 2017 JAMB Score, Course and Institution here and we will try guide, and help you make the best decision on whether to change your course, institution or both.

If you are good to go for the course or institution for the score you post here, we will also let you know.

Please note that the 2017 JAMB Change of Course/Institution Process has begun, so let's try to help ourselves as quickly as we can.

Please if you are guiding someone, ensure you give facts, which can be based on what you have read or verified information from the past (Past Cut-Off Marks).

For those who would like this help, simply post;

- Your JAMB Score,
- The course you selected,
- The Institution you want to gain admission into.

A myschooler will review the information you posted and give you an appropriate reply under your comment.

Please let's use this thread for the benefit of everyone. No need to mock or insult anyone.


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Comments (5274)
Batifeori says;
285,going political science in Ahmadu bello university, Zaria. What are my chances of being admitted, cos I'm from lagos
23-May-2017 02:10:45 ·
Different Case; Your score is quite ok, just back it up with your O'level. Calculate your aggregate first, then I'll tell you what the cutoff of previous years looks like
23-May-2017 05:48:38 ·
Oluwashida; Please I applied to study Biochemistry at Osun state university, OSOGBO and I had 227. My O'level result is Neco(just a sitting) and have C's(Credits) in all. What are my chances, Sir?
23-May-2017 07:44:21 ·
Symplytiti ; I scored 190 botany lagos state university
23-May-2017 08:54:33 ·
babskorex; 190
.. ur Chances are slim but don't give up u might be lucky
23-May-2017 09:01:47 ·
eezthebahdguy; Yeah that's true symplytiti
I had 191 and I was assured that I will gain admission this year
23-May-2017 09:33:27 ·
Runfav; My O' level result: ECONOMICS---D7 CIVIC EDUCATION---C5

I had 200 in Jamb and I wish to study Pharmacology in Olabisi Onabanjo University(OOU). My O' level is one sitting and I am also an Indigene....Please, anybody to advice me.
23-May-2017 09:52:12 ·
Different Case; Oluwashida, your score is okay but the O'level is not that okay, but since you're from the Western part, it's fine
23-May-2017 10:35:41 ·
kendoodogwu; her olevel results are okay @case
23-May-2017 11:33:47 ·
tomisin11111; 227.unilag .chose building
Further maths=c6
different case wats ur advice 4 me?
23-May-2017 11:34:25 ·
kelvin alatsha; [23/05, 10:30] kelvin taylor: Help me give pple lecturers To Help me calculate and tell me d score
[23/05, 10:31] kelvin taylor: And help me ask for 2017/2018 departmental cut off Mark university of Lagos
23-May-2017 11:55:46 ·
kelvin alatsha; Maths B3
English C4
Chemistry B3
Physics C5
Geography C6
Biology C4
Further maths C6
Computer A1
Jamb score: 217
Institution: University of Lagos
Course: Geography
23-May-2017 11:56:22 ·
Manax ; Kelvin,
my WAEC is OK,
jamb 235
but art Geography(SS), Niger delta university
23-May-2017 13:27:16 ·
sboy soloco; I scored 240 in d jamb and am beginning to doubt maybe
this olevel
result is good for political science in unilag ..
Maths ................ B3
Biology ................C5
Econs ...................C4
Account ...............C4
Commerce ...........C5
Yoruba .................C6
Food & nut ...........C4
23-May-2017 16:21:04 ·
seunizzy; any unilag group shuld add me 08090741638 My course Mathematics sci
23-May-2017 17:23:11 ·
uchenna33; I scored 222 what is the probability of my studying law in unilag or unical.
23-May-2017 17:42:25 ·
anuotepat; unilag, physiotherapy(1st choice),
lasu, nursing (2nd choice),
jamb score :- 239
ssce at one sitting ,
maths b3
english c4
chemistry b3
physics c4
biology c4

pls what are my chances?.
do i change school/course?
23-May-2017 19:21:05 ·
Jennifer Peters; 253 in jamb
I'm I good to go?
24-May-2017 00:30:40 ·
Different Case; Jennifer, you're O'level please
24-May-2017 00:52:53 ·
andrew ojiese; Pls help me calculate utme 210
O level 4b³ 1c⁴
Health edu UI
24-May-2017 00:56:08 ·
yink68; osun state university. 243,for nursing and o'level - b2, 2 b3, c4 and c5
24-May-2017 08:11:14 ·
Jennifer Peters; @different case..I wrote eco-c4,math-c4,English-c5,and govt-b3..going for accountancy at unizik...I'm I good to go with 253 in jamb
24-May-2017 09:50:19 ·
chijioke amanze; I got 263 in jamb
Physics C5
Chemistry C4
Maths B3
English C4
Biology C5
Economics C5
I want to study Civil engineering in FUTO
What are my chances
24-May-2017 10:27:43 ·
b blinks; I'm an aspirant of Uniport I'm going for nursing my score is 225 but my result is two sittings 2Bs n 6Cs what can I do
24-May-2017 20:18:55 ·
petrababy; Change course
25-May-2017 07:24:20 ·
Onah Grace; @ jennifer..ure chances are high
25-May-2017 13:23:05 ·
Mollysas; Utme-192
Uniben-Education and english and literature
Please what are my chances of getting admission?
25-May-2017 17:24:59 ·
Mollysas; Please different case,I need your response thanks
25-May-2017 17:53:13 ·
Different Case; change to another lower course @ Molly
26-May-2017 11:52:04 ·
Mollysas; Kk,thanks, education is low naa,please give me lower course, can I change to my course later?
26-May-2017 15:14:25 ·
chijioke amanze; Pls guys reply me na
26-May-2017 16:21:08 ·
cyndypretty; Mollyass just change institution because Uniben cut off is always 200 and u scored 190
28-May-2017 15:03:02 ·
cyndypretty; Mollyass just change institution because Uniben cut off is always 200 and u scored 192
28-May-2017 15:05:24 ·
b blinks; Uniport do they study physiotherapy
29-May-2017 23:16:12 ·
b blinks; Is there any funai aspirant here
18-Jul-2017 11:04:56 ·
froshest; @different case,i score 216 in jamb nd i ave b3 all in my waec result nd i choose ekiti state university 2 study i good a go???
02-Aug-2017 15:04:25 ·
impetus says;
215 want to study surveying and geo- informatics at unizik. am I good to go?
23-May-2017 02:15:50 ·
Different Case; Your score is not that bad.
You know that the system has changed. Now, your O'level has a great role to play in your admission process. So, list your O'level grades, let's start from there
23-May-2017 05:50:40 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @different aspiring to go to COVENANT and UI university (UI is later tho) jamb score is o'levels is neco Nd it's one sitting; physics b2,maths b3 , English c4,further maths c5, chemistry course is mechanical engineering...I've done my calculations already and their literary just average. so I need you to please give an analysis so I can be sure if theirs still hope (for both Uno's -UI ND CU).GOD BLESS YOU
23-May-2017 07:56:39 ·
23-May-2017 07:57:41 ·
Vickysmylz; Hello Diff Case! Sociology Ui, 242, B3 In Math, Crs, Govt, C5 In Econ., C6 In Eng. What R My Chances Bro
23-May-2017 08:29:58 ·
Different Case; FISI, it's a nice score you've got. For CU, yes but UI, I doubt.

Vicky, what part of the country are you from
23-May-2017 10:33:15 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @different case . you doubt.but it's still possible Sha .. with the God I serve he'll make my results do what 350can do because he knows what happened to my system when I wrote dat jamb exam and wat also wat happened to my chemistry and English in dat jamb .so he knows what I deserve and he'll surely make a way for both CU ND UI . plus jamb statistics for each uni and uni cutoff never Jade .God will surely make a way and i urge all of una to cry to your heavenly Father.really appreciate your reply @different case God bless you
23-May-2017 10:42:50 ·
Different Case; First of all, what's your most preferred school of choice because I'm seeing CU and UI, hope you didn't state it the way I'm thinking. Yes, Miracle still happens but it's not worth taking the risk
23-May-2017 10:49:49 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; UI first choice....CU second choice....(but as u know cu resumes way earlier than UI so obviously that's the first scul I'll enter.but my main focus is on that UI )...why did you ask tho
23-May-2017 11:01:09 ·
Different Case; I was thinking you made CU your first choice.
23-May-2017 11:11:49 ·
Vickysmylz; Different Case. Thnks 4 D Response! Am From The East, Ebonyi State Precisely! Buh I Live Here In The West Lagos/abeokuta. Hope Therez No Prob With Dat
23-May-2017 11:15:37 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @different case .do u mean guys that chose UI as second choice will be at major disadvantage?
23-May-2017 11:29:07 ·
Different Case; FISI, UI don't accept 2nd choice
23-May-2017 12:31:21 ·
Different Case; Vicki, find another school for a better chance
23-May-2017 12:32:17 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @different case .does registering very early give someone a better chance of getting admitted??
23-May-2017 12:41:40 ·
Different Case; Not @all dear
23-May-2017 12:59:04 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @mr genius .f**k off,bruv
23-May-2017 13:16:14 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @different case .please can you drop ur wattsapp no ??? abeg
23-May-2017 13:17:15 ·
Different Case; 09064454780.
23-May-2017 13:18:34 ·
teeblink35; I scored 154 in jamb an my o'level is c
all through, an I want to study computer
science at Ibadan poly. am I good to go?
23-May-2017 13:55:10 ·
Okikiola74; please help me I made mistake in my utme
combination I did English economics commerce
and account I did well in my o level and my utme score is
pls do well to tell me where I can go and which I can do am
not writting jamb again pls. help and God help you
23-May-2017 17:15:45 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; but @okikola .why is it na during this period that u find it deem to start asking questions about wrong jamb's obviously too late for that ..but anything can I advise you pray and go to jamb office nearest to you... well that is if u care about your life wella
23-May-2017 17:39:05 ·
Olaitan347; I Scored 214 In Jamb My Olevel Result I Av Four C4 And Five C5 Can I Gain Admission To Unilorin To Study Optometry
23-May-2017 18:04:58 ·
samtoby; Mine is 218 in Jamb... Applied for "Public Administration" in "University of Ilorin".


Eng: C6
Maths: B3
Gov: C4
Econ: C5
Biol: C4
Lit in Eng: D7
Agric: C4
Yoruba: C4..

(WAEC: One Sitting)

What's my faith??
23-May-2017 18:15:47 ·
Kaycee1524; @Impetus,can we chat on whatsapp, we have same course, same uni but I had 242 in my UTME
23-May-2017 21:08:46 ·
Kaycee1524; If you would like to,add me up 08105072530
23-May-2017 21:11:10 ·
A-Plus; same course same uni
23-May-2017 22:41:23 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; u guys that are saying same course same uni upandan have u guys bothered to check the latest news on unillorin (104 000 peeps registered for dat uni but they are only going to pick 10 000 which means 94 000 peeps will go Nd buy garri aka jadanu..)so you had better know yourself and start thinking of changing courses or institution ( and trust me u don't need to calculate ish if u have a mighty score that can sustain u thru unillorin's hot fire dis year)..and start communicating to your God....,....and trust me
24-May-2017 00:13:52 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; *and trust him
24-May-2017 00:14:37 ·
Different Case; Okikiola, what course
24-May-2017 00:50:01 ·
andrew ojiese; Pls help me calculate utme 210
O level 4b³ 1c⁴
Health edu UI
24-May-2017 00:55:20 ·
Onah Grace; Sorry but i tink 214 may not give u optometry in UNI ilorin..y dont u try changing school
25-May-2017 13:27:11 ·
divineadvisor; @F_I_$ lord which website did u get ur statistic from
26-May-2017 14:37:02 ·
ndubuchi; Scored 269 going for biochemistry at futo
27-May-2017 12:42:12 ·
Different Case; Ndubuchi.. nice one. merit list
27-May-2017 20:48:20 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @different case.please will CU be doing entrance/screening exams this year (I've been hearing rumors Nd I'll like to know if it's really authentic)
28-May-2017 23:42:39 ·
Different Case; just read your books. It won't be a waste of time
29-May-2017 19:05:11 ·
ndubuchi; Thanks,@ different case
29-May-2017 19:32:10 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @different case .ill read their post utme past question.but f tin is my mind no dey for dat CU but for UI.can u review my scores again and tell me my chances of getting mechanical engineering in UI.jamb score 249....
NECO -1 sitting
(moreover I assume UI will be admitting extra more students considering that pharmacy has just been unaccredited )....yo btw diff case u ain't active on Wattsapp bro
30-May-2017 18:42:25 ·
Damaster21; If the method of calculation of point used last yr @UI is to be used this yr u will have 60.125 and d cutoff for mechanical engineering last yr is above 70 but i can't remember d actual cutoff mark now so i advise u to consider FUTMinna because i choose UI last year
10-Jun-2017 20:27:55 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; my score is 61.13 the cutoff last yr was 72.smthn.....FUTMIMNA foot-massage ni
10-Jun-2017 21:49:51 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; *futminna ko foot-massage ni
10-Jun-2017 21:51:04 ·
Damaster21; I don't understand
11-Jun-2017 13:48:36 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; 07064753474
16-Jun-2017 10:54:06 ·
chiozy; 216, 3 c's & 2b's funai/ unizik accountancy
18-Aug-2017 10:40:56 ·
guenchogo says;
281 accounting unilag
23-May-2017 02:22:13 ·
Different Case; Nice one.
are you from the Western part
23-May-2017 05:51:10 ·
Macnnoli4; UNN,298,3A's AND 1C4 in ENG,PHY,CHEM AND BIO respectively.
will it be enough for top 20 in admission list
23-May-2017 10:17:11 ·
Different Case; wonderful.. it's nice and okay.

hopes alive
23-May-2017 10:19:33 ·
Myykel; Pls o . . i chose lasu. . had 213. . . po. science
23-May-2017 10:38:40 ·
debbybabe2222; i scored 204 in my jamb I put in for medicine and surgery in delsu I av b2 in eng , b3 in chem, bio, agric nd geo, c6 in physics , maths nd civic. d7 in marketing. if I do change of course to psychology or physiotherapy wat ar my chances of gaining admission or wat course can I change to
23-May-2017 10:40:22 ·
Different Case; Debby, what's your jamb subject combination, let's start from there because Psychology is a Social Science and not a Pure Science.
23-May-2017 10:45:44 ·
Vickysmylz; @diff Case My Sister Got The Same Jamb Score 204 With Similar O' Levels Grades. Buh She Chose Unilag! Pls Wat Medical Or Science Related Course Cn She Change To! Nd What School East Or West Wil B Suitable
23-May-2017 11:39:34 ·
Vickysmylz; Cn I Just Get Ur Contact Diff Case?
23-May-2017 11:41:02 ·
debbybabe2222; I was told to combine 5 subjects:maths,eng,bio,chem nd physics. I calculated d grades to b 18 plus 10 marks of having one sitting plus d range of my jamb mark which is 24, altogether is 52. can i den change it to physiotherapy, pls I nid urgent reply
23-May-2017 12:24:20 ·
Different Case; 09064454780
23-May-2017 12:26:28 ·
Different Case; avoid this crook
23-May-2017 13:16:34 ·
debbybabe2222; jamb subjects physics 51, bio 51, chemistry 53, eng 49. total mark 204
23-May-2017 13:17:15 ·
debbybabe2222; @ different case I meant physiology or physiotherapy
23-May-2017 15:48:52 ·
Nosferatu; Same course but Unilag.. Wbu?
24-May-2017 17:23:53 ·
Onah Grace; @ Macnnoli...wat course
25-May-2017 13:28:44 ·
Macnnoli4; @onah grace, of Medicine
25-May-2017 13:43:27 ·
olaabbey; @differentcase...I had 232 in jamb,English c5,biology c4,physics b3,maths b2,chemistry study nursing at UI......any chances???
27-May-2017 08:17:54 ·
Different Case; Ola, change of institution
27-May-2017 20:49:43 ·
olaabbey; which one again [email protected] case
28-May-2017 13:40:39 ·
dpedro1 says;
242. Computer Engineering in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike. What are my chances?
23-May-2017 02:23:45 ·
Son_Of_God; You good to go Boss
23-May-2017 06:14:39 ·
MSparks005; What if one choose it as 2nd choice, with 269 for jamb score?
23-May-2017 15:33:46 ·
Qudos; We av d same Jamb score 😎 😎
23-May-2017 17:34:23 ·
Chukwu angelo; Got 224 for biz admin Michael okpara... Wha r my chances..
Maths-C English-B Eco-A govt.-A Acct.-B commerce-B please wha r my chances?
23-May-2017 21:24:32 ·
Scholarcruz; 228....agricultural engineering.... Michael okpara university........ Wat r my chances...waec...b's through out
25-May-2017 08:32:40 ·
MaLeeq says;
227 Dentistry and Dental Surgery Uniport
23-May-2017 02:28:10 ·
Different Case; Please your O'level result.

list them.
23-May-2017 05:51:55 ·
fundkid; please i score 222 and olevel is c parallel for petroleum and gas engineering Uniport
23-May-2017 06:18:19 ·
Different Case; Funkid, I won't advice you proceed. Change of course,
23-May-2017 10:55:11 ·
detiosa; @different case
I scored 238 in jamb going for physiology in uniben with a waec result of
chemistry c5
physics b3
biology c5
English b3
maths c5
Hope i am good to go
Urgent reply pls
23-May-2017 12:06:11 ·
davidojie02; your chance is not clear at all go and rewrite jamb
23-May-2017 12:29:27 ·
Femzykanye; Myschool please help i had 261 in my jamb i applied for Mass Communications at Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA). Do i need a change of course?
O'Level Maths B2 English C5 Economics B3 Government C5 Literature C6
23-May-2017 12:34:42 ·
Different Case; Femz, you're okay
23-May-2017 12:38:15 ·
dr kayboy; i applied for nutrition and dietetics with 213 in utme.Different case,pls any hope?
23-May-2017 12:46:55 ·
alleazardous; I had 223 in my jamb, I applied for computer science at lasu
23-May-2017 14:56:45 ·
Different Case; Stop asking if there's hope or not, No one decides your fate for you. just believe and make use of the brain God has given you.

Just follow the principles of life, then you're good to go..
23-May-2017 15:11:14 ·
Ogunwole Ruth; I Scored 200 In Jamb I Want To Study Foodscience N Technology In FUOYE My O'level Result English B2,maths B3,bio C5,phy C5,civic C4,chem C4,yor C4, Eco C6,agri C4, At One Sitting Am Frm Ibadan Am I Good To Go
23-May-2017 15:56:37 ·
fundkid; please can you assist me wish of the course can i swap to? @ different case
23-May-2017 16:03:07 ·
ikupolatisuccess; Helllllooooo is thre any fine artist in here. Or anyone DAT can advice a fine artist .
23-May-2017 19:00:13 ·
aygold13; @ ogunwole am also 4rm ibadan i choose fuoye also my jamb score is 221 course:Economics o level result C parallel
23-May-2017 21:06:27 ·
Bellete; Davidojie, nawao. If u knw dat u cnt give somone hope, den dnt say anything. As far as he reached 180, there's hope. Sompple shud learn how to talk sha.
24-May-2017 05:56:56 ·
Ogunwole Ruth; @aygold13, Gv Me Ur Number
24-May-2017 09:31:47 ·
aygold13; 07039347001 nd send me urz also
24-May-2017 19:44:37 ·
Ogunwole Ruth; 07033685388
25-May-2017 21:26:42 ·
horllammy32; Also a fuoye aspirant @Arnold and ogunwole.....can I add u guys up
26-May-2017 10:18:41 ·
horllammy32; I mean aygold
26-May-2017 10:19:16 ·
26-May-2017 20:15:48 ·
aygold13; yes nd can i av ur digit @horllammy32
26-May-2017 21:22:31 ·
DasKelvin says;
#MySchool can you kindly create a trend for those that are yet to see their result.I wrote my jamb on Tuesday May 16 at 'kindle E-learning centre,asero,abeokuta at exactly 9:00am, up till this moment my profile kept on displaying 'No Result Yet!',whenever i want to check my result.
Its has been frustrating and annoying cause i did everything necessary which include abiding to jamb rules. I thumbprinted before and after the exam.I didnt move an inch during the exam,my face was just glued to the monitor till i was done.Definitely, i wasn't involved in any form of 'malpractice'. I submitted ,leaving 30minute behind.
Don't just understand what is going on,and am pretty sure most Candidate having same ish with the result,did as instructed during n after d exam.
Of course, one have to be patient cause result is been sent by batch,but its soooo frustrating to see someone who wrote on d 19th receiving results while we r yet to see our result.😦😕😕
PLEASE OO MYSCHOOL JUST HELP US CREATE A TREND ...So dt we can all come together n know wt next to do. God Bless!
23-May-2017 02:28:30 ·
Myschool; After JAMB releases results for all the exam days, we will create this thread. Thanks.
23-May-2017 02:29:14 ·
Batifeori; Pls what are my chances of gaining admission into ABU with that score?
23-May-2017 02:31:36 ·
Queen daniella; Please and uniport aspirant group I'll like to be added.. 09090837431
23-May-2017 02:48:33 ·
fundkid; i will equally like to be added 08102548883
23-May-2017 05:41:24 ·
OLUWAPAMILERINAYO PHILIP; @kelvin u are nt alone all d centres at asero are aving same problem,taidob college,kindle e~learning,dorf cbt,i dd mine at dorf monday 7am and up till nw no result yet and its so fustrating seeing my friends who dd on thur&friday getting their just fed up and run out of idea on wot i can do
23-May-2017 07:16:50 ·
ojo oluwadamilare Felix ; Guys we wrote exams @ the same. Center kindly -center opposite taidob college abeokuta asero,,,, but still saying you do not have any result yet while I did all necessary things before left the hall,,,,,, since on the 15 Monday 9:00 ,,,,pls do smfin about it,,,, I beg you,,,,
23-May-2017 08:22:24 ·
Sirdavies97; i did mine on wednesday 17th @ dorf cbt centre in asero abeokuta,9am paper later turned 3pm paper,funnily i went to d centre with d exact fare dat will take me to n fro,hunger wan kill me dat halff of the whole system there was not working,we later start dragging to write exam,mehn d sun has destabilized us already God be the glory,ma result exceed ma expectations...scored 285,applied for economics n development studies FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OYE EKITI.
23-May-2017 09:10:07 ·
Sirdavies97; fuoye applicant shud get in touch @09064406642..lets talk
23-May-2017 09:12:07 ·
Raheem olawale; Pls sirdavies I score 187 in jamb and I choose ui bfr can I change it to fuoye pol science pls reply asap
23-May-2017 11:37:32 ·
ikupolatisuccess; Please is awaiting result problem still going on....institution is OAU ,i got 224 in jamb,my course is fine art ..any P with my result
23-May-2017 18:57:25 ·
MERCY AND GRACE; i also did my own exam on 17th wed at mapoly stil now have not seen myresult
24-May-2017 06:23:49 ·
[email protected]; I sat for the exam on the 15th and jamb keep telling me "you do not have result yet". Am beginning to get worried ooooo
24-May-2017 07:23:19 ·
aygold13; @sirdavies xame course at fuoye economics nd development studies my jamb score 221
27-May-2017 22:49:52 ·
aygold13; @raheem i tink fuoye is 180 hope ur o level is okay sha
27-May-2017 22:54:41 ·
TobaA; pls do they have mascom HND in kwarapoly
03-Jun-2017 15:03:42 ·
TobaA; pla I need urgent answer from relaibe source and is d HND full time form out and how much....
03-Jun-2017 15:05:47 ·
sandra nathaniel says;
@my school
23-May-2017 02:34:08 ·
Different Case; Sandra, please go for change of course and institution.

Poly is a better option
23-May-2017 05:53:19 ·
23-May-2017 07:17:34 ·
vicman45; Pls, I'm in a kind of dilemma..

I wrote Jamb dis year and unfortunately I made a low score of '218' and I intend to study Pharmacy in unizik.

My O'level grades are:
English: A1
Maths: B3
Biology: B2
Physics: B3
Chemistry: C4

I'm really perturbed, as I just concluded my ND programme last year, pls which other course ( in faculty of Basic medical science) do I stand a chance of getting admission in unizik..

Myschoolers, I anticipate for your honest and humble opinions?
24-May-2017 12:21:57 ·
justbuchi; Basic medical sciences has only two departments, anatomy and physiology. I think its better u choose anatomy cos Unizik admits more in anatomy than physiology
24-May-2017 18:39:49 ·
casspersteve says;
214,international relations University of nigeria,what are my chances?
23-May-2017 02:45:32 ·
Different Case; Your score is okay, share your O'level result with us here
23-May-2017 05:54:10 ·
casspersteve; i had c's parallel neco
23-May-2017 08:39:43 ·
eezthebahdguy; Different case I had 191 in jamb and my O level result is neco. English= c6
Mathematics = b3
Economics = b3
Literature = c6
Government =b3
Biology =b3
Citizenship education =c5
23-May-2017 09:44:33 ·
Dolf; *207
*Business Administration
*Lagos State University
Please what are my chances of gaining admission?
23-May-2017 10:00:41 ·
Different Case; Badguy, you didn't state the name of the institution
23-May-2017 10:30:31 ·
eezthebahdguy; Unilorin or kwasu
23-May-2017 15:57:18 ·
casspersteve; case answer me ooo
23-May-2017 17:51:56 ·
Onah Grace; @eezthebadguy.. U hll hv beta chances in kwasu...i tink Univ of Ilorin cuts 200
25-May-2017 13:34:03 ·
Ekybella; Scored 204 in jamb had 9cs in neco and want to study History and international studies uniuyo,any chances pls
11-Jun-2017 21:49:24 ·
Sirperfect10 says;
303 jamb score and an O level full of Cs and 2 sitting
what's the probability of gaining admission in university of Ibadan
23-May-2017 02:47:53 ·
dakota essy; What course are you going for?
23-May-2017 04:44:07 ·
Devyeed; I scored just 192 I chose Akwa Ibom state university to study Civil Engr. Pls what are my chances? People should reply, pls
23-May-2017 05:40:21 ·
fundkid; please add me on WhatsApp 08102548883
23-May-2017 05:43:29 ·
Different Case; Perfect, your score is fine and nice but still not a criteria. I advise you share your O'level result here, let's make use of last year's method for aggregate calculation
23-May-2017 05:56:26 ·
Maryimmaj; 243 mass comm unizik am I good to go?
23-May-2017 07:39:17 ·
Different Case; You didn't state your course of choice, please do so.

Mary, it's fine but state down your O'level results accordingly
23-May-2017 10:40:31 ·
Sirperfect10; am applying for elect elect
two c6
one c5
two B3
in two sitting
23-May-2017 14:40:05 ·
Sirperfect10; one of the B3 is agric while my biology is C6 but I don't like adding biology as one of the five related course since it is engineering
English is D5 in waec but C5 in waec
maths C6
chem B3
physics C5
23-May-2017 14:51:30 ·
Maryimmaj; English b3
Maths c6
Lit b3
Econs b3
Govt b3
23-May-2017 21:10:04 ·
Different Case; Mary, it's okay.
24-May-2017 00:43:13 ·
Sirperfect10; any reply
24-May-2017 06:32:58 ·
Onah Grace; Ure goodnto go @ sirperfect
25-May-2017 13:35:48 ·
regony600; Sir perfect, you're really not good to go o. I got 343 1B,3C5,1C6, I'm still not good to go. Go and check how they calculated their screening last year
11-Jun-2017 16:51:21 ·
Mo6ix says;
Can 219 Gain Admission Into Lasu For Chemical&polymer Engineering
23-May-2017 02:48:22 ·
Different Case; Lasu aspirant, are you from the Western part
23-May-2017 05:57:18 ·
giddi04; @different case, I scored 228 in jamb, going for sociology, o level 1b and 4c in my 5 required subjects, delta state University, and I'm from delta too, what are my chances?
23-May-2017 08:43:45 ·
Different Case; Giddi, I'll check out the previous cutoff marks and get back to you
23-May-2017 10:28:26 ·
giddi04; Okay, awaiting your response
23-May-2017 13:49:56 ·
Queen daniella says;
187 can I go for political administrative studies uniport
23-May-2017 02:50:07 ·
hemjay02; Yea,u can... Pls kindly contact me on 09036847074
23-May-2017 05:45:28 ·
Different Case; Daniella, go for a change of course and institution,
23-May-2017 05:59:28 ·
Mark william; I score 243 in Jamb, and i wanna study Accounting in Unilag. Pls what is my chance of gaining admission or do i have to go for change of course. Here is my o'level result.
English = B3.
Mathematics = C5.
Economics = B3.
Government = B3.
F. Account = C4.
Biology = C6.
Commerce = D7.
Lit in Eng = C4.
23-May-2017 06:31:27 ·
[email protected]; Same score but psychology unizik
23-May-2017 09:16:47 ·
thelme; straightkid unilag again?! it is well...inbox me I want tel u somtin!
23-May-2017 09:26:42 ·
Different Case; Mark, which of the states are you from
23-May-2017 10:54:16 ·
Mark william; Am from Lagos state
23-May-2017 12:06:14 ·
23-May-2017 12:07:17 ·
omalichananka; I score 212 in my Jamb
My WAEC is
Eng C6
Lit C6
Maths C3
Econs C3
Agric B3
Gov. B3
Crk. B3
Igbo. A1
Biology A1

My course is law
School Unizik
Am from Anambra
My WAEC is 1 sitting

Please is there any chance for me to study law or wait for Jamb next year
I need a professional course ,
23-May-2017 12:52:39 ·
Different Case; instead of waiting for another extra year, why not give it a try.
23-May-2017 13:07:04 ·
shenkez; At different case my friend scored 258 her olevels are Eng b3 Maths c4 crs a1 govt b3 lit b3 civic b3 biology c5 Igbo c6 and she wanna study law at unn..... Pls any hope for her I don't want her score to waste Dis z her second jamb. Ur reply Z needed urgently.
23-May-2017 13:19:13 ·
Different Case; For safety ; let her go for change of course but same school
23-May-2017 13:21:19 ·
Different Case; OK, I didn't see the O'level but I can see it now. I'll get back to you
23-May-2017 13:22:08 ·
shenkez; Pls I am waiting patiently.
23-May-2017 17:52:27 ·
Queen daniella; Please OK uniport aspirant group
23-May-2017 20:32:16 ·
Parlyginger; Same course with u daniella... Same uniport.... But scored 220.....
24-May-2017 13:28:39 ·
Onah Grace; @ shenkez ..pls advice her to change course cut lyk 297 last yr.she can change to Pol Sci den switch later
25-May-2017 13:39:09 ·
Ibitola_; got 238 in jamb
Course; medicine
School :university of medical sciences ondo state
I'm from ondo state.
1 sitting NECO
English :B3
Maths; C5
Biology; B3
Chemistry; C5
Physics; C4
What are my hopes i will like to know cause I have a lot of faith right now
27-May-2017 18:18:46 ·
Queen daniella; Can 187 go for philosophy uniport
05-Jun-2017 13:15:13 ·
Crown08 says;
I got 211. Want to study mechanical engineering at federal university of oye ekiti. Good to go?
23-May-2017 02:55:06 ·
midasclub; change ur institution and ur course...fuoye z now competitive
23-May-2017 13:48:50 ·
juwon1997; pls i also choose fuoye, jamb score 233 course accounting, olevel result 1A 5B 3C, indigene of ekiti
25-May-2017 18:01:41 ·
midasclub; juwon u r good to go
26-May-2017 01:44:20 ·
juwon1997; OK thanks @mida
28-May-2017 02:31:20 ·
aygold13; fuoye also 221 economics nd developement studies
28-May-2017 08:18:26 ·
Mo6ix says;
219 Into Lasu Chem&polymer Engineering .Am I Good 2 Go.Pls Need An Answer Myschool
23-May-2017 02:59:00 ·
07060793232; yer bro same here buh m goin for INSURANCE buh ur o'level wil determine ur chance...calculate dis way..jamb score divided by 8 then calculate ur 5 o'level like dis A1.10,B2.9,B3.8,C4.7,C5.6,C6.5...den u wil c ur total point
23-May-2017 06:58:21 ·
kingsley fine; after that will u add the sum with the jamb u divided by 8
23-May-2017 12:24:35 ·
midasclub; lasu also...I rep business administration 227
23-May-2017 13:49:48 ·
alleazardous; I rep lasu computer science, I had 223 in my jamb my o'level is c's
23-May-2017 15:22:30 ·
midasclub; let's create lasu group...shud I create it and collect u guys no
23-May-2017 19:36:29 ·
alleazardous; Oya create it na
24-May-2017 11:54:52 ·
midasclub; oya u guys drop ur number I yaff created it
24-May-2017 23:11:20 ·
alleazardous; 07064679388
25-May-2017 06:10:11 ·
midasclub; mo6ix drop ur number
25-May-2017 08:33:53 ·
Brain2015; 07013235396.....Lasu...Medicine nd surgery
29-May-2017 00:26:44 ·
donwhite92 says;
199,futminna micro biology.i used nabteb. is it acceptable?
23-May-2017 03:04:46 ·
Nikiejay; nabteb is acceptable in futminna.
23-May-2017 10:01:46 ·
Herruner; I score 205 microbiology @futminna and my neco is C parallel what s my chance of gaining [email protected]
24-May-2017 10:20:10 ·
JUWONJAY; Its good to go
24-May-2017 12:09:29 ·
phoenix405 says;
i score 250 in jamb,i chosed mbbs in unilag what are my chances of admission and i my good to go or i should aply for change of course.
23-May-2017 03:10:37 ·
dakota essy; What are your O level grades?
23-May-2017 04:46:15 ·
ziamm; I strongly advise a change of course.... Cos u'll b needing at least 5Bs nd a score of over 270
23-May-2017 07:04:06 ·
chimemeria; UNN...applicants

add me on whatsapp pls 08169166937
23-May-2017 07:05:51 ·
cynthiapetters ; I scored 193 federal university ndufu alike going for economics my o-level is one sittings all cs 1b what are my chances or do I go for change of institution?
23-May-2017 08:26:55 ·
jetman15; send me a message on whatsapp so we can talk i'm also a ndu aspirant +2347036821434
23-May-2017 09:30:02 ·
rindapex; 235 medical lab science Kano buk is it acceptable
23-May-2017 11:15:55 ·
23-May-2017 11:27:15 ·
chemophyte; My school..I scored 296 in utme and I have 4B's nd 1C..what is my chance of getting medicine and surgery in uniben
23-May-2017 14:24:14 ·
confidence1996; Engrblinks old drop ur number with mine is 09095155864
23-May-2017 14:36:20 ·
engrblinks; app no @confidence1996
23-May-2017 15:00:38 ·
Chimexjohn; I score 216 in my Jamb..and i chose crutech..neco one sitting nd 5c accountancy. Am i gud to go?
23-May-2017 15:05:53 ·
hopethompson; mine is 193 business admin,my waec is one sitting,RSUST any hope for me?..
23-May-2017 15:51:37 ·
Anneta.; @different case. I had 208. My waec I had 5B's, 2A's and 1c. I applied for nursing Unilag. 😑. Any hope??
23-May-2017 17:17:39 ·
rindapex; Medical lab science bayero university Kano 235 is it ok
23-May-2017 18:10:40 ·
okunola2; i scored 214 in jamb. i applied for computer science in futa. i am using 2 sittings.
my o'level result are:
math b3
eng c5
chem c4
phy c5
agric c5

am i good to go
23-May-2017 19:06:58 ·
Dappertom; scored 208 N want to study MicroBiology in Lasu...
got 2Bs N 3Cs in waec N its one sitting...
can you pls tell me my chances of getting admission....
you can also chat me up on whatsapp 08172829861
23-May-2017 20:48:08 ·
harbeagurl; please help o..i scored 270,i had 3Bs and 2Cs in my o'level at one sitting. going for law in unilag.. WATS d probability dat I will b admitted..
23-May-2017 21:00:29 ·
Erokaire Tega; 235 Jamb

University of Port Harcourt

Rivers State University of Science and Technology
Medical Lab Science
23-May-2017 22:25:47 ·
grace27; Let chat on whatsaap going for nursing at uniport too
24-May-2017 00:09:58 ·
Ochayia; Pls o admin my jamb z 229 Nd my olevel z nabteb result wit 3A Nd 6C I choose medlab bt I was tld nabteb z just 4 poly dat I can not use it in uni. I choose usmandanfodio Nd AAU pls wat z my chance am 4rm benue
24-May-2017 07:00:57 ·
chimemeria; nabteb is not only for poly o
24-May-2017 07:04:30 ·
Ochayia; OK so pls wat ar my chances of gaining admission
24-May-2017 19:22:03 ·
Onah Grace; @ Adaobi...dear ill advice u change course or better still cahnge school
25-May-2017 13:47:13 ·
Glad687; I scored 180 & I want to study mass com in UNN or IMSU any chance for me to gain admission?
25-May-2017 15:34:56 ·
brandosky1; My dear I will advice u to change ur course to lower or lesscompetative courses so dat ur chance of getting admission will be fair .
26-May-2017 14:58:35 ·
wiseguy85; glad add me on whatsapp, I put Imsu too so that we can chat
29-May-2017 17:52:21 ·
wiseguy85; 08143513239
29-May-2017 17:53:07 ·
nkem john blaq; please my brothers and sisters I got jamb and am going for civil engineering at futo is there any hope or should I change to unizik,,,I need ur advice, God bless u
23-Jun-2017 01:11:22 ·

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