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2017 JAMB change of course/institution has started

Posted: 23-May-2017 [01:22:16] into Jamb by EEGA77 for school | 891 Comments

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We have just received information that the 2017 JAMB Change of Course/Institution Process has begun.

According to the reports we received, this process can only be done at the accredited CBT Centres.

Before you head out to check if this process has started at an accredited CBT Centre around you, please ensure the following;

- That you know exactly the Changes of Course/Institution you would like to make changes to.

- Please ensure you do your research to ensure that the school you are changing to does not usually cut-off higher than your score.

- That you can change one or all your courses/institutions at the same time.

- That once the form is submitted, you can no longer make any changes again (or else the system has changed)

- That you select a Course/Institution that aligns with your subject combination. If you don't do this, your school will screen you out. Please use the Online JAMB Brochure to verify.

- There may be a limited number of schools or courses you can change to, so be sure to have 3 or 4 options, just in case the one you want to change to is not available.

- You could be charged about N2,500 to effect this change.

- Please use the Online JAMB Brochure to ensure the course you are choosing is done in your choice institution.

If you are going for this service, please use the comment section to let us know how the process is going on at your centre.

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Comments (891)
KolaKriss says;
Good news, realy have to do some changes.........
23-May-2017 01:50:50 ·
Batifeori; Why bruh?
23-May-2017 01:52:04 ·
KolaKriss; we have done jamb, what next?
23-May-2017 01:53:41 ·
KolaKriss; some of the institution I choose are on strike..
23-May-2017 01:55:01 ·
Batifeori; Damn bro,hope you score high sha?
23-May-2017 01:57:19 ·
Devyeed; But, why can't they let us know the number of people that went for each school and course with their individual cut off marks before the so called "change of course/institution form"?

A person like me, I scored 192, I chose Akwa Ibom State University to study Civil Engr.

My SSCE I have parallel C(Eng, Maths, Chem, Phys, Geography, Agric & Econs) and "Cancel" in my Biology. One sitting tho'.

What should I do pls? What are my chances?
23-May-2017 05:46:23 ·
Emperor spankzz; 09057578176,,pls do add me fast oo,, I need to be on updates about futo stuff,,,pls can 225 work out for Chemical engineering in my five important waec subject got three b3 nd one c4 with one c5 also...but if is for d subjects I choose in jamb den it will be two b3 ND one c4 nd c5...pls do reply me on dis ND add me up in d whatsapp group of futo thanks...
23-May-2017 08:16:47 ·
Dabereebony; 08103605438 FUTO aspirant
23-May-2017 08:56:24 ·
mhizta vikki; 184 and c paralle in o'result work for me?
Computer science
23-May-2017 13:39:15 ·
liviapretty; I scored 250 last year and put in for electrical electronics engineering at futo... damn that school frustrated me. They give admission based on connection. I saw pple with 190 in their admission list while my name was not there
23-May-2017 15:01:46 ·
oparax; gunning for futo also scored 244 in jamb. . Chemical engineering also. . . 07013932157 dats my number
23-May-2017 15:11:23 ·
brandy green; education is power and also a risk
23-May-2017 15:56:56 ·
mbliss16; Can 240 go for petrochemical engineering at ust?
I want to change my course from computer science to petrochemical engineering and I scored 240
23-May-2017 19:30:04 ·
Okikiola74; please help me I made mistake in my utme
combination I did English economics commerce
and account I did well in my o level and my utme score is
pls do well to tell me where I can change my institute and curse pls help me cus am
not writting jamb again pls. help and God help you
23-May-2017 21:25:19 ·
Engrbomb; i scored 223 last year futo elect elect.. omo dem do me leg over ... imagine someone with 189 got admission into mech engine.. just give it a trial..
23-May-2017 22:01:24 ·
raph Montella; Liviapretty what's your state of origin?
23-May-2017 22:23:01 ·
raph Montella; Futo aspirants please contact 08160908965 to be added to and informative futo aspirants whatsapp group. Or you can simply drop your number.
23-May-2017 22:23:33 ·
mhizta vikki; Engr. R bomb
What's your jamb combination for last year?
24-May-2017 09:26:13 ·
Engrbomb; maths,physcs ,english,chemistry, u got any mistake with yours?
30-May-2017 21:07:22 ·
Batifeori says;
Congratulations to those who needn't change their course and institution. And success to those, who need to. Y'all are spectacular
23-May-2017 01:51:18 ·
sboy soloco; I scored 240 in d jamb and am beginning to doubt maybe
this olevel
result is good for political science in unilag ..
Maths ................ B3
Biology ................C5
Econs ...................C4
Account ...............C4
Commerce ...........C5
Yoruba .................C6
Food & nut ...........C4
23-May-2017 16:31:31 ·
francis95; you're good to go bro...last yr cut off for pol sci was 64 point
24-May-2017 07:46:53 ·
Emekazy; Change of institution and correction of data has really started..I did mine today at jamb office ikoyi
24-May-2017 21:59:35 ·
Niraloz; how much please
25-May-2017 13:43:29 ·
Emekazy; #2500
25-May-2017 13:53:30 ·
Emekazy; Then they collected 300naira as their service charge
25-May-2017 13:54:10 ·
Anextin; Emeka pls can I call u now
26-May-2017 14:05:27 ·
cgraphics; Please, do they require biometric for change of institution?
27-May-2017 21:16:27 ·
Emekazy; Yes,your finger print is required
28-May-2017 02:39:00 ·
Precious97; I think I am getting worried about my course, I choose Political Science in Uniben but I scored 257 in jamb and my Olevel results is C parallel, please what are my chances of getting admitted?
28-May-2017 07:43:52 ·
Fato22 says;
@myschool Pls what's the general cut off mark
23-May-2017 01:53:10 ·
Hemhma; the cutoff mark jamb gave was 180 but some schools cutoff is 200.Also it depends on the course you are going for
23-May-2017 09:32:40 ·
suzzyspring says;
everything is jst going fast . coming soon jamb 2018/2019
23-May-2017 01:58:06 ·
Batifeori; That is why we need to kill two birds with a string and one stone
23-May-2017 02:00:01 ·
Seven Seven; Lols ...Nigeria jaga jaga ...everything scatter scatter
23-May-2017 10:51:26 ·
lilanthony5 says;
Jamb why nah, yu guys don start change of institution but yet i havnt seen my score. Since 16th no be beans. #BackWardJamb
23-May-2017 02:00:44 ·
Allenical; Post your reg number let me check for you
23-May-2017 02:19:33 ·
Your growth your worth; Pls help check this:75275875BF or [email protected]
23-May-2017 05:16:33 ·
A.Joy; No result yet bro
23-May-2017 06:15:56 ·
stephenkalu98; Where do u write ur exam I wrote my own Dats st.Augustine agbani Enugu state on 17th May
23-May-2017 06:52:25 ·
Your growth your worth; I wrote at Benchill schools Warri on the 17th too.So it's a bit of a surprise I haven't seen the result.
23-May-2017 08:23:21 ·
Ehisgodswill; I wrote on the 16th in the same Benchill..
Still no result.

In fact almost everyone I know in warri never see their result
23-May-2017 11:50:36 ·
brandy green; life is all about chances. EDUCATION IS POWER
23-May-2017 15:58:06 ·
Emekazy; I have successfully done change of institution and correction of date of birtH
24-May-2017 18:11:38 ·
Austin Andrew; Pls how did u do it?
24-May-2017 22:00:17 ·
Emekazy; I did it at jamb office ikoyi today,paid #2500 to the bank cause online payment was down(log in to your profile go to menu,click registration,click UTME data correction,follow steps for bank payments and get your RRR number that you will use to pay in bank) at jamb office they changed it quickly,didn't take up to 5mins..I changed date of birth and institution.

Many people were mistakenly paying for 2016 change of course and had to pay again..

2016 change of course is the one you on the front page when you open
24-May-2017 22:07:13 ·
Drislam; Can u give me the direction to jamb office at ikoyi from Oshodi
30-May-2017 02:28:00 ·
mesh1; Uptil nw am still confuse. I do change of course/instition n date of birth. D institution has change but i try to check my utme result whether d date has been change too but unfortunate it has nt. Plss need ur help guys
30-May-2017 04:54:45 ·
DasKelvin says;
#MySchool can you kindly create a trend for those that are yet to see their result.I wrote my jamb on Tuesday May 16 at 'kindle E-learning centre,asero,abeokuta at exactly 9:00am, up till this moment my profile kept on displaying 'No Result Yet!',whenever i want to check my result.
Its has been frustrating and annoying cause i did everything necessary which include abiding to jamb rules. I thumbprinted before and after the exam.I didnt move an inch during the exam,my face was just glued to the monitor till i was done.Definitely, i wasn't involved in any form of 'malpractice'. I submitted ,leaving 30minute behind.
Don't just understand what is going on,and am pretty sure most Candidate having same ish with the result,did as instructed during n after d exam.
Of course, one have to be patient cause result is been sent by batch,but its soooo frustrating to see someone who wrote on d 19th receiving results while we r yet to see our result.😦😕😕
PLEASE OO MYSCHOOL JUST HELP US CREATE A TREND ...So dt we can all come together n know wt next to do. God Bless!
23-May-2017 02:22:48 ·
fiyrah; You just have to be patient. I have friends who are experiencing the same thing. Just keep checking.!
23-May-2017 06:37:43 ·
D-Gold; My school your Site is also created to to gather the report and grievances of your of the people....this no result it seemingly becoming become a serious issue yet nobody not even jamb is saying or doing anything about it...i wrote my exam on 16th 1:30pm at Kindle e-learning centre,Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State too and till now I have no result. I am so sure I didn't do malpractice because I minded my business. Please, help us and let our plight be heard. I don't understand if we continue to live this way things may get out of hands especially when innocent students are gilted oh.
23-May-2017 06:49:16 ·
D-Gold; Kindly send me your WhatsApp number so that we can chat about this bro @DasKelvin
23-May-2017 06:55:23 ·
Frankranking; Yea... Myschool should help us nd sort this things out... How can someone finish writing exam and will not see his or her result.... This is so annoying... And also getting out of hand.... Myschool please you people should come to our aid......
23-May-2017 07:05:00 ·
emmque001; @Daskelvin. I also wrote my exam in Kindle E learning center on Wednesday 1.30pm till now no result. am really frustrated.
My school Pls create a thread so those who haven't see their result will gather to report
23-May-2017 07:22:53 ·
Youngwhale; Y'all should flood jamb's contact mail
23-May-2017 07:58:50 ·
Mack007; I also wrote on Tuesday 16th no result yet. I Have sent many mails to jamb the next mail will be going with curses in different languages
23-May-2017 08:18:04 ·
nolino2; i also wrote at kindle e-learning center on 18th bt no result yet, dis is my numba 08183163741 contact me if der is any info
23-May-2017 09:32:58 ·
Myschool; After JAMB releases results for all the exam days, we will create this thread. Thanks.
23-May-2017 11:32:41 ·
Mack007; Ok. We are patiently waiting. What about those that had technical issues???
23-May-2017 11:38:16 ·
Mack007; Will they be re-scheduled?
23-May-2017 11:39:12 ·
Elmusty_301; @mack. No there won't be any reschedule, if u failed take it as faith
23-May-2017 14:14:05 ·
Mack007; It's high time you bleep off from ppls biz cuz u managed to pass jamb diz year
23-May-2017 14:26:42 ·
23-May-2017 15:59:21 ·
fakoredesam; Jamb should please release our results o since 15th of may. God help us.
23-May-2017 21:08:46 ·
Adamusani38; My school they have not start change of course and institution in Kano I was in jamb office this morning why the delay
30-May-2017 10:36:10 ·
Mo6ix says;
How Long Will It Last (change Of Institution)
23-May-2017 03:03:02 ·
hureoluwa says;
Please how can we know statistics of those that choose LASU most especially ACCOUNTING
23-May-2017 03:21:46 ·
GBOLAHAN1998; lasu isnt doing accounting
23-May-2017 05:46:22 ·
Boweej; @hureoluwa....2016 statistics: 1st choice: 610, 2nd choice: 29
23-May-2017 07:19:49 ·
Emmylou ; Gbolahan1998 who told u dat LASU is nt doing accounting
I applied for LASU to study accounting myself
23-May-2017 11:19:42 ·
Youngprince17 says;
What is important now is the general cut of mark for all d courses so that we can know where we Fall. Like me now i score 179 in jamb an i want to study pharmacy in OOU, let us know if we have hope or not pls help us look into that. Or if their is another good related course that I can engage my self pls help
23-May-2017 05:41:14 ·
ahazie; My brother wait for next year utme or u go polytechnic or college of education
23-May-2017 07:39:00 ·
bulky man; Young....u re not even qualified to study native pharmacy
20-Jul-2017 02:40:42 ·
Omene says;
I got 191 as my score to study petroleum engineering at fupre which their cut off mark is 180 should i live it or change it
23-May-2017 05:43:49 ·
Boweej; Pls change!
23-May-2017 07:20:47 ·
bulky man; Go and change it dude
20-Jul-2017 02:41:43 ·
Devyeed says;
But, why can't they let us know the number of people that went for each school and course with their individual cut off marks before the so called "change of course/institution form"?
A person like me, I scored 192, I chose Akwa Ibom State University to study Civil Engr.
My SSCE I have parallel C(Eng, Maths, Chem, Phys, Geography, Agric & Econs) and "Cancel" in my Biology. One sitting tho'.
What should I do pls? What are my chances?
23-May-2017 05:46:53 ·
GBOLAHAN1998 says;
i scored 297 and i picked fuoye and oou..both schools accounting..waec results,combine results.
23-May-2017 05:51:12 ·
francyijay; double result does not really pay n ur jamb score is really good..kant u resit ssce cos dat wat i did o..igot disqualified last yr cos of 2sitting...just a suggestion
23-May-2017 20:04:25 ·
chromo; let see how your o'level look like
24-May-2017 20:43:14 ·
25-May-2017 23:35:11 ·
hayub10; please how much is fuoye school fees
30-May-2017 11:29:42 ·
GBOLAHAN1998; 102000
30-May-2017 20:43:32 ·
hayub10; why is fuoye school fee is very expensive like that
01-Jun-2017 09:29:22 ·
GBOLAHAN1998; donno ooh..maybe 1st year.
09-Jun-2017 00:15:12 ·
akande victoria says;
Pls I score 205 do can it enter unibadan. Physiotherapy
23-May-2017 06:10:52 ·
TeeClassy; Your olevel has a lot to do, esp As and Bs
23-May-2017 06:58:17 ·
Neozy; I will advice you to change institution, UI no be beans o.
23-May-2017 10:54:58 ·
Kristian-kruize; bros pls dont think twice. Leave UI. You may not meet the cut off. Probably, u cant because medicine aggregate is too high. Your waec and jamb has to be almost perfect
23-May-2017 12:27:14 ·
ACO Photography; Pls I scored 210 in jamb, I applied for geography Federal university Dustin ma Kastina State o'level result geography B3 the rest credits, am I good enough?
23-May-2017 15:03:12 ·
Quinsilva; Guys wht abt 292,2B 3C UI med&surg. ??
23-May-2017 20:59:27 ·
Dasdan2000; Very very good result, had something similar too. but Úi used this system last year a1-6, b2-5,b3-4,c4-3,c5-2,c6-1..when you add up divide by 30 and multiply by 50...then for jamb divide by 8..add both together and get your aggregate... Last year's cut off for mbbs was around 75 or 76...i wanted to apply for ui as well but I just couldn't risk it... Hope you understand...
23-May-2017 22:28:01 ·
Adekunle mie; Economics C6
Geography C6
Eng Lang C6
Yoruba C5
Math C6
Agri sci B3
Biology C6
Chemistry C6
Physics C4....n mah jamb score is 242 *botany* 4 ui..plss bro guide me am I on a safe side
23-May-2017 22:43:20 ·
Neozy; @ Quinsilva, pls wake up from your sleep. Your score is 54%. You can't even study microbiology or biochemistry not to talk of pharmacy. Don't even mention medicine. But you can still get like chemistry.
23-May-2017 23:59:28 ·
Neozy; My friend scored 49.5% and his course, physics' cut-off is 50%. He just needed 0.5 to meet the cut-off, UI didn't admit him. Henceforth, if you want to mention UI, put SIR in front of it. Because SIR UI no be beans o.
24-May-2017 00:06:11 ·
Neozy; @ adekunle mie, if it is UI, you are not safe o.
24-May-2017 00:07:40 ·
andrew ojiese; Pls help me calculate utme 210
O level 4b³ 1c⁴
Health edu UI
24-May-2017 00:45:02 ·
Adekunle mie; God...buh how do u calculate am n nid to know how u calculate everything pass n d department cut off mark so dah I can quickly go 4 changing of course bro... Plsss hlp
24-May-2017 07:35:34 ·
Adekunle mie; Neozy...plss reply
24-May-2017 07:37:00 ·
dabty_yo; Adekunle mie am also aspiring 4 botany
Using ur five o level eng-c6 maths-c6 bio-c6 chem-c6 phy-c4
A1-6 b2-5 b3-4 c4-3 c5-2 c6-1
U sum up ur olevel divided by 30 multiply by 50
Using urs we av 1+1+1+1+3=7/30*50 =11.666~ 11.67
Then jamb is to be divided by 8
Using urs 242/8 =30.25
Den u sum d two up
Summing urs we av 11.67+30.25 =41.92
Am sorry using last years screening u are not good 2 go for any course in ui cos general cutoff in ui is 50 and botany is always 50 every year
24-May-2017 08:52:22 ·
dabty_yo; Andrew ajosie u re good 2 go
4+4+4+4+3 =19/30*50 =31.666~31.67
Jamb divided by 8
210/8 =26.25
Summing 31.67+26.25=57.92
Last year cutoff for health edu wz 50.00
24-May-2017 09:09:50 ·
ugamason2016; [email protected] WhatsApp me..08080903977
24-May-2017 10:29:51 ·
Adekunle mie; @dabty...buh I heard dey add d number of sit 4 a particular result....plsss wot can I do
24-May-2017 11:06:10 ·
dabty_yo; As in don't get u
24-May-2017 11:08:40 ·
Adekunle mie; A friend of mine told me if it's a single o'level result or a sit dahts +10 to d aggregate buh if it's combine result or two sit is +5 to ur aggregate of o'level result lyk math c6 eng c6 bio c6 chem c6 phy c4... 1+1+1+1+3=7/30*50=11.67+10 wic is one sit..
24-May-2017 11:42:40 ·
Adekunle mie; I jst dey think am... Plsss wot can I do now
24-May-2017 11:45:03 ·
dabty_yo; Noo dere don't do dat in ui
Maybe u sud change institution
24-May-2017 13:20:31 ·
Adekunle mie; Aite..teks alot
U r bless
24-May-2017 13:31:00 ·
Adekunle mie; Mayb u know abt unilorin...wot of plant biology der...m I safe so I fit go change am sharparly
24-May-2017 13:35:28 ·
Quinsilva; @dasdan whr r u now? whch skul?
pls give me advc on which skul i cn chng to dts nt in d east?!
24-May-2017 14:46:43 ·
Kristian-kruize; quinsilva, pls specify if u had b2 or b3 and also if u had c4, c5, or c6 in those subjects
24-May-2017 15:11:49 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Pls how do I ho about my change of institution,all am seeing is 2016 on my jamb profile... Those who have changed should pls assist me,tanks
24-May-2017 17:00:17 ·
Adekunle mie; Nabty...plss r u der
Reply me
24-May-2017 17:19:19 ·
Quinsilva; @kristian 1B2 1B3 1C4 2C5
24-May-2017 20:41:57 ·
Kristian-kruize; @Quinsilva, ur aggregate is 63.17, am not too sure its possible for medicine
26-May-2017 07:52:25 ·
Quinsilva; thnks kristian
26-May-2017 11:42:52 ·
andrew ojiese; @ dabtyo thanks I guess I. Could make the merit list. With 7.92 point above the cut off
26-May-2017 14:44:39 ·
dabty_yo; Yes sure with [email protected] ojiese
26-May-2017 17:37:54 ·
akande victoria says;
And is dere any course like dat @ unilorin
23-May-2017 06:12:13 ·
Extivq says;
pls i scored 236 for medicine but,can i use it to study dentistry in uniport.i have C parallel pls your comments will go a long way=31+25=56
23-May-2017 06:43:46 ·
Khalifa11; C parallel is 15 points (3*5) 15+31=46
23-May-2017 07:19:31 ·
Youngwhale; Wah about radiology???its a dope course...ppl jux don't know
23-May-2017 08:01:46 ·
Mysticdon; @YoungWhale, Radiography or Radiology? I thought you can only study Radiology after your first degree (from findings).
23-May-2017 08:33:29 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; I had 279 and c parallel going for medicine and surgery I chose ui any hope?
23-May-2017 08:41:52 ·
Rodheeyah Muhammad; Hmnnn. Its advisable u change. C parallel can't fetch u good points after grading
23-May-2017 08:53:05 ·
rotimi9; Youngwhaalr inwanna do radiography
23-May-2017 09:55:39 ·
shenkez; Pls someone should help my friend got 258 and he z applying for law in unn his o levels are 1a 4bs and 4c Wat are her hope of securing admission in unn.... If she should change course lemme know.... Dis z her second jamb I don't want it to waste please
23-May-2017 09:58:56 ·
rotimi9; Let him change course
23-May-2017 10:01:35 ·
NO. OF SITTING 1=+10, 2=+2
No of points A=6, B=4 C=3
3+3+3+3+3=15+10 one sitting
=25 point
UTME point system
236-240 =31point
O/level + utme=25+31=56% or point
23-May-2017 10:28:02 ·
Extivq; @khalifa11
23-May-2017 10:36:35 ·
Mildredbas.O; I don't get the 236-240=31.
My Jamb score is 227. and my WAEC is 4B's and 1C.
I chose Medical Laboratory.
23-May-2017 11:46:14 ·
Sunshineidy; which university? @Mildredbas.O
23-May-2017 12:22:51 ·
Khalifa11; okay bro!! I understand now
23-May-2017 12:39:20 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; @extivq the genius what bout those that scored 280 what is the jamb points?
23-May-2017 13:19:27 ·
Mildredbas.O; Sunshine mine is Unical
23-May-2017 13:54:44 ·
Extivq; @Emmy-leesan 98
From 276 to 280 is 39point
23-May-2017 15:31:46 ·
MSparks005; What about 260?
23-May-2017 18:21:44 ·
Youngwhale; @mysticdon....its great...a very good course...ppl jux dunno yet
23-May-2017 19:23:03 ·
Youngwhale; Radiology
23-May-2017 19:38:18 ·
Mysticdon; Okay. I'm going for Radiography @YoungWhale.
23-May-2017 20:36:37 ·
Quinsilva; Guys wht abt 292,2B 3C UI med&surg. ??
23-May-2017 20:57:38 ·
rotimi9; Mysticdon which school
23-May-2017 21:52:52 ·
Mysticdon; @rotimi9 UNICAL
23-May-2017 22:03:29 ·
favourmicky; Does unical offer pharmacy? If Yes what is the chance of admission with 219
24-May-2017 05:46:20 ·
favourmicky; Jamb score 219
Eco. C6
Geo. B3
C/E. A1
Eng. C6
Math. C4
Agric. B3
Bio. C4
Chem. B3
Phy. C4
Pharmacy @ unical any chance
24-May-2017 06:05:11 ·
dabty_yo; @Quin silva specify d Bs nd Cs so I can help u
I mean z it b2 or b3 and c4 c5 or c6
24-May-2017 09:13:36 ·
Maryimmaj; Pls help me
Utme 243
Eng c4
Maths b3
Civic c4
Crk c5
Govt c5
Econs b3
Lit c5
Going for mass comm at unizik
Pls help me calculate the points
24-May-2017 11:38:26 ·
Sunshineidy; UNICAL don't offer phamarcy @favourmicky
24-May-2017 12:01:18 ·
Extivq; @Maryimmaj
From 241 to 245 =32point
O/level =27point
Total % 27+32=59%
24-May-2017 13:23:16 ·
Quinsilva; @dabty yo total O'level is 16,i'v calculatd it.
@extivq wht abt 292?!
24-May-2017 14:00:40 ·
Extivq; Quinsilva
for UTME
291 to 295 =42%
24-May-2017 16:38:31 ·
Emmy-leesan 98; Pls how do I ho about my change of institution,all am seeing is 2016 on my jamb profile... Those who have changed should pls assist me,tanks
24-May-2017 16:59:02 ·
dabty_yo; @quinsilva if its for ui that would be 16/30*50 =26.67
Jamb is 292/8 =36.5
Sum 26.67+36.5 =63.17
24-May-2017 16:59:37 ·
dabty_yo; Hmm change 2 biochemistry dear don't allow that jamb score to be wasted
I assure u by Gods grace u wud enta ui 4 biochemistry we wud all wear matric gown ijn
24-May-2017 17:01:53 ·
Quinsilva; Ameen thnks so much
24-May-2017 20:37:57 ·
Maryimmaj; @dabty_yo pls help me calculate mine for mass comm at unizik
Ssce first sitting
24-May-2017 21:31:25 ·
Maryimmaj; M I good to go or not ?
24-May-2017 21:32:10 ·
favourmicky; I want to change my institute to unizik and my course to pharmacy scoring 219 in jamb Waec
Eco. C6
Geo. B3
Eng. C6
Math. C4
C/E. A1
Agric. B3
Bio. C4
Phy. C4
Chem. B3
1 Sitting
24-May-2017 22:23:38 ·
favourmicky; Any chance for me?
24-May-2017 22:26:10 ·
dabty_yo; I don't know about unizik only ui
24-May-2017 22:30:32 ·
dabty_yo; @maryimmaj nd @favourmicky
24-May-2017 22:31:39 ·
michael joe; Extivq, you are totally wrong.
It goes like this;
Utme:60 mrks
O/level result 40 mrks
If u score 400 in jamb, then it will be 400/400=1*60 which will be 60 in 60 mrks and if it is 300, it will be 300/400=0.75*60 which will be 45 in 60 mrk.
For O/level result if u have A1 all through, that will be 8+8+8+8+8=40 in 40 mrks required.
NOTE: A1=8, B2=7, B3=6, C4=5, C5=4, C6=3, so u calculate ur points for the required subjects.
Your utme score(60) will be added to the O/level result(40).
If u have in your utme will be added to ur O/level score to be **/100, the over-all mark is 100.
Do ur own and see where u fall to
24-May-2017 22:36:57 ·
Quinsilva; God wud over bless u sef @michaeljoe :-)
24-May-2017 23:15:47 ·
Khalifa11; @michaeljoe you're mouthed
25-May-2017 08:36:55 ·
MSparks005; @michaeljoe, I don't think that's how o'level is calculated. Meanwhile, during registration for jamb, it was just A, B or C and others, nothing like A1, B2 or C5 and others. And I read that A is 6points, B is 4points and C is 3points. Don't know about the rest. Tey and confirm it.
25-May-2017 09:43:51 ·
MSparks005; *try
25-May-2017 09:44:30 ·
michael joe; You're all welcome
Does anybody know about FUPRE here?
25-May-2017 17:09:29 ·
favourmicky; favourmicky; I want to change my institute to unizik and my course to pharmacy scoring 219 in jamb Waec
Eco. C6
Geo. B3
Eng. C6
Math. C4
C/E. A1
Agric. B3
Bio. C4
Phy. C4
Chem. B3
1 Sitting
26-May-2017 03:13:30 ·
michael joe; if u have God at ur back
27-May-2017 14:12:52 ·
Extivq; @michael joe
Thats how its been caculated,you can go for more research if you doubt it.according to you
If A1=8
8*5=40 where does 1&2nd sitting comes to play
People would like to believe that bogus because they need extra mark.
27-May-2017 22:47:22 ·
michael joe; Hmmm
You've won
But, I'm still very correct
28-May-2017 00:01:56 ·
HomeAlloy; Pls 235 for Accounting @OAU...O'level 2B's,3C's in 1 sitting...m i gud 2 go or soud go 4 d change of course,if xo any advice on dat
29-May-2017 07:16:40 ·
Mosh More Tz; AMEEEN!!! @ Dabty Yo
30-May-2017 04:55:12 ·

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