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JAMB Denies Deducting Marks From Candidates Scores

Posted: 19-May-2017 [17:23:01] into Jamb by Mhorlaitan for school | 278 Comments

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has denied the rumour concerning the deduction of candidates' marks in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Dr Fabian Benjamin, the Head of JAMB Information and Media, denied the reports in a statement in Abuja advised candidates to disregard the rumour..

According to Benjamin, the rumour is false, devilish and a ploy to cause disaffection among candidates who participated in the 2017 UTME.

“It is no longer news that all our centres have CCTV camera and we have watched all proceedings at the Computer Based Test (CBT) centres across the nation.
“Those involved in any infraction will be sanctioned in accordance with the provision of the Examination Malpractice Act.
“The board has not deducted any marks from any candidate and is not contemplating doing that as it is not a condition for sanction in any of the provisions of the law against malpractice.

“Again, we call on all candidates to be mindful of fraudulent characters who will send misleading information to create panic and take advantage of the situation to defraud them”.

He advised candidates to login to check the result with their registration number or with email address and urged candidates with any challenge not to hesitate to contact the board or check the organisation’s Website for detailed information and numbers for enquiries.

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Comments (278)
Travis says;
19-May-2017 17:15:27 ·
Wikiboy; JAMB is very wicked, how can they give us maths,physics,chemistry without handy calculators. Our time didnt even finish b4 they started alerting us to get ready to stop. Lets go back to paper abeg
19-May-2017 19:11:56 ·
Samrano11; Mumu boy.....s those questions hard for ur eye bah.....
19-May-2017 19:28:34 ·
shenkez; If I am to say science student found their exam very easy Dis year.... Many of dem are scoring from 280-300 u re complaining about calculator.
19-May-2017 19:40:10 ·
stormbad; Lol😂😂
19-May-2017 20:12:11 ·
joe jit; av anyone see jamb tuesday result
19-May-2017 21:10:28 ·
Wikiboy; Samrano your father is mumu unintelligent-person son of a useless man, how can u attack me 4 xpressing my self, are u d owner of this website...your father a trillion times stupid boy
19-May-2017 22:21:00 ·
Seunbest96; Jamb Do Me Bad Thing O00, Why They Go Give Me 177
19-May-2017 23:14:03 ·
RainaMD; Shenkez. Oh really are you a science student? and did you score 280-300 this year?. What a joke, seriously some people shouldn't say what they don't know.
20-May-2017 00:57:00 ·
Samrano11; @wikiboy stay there......I pity ur future......I repeat those questions Jamb set this Year is Suberb with less calculations so they know what they are doing......they will ask u to read u won't read....Fowl head mtcheew
20-May-2017 06:54:47 ·
shenkez; Yea..... Am an art student and I scored friends that are science student scored 289and 293respectively.....and in Dis website I have seen result of science student that scored 323 339 299 and so on...after d exam science student mostly said it was very easy and it's obvious from what I am seeing.....tjo it can't be easy for every one.
20-May-2017 09:57:20 ·
Samrano11; @Shenkez leave dem jaree......looking for excuses everywhere...I swear that man called Oloyede try pa.....No hitches in Most centers the questions was straight forward.....the answers were eye catching.....and now someone will come here and say Jamb gave him another score.....mtcheew
20-May-2017 12:52:51 ·
deee_ao; You say Science exam was easy... What made Arts' difficult?? What about Science students having higher grades in Use of English? Is that also a Science course? The fact that Science students seem more prolific does not mean the exam was easy for them and not easy for Arts. Appreciate their intellectual worth in this year's. There are Arts students with high grades too.
20-May-2017 14:28:06 ·
Sammytwain97; I saw a scientific calculator on my system and I use it
20-May-2017 14:35:27 ·
Annabel8; Hmmmm indeed, your lie dey Smell like suckerway..
20-May-2017 19:57:33 ·
Sammytwain97; Yeah, like i will get a penny for the lie, saw it at the toolbar (if you know what that is...) it's been minimized there, so I just made use of the opportunity
20-May-2017 22:22:57 ·
Whillz10; I think art students are looking for reasons for their bad performance........ science subjects weren't that easy but we prepared well 4 the exam and passed...... and the calculator is terrible... Wednesday exam had more calculations in physics than theory but the calculations were cheap sha
20-May-2017 23:27:33 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @samrano I'll just ask a simple do you know of any body who did his or her results splendidly without calculator?.... the answer is obviously capital NO cos ppl who are using both jamb calc Nd system calc are having problem finishing their exams
.talk less of candidates who do not have any .as for science students dis science students that.we all did maths so I expect u to know d essence of calculator when u r required to use less than a minute to solve 2 question as for chem I can say yes it's possible to solve that without calc but for physics,some lucky ppl got orals as the majority of the questions while some got calculations as the majority of the questions.hope u get his point and my point now
21-May-2017 18:32:55 ·
RainaMD; Most of my physics were calculations, excluding maybe 10 or below. Chem was 40% Calculations.
22-May-2017 01:00:53 ·
Samrano11; @F.I.S.I........honestly I found it difficult to go trough ur write up......may be u should copy and paste them in the Googe search tool bar......there you will find ur answer thank you!!
25-May-2017 08:13:04 ·
Ifeora555 says;
19-May-2017 17:15:51 ·
patrick ray; All UniUyo 2017/2018 aspirants, please message me on whatsapp 09033495050 so you could be added to the on-going Uniuyo Aspirants groupchat on's highly educating, informative & much fun too.... 09033495050
20-May-2017 15:32:43 ·
Craig Duffy says;
OK ooh...people are so terrible oh. why do we choose to disseminate lies? a ghul on dis platform even scathed me for refuting her post.
19-May-2017 17:18:08 ·
Craig Duffy says;
liars are liable to die young...
19-May-2017 17:19:43 ·
Phileamon3 says;
unilag aspirants drop ur numbers
19-May-2017 17:36:56 ·
Hace90; 07066993993
19-May-2017 19:09:50 ·
Ekpo.Nsikak; 09069442632
19-May-2017 19:43:43 ·
irawo ade; 08158731315
19-May-2017 20:35:08 ·
Tiwatope Olaoluwa; 08109053795
19-May-2017 21:41:02 ·
Damosky101; 08103497744
19-May-2017 22:09:31 ·
Kweenesta; 08171998847
19-May-2017 23:10:07 ·
itz paci; 07035387939
20-May-2017 06:00:03 ·
Borlarjhii; 08163452482
20-May-2017 09:37:07 ·
vaen_perez; 09076848790
20-May-2017 14:12:41 ·
Kwestzy; 09038745284
20-May-2017 17:09:13 ·
nelboy; 08086837248
20-May-2017 21:00:36 ·
Dapingo; Dapingo 08122976142
20-May-2017 22:34:35 ·
ololadey; 09057355308
22-May-2017 23:44:01 ·
seun 1 says;
Thanks to Jamb 4 denyn d rumour
19-May-2017 17:52:17 ·
Drdot07; 08101636773
20-May-2017 10:02:36 ·
olami kemi says;
pls i need ur help myschool mt center was out of heand they still going to add 40 marks to dose who got below 200 my is 167 pls i need your help this is my 3rd year at home pls help out thanks
19-May-2017 17:53:43 ·
JuliusPeterpan; my dear wake up!
no 40 marks is coming from anywhere.
jst accept ur fate.

it is well sha.

take heart
19-May-2017 17:56:10 ·
19-May-2017 18:02:43 ·
KimFave; my dear choose poly oo..don't waste another year..
19-May-2017 21:59:32 ·
Femzykanye; And in ur profile u said ur a 100 level student of Convenant University.. Na real wa
19-May-2017 22:32:57 ·
Dalu Aj; lol
20-May-2017 11:37:25 ·
adefunkeajibola; You can also do A levels. That's what saved me from JAMB too. Call 07034574206. I'm sure she will help you.
20-May-2017 16:40:23 ·
olami kemi; just for writing sake and how dos that have to do with dis @femzykanye
20-May-2017 21:06:16 ·
chikodi ume says;
abeg ja mb overall score is wat
19-May-2017 17:56:16 ·
19-May-2017 18:01:04 ·
olami kemi; the computer they gave me was just going off and on .i dont know what to do now with 167 can i register again
19-May-2017 18:33:32 ·
elladik; u can go 4 poly
19-May-2017 18:40:57 ·
martinno; which poly...did u not hear when they decleard 180 as d overall cut off mark for poly, college of edu and unies
19-May-2017 19:15:23 ·
elladik; [email protected] thot poly is 150
19-May-2017 22:34:50 ·
martinno; since last year by adamu adamu
19-May-2017 23:25:59 ·
RainaMD; Guys its 150 for poly, she still has hope now.
20-May-2017 01:00:10 ·
horladele1; ply is 150 , some is 160... How can poly be 180 , when some other universities are 180
20-May-2017 06:18:09 ·
elladik; abi me ask Martino
wic kind 180
abeg bae go poly joor
no mind pple way wan give pesin hrt attack
20-May-2017 07:39:16 ·
Chukwusom; please you people should research before commenting rubbish
all institution was 180 last year even colleges of education... so go to goggle n search before criticizing
20-May-2017 19:26:48 ·
RainaMD; I already checked it o, most poly reduced their cut off mark to 150 this year. At least that's what I saw.
22-May-2017 01:04:21 ·
King_Ovo says;
I knew it was a lie all along, but the thing worked sha, at least those that planned on cheating where scared off their pant. And regarding adding 40 marks, please don't be gullible, some people just take joy in creating unnecessary panic.
19-May-2017 17:57:13 ·
happy4love says;
ask GOD to help u, He will surely help u
19-May-2017 17:59:48 ·
olami kemi says;
are still going to ADD MARKS TO PEOPLE THAT GOT BELOW 200
19-May-2017 18:01:35 ·
mhizta chrizto; Dia is ntn lyk jamb adding 40marks....false news
19-May-2017 19:57:54 ·
segelulu; So me DAT got 201,noting will be added to my scores,but u DAT 167,167+40,dats 207,u will now pass me,wake up my
19-May-2017 21:40:19 ·
shenkez; Lol.... U guys are funny
20-May-2017 10:00:25 ·
Mide00 says;
Pls I Wrote On Tuesday 1:30 Bt Still I Avnt Seen My Resul ,wat Cud B D Prblm
19-May-2017 18:18:29 ·
elladik; I dey tink say na only me b4
so u 2 Neva see ur own??
19-May-2017 18:42:01 ·
OLUWAPAMILERINAYO PHILIP; I avnt seen mine too i wrote on monday
19-May-2017 18:57:20 ·
shenkez; Lolzzz.....elladik u re funny o
19-May-2017 19:43:04 ·
RainaMD; Mine is already out, I wrote on Tuesday 1:30pm. Guys are you sure you did all the thumbprinting stuffs?
20-May-2017 01:02:45 ·
elladik; yes ooo....we r sure
20-May-2017 07:37:24 ·
elladik; watz ur score
20-May-2017 07:37:41 ·
Smoov; Praise The Lord I wrote on Monday I had 232....thank GOd awaiting admission......
20-May-2017 14:32:17 ·
RainaMD; 229. Hope your results are out?
22-May-2017 00:52:08 ·
elladik; yes oo
I got 271
22-May-2017 14:58:45 ·
stormbad says;
I checked my result yesterday and I saw 241, I was surprised because I was expecting to score more than that.
I don't even know how they mark d stuff sef, cos d questions were very cheap.
well, I thank God for the result.
19-May-2017 18:27:15 ·
olami kemi; u better be happy my dear
19-May-2017 18:36:44 ·
hydroen; same thing happened to me. Chemistry was too simple but I got 58. and I rechecked my question I missed 7 in chemistry. something is wrong man!
19-May-2017 18:56:06 ·
stormbad; same thing happened to me in government bro, I missed 7 and they gave me 58.
19-May-2017 19:06:41 ·
habundanz; bobo how u manage take know all your questions offhand?
19-May-2017 19:36:59 ·
Donariok; i missed 6 in govt and they Gave me 58.,I think they used the wrong software in marking for govt students. I'm heading to abuja on Monday. 227 kinda too low for me. I know how I performed. not bragging ... how can I possibly get 49 in literature? a subject av been teaching for years....the exam favours science students because they used the right software in marking theirs
19-May-2017 20:10:59 ·
stormbad; @donariok, You're right.
I was stunned wen I saw dat I got 58 in government.
19-May-2017 20:18:35 ·
Vickysmylz; I Dnt Just Understand D Way They Mark! I Wrote On Monday 7am D Govt. I Was Pratically Sure Of 35 Questions Buh I Got 65, English Nw Vexed Me Wit That Simple Comprehension, Registers Nd Lexis. In Synonyms Nd Antonyms I Only Saw Two Words I Wasnt Familiar With I Stil Got 67, Tho Thank GOD 4 242 Buh I Think I Dserved More. Sociology Aspirant Ui, Hook Up Abeg Let Knw D Way Forward
20-May-2017 03:09:16 ·
Horlarwarler; I also have the same problem.i missed 5 in chemistry and I got 56
20-May-2017 07:30:59 ·
Vickysmylz; Therez Smtin My Pastor Explained That He Feels It The Basis In Which They Use In Marking,, Some Subjects Hav More Stringent Marking Scheme Than Odaz! Govt. Crs, Chemistry, Etc.. They Tend To Favour Tougher Subjects Nd All Dat Like Lit. In Eng, Physics, History Etc Buh Na Dm Sabi Sha
20-May-2017 07:50:58 ·
Olatunde olayinka; hello guys If I should be candid with you the marking was absolutely correct you are just too full of ursrlf sorry to say...I wrote govt, lit, crs and govt and my score were according to what I knw I did ..I didn't solve my English very well cos mine was tough and lo and behold I got the lowest mark there which was 45...a big flop my sum score was 273 so the marking for art and science was same and Fair... don't bother going to Abuja nobody would "watch our large mouth shaped by the laughter of big children" lolz... just pray God can make 201 do what 270-300 can do believe me
20-May-2017 08:39:00 ·
Kez4321; U guys r all ryt. I don't understand. Got 57 in govt and 57 in literature. I could have sworn I did bttr Dan dat. Am beginning to wonder if jamb is using -ve marking daris 4 every wrong question mark is subtracted bc is I was so darn sure of literature n govt. These r subjects I got A in o levels and truthfully. These r subjects am passionate abt. I was more than shell shocked. I observed too that science students r jamming d nonsense out of jamb. My congrats n admiration 2 them. But doesn't dat mean the cutoff for science courses will be bloody high. Hope most of u have good o'levels cos it's going to b down to dat.
20-May-2017 10:54:52 ·
HomeAlloy; Same here guys...dis d breakdown of my scores..Eng_57,Maths_66,Econs_57,Acct_55...Total is my complaint my maths m 100%sure dat i didnt fail more 3ques nd dats bcos i dnt knw it xo i chose any option...Ñw in a nutshell wz xpecting notin less than 90...pls dnt u share my sentiment dat there is something fishy...nw if each question carries same mark(2.5) den its impossible 2 score 66(i stand 2 b corrected)...JAMB dere is God o...Thanking God tho
21-May-2017 01:24:02 ·
hydroen; Don't mind them they've done something to our results
21-May-2017 13:25:56 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; u guys complaining of wrong results please signify if u did yours on may 15 Monday 2nd batch to be precise...cos me Nd my friends are all having the same problem...I advise you all to go to or go to Twitter @jamb HQ and lodge your complaints ...and jamb should see about 50 ppl all complaining about the same issue..I bet you justice will come....but if you guys just sit commenting all these stuffs to myschool ,then you are just practically wasting your precious time cos myschool won't help you complain to jamb hope u go to a reliable cybercafe were they can give u a guide on hw to lodge u complaints @www.jamb .ng...... well this message goes for those who actually care about their results tho.God bless
21-May-2017 18:26:09 ·
temitit; i tried sending my complains but it's not going, I'm getting "web page not found"
21-May-2017 23:40:47 ·
Vickysmylz; Unibadan Sociology Aspirants. Indicate O
22-May-2017 14:39:33 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; UI or covenant university .Mechanical engineering aspirant indicate oooo.i heard form for CU is already out . my blood just dey hot since afternoon ....!!!!!UI aspirants also indicate too ooo
22-May-2017 19:52:31 ·
Prudencia28 says;
I scored 181 in my jamb meaning i can't get admission in uniben pls wat do I do? I need help.thanks
19-May-2017 18:50:46 ·
Kingajx; Ma'am... You good to go poly!
19-May-2017 23:06:10 ·
Vickysmylz; Auchi Straight
20-May-2017 03:11:02 ·
adefunkeajibola; You can only get admission to uniben through Jupeb A levels. Call 07034574206. I did it and got direct admissions to 200L
20-May-2017 16:53:56 ·
hydroen says;
anybody notice miscalculations in their result?
I answered very well in chemistry and I got 58. I even
got the questions I answered I checked everything with
textbooks I missed 7 questions in 40 questions.that is
33/40×100=82.5 . I can't figure how I ended up with
58 .
19-May-2017 18:52:34 ·
stormbad; True, very true. In government, I checked the answers when I came back and I got 33 out of 40. when the results came out I got 58 in government, I don't don't just understand the whole stuff
19-May-2017 19:02:55 ·
elvisdatguy; U remembered all u thicked....stop lying
19-May-2017 19:07:22 ·
stormbad; what are u saying?
why won't I remember what I ticked?
If u don't ave anything to say, just shut up!
19-May-2017 19:11:57 ·
hydroen; I serious I can't forget what I ticked na..I checked it that same day
19-May-2017 19:11:58 ·
JeyNathan; You can't remember all you ticked....ur brain isn't a computer.... You can only remember like half...please don't say all, ure only contradicting your do you know the ones you chose we correct, even those you thought they were.... Jamb are tricky in not only their questions but their options you know .
19-May-2017 19:32:30 ·
Narh5; Jamb Manipulated our result hydroen and stormbad I know how you guys feel I'm experiencing the same
19-May-2017 19:55:39 ·
stormbad; wats dis one saying?
19-May-2017 19:58:16 ·
stormbad; very true @ narh5
19-May-2017 19:59:42 ·
Donariok; i missed 6 in govt and
they Gave me 58.,I think they
used the wrong software in
marking for govt students. I'm heading
to abuja on Monday. 227 kinda too low
for me. I know how I performed. not
bragging ... how can I possibly get 49 in
literature? a subject av been teaching
for years....the exam favours science
students because they used the right
software in marking theirs
19-May-2017 20:12:44 ·
hydroen; I wish this could go viral
19-May-2017 20:31:02 ·
XS Xayo; my bro! No b only u o, am very sure of wat i did in physics,no b say i dy brag,i cnt missed mre dan 5ques, dy naw gav me 49 imagine! and stop sayin it favourd science std.even my chem 58,asin doz ques were so cheap.i didnt jst undastand! its so annoyed!
19-May-2017 20:37:54 ·
Narh5; Yes this must go viral they didn't program it well My Government was also low and I failed just three questions I was anticipating 94 but I was given 61.
19-May-2017 20:42:35 ·
Narh5; Any JAMB On-line complain desk they must make amendment
19-May-2017 20:45:01 ·
Pascal 009; Please how did I get 69 in biology ..... Am really sure of what I did..... JAMB what's going on ....
19-May-2017 21:34:59 ·
ACE hood; So all of you are now getting 58 abi. Me wey come back from England get English 55.
19-May-2017 21:49:12 ·
promiseisaac; 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 una no serious every one getting 58 in govt and una dey complain?and u my school so ur Also writing jamb? I laugh in Yoruba 😂 u want to start lieing to us like jamb ABI?
19-May-2017 22:52:00 ·
Narh5; We must make a move
19-May-2017 23:12:53 ·
chairman0; I swear absolutely real
I failed just 3 in chemistry.... instead I got 79.
failed 4 in physics got 70
after I finish the exam I was expecting 320
when I check it 275.
mehn I felt like crying.
now I have to change my course to pharmacy.
jamb should review their software abeg
20-May-2017 00:21:04 ·
Godwinsam1; which course were u applying for b4,?.. and has change of course started?
20-May-2017 07:41:08 ·
Narh5; They need to remark our script and give us our actual result
20-May-2017 08:32:56 ·
Kez4321; Hope dy didn't use wrong software to mark d scripts again. Cos it happened last year. That was one of d reasons d former registrar was sacked by buhari.
20-May-2017 11:02:33 ·
Narh5; My fellow Candidate let's lodge complain
20-May-2017 11:47:24 ·
shenkez; Yea o..... Not abt bragging but to be frank with u guys my qst was just so easy that I don't think I missed anything in govt and lit.... Eng and Crs that I knew I missed few qst that z where I scored my highest..... While govt I scored a low mark.... Tho am grateful to God I scored 301 I know I did better than dat.... If they are remarking let dem do it for everyone am sure it will make a difference.
20-May-2017 12:11:58 ·
hydroen; Narh. how do we do that?
20-May-2017 12:23:12 ·
Narh5; Log-in your profile then click click on create support ticket then fill in the form with your complain
20-May-2017 13:22:41 ·
deee_ao; This is what life is about. You scored 301 but you know you did better? OK, bruh. The implication is that you expected 400, rh? OK, bruh.
Y'all be like you failed 2 and you failed 3... How're you sure your right answer was the right answer, not assumed or close to it?? Wh' you mean you failed 5 and 6? Very funny.
It's an exam and there's a marking scheme. If you're not satisfied, pursue the necessary.
20-May-2017 14:45:44 ·
deee_ao; Possibly, English was graded beyond 100 tho.
20-May-2017 14:48:04 ·
Dejilero; I also experience same
21-May-2017 01:19:58 ·
JeyNathan; Deee, tell them ooo...
I don't even get what's their ish...this isn't secondary school where people would be fighting for first...
You got 301 and you're not satisfied...ehn, go and write anoda let's see whether you will still get that 301. Mtcheew

People out there are looking for just 180, you're here saying you failed four. As if you're the one marking it.
21-May-2017 09:42:41 ·
Godwinsam1; jamb need to remark our script or there will be protest again.
21-May-2017 12:29:10 ·
Narh5; Yes they must review it again
21-May-2017 15:23:31 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; all of you complaining of wrong results please signify what date u did yours cos me Nd my friends who did ours on Monday may 15 2nd batch to be precise are all having the same problem.....I advise u guys should make this viral if dem jamb should see about 50 of you complaining about the same issue @www.jamb I assure you dat justice would be done...d moment I saw my results I obviously knew something wasnt right at all ....u guys should make ur voice heard report to jamb HQ Nd jamb support not at bcos myschool won't help you lodge ur complaints ...OK all hopes tho
21-May-2017 18:16:54 ·
Narh5; I Have done mine
21-May-2017 22:43:32 ·
RainaMD; It doesn't even feel like the jamb officials care, I think we should be satisfied with our results o, Let's accept it. Jeez, I CAN'T ACCEPT MINE.
22-May-2017 01:15:47 ·
hydroen; did you send it?
22-May-2017 09:12:46 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @nar15 was it @jamb HQ or @jamb support
22-May-2017 09:19:23 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @hydroen pls drop ur wattsapp also a UI aspirant just like you
22-May-2017 09:20:22 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @rainaMD just go to jamb support and your part and God will do d rest of?
22-May-2017 09:21:55 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @rainaMD just go to jamb support and your part and God will do d rest ok?
22-May-2017 09:22:00 ·
Narh5; @ hydroen I sent it via Jamb support from my portal login your profile then click on Jamb support,create a ticket on the form type your complain then send you will be asked to verify your email acct. after verification then send you will be given a ticket id copy it then go to my ticket input your email and ticket id then submit
ensure you use system in doing it or you can use chrome or Firefox with your phone
22-May-2017 11:00:14 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @narh 15 . please drop ur wattsapp number abeg .I think I'll need you to help me send mine to jamb phone is doing scon scon..dis thing has to go viral .it's not too late
22-May-2017 12:20:12 ·
temitit; When i used Google chrome, it wasn't going, it kept on saying web page not found
22-May-2017 12:49:51 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @narh5.never mind .my phone came back up and I've sent it to jamb support live and direct
22-May-2017 14:18:33 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @termitit and any other person who's having problem sending their complaints to jamb support.,drop ur wattsapp number Nd I'll help .this must not be swept under the carpet cos im still shocked at my results
22-May-2017 14:20:55 ·
stormbad; I just sent my complain now.
22-May-2017 15:33:43 ·
Narh5; Great Job F.I - Lord and Stormbad
22-May-2017 16:29:19 ·
Mhizvickey; I tried sending it but I couldn't.
23-May-2017 08:05:47 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @mizvikey .use Google chrome.go to log in to jamb profile using Google in the Google chrome in ur jamb profile ull see"for any complaints contact jamb on the jamb support stuff .type ur email phone no Nd is, you'll den be asked to verify your email.dis you'll do by going to your email /Gmail account and clicking on a link jamb support would've sent (if it doesn't work the first time , click again) then type ur is and stuff.when u r done with all the serenre ull be sent a ticket code to ur email .be sure to write that down.....I hop I was helpful.and please u guys shouldn't forget to put ur exam date and time plus venue so theyll be able to adequately know where the problem is emanating from.all hopes
23-May-2017 09:46:05 ·
hydroen; I just sent mine
23-May-2017 11:24:37 ·
RainaMD; Wow! They deducted 100 marks and they even refuse to add 40,what a joke. I HATE NIGERIA. after seeing my result I cried like mad, I was shocked how can I get 229 when I answered most of my questions correctly, if I say I got 229 pple will look at me like I'm some kinda dullard. God punish jamb
23-May-2017 18:55:05 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @rainaMD
. jamb never deducted 100 marks from any one

go check the news more often.rather than jumping into conclusion.....btw I advise you to pray to God to make a way for ur admission
23-May-2017 22:04:33 ·
temitit; What i you trying to say, it's either they deducted 100 marks or it's wrong software, your reply is kinda harsh, we're all in the same shoe, let's talk to each other as brothers.
23-May-2017 22:56:15 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; I'm sorry
24-May-2017 00:16:17 ·
Narh5; Yes something was not right with the software
24-May-2017 07:32:38 ·
olumide senior; I totally agree with everyone of u who complained about ur scores. my friends its so obvious and to God who made me, I only missed 3 questions in physics and was expecting a high score and even biology na wa oo. even if u didn't check any textbook and I'm called upon to write biology I won't get what I got 58. the score made me sweat and to be sincere it spoilt my Sunday. please I'm sure there is something wrong with the software and I pray God touch their heart for them to accept their fault and do something. Thanks Guys
24-May-2017 20:15:58 ·
temitit; I doubt if it's wrong software, because one of my friend checked his result on his phone and saw 278,getting to the ccyber cafe to print the result he saw 178,which simply means jamb detucted 100marks which is true, 278-100=178. So i think that's the problem.
24-May-2017 20:48:00 ·
Narh5; This is absurd how could they innocent candidate making us go through pains and they have children.
24-May-2017 22:01:08 ·
temitit; Children keh? Their children are schooling outside the country, they don't have to pass through any stress. God help us Nigerians
24-May-2017 22:43:18 ·
olumide senior; I tried the complaints box in but it's always referring me back to put in my profile/email the select issue column. How did u guys do urs
24-May-2017 23:55:52 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @olumide senior .chai after my lengthy message ..use Google chrome!!!!! and btw please did you do yours on Monday (may 15) second batch to be precise? cos dat was when I did mine
25-May-2017 16:27:22 ·
hydroen; f.I. $.I - is u.I departmental cut off Mark out?
25-May-2017 17:06:57 ·
F.I.$.I - lord; @hydroen hw far u na
of course not ...wayyy too early for that

u should be expecting dem to release it around August /September
28-May-2017 23:46:55 ·

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