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Questions Set on 19th May JAMB UTME

Posted: 19-May-2017 15:52:43 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 84 Comments

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We would like candidates who participated in the exam today May 19th, 2017 to share some of the questions they came across during the examination.

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Please note that the purpose is to create a forum for deliberations and finding solutions to the questions since they can now be termed JAMB past questions.

JAMB has earlier stated that questions will not be repeated for each session and each day of the exam. So if you are yet to write the exam, don’t go trying to cram the questions.

If you can remember any questions you wish to share, maybe because you would like to find out the correct answer to the question and put your mind at rest, please share here.

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If you are having doubts about a particular question and it's correct answer or if you just want to help better prepare others who are yet to write (Remember, the questions won't be repeated, according to JAMB), please feel free to share it here.

This thread is specifically to share actual questions that came out today 19th May.

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Please make sure the questions you post are credible and actually from today’s JAMB exam.

If you can remember only 3 or 4 questions, that's enough. We appreciate.

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Comments (84)
Honest prof says;
19-May-2017 15:57:40 ·
Mr Excellence; pls someone help me check my reg no. 76197247BB
20-May-2017 00:38:09 ·
Tymix54; Notification
Name: Ndam Mmasichi
Reg Number: 76197247BB
Date of Birth: 12 June 1996
Origin: IKWO in Ebonyi State.
Exam No: C14305240
Centre Name: ICON Training And Consultancy, Umunede, Delta State, No. 70 Old Lagos/Asaba Road, Le Quarters, Umunede, Delta State

Subject Score
Use of English 47
Mathematics 40
Physics 41
Chemistry 43
Total Score:171
20-May-2017 02:00:51 ·
Adebiyi3718 says;
please result for candidate that wrote on wednesday?
19-May-2017 16:05:14 ·
moses625; Yesss oo
19-May-2017 16:07:53 ·
emmque001; As in ehen
19-May-2017 17:05:32 ·
afolabitimileyin; What does ftc mean guys?
20-May-2017 20:42:33 ·
Light D; @afolabitimileyin first to coment(ftc)
20-May-2017 21:58:27 ·
afolabitimileyin; Oh thanks
20-May-2017 23:38:17 ·
afolabitimileyin; Smh 😂
20-May-2017 23:38:28 ·
davidbowale says;
Ave Wednesday results being release
19-May-2017 16:13:41 ·
Light D; @davidbowale Wednesday Results Are Not Yet Out
20-May-2017 22:00:41 ·
Bevy12 says;
I'll share the ones I remember for each subject I took.
English (In Dependence)

1. Why did Tayo and Modupe separate?
2. Why did Christine break up with Tayo?
3. Why did Tayo and his father visit Uncle Kayode?


I don't remember this one too well but lexis and structure on oil drilling came out and also a comprehension on alcohol and its effects.


1. How many scenes are in Harvest of Corruption?
2. How many children did Yaremi have?
3. Why did Ogeyi oppose Aloho taking the job?


1. What is the God's reward to those who forgive others?
2. Justification is by?
3. To show that we are children of God, we must?

This one had so many past questions in it but it was a bit hard. I couldn't remember much.

Hope I tried?
19-May-2017 16:14:43 ·
lizzi914; yeah.... dats wat came out too my English
19-May-2017 20:37:11 ·
promiseisaac; u can remember for Africa, this questions also came out
19-May-2017 21:57:55 ·
phonelord says;
seriously no issh. our exam is one of the best conducted so fa. very simple ones
u wish all that wrote on that day best if luck
editing patiently for my result
hope to score above 270 by God grace
19-May-2017 16:18:57 ·
adesamlarry says;
If you score above 200 or 200 you are
qualified to join this group on WhatsApp as
Lasu aspirant. Get updates and insights on
latest happenings in school.
Join now by sending me WhatsApp message
Don't drop your contact here, I don't have time to
be following up this post!-samlarry
19-May-2017 16:25:54 ·
swagdaddy; 08028055315
19-May-2017 16:47:42 ·
Peace21 says;
Organic chemistry didn't really come out in mine today, Just about 2 questions
19-May-2017 16:42:04 ·
phonelord says;
if u pick Unimed as your first or second choice in this 2017 jamb registration
drop your whatsapp number below or add me
19-May-2017 16:42:44 ·
Akorede45; Pls can i be addmitted even without shoosing unimed i scored 200 nd i just heard of [email protected](unimed)?pls hw do i go about it?
20-May-2017 07:32:04 ·
phonelord; add me via whasapp let talk
20-May-2017 20:23:02 ·
Akorede45; Am nt on whatsap
23-May-2017 08:45:42 ·
Peace21 says;
Which of these exhibits isomerism
A. Butane
B. Ethene
C. Propane
19-May-2017 16:43:23 ·
Herruner; Butane
19-May-2017 16:46:09 ·
Annabel8; It came out in mine own too
20-May-2017 19:34:03 ·
emmque001 says;
We who sat for Wednesday are yet to see result oo. please I've been unstable since I need to see my result
19-May-2017 17:04:34 ·
tosynotaz; Boss I sat for exam on Wednesday I have not seen my result. Reply bro
Send me your WhatsApp number
20-May-2017 10:28:57 ·
emmque001; 08081833948
20-May-2017 12:11:15 ·
Praise Ade says;
You can go through those ones I just sent and get the correct answer your self
19-May-2017 17:06:09 ·
Mistanath1; Those questions you posted might likely come tomorrow again oh
#Clear throat
19-May-2017 17:48:09 ·
ewizzyx; Where are they
19-May-2017 21:10:47 ·
Praise Ade; maybe it has been deleted by the admin
20-May-2017 17:12:06 ·
Praise Ade says;
it may and may not come out
19-May-2017 18:00:53 ·
Kingfestty says;
Still waiting for my result since Monday..... any body with similar issue please?
19-May-2017 19:43:14 ·
promiseisaac; Monday and Tuesday results are already out, if u didn't get any message from jamb, just log on to their website and click on check results, type your reg number and click on check...
19-May-2017 22:10:25 ·
Light D; Please Help Me Check Mine 75243344CG
20-May-2017 22:05:29 ·
22-May-2017 16:15:40 ·
promiseisaac; just also rechecked... no result yet
23-May-2017 08:57:58 ·
Light D; Owk Thanks
24-May-2017 17:32:31 ·
davidoseyi says;
help me check my result via [email protected]
19-May-2017 19:46:12 ·
Praise Ade; You Do Not Have Any Result Yet
19-May-2017 20:12:56 ·
Ce-Usman; Name: Quadri David Oluwaseyi
Reg Number: 76356949IF
Date of Birth: 07 March 2000
Origin: IJEBU-ODE in Ogun State.
Exam No: C40910092
Centre Name: West Hills High School, 1 Pleasant Street, Ojokoro Village, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Subject Score
Use of English 52
Physics 59
Biology 53
Chemistry 34
Total Score:198
21-May-2017 09:43:54 ·
Johnemmanueldelight says;
Plz any news abt wenesday people result?
19-May-2017 21:01:52 ·
emmque001; This thing is not getting funny anymore. since on Wednesday I haven't see my result. yet others who wrote 19th have seen theirs.
23-May-2017 01:13:21 ·

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