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JAMB Candidate Arrested For Carrying A Gun To Exam Hall

Posted: 19-May-2017 11:18:49 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 53 Comments

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Report has it that a 21-year-old candidate has been arrested for going to JAMB examination hall with a gun.

It was learnt that he was arrested by men of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) at Nasarawa state Polytechnic centre on May 16th, 2017 during a search at the entrance to the hall.

Confirming the arrest, NSCDC boss, Lawal-Kano said the suspect was arrested on Tuesday, May 16, after he was found to be in possession of a locally-made pistol and two rounds of live ammunition and upon interrogation, the suspect confessed that someone gave him the gun for safe keeping.

The NSCDC boss said that the suspect would be charged to court for illegal possession of firearms, adding that even registered guns were not allowed at examination centres.

In a similar development, another candidate has been arrested in Benue state after he was caught stealing inside the examination hall.

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Comments (53)
meekun says;
It is well
19-May-2017 11:24:14 ·
certified2705 says;
19-May-2017 11:25:01 ·
Kelvin9g says;
Na Him Mama Or Papa EWon Go Kill
19-May-2017 11:26:41 ·
pentae; Na d computer
19-May-2017 13:22:49 ·
straightkid; 😂😂😂😂😂😂
19-May-2017 16:42:43 ·
grace27 says;
God will see us through
19-May-2017 11:29:36 ·
Charles p says;
Chai! uwa mmebi
19-May-2017 11:31:16 ·
Ibiye Briggs; Na small mmebi???
19-May-2017 11:33:47 ·
Archmike; meaning pls??😂
19-May-2017 12:28:00 ·
Gee Gee; Nwa mmebi (spoilt world)
19-May-2017 12:35:49 ·
Archmike; ok tnx... have learnt sumtin todae
19-May-2017 13:42:11 ·
Gee Gee; *Uwa* rather.
19-May-2017 15:54:38 ·
Ibiye Briggs says;
Mumu...him know him carry exhibit 4 pocket ooo him still go stand 4 line make dem search ham mumu....
19-May-2017 11:32:49 ·
stanleykizy; ur comment don make laugh taya funny. but guy na rael ofurukpe warri slangs
19-May-2017 11:41:56 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Lols... Funny..guys...mayb he want use DAT gun to scare CTV camera.. To alow him do his expo.....dis north people self
19-May-2017 15:10:12 ·
Ibiye Briggs; Lwkm ooo
19-May-2017 17:26:27 ·
Ibiye Briggs says;
Biko our results oooooo 17th jabitos are waiting ooooo
19-May-2017 11:34:51 ·
1marviz; I tire for them o
19-May-2017 12:51:29 ·
straightkid; Abi o
19-May-2017 16:44:03 ·
D.I.S says;
Oga o
19-May-2017 11:41:30 ·
straightkid; Dara o
19-May-2017 16:44:36 ·
D.I.S says;
Any news abt jamb result ,does dat did jamb on 13th of may ..:hw far ...any clue please
19-May-2017 11:43:05 ·
horladele1; 13th of may? It has been released long ago now
19-May-2017 11:47:01 ·
Ajoge CORNEL; Hey...13th may ke
19-May-2017 15:13:34 ·
Rayen says;
bleep jamb. If na me i 4 lyk mek i kill wan invigilator self
19-May-2017 11:44:51 ·
Triumph2win says;
People geh mind ooo👍
19-May-2017 11:51:09 ·
Olaniyi Deborah says;
please help me with my result 75986272BB
19-May-2017 11:55:58 ·
mhizta chrizto; When did u ryt?
19-May-2017 12:02:24 ·
Olaniyi Deborah; On the 16
19-May-2017 12:04:30 ·
isaacwilliams500; i have chek urs.. dia is no result yet
19-May-2017 13:34:58 ·
Allenical1; No result yet
19-May-2017 14:08:26 ·
Olaniyi Deborah; Please hop dere is nothing wrong sha
19-May-2017 15:08:36 ·
isaacwilliams500; nothing is wrong .. your result might be sent to u saturday which is tomorrow
19-May-2017 18:32:25 ·
mhizta chrizto; Kw result yet...b calm i wi check again 2maro
19-May-2017 19:46:53 ·
Olaniyi Deborah; Tank u so much
20-May-2017 00:03:46 ·
mhizta chrizto says;
17th result wil soon be out may b 2maro
19-May-2017 11:59:11 ·
D'crescendo says;
Nawa for Nigerians ohh!!
God help us. Amen
19-May-2017 12:12:49 ·
Archmike says;
nor be small tin ooo...
19-May-2017 12:29:42 ·

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