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JAMB Re-opens Portal For 2017 UTME Registration

Posted: 19-May-2017 09:17:38 into Jamb by myschool paul for school | 241 Comments

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The Joint Admission and matriculation Board (JAMB) has extended reopened the portal for 2017 UTME Registration.

This was disclosed by the registrar of JAMB, prof. 1shaq Oloyede.

According to him, the new deadline for registration will be May 28th.

He said that he got the mandate from the Senate few weeks ago to increase the UTME registration period by one month, which according to him will elapse on 28th of May. “As I speak, we have registered additional 1,100 candidates,” he added.

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Comments (241)
kinging_elvis says;
19-May-2017 09:19:10 ·
Devyeed; What is Nigeria turning into?

These group of money Lovers are using candidates to make up for their own selfish demands(money).

Where on earth has the registration date re-open when the exams have begun already?????

God will judge you all!
19-May-2017 17:25:08 ·
olami kemi; pls help me o ooo 167 is main can i go and register this is my 3rd year at home
19-May-2017 18:22:37 ·
olami kemi; my center was out of life
19-May-2017 18:24:26 ·
19-May-2017 20:58:03 ·
kinging_elvis says;
19-May-2017 09:20:48 ·
Emekazy; Since they reopened the registration again..this means they will reopen correction of data again cause I have to correct my date of birth and institutions
19-May-2017 11:44:58 ·
Sunshineidy; pls if you are able to correct it you let me knw cos I want to correct mine too, thanks. my mail: [email protected] and my phone no. 09076990885
19-May-2017 12:46:31 ·
cedic becca; Pls let me knw too 08055153687
19-May-2017 17:12:07 ·
Devyeed; What is Nigeria turning into?
These group of money Lovers are using candidates to make up for their own selfish demands(money).
Where on earth has the registration date re-open when the exams have begun already?????
God will judge you al
19-May-2017 17:25:48 ·
heemexzy; same here oh... 09082583946...
19-May-2017 17:33:20 ·
heemexzy; same here o.. 09082583946
19-May-2017 17:33:51 ·
alleazardous; Pls bro email me too I want to make some changes. [email protected]
20-May-2017 19:58:06 ·
Doen lord; Even me....08170493413
20-May-2017 20:50:41 ·
Emekazy; I've successfully done my correction of d.o.b and change of institution today cost #2500 for everything.i did it in jamb office ikoyi
24-May-2017 19:21:52 ·
Sunshineidy; really
24-May-2017 23:05:59 ·
alleazardous; Is it only jamb office that one can do it?
25-May-2017 06:12:00 ·
Emekazy; I advice you to do it in jamb office cause some CBT centers don't know how to do it they will direct you to go and pay for 2016 correction of data instead of 2017 own.

2016 own is the one you see on the front page when you log into that one is #2500 for each correction

Few people at jamb office also went to pay for this and had to pay again

2017 own you log into your profile open menu click register under register you'll fine UTME data correction click it follow the steps to pay..we paid for bank cause they told us online payment was down.

After paying they will now change it doesn't take up to 5mins you can change your name,age,state,institutions etc with the #2500 you paid

Also make sure you go there in person to change ause you FINGERPRINT is REQUIRED
25-May-2017 08:47:46 ·
Sunshineidy; oh thanks
25-May-2017 15:15:16 ·
itz QueenBae says;
Abeg dose dat already registered n have seen their scores can dey register again?
19-May-2017 09:21:31 ·
Victor700; I don't think so, unless you'd change your name and details and even p. photograph which is quite impossible.
19-May-2017 09:26:00 ·
shenkez; Victor all dat ain't a problem..... D problem Z finger thumb print
19-May-2017 09:28:44 ·
itz QueenBae; If u change ur name n details during screening Na big problem ooo, cos ur jamb result having diff names n details from ur waec result n birth certificate haa
19-May-2017 09:36:29 ·
shenkez; I understand u don't need to change d name..... Pple can and d same name....if u can maneuver the thumb print stuff..... Days d only way.
19-May-2017 09:52:30 ·
itz QueenBae; Abi ooo,anyway I've not seen my result yet expecting 280 by the grace of God
19-May-2017 10:19:22 ·
Iamadewale; how is the process of the registration gonna b...bescause i want to re-register for UTME..
19-May-2017 12:18:12 ·
Queen daniella; How can we register,
19-May-2017 12:57:26 ·
Queen daniella; How can we get the pin
19-May-2017 12:57:49 ·
Devyeed; What is Nigeria turning into?
These group of money Lovers are using candidates to make up for their own selfish demands(money).
Where on earth has the registration date re-open when the exams have begun already?????
God will judge you al
19-May-2017 17:27:49 ·
BENEDICTAA; my fellow students in the house the jamb registration portal is open but not for new registration. it is open to those students who acquired their pin but could not register before may 5. so have been given a second chance to register.
20-May-2017 17:38:33 ·
Ultimate4life says;
Jesus registration still on going
19-May-2017 09:22:45 ·
9jako; any abu zaria aspirant here
20-May-2017 08:55:50 ·
badoh23; Yes bro. . Just contact me with this 08136741555
20-May-2017 14:22:15 ·
Victor700 says;
Quite unbelievable. That means UTME will be completed next week, not tomorrow.
19-May-2017 09:23:02 ·
Devyeed; What is Nigeria turning into?
These group of money Lovers are using candidates to make up for their own selfish demands(money).
Where on earth has the registration date re-open when the exams have begun already?????
God will judge you al
19-May-2017 17:28:23 ·
Kene001 says;
This is crazy... Wtf
19-May-2017 09:23:10 ·
delongest says;
very good clue
19-May-2017 09:24:56 ·
Emekeobini says;
Nawa For Jamb2017 Oh I Pray We All Get Admission This Year Cause D Exam Body Itself Are Funny ,d Stress Itself Weakens Me
19-May-2017 09:27:19 ·
Louis Armstrong says;
Those that register already won't be eligible to register again
19-May-2017 09:28:08 ·
shenkez; Very stupid idea of jamb
19-May-2017 09:29:45 ·
Youngwhale; Can't Yu see d reason for d extension??? does it av to do with jamb??....pfft
19-May-2017 14:55:43 ·
shenkez; They can object to it if they wanted since d exam itself has started they said Dis year has been recorded d highest they want to add more pple..... They are just doing it cuz of d money nothing else
19-May-2017 15:15:08 ·
modupe22; yea......u r rite, dahz d corruption we c everyday
19-May-2017 16:16:38 ·
undaunted extro says;
Wetin de worry this man na how many of them him want give admission na?
no matter what I have d believe that I ll be among those that will secured admission In my desired course as d Lord lives.
19-May-2017 09:29:01 ·
Binex ; no b him fault na senate tell am make him extend am
19-May-2017 10:16:53 ·
luizsheriff; we fit register again
19-May-2017 10:17:59 ·
Iamadewale; Abeg...i want to re register my score is very low to my would i do it...plssss.....i mean the process of the registration
19-May-2017 11:33:38 ·
charisma001; re-registering is only possible if you get someone else to do the examination but with your name because you cannot thumbprint twice. what makes you believe you'll not even score lower than what you already have. pray hard for that one to favor you.
19-May-2017 12:20:14 ·
shenkez; Lol..... U re wicked o charisma
19-May-2017 12:57:03 ·
ValerieJay; Lmao...
20-May-2017 15:24:39 ·
mhiztaimabibo says;
19-May-2017 09:29:38 ·
Salvation_Ikeh says;
Every simple just change profile who photograph epp
19-May-2017 09:31:23 ·
straightkid; Thumb print nko?
19-May-2017 09:45:54 ·
Salvation_Ikeh; Thumb print shows u registered for d exam not that u have reg before what about us last year
19-May-2017 21:01:29 ·
straightkid; Hmm...database De refresh na
20-May-2017 16:18:11 ·
JoshuaChiadi says;
Pls I got 195 can it help to get admission in Ebsu? mass comm
19-May-2017 09:34:31 ·
shenkez; Pray nd wait for this year jamb statistics to come out..... From d look of Tinz many pple smashed jamb Dis year..... But if u get connection u re good to go
19-May-2017 09:54:46 ·
Charis-Charis; And d connection strong... Like 7G, not jux any 2G or Edge connection. Lyk, though u knw person, ao strong z dat person's influence...
19-May-2017 12:06:45 ·
A-Plus; lol
19-May-2017 12:42:03 ·
Sunshineidy; is it until the statistics is out before we can knw the courses cutoff point??? pls answer me
19-May-2017 12:53:30 ·
elladik; [email protected]
u ave to exercise lotta patience
19-May-2017 14:27:56 ·
Sunshineidy; I pray so cos I have 206 nd my course is Medicale Laboratory Science UNICAL
19-May-2017 15:11:32 ·
ValerieJay; Seriously ooo.. Let dem reduce cut off.
20-May-2017 15:27:10 ·
Charis-Charis; They myt reduce d cut off marks. D fact z dah dey myt even hike it. Cuz of d large number of applicants.
Jux imgine dz, 1.7million+ jux concluded d exam, nd registratn z stil on.
All i can say nw z dah every admsn canditate need 3 tinz 2 secure an admsn : Strong Faith in God with whom all tinz ar posibu; Strong O'levl nd strong connection.
I'v seen cases where gud result buh yet nt admitd; or if admited, it's jux some courses nt corelatin wit wah dey chose dat dey were given. Datz where Faith n prayers work.
Being favoured even wen not qualified - datz mercy n Grace.
20-May-2017 15:51:38 ·
Timmytiti says;
Ha, this one no be for here oo... What is jamb intention this year self, Pray for our success this year in Jahs name.... Amen
19-May-2017 09:35:24 ·
gdexfolami says;
I'm sorry o ,what's the utme registration about pls
19-May-2017 09:40:28 ·
Successatare; man you blasted jamb....congrat!
19-May-2017 10:16:20 ·
gdexfolami; Thanks man
19-May-2017 10:31:27 ·
Successatare; i pray i blast them also!
19-May-2017 11:01:05 ·
AYO.JB; what dd u score both of ?
19-May-2017 11:40:52 ·
charisma001; gdexfolami, what was your score? 😕
19-May-2017 12:22:25 ·
gdexfolami; JAMB 2017 UTME Results Notification
Name: Folami Gbenga Michael
Reg Number: 75674026CA
Date of Birth: 17 August 1998
Origin: IFELODUN in Kwara State.
Exam No: C37306090
Centre Name: Midland cafe, 245 Elerin Way, Erin-Ile, Kwara State

Subject Score
Use of English 71
Physics 99
Biology 73
Chemistry 92
Total Score:335

19-May-2017 12:27:04 ·
Chokolate; Ahdonbelieveit!
19-May-2017 12:43:42 ·
Successatare; AYO have you checked yourz?
19-May-2017 12:49:12 ·
chimemeria; gdexfolami....Pls when did u write????
19-May-2017 13:15:10 ·
gdexfolami; Tuesday
19-May-2017 13:36:13 ·
chimemeria; okay....Pls is Wednesday out??
19-May-2017 13:52:40 ·
elladik; @gdexfolami..Tuesday morning or afternoon
wat tym???
cus I wrote mine tues1:30pm n ave nt seen my result
kips telling me u dont ave any result yet
19-May-2017 14:30:17 ·
Successatare; same with me...i wrote mine on tuesday 1:30pm and still haven't seen my result...relax God is working it out for your good!
19-May-2017 14:42:30 ·
I also haven't seen mine,i also wrote on Tuesday 1:30pm.
19-May-2017 15:30:05 ·
elladik; tank goodness!!!!
thot I was d only 1
19-May-2017 18:06:27 ·
Successatare; congratulate Electric brain,she blasted 299!
19-May-2017 18:29:13 ·
elladik; who b electric brain abeg
19-May-2017 18:36:19 ·
Successatare; she is one of us here...a voracious reader...gdexfolami knows her...check cbt practice ranking!
19-May-2017 19:25:02 ·
Salisuzaria; Check it myself to be sure. and it's true
Congrat, bro
19-May-2017 20:17:50 ·
gdexfolami; Yeah successatare .. Anyone who doesnt know electricbrain doesn't know myschool o ,more power to her elbow jare .May we all be admitted to our respective courses in Jesus name/insha allah ...we are one. #dofmig #MBBSapirant
19-May-2017 21:25:35 ·
Successatare; Amen!
19-May-2017 22:51:53 ·
19-May-2017 23:17:39 ·
Successatare; no Ayo!
20-May-2017 07:06:17 ·
elladik; chai!!!....jamb maka y na
release our result na
20-May-2017 07:40:25 ·
chimemeria; eladik.....I taya o
20-May-2017 09:16:16 ·
Successatare; This is getting serious?well...i can not fret...God is involve!everybody calm will celebrate when they eventually release our result!
20-May-2017 12:03:59 ·
AYO.JB; AMEN!..When dd electricbrain write?
20-May-2017 16:44:58 ·
Successatare; tuesday 9am
20-May-2017 19:09:04 ·
AYO.JB; okay.
20-May-2017 22:17:29 ·
Doc. Brains; What? Incredible. Congrats dude @gdexfolami
21-May-2017 15:13:58 ·
elladik; ave seen mine ooo
I got 271
21-May-2017 15:23:25 ·
Doc. Brains; Congrats [email protected] elladik
21-May-2017 15:35:13 ·
Successatare; have seen mine also...271
21-May-2017 16:01:55 ·
Successatare; have you seen yourz doc. brains?
21-May-2017 16:03:17 ·
AYO.JB; i had 278...GOD knows best.i was expecting more.
what of u @success
21-May-2017 17:29:42 ·
gdexfolami; Congrats friends
21-May-2017 17:31:33 ·
AYO.JB; @gdex we gonna meet at ilorin by GOD's grace
21-May-2017 17:49:47 ·
Successatare; you guys are great....i know God will definitely complete His good works in our lives...we will all get our desired courses by God's sufficient grace!
21-May-2017 18:06:30 ·
21-May-2017 18:20:55 ·
Doc. Brains; Yea @ successatare. I thank God for the 323 oh. Congrats bro u did well.
22-May-2017 07:53:09 ·

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